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Welcome Home

I’d been over to the States to a business conference. I’d had to fly back on probably the slowest flight ever from San Diego. I tried to get some sleep, but every time I almost made my eyes close, someone came on the intercom, or interrupted me with drinks. I was not in a good mood when I arrived in Stockholm airport. The queue through customs was horrendous and they seemed to be searching everyone’s baggage. Several people were taken off to one side. I hoped that I’d get through without any problems. Oh, I’d better tell you who I am. My name is Tricia and I’m a senior arts director of a theatre company. I’d been discussing films at the States meeting and had to fly to Stockholm, where I live, before going on to Amsterdam the following day to start on my next project. Somewhere or other I’d left a boyfriend, but where ? Now it was almost my turn to finally get through customs, but no I was stopped by a rather officious young man who demanded that I open all my cases.

I knew that any guy would be interested in my little make-up case, coz that’s where I kept my sex toys. I couldn’t travel without them, never knowing when they might be useful. In fact, I’d had a little vibro buzzing away inside my pussy for a few hours on the trip over. I’m sure the guy sitting next to me in business class is still wondering why I suddenly grabbed his hand and squeezed it hard when I came the first time. He had gone to the toilet when I came again shortly thereafter maybe he’d had a wet dream ! I put my magic balls in during the period of turbulence and enjoyed cumming again then. I took them out when I went to the toilet and cleaned up my pussy just before we landed. And of course, now, when the guys opened my case, they had to place each toy separately on the table, so that everyone could see. I was beyond being embarrassed by this as it had happened to me three times before. When they’d finished displaying all of my sex toys, I simply said thank you and carefully packed them away again, making sure that they saw how long I caressed the long fat double-dong that was my latest purchase. I’d not even had time to try it, but I was dying to.

I thought that was it, but the guy then said, “Please Miss Walker, step this way.” “What ?” I cried. “What’s up?” “Just a formality, Miss,” he smirked. “This way, please.” I was led off to the side, with my luggage and pushed into a room as big as a normal bedroom, but with only a table and a few chairs, and a telephone. No other furniture. It was well lit, and there was a window to the outside, but not a wonderful place to spend any time. And time it was – I waited what I guessed was about an hour, just sitting or walking about. I was beginning to fume and get frantic that I’d miss my next appointment. Cool it, I kept telling myself, then you’ll get out easier. I had no idea what they were intending to look for, but just as I was about to really lose my cool, a pair of guys came in and shut the door firmly. “OK, Walker, we’re going to do a strip search of you,” one of them said, smiling.

I was sitting at the table, drinking from a plastic beaker of water. His partner had the same sort of smirk on his face too. “Oh no, you’re not !” I exclaimed. “I demand to see your superior.” “Our superior sent us in here,” said the second guy and we’re gonna strip you and search you, aren’t we, Jonas ?” “Ummmmm, yes,” replied Jonas, eyeing me slowly up and down. Mind you, I probably did look a bit tasty to these two sex- starved youngsters. My 30-year-old body was lithe and athletic, and I was wearing a short skirt to show off my legs, of which I was justifiably proud. I was also wearing a tight fitting short leather coat, which probably showed off my tits to their best advantage. But even so..I knew Sweden has civil rights and I knew that they had absolutely no right to do this to me, at least not men. Now, if it was a woman.! “OK, Sven,” called out Jonas, “I guess she’s going to be difficult. Maybe we should call in Shona ?”

“Oh, that bitch,” growled Jonas. “She’ll steal all the goodies from us.” “Nah, I don’t think so.” came the reply. “I think this one’s got more for everyone, haven’t you, Miss ?” He stepped towards me, grabbed my hair and pulled my head backwards. I yelped and stamped on his foot. “Naughty, naughty,” exclaimed Jonas, as he backed off. “Yea, Sven, maybe we’d better let Shona and her friend take over. We don’t want to damage the goods. Maybe there’ll be some left over for us later.” He leered at me. “it’s OK anyway,” said Sven, “we can watch Shona doing her search anyway!” They both laughed, signalling to someone who was obviously watching behind a one-way mirror. At the doorway as they were leaving the room, there was a heated exchange of views with another person, a woman from the voice, which resulted in the door being slammed shut behind what turned out to be two women.

They were in typical boring uniforms, with trousers, but it was clear that at least one of them, a tall black woman, had quite a body. She was a great looker too, although black is not my favourite colour. Give me a Latino any day ! The other was your typical average Swedish blonde – ravishingly beautiful eyes and a walk that would make a man swoon. But she wasn’t so tall, at least not as tall as the black woman. “OK, Miss Walker,” started the black woman, “I’m Shona and this is Briget. We have been authorised to do a strip search on you on suspicion of carrying drugs into the kingdom of Sweden. Do you have any objections?” “I guess I’m within my rights to refuse, but that would probably make you tough on me. But I certainly wasn’t going to let those guys do it.” The Briget girl laughed, “They were only here to frighten you a bit – it often helps us determine whether we were right selecting you.” “Nice toys, too,” added Shona with a giggle. Both girls grinned at me. “Must we have those apes watching while I strip ?” I pleaded. “No, they won’t be able to see, because here.” Shona pressed a hidden button, “there’s a big screen behind which you can undress. We’ll do the search behind it too.”

Breathing a bit easier, I moved behind the screen, which just blocked off the half of the room in which there was no furniture and the wall in which the mirror was situated. Both women followed me and watched while I slowly began to undress. I was beginning to get a bit of a kick out of this – undressing in front of two completely unknown women. My leather jacket was first. I turned to face them and slowly unzipped it downwards. I could feel my full breasts forcing the leather apart. I then pulled the coat open and almost thrust my tits forward. Their eyes were concentrating on my firm nipples and lovely breasts. And I was starting to feel a warmth between my legs. Now I was disappointed that I’d not left the magic balls inside my pussy. I threw my coat onto the table and started to unbutton my little blouse. “D’ya want any help?” suggested Shona moving close to me.

“I think I can manage.” I replied, pulling the blouse open and free from my skirt. My bra was decent, but the size of my erect nipples definitely wasn’t. “I’m sorry about them,” I giggled, watching both women looking intently at my breasts. I quickly reached behind and unclasped my bra, to let my tits free. Both women groaned quite loudly when my lovely round breasts were revealed, firm and suckable. I cupped my hands to them. “You wanna search them?” I asked. Shona, the tall black woman moved forward quickly. “I’ll do this part, Briget,” she spoke softly, putting her hands forward and touching my skin just below my breasts. I jumped at her touch but then I felt a surge in my pussy as her hands moved upwards to cup and then fondle my tits. She bent real close and looked all round them, then moved behind me and cupped my hard tits from the rear. I couldn’t help but let out a groan of pleasure, leaning back into her embrace. Shona moved round in front of me again and knelt down in front of me. She was still holding my breasts gently but now her face moved right underneath them. I waited in excited anticipation as her tongue came out and started to lick all along the underside of the left one, while her fingers were squeezing the nipple of the right one quite hard. I was starting to get almost too horny and my juices were getting my pants thoroughly wet.

Although the pleasure was keeping my eyes mostly closed, I did notice that the other woman had left the room briefly, to return with what looked at first glance to be a leather riding saddle. During the moments when Shona’s tongue was not virtually making me cum with its gentle caresses, I was able to watch Briget as she carefully positioned this object across the end of the table and secured it with strong leather straps. “OK, Shona.” she murmured. “It’s time to search her other parts.” Shona grunted in disappointment as she’d obviously been enjoying licking my breasts. I had certainly been enjoying her tongue. My pussy was now decidedly wet! Briget grabbed me by one arm and pulled me roughly to the end of the table on which she’d strapped the leather ‘seat’, I supposed it might be called. “We’ve got to examine you fully now. Just bend over the table.” She pulled me right against the table and I realised that my legs fitted into the dips in the leather. Briget quickly clipped one wrist into a pair of handcuffs and attached the other end to a hook at the far edge of the table. I was now forced to bend over completely as she then took my other wrist and fastened it into another cuff on the other side. Shona bent down and quickly cuffed my ankles, one to each of the nearest table legs.

Thus bent over, I must have presented a delicious sight from behind. Both women moved round behind me and began to stroke and caress my ass. It didn’t take them long to unfasten my short skirt and slip it off, together with my tiny string. I was now completely naked and completely at their mercy. Their fingers started to play close to my pussy and they soon began dipping into my juices, murmuring to each other all the time. I was actually in heaven and, since they’d removed my skirt and pants, I’d discovered exactly what this leather object was that I was now lying hard against. I had noticed a lump in the middle and now wriggled my body so that the lump moved until it pressed against my clit. That sensitive button was already tingling with excitement and the pressure now put on it by my wriggling had me gasping within a few seconds. “Looks like she’s found out how to use it,” giggled Shona. “Shall we let her cum first?” “I bet her juices will run down her legs when she cums,” whispered Briget. “Ummmmmm !” My orgasm wouldn’t have held off long anyway, but when Shona then rubbed her hand all up my back, I just exploded, rubbing my clit hard against the leather lump in sheer pleasure.

Yes, Briget had been right – my pussy juices just oozed out and dribbled down the insides of my spread thighs and some dripped onto the floor too. When I came back to my senses after that cum, I saw that Briget had moved up beside me. I now realised what the special belt was she had on. She had taken off her stick, which looked like a long smooth and thin truncheon, and clipped it to that belt, so that it looked like a long prick. “I hope you’re ready for the examination.” she laughed, waving the stick at me. She walked behind me again and I felt hands prizing my ass cheeks apart. Fingers played at my asshole and I thought, Oh no, not there ! But it was impossible to do anything about it. I felt the round head of the stick touch my asshole and start to press against it gently at first. I relaxed, actually being one who likes the back door, and soon felt the thrill of that long stick starting to travel into my little hole. I grunted with pleasure as she began to thrust it quite hard in and out of my ass. It was extremely exciting, especially as I could not do anything about it, and my pussy was ‘donging’ happily with each thrust. I was pushing my clit against the leather lump anyway, but Briget’s regular thrusts were driving me against it more pleasurably. I knew that I was going to cum again with that stick in my ass, while she was doing it to me.

When I came this time, I writhed around so much that I hurt myself against the metal cuffs. But the cum was delicious and fulfilling. I didn’t want any more. Briget pulled the stick out and came round to me, showing me the juicy end. “I guess there’s nothing unusual in that place,” she giggled. “What about the other place, Shona?” “I think we’ll have to call in the boys to search her there,” suggested Shona. “No! You can’t do that!” I exclaimed. “Ooooo, yes we can,” continued Shona, “and we’ll stay to watch.” Briget went to the door and let the two guys in – I reckoned that they’d been able to watch all the time, but I couldn’t object or move now. This was authorised rape – but I was enjoying it very much so far. Groans of delight followed as the boys saw my ass sticking up in the air. There was the noise of zips and clothing being hurriedly pulled down. “Who’s first?” asked Shona. “Ah, let Jonas have her pussy first. Maybe I’ll be able to enjoy her mouth.” “You mean search it, don’t you ?” laughed Briget. All four of them laughed at that – I didn’t!

Hands pulled at my ass cheeks again and a set of rough man fingers pulled and pried at my pussy lips until I almost came again. “She’s really hot, this one.” gurgled Jonas, as he pushed the tip of his prick against my wet pussy. I relaxed to let him in and thrilled to that delicious feeling of initial penetration – it’s always the best! He wasn’t very big or very long, but he soon generated erotic sensations as he began to plough his way deeper and deeper into my aching pussy. “She’s flooding me with her cum juices,” he cried, redoubling his efforts to get as deep inside me as he could. Close to my face, I suddenly found the large pink head of another prick, from Sven. It was throbbing and looked quite superb. Could I turn my head enough to get it into my mouth. I struggled to get my body closer to him and managed to touch the hot head with my tongue. He now leaned close to me so that I could get some of the shaft between my lips. He tasted wonderful – clean and sexy, just as he should. I was pushing back as Jonas screwed me beautifully in my pussy, his long strong thrusts pressing my clit against that lump and driving me up and up.

I didn’t think that I was going to be able to wait for Sven to start to cum, and nor did Jonas. With a sudden very deep thrust, he groaned loudly and shot a huge load of hot cream deep inside me, his prick thrusting and spurting for a long time. I came just as the last pulsation left his prick and my spasming pussy muscles milked him completely dry. He stayed inside me for a while, letting his prick throb out the last of his orgasm, and my pussy kept squeezing on him until he had to take it out. “Watch!” cried Shona, I could feel their eyes on my pussy as the warm mixture of Jonas’ cum and my juices dribbled slowly out of my well screwed pussy. Sven decided to take his prick out of my mouth before he came. I was a little disappointed as I love the taste of man cum. But, my disappointment turned to pleasure when I realised that he was moving round behind me. Would he be brave enough to get into my asshole, I wondered. I didn’t need to wonder for very long.

Although my asshole must have still been quite open from the reaming that Briget had given me a short while ago, Sven gathered up some of the cum and juices cream with his fingers and smeared it liberally around my tingling asshole. The girls were getting excited watching this and they moved so that they could see my face. I was enjoying what was happening and I was waiting with desire for that lovely prick of Sven’s to bury into my hot ass. The girls would enjoy this! I knew I would be tight for such a fat prick, but I wouldn’t be in pain. He greased me up well, slipping one and then two fingers through the sphincter a couple of times to ream me open. I wanted him inside me desperately and I wriggled my body on the leather, almost cumming again from the amazing pleasurable sensations on my clit. I felt the head of his hot prick touch my asshole and then he started to push. It felt like he was almost ready to cum and I wondered whether he’d be able to take it. In fact he only just managed to get the head through the rim with a lovely sounding plop when he held himself rigid.

“My god!” he cried, “she’s so hot, I can’t hold it!” The girls were practically crawling on the floor with excitement as they watched this action. With a grunt followed by a sudden forward thrust that drove his prick straight up into my ass in one go, his prick exploded and I could feel the warmth of his cum streaming into my asshole in huge jets. I wriggled my clit against the table and managed to get into another orgasm before he completely stopped throbbing. Now my pussy wanted a prick again – it was aching badly.

- The End (for now) -

Average Day

I wake up curled in a corner, shivering despite the blanket that was thrown to me. My mistake last night weighs heavy on my mind as I crawl to Master in His bed. I rest my chin on the bed’s edge until He wakes up. I can tell he is still mad, but I hope to correct myself this morning.

Master gets out of bed, and I rush to start breakfast while He showers. Today is a work day, so I know to make a light breakfast. It is done just as He enters the kitchen and sits at the table. Placing His food in front of Him, I hope for a good word.

When I get none, I am content to clean up the dishes. Somehow, because of my mistake last night, I know He will not take me to work today. That means the house must be perfect when He comes home. I begin to prioritize my tasks in the day ahead.

Today will be spent trying to atone for last night. I wonder if sleeping alone will be my only punishment. Probably not, I decide while doing the morning dishes. Sure enough, Master tells me He will be home for dinner. He tells me what He wants served and then departs, coat over His arm.

Even when He is gone, Master’s presence is a powerful one in this house. Each task is done slowly, methodically to exactly how He showed He wanted it done. I can not skip a single step, because Master will know.

I still wonder at the few quirks Master has. My mind roams over how they might have come about as I move through the house. Laundry is put in the washer. While the machine works, I dust and vacuum the house. Smiling, I also wonder how many carpets Master has gone through. As if in answer, I run over my toe with the machine and spend a few seconds hopping on one foot. Sticking my tongue out at the machine, I decide I don’t like its answer of, none of your business.

Realizing my continued punishment might well be to go hungry for the day, I drink extra water to fill my stomach. After carefully washing the glass, it rejoins the others back in the cupboard.

Before transferring the clothes, I carefully clean the lid of the washer. Again wondering at Master’s quirks. While the clothes are drying, I sweep and mop the kitchen floor. Halfway through, I chew myself out for forgetting to make the bed. I finish the floor anyway.

My next task becomes the bedroom. Making the bed, I hospital corner the sheets. Master never showed me this, but it is ingrained habit from my hotel days. I check for dirty clothes and put them in their place. Again the vacuum runs as I hum whatever songs come to mind. The bathroom is next. Where I wipe out the tub and shower with bleach water. The toilet gets a quick rinse with the water left in the bucket from the tub. After stowing the bucket, I wash my hands. Then I decide to brush my teeth even though I haven’t eaten anything. I also brush my hair and pull it back into a pony tail. Once my hair has stopped annoying me for the day, I clean the sink and vanity. Before I leave the bathroom, the mirror and floor get a quick check.

The grit on my feet makes me decide to sweep and mop this room as well. I am curious as to how this much dirt got on the floor in the first place. Using a hand broom in the smaller area takes about as long as a stand up broom in the kitchen. I use a rag to mop the floor.

My mind seems stuck on one particular song, so I force myself to find another to hum. Looking at the clock, I have about three hours until Master comes home. The dryer is not done, so I grab a school book and curl up on the couch to read my assignment. Setting a mental alarm clock for fifteen minutes, I sigh as I dig into the boring material. “Do business majors really need all this?” I ask silently before I honestly begin to read.

Glancing up, I can see my alarm clock needs tuning. Thirty minutes have passed. “Wow, that stuff was really slow!” I heave myself out of the couch and put the book away. I am lucky, the dryer is still turning.

I check the clothes and carefully fold or hang them up as needed. I notice that my mind has once again settled on the same song, and mentally growl before choosing another. With about an hour left, I begin the dinner Master has ordered. Looking at the recipe, I frown. Unsure if I can handle this one, I take a deep breath and read everything again.

Attentively, I pull all of the ingredients from their places and line them up on the counter. After double checking those as well, I set the oven to the stated temperature. Washing my hands with extra care, I delay the start of this task. With one last deep breath, I begin to make the meal. I am afraid to ruin it.

When I have reached the last ingredient and followed the last direction, I stare at the dish in front of me with trepidation and a little amazement. “Well, that wasn’t too hard. Wonder what it will taste like?” I shove it into the oven and set the timer.

“It will be late to the table,” I realize as I glance once again to the clock. Mentally kicking myself, I set the table. I hesitate, unsure if I will be eating with Master or not. “Best not to assume,” I decide only setting one place.

My last few moments alone are spent nervously checking dinner, taking out the ponytail and brushing my hair. When Master steps through the door, I wait in view by the kitchen. I want to hug and smell Him to see if I can figure out where He has been today. I also feel regret at not being able to go to work with Him today.

I can see Him smell for the dinner in the oven. He hangs His coat by the door and looks at me. My eyebrows go up and I wonder what He wishes.

“The house looks good,” He steps away from the door and into the living room. There He can see dinner is not on the table, but I am saved from harsh words by the buzzer on the oven. Master sits to remove His shoes, while I give a silent “Thank you” to whatever higher power intervened for me.

The dish awaits on the table while Master goes to the bathroom and cleans up. I stand in the kitchen by the hallway and wait quietly for him, once again nervous that I might have failed the recipe.

“Are you eating?” Master asks as He sits at the table. Relieved, I set a place for myself. My stomach grumbles noisily as I wait for Master to finish dishing His portion. Forcing myself to slowness, I take but a small share. I know He will allow seconds if I am not too piggish with my first helping.

I space every bite with a sip of water. I also watch Master for any hint of what may be in store tonight. I am slightly worried when I get no indication. Dinner is silent and I know that He still debates on last night’s mistake.

Dinner is finished and Master goes to the computer while I clean up. Over dishes, I try and reevaluate the mistake. I know I deserve a correction, but am uncertain how hard of one will come. After drying my hands, I get Master a refill on His drink and put it where instructed. I begin to curl up next to Him when He abruptly tells me, “No.” Startled, I look at Him as He finishes on the computer. After shutting it down, He turns to me and quietly searches my features for a minute.

This long minute increases my tension and I force myself to loosen my clenched jaw.

Master rises and makes His way to the couch. There He lays down, snaps his fingers and points to the floor. Quickly, I walk to where indicated and lay down, chin resting by His hand on the couch. My breasts begin to tingle and I have an idea of what might happen next. Master lifts His upper body onto His elbows and I quickly slide under Him. His head rests on my legs and my breasts hang above His face. I feel a tongue dart out and circle a nipple. It rises and stands ready. I gasp when Master takes it roughly into His mouth and begins to suck hard. Closing my eyes until my body readjusts to the feelings I run my hands through Master’s hair.

Master’s eyes close and His sucking becomes rhythmic as the milk begins to flow. In minutes that breast hangs empty and Master does the same with the other. This time, before He pulls off, Master gives a gentle nip that makes me yelp a little.

I wonder how His stomach can handle all of this as I keep my hands moving though His hair and over His body. I can also feel myself getting very wet and aroused. A cautious glance shows that Master is aroused as well. Suppressing a smile, I wait for the next command. I bend to nuzzle Master and He pulls away from me.

Hurt, I wonder if now is time for my punishment. Master is wearing a belt and He indicates that He wants it taken off. He pulls off His shirt while I argue with His belt and, on further orders, His pants.

I am left kneeling beside Master as He watches from above me. “All right, pup, let’s finish your lesson.” He walks to the bedroom and I crawl after.

If I had a tail, it would be tightly tucked right now, I think as I follow.

Once in the bedroom, Master has me close the door. He is sitting on the bed when I turn and face Him, still on all fours. My heart beats a little faster and I feel like hiding my head under my hands. Instead, I crawl to Master’s feet and press my forehead into His knee. He lays a gentle hand on my head and I allow myself to halfway relax. Master then orders me to fetch the leather flogger. I stiffen and deliberately crawl to where the tools are hidden. Picking up the requested item with my teeth I again crawl back to Master.

“Tell me what you did wrong last night,” Master orders as He takes the flogger from me. I swallow and whine, afraid to repeat the mistake. A small smile comes to Master’s lips. “You know your mistake last night?” He questions. I sense He is testing and simply whine again. “Speak, puppy, speak,” the command cuts through the bedroom. I whine and then bark. I can feel my face getting red, but am determined not to screw up this time. Master is pleased, and I let my guard down a little more. He runs His hand through my hair and gives it a little tug before letting the lock go. He then orders me to fetch something else from the tool pile. This continues for a while, each fetch broken by the command to speak. I feel like playing tug-of-war, but am afraid Master will see no joy in the game. So I make myself hand each requested item over gently and promptly. When I slip and retrieve the wrong item, or have difficulty carrying it with only my mouth, Master is prompt with the flogger. I feel its sting three or four times on my back, butt or legs for each offence. Each time I yip and correct myself. After the hiding place is empty, Master has me return each item. This time I must place them properly away using only my teeth and face. I find this a little more difficult and the flogger lands several more times. I am lightly sweating from concentration when the last ordered item is replaced.

I return to Master’s feet at His call. He orders me to face away from Him and I can feel the head of His hard-on dig into my legs as He kneels behind me. Unsure of which passage Master wishes, I lower my upper body to my elbows to make either easier to enter.

Master starts with my pussy, which He enters with a jab. I almost jump and a change my moan to a whine. Master’s hands move up and down my body and I brace against His thrusts. I can feel myself sliding along the carpet and am not sure how to stop.

Aroused, I begin to work my hips, which does not help the sliding one bit. My sensations are dampened by my worry about the movement away from Master.

Abruptly, Master switches tracks and enters my back passage. Again I force myself to whine and not speak. I can feel Master is close to cumming, and have pressed my head into the floor to try and stop my forward slide. As Master starts to cum, I push back into Him with my arms. When He is done, He lets His limp member fall from me. He kneels there a few moments longer and I stay still, unsure of what He wants next.

Master shakes His head and stands, “Think it is time for a shower.” Remembering just in time that I am a puppy, I crawl quickly to the bathroom in front of Master. I am hesitant, “I normally start our joint showers, but how is a dog supposed to do that?” Feeling better to error on the side of caution, I sit and eye Master. Master is watching me. “Wonderful,” I think, knowing He wants me to figure this out.

“Well dogs do use their paws to open and close doors,” I think to myself as I raise a fist to the lever. Cold water spurts from the tap. Using my teeth I pull the knob that shifts it to the shower head. Using my nose, and half in the tub, I adjust the water so it is comfortable. Task accomplished, I look expectantly at Master.

Master simply tests the water and climbs in past me. On His command I crawl into the shower with Him. Another dilemma presents itself, “How am I supposed to help wash Him as a dog?” The thought of soap in my mouth follows right on the heels of the first. Blech, I mentally spit. Master is already working His hair and I know I had better figure something out fast. I hear Him chuckle as I pull the washcloth from its hook with my teeth and paw the soap on to it. Using my “paws”, I soap the washcloth on my knees while sheltering it from the shower spray. That done, I let the soap fall to the floor of the shower and debate my next move.

Deciding quickly, I use my teeth to loop the washcloth over my fist and, trying not to spit from the taste of the soap, use that fist to work the cloth up and around Master’s body. I can’t reach all of Him, but am afraid to stand.

Master’s eyes are laughing as He takes the washcloth from me. He finishes what I could not reach and then orders me to get Him the soap.

I hope I turned away fast enough for Him not to see my distaste and annoyance. Grateful that the bar is not as big as it could be I steel myself and take it in my mouth. Master again chuckles at my face when I drop the bar into His cloth covered hands. I work on directing the drool from the soap down the drain as Master quickly re-soaps the cloth. He drops it onto my face when I turn it to the spray to try and clean out my mouth.

“Finish yourself and hurry,” He commands, stepping out of the shower. Still on my knees, I wash myself off and spit several times into the drain after swishing water around my mouth. When done, I crawl out onto the mat. Catching Master’s eye, I quickly shake my head sending water everywhere. “Hey, stop that!” Master bellows and drops a heavy towel onto me before I can get the steam up to shake again. I feel the sting of His hand on my rear through the thick cotton and wonder if I pushed my fun a little too far. A real dog would do the same thing, I rationalized knowing that, while valid, the reason might not set well with Master. With no other ideas on how to get dry, I flopped over onto my back and began rubbing all of me into the towel as it now lay on the floor.

Master gives me a quick swat on my butt as I pushed myself back to my hands and knees and peered at Him through my now tangled hair. “I think it is time for bed. We have an early day tomorrow,” Master says heading back to the bedroom.

Again I hesitate; the bathroom is a mess. Sighing, I grab the towel in my teeth and drag it to the laundry room. Then, still crawling, I return to the bedroom. Master is in bed, His back to me. I lay my chin on the bed and whine at Him. When I get no response, I put my elbows on the bed and nuzzle Master’s arm.

“Get up here,” He growls.

Happy, I slide into bed with Him.

“At my feet,” He instructs.

A little disappointed, I move to the bottom of the bed, staying under the covers. I hear Master’s muffled, “Good night,” before drifting off to sleep. My dreams focus on what may happen tomorrow and what has happened today. I do not sleep deeply, waking whenever Master moves. I rest, getting ready to fill Master’s future wishes.

- The End -

The Post 2

Raven clung to the pole as if it might offer her vulnerable body some refuge from her Master’s whip. She held tightly to the straps that tied her wrists and pressed the ancient wooden pole with her knees. She closed her eyes as tightly as she could and turned her face away from Coyote. And still the blow came down on her exposed back.

Coyote took the time to admire the sight of his trembling suspended slavegirl. The bottoms of her bare feet were dirty; her legs and ass perfectly shaped. He could see the muscles straining in her arms and back as she pulled at the straps that held her arms above her head. Then he stepped forward and brought the whip down across Raven’s back.

Raven’s self control was consumed by the first caress of her master’s whip. Fire raced down her back as the blades bit into her shoulder, back and the upper curves of her ass. Her body tried to retreat from the sharp stinging pain, but her violent wincing only served to rake her nipples across the rough wood of the post. And in the midst of those physical pains, Raven’s body betrayed her further and arching her back, she began grinding her wet cunt against the pole, where the same action by so many bound girls over the century had worn the wood smooth. That bit of pleasure warred with that pain in her back and the slave tried to force all of her awareness into that pleasure as she waited for the second blow.

Coyote watched the girl writhing and rubbing her pussy into the post. A swath of pink skin abraded by the whip now marred her back. He listened to her breathing and didn’t know if her moans were from pain or ecstasy.

After a few more strokes of her master’s whip, Raven’s back was a uniform shade of pink crossed by a few thin red welts. But the girl no longer registered the heat in her back as pain as she humped the pole desperate for release. The rubbing of her tits and hard wrinkled nipples against the rough wood was now a deliberate search for sensation.

Coyote again had to resist the urge to take his slave down and fuck her as she was. He stepped behind her close enough to smell her arousal and feel the warmth emanating from her body. She moaned softly as she continued arching her back and struggling. But she didn’t struggle against her bondage; she struggled to press more of her flesh against the hard wood.

Dropping his whip, he put his fingers in Raven’s hair and pulled her head back. Her mouth opened in a silent moan as Coyote lowered his face to the side of her neck and kissed her lightly.

His other hand reached up and roughly grabbed Raven’s breast, squeezing and kneading it hard with his strong fingers. She felt his open palm on her raw nipple, then his fingers closed around her pulling at her tit until the nipple was caught between his finger and thumb and Coyote pinched hard. Even as he hurt her, Coyote’s touch added to Raven’s desire to come. Then his hand was sliding smoothly down her belly and interjecting itself between the swollen lips of her wet cunt and the pole. She shuddered as his middle finger slid along her clit and between her labia into her pussy and she cried out as she came against his hand.

Raven’s cunt contracted around Coyote’s finger as he slid it into her. Her wetness flowed around his finger into his palm and inspired him to finger her cunt roughly for a second. Then he stopped and allowed his slave to recover.

The pain from her flogging rushed back into Raven’s awareness of her body as the sensations in her cunt peaked and then subsided. She was aware that her master now stood beside her, with two fingers motionless in her wet pussy, her weight supported by his other hand as she slumped back, held upright only by the bonds around her wrists and legs. Her back ached horribly and stung like needles imbedded in her soft bare skin.

Coyote kissed his sweating panting slave on her shoulder, still looking at her marred back. He touched one of the red welts that stood out from her pink abraded skin and slowly traced the line his whip had left.

To Raven’s back it was as if the whip caressed her again, somehow gentle and excruciating at the same time. She opened her mouth to cry out as she wrestled with the pain in her back, her master’s lips softly pressed her shoulder and his fingers resuming their gentle massage inside that part of her that was solely his. That thought, that her cunt was solely Coyote’s, that her suffering pleased him, pleased enough to finger her and allow her to come pushed her over that edge again. As she came again, she cried out and tried to close her legs over her master’s hand, the words echoed in her mind. “I please my master…I please my master.”

Coyote’s every sense was involved in his slave. The pink flush of her perfect skin, the expression on her beautiful face, the soft cries that escaped her throat, the wet sucking sounds of his fingers in her cunt, the warmth of her skin, her wetness escaping around his fingers into his palm, the smell of her skin and of her arousal, the taste of her skin. These senses assaulted Coyote and as he reached around the post to the ring and freed her legs from the leather straps, he lost the struggle against his own lusts.


 …continues in “The Post” – part 3 – coming soon

The Post

Coyote stared at his discovery for a long time without moving. His thoughts raced from the plantation’s two hundred year history to the stone tower he and Raven were building now. Raven. His thoughts settled on her, of course.

He pictured the smooth skin of her back, the gentle curves of her shoulders, the way her form narrowed at her waist and then rounded out again into her perfect ass.

He imagined her tossing her head to look back over her shoulder at him, her lips forming that slight smile she got whenever she won some small victory over him. He could never resist smiling back.

Coyote stared at his discovery without moving. Then he smiled and his mind was made up.

“Raven, come up here.” he called from the entrance alcove. Raven’s head jerked up at the tone of his voice. It was a tone she didn’t hear often. Maybe not often enough, she admitted to herself.

At the top of the short flight of stairs, she saw him, standing in his jeans and yellow work shirt. His back was turned to her and he shoved something she couldn’t see into his black nylon backpack. She stopped at arm’s length from him. “Yes?” she said and he turned to face her.

He reached out to touch her face, as she knew he would. If nothing else, she was certain that he thought she was beautiful. She closed her eyes and felt his finger trace the curve of her cheek. She could smell the leather and sweat of the work gloves he had worn all day.

Kiss me, she thought to herself, and opening her eyes, she saw him smile briefly as if she had spoken aloud.

“Come with me. I want to show you something,” he said. And she followed him outside.

They walked in silence down the old trail that led to their spot where the creek entered the small forest where berries and plums grew wild.

He took her hand as they entered the woods and he felt that same storm in his chest he felt every time he touched her. He put his hands on her waist to help her over the creek bed and his hand slipped under her pullover to touch her bare skin. He had to fight back the sudden urge to take her right there. He pictured her body wet and sparkling and then imagined caressing her, covering her skin with the clean, silty mud. He set her down and conjured the strength to hold to his original intentions. The muddy creek bed would wait.

The entered a small circular clearing in the wood, and her first thought when she saw his discovery was revulsion. As if reading her mind, he said, “It’s not what you think it is.” She faced him. He walked over to the large post planted in the center. The post was maybe ten feet high with a large steel ring fastened to opposite sides, one near the top, and the other about halfway up. Several clean new black leather straps hung from the rings and lay on the ground. On the side with the highest ring was a foot high platform. “Field slaves would have been whipped in their quarters, so that the other slaves could see. This is so far out here in the woods, so that no one would see.”

He paced around the pole while she stood still looking at it. After completing the circle he looked at her with an expression she had seen before. His blue eyes narrowed slightly and he bit his lower lip for a moment, then he spoke. “Undress, Raven.”

Raven hesitated. She was uncertain if her limits were about to be reached, but she knew if she refused him outright, her time with him would be over. She unbuttoned her pants before bending over to remove her boots.

He watched her slip off her jeans and pull her shirt over her head. As she reached behind to undo her bra, he began to walk around her as he had the pole; inspecting this magnificent creature that he tried so hard to totally possess.

He was standing behind her when she reached down to remove her panties and she felt his hands take her wrists. He brushed her hair aside with his chin, and she felt his mouth on her shoulder n that spot she knew he liked more than any other. “Yes.” She thought, “Kiss me. Make love to me here then take me home and make love to me again.” She tried to reach for him, to caress his cock through his jeans, but he held her still.

Still holding her wrists, he hooked his thumbs through the waist of Raven’s panties and began kissing down her shoulder and back, tasting her skin until he knelt behind her. He kissed the small of her back and released her wrists as he began to slide the panties over her ass and down her shapely legs.

Raven tried to concentrate on the feel of Coyote’s hands and her own lace panties sliding down her legs to quiet her nervousness. But it all returned as his hands reached her ankles and she stepped out of them and stood naked between her Master and the whipping post. Coyote raked his fingernails up Raven’s legs as he stood, amazed as always at the reaction his body had to the sight of her standing before him naked. His cock strained against the denim, possessed by that part of him that wanted to take his girl NOW.

His hands on her waist, he guided her to stand before the pole.

“Take one of the straps.” he ordered. She started to shake her head, and then she felt his breath on her skin and his voice in her ear. “Do you not still crave my attention as much as I crave your submission?” She watched almost unbelieving as her trembling hand reached for one of the long black straps before her. She wrapped it twice around her wrist and then Coyote reached around her to slip the end through one of the twists, securing her hand.

“Now take another one.” Coyote ordered. Raven closed her free hand over another strap and held it, watching while Coyote wrapped it around her wrist and secured it.

He walked around the pole, looking at his bound slave even as he pulled the strap that took the slack from her bonds and pulled her hands over her head. His breath caught in his chest as he watched her lower her head even as her rising arms lifted her breasts.

Raven closed her eyes as her arms were lifted above her head. Her Master had told her before how he enjoyed the sight of her in this position. For a moment she allowed herself to hope that this was all Coyote had planned, to tie her to this ancient post. She knew he wanted her. She hoped he was preparing to take her now. Then she felt his hands on her waist and she was lifted onto the small platform.

She grasped the leather cords and held close to the pole, making those motions that she knew incited her Master’s lust.

The gentle slap of his many bladed whip against her calf startled her and she gasped, jerking her leg up. “Keep your leg lifted there, little slave,” he ordered and Raven obeyed, pulling on her bonds and holding to the post.

Coyote took a strap from the lower ring and kneeling behind Raven, he brought it around his girl’s bare lifted thigh. From his position kneeling behind her, he could see her cunt exposed by her lifted leg. Once that strap was secured around her thigh and the post, he slowly drew his finger along the perfect pink folds of her labia. He was gratified to discover that his slave’s pussy was wet.

Raven felt the finger along her nether lips and gasped. She rose up on the toes of the foot left unsuspended to expose more of her. “Take me.” she whispered. “Please take me now, Coyote.” She arched her back, crushing her breasts against the pole and moving her hips away, trying to present her lovely cunt to him. “Please,” she whispered again.

Coyote stood. “Raise your other leg, slave.” he ordered. Raven pulled the straps to hold herself and leaning against Coyote, she did as she was told. She felt another strap around her thighs, then another under her ass, creating a seat, and she was secured to the post.

Coyote stood behind his slave, the sight even more magnificent than he had imagined. He brushed her hair aside to expose her neck and lowered his mouth to her skin.

Raven tossed her head back and opened her mouth. Her Master’s kisses moved from her neck to her cheek then her mouth was covered by his. His hands circled her waist and then slid up her flanks until his fingers rested lightly on the sides of her breasts.

As he explored her mouth with his tongue, Coyote moved his hands to his slave’s ample breasts. He kneaded them gently, fighting his urges to hurt her. Lost in his desire for her, he continued to kiss her and to lift her breasts, pressing them together then separating them, taking the perfect nipples between his fingers, then sliding his finger below, between or above her pink-tipped white globes.

Her Master’s passionate touch inflamed Raven and she found herself giving Coyote what he wanted. Her mind raced, trying to process the sensations of her body. Their tongues danced between their mouths while his hands roughly handled her tits, her nipples pressing up to and rubbing against the hard wooden post. She arched her back, pressing her now-dripping cunt against the post as well, as had the girls and women bound to it over a hundred years before.

Keeping her breasts firmly in one hand, Coyote slid the other down Raven’s belly and placed it between the post and her sex. The feel of her wet lips parting to admit his finger into her as she continued grinding her hips against his hand tempted him again. He held her firmly and pressed his crotch to her ass as he considered how best to keep this wild creature tamed.

The denim of his jeans rubbed roughly against her ass, and Raven could feel his hard cock through the cloth. She struggled against the hand holding her still, wanting the freedom to move with the finger inside her, to keep her clit moving against his hand. Then he released her and she fell back, held only by the seat tied around her ass and the straps tied to her wrists.

Raven remembered where she was and what was about to be done to her.

to be continue -

City Lights

Day One: City Lights

It was around 4pm on a Monday that I arrived at my hotel. I was just getting ready to go down stairs to the hotel bar to meet my friend. We had talked and emailed many times online but this is our first meeting. My room was on the 14th floor of the hotel and I had a really great view of the city.

I entered the bar and found a small table in the corner of the room. I sat down and ordered a drink while I waited for my friend. About 5 minutes later I looked up and walking towards me was this beautiful lady that I had met online. She had sent me a very erotic picture of her online and as she came closer I could see that she was even better looking in person. (I want your pictures!)

I stood up to meet Helen and guided her to a chair next to me. At first I kissed her cheek, and looked at her reaction. Then as I pulled the chair back she sat next to me. I ordered a drink for her and we sat and made small conversation for a while.

After about our third drink together we were both opening up to each other more and I moved closer to her so I could caress and talk with her. She had on this very short sexy black dress that barely covered her great looking body. Helen was wearing this tight little dress and very tall high heels and nothing much more.

My eyes were caressing every inch of her and while I told her something sexy I could see that her breasts would swell as her breathing got kind of short. As I looked into her sexy eyes I could see passion within them. I told her how wonderful she looked and it was going to be a shame to have to leave at the end of the week and go home.

Our conversation went from her work to her life and what she enjoyed doing. She told me about her hobbies as my fingers caressed her leg. I could see that the closer I got to the Vee between her legs that she would shiver a little. My fingers were enjoying touching Helen and I could tell that she too was getting very excited. I would move them along her legs and down her calf.

At this time the bar was getting very crowded and people were sitting all around us, but I was only paying attention to this beautiful lady sitting next to me. After a few more drinks I asked her if she wanted to go to dinner with me at the hotel and she said she would love to.

I told her that I would like to change before dinner and asked if she wanted to stay here while I changed, or go up to my room and look at the beautiful view from my 14th floor window. I told her that the city lights were very beautiful as the sun set. She answered me by standing up right in front of me and holding my hand as I got up.

We walked to the elevator and as we got in I pushed the 14 button. The door closed and as soon as it did she stepped right in front of me and we kissed for the longest time. I could feel her body pressing hard against me as we did. My cock was starting to get very hard and I could feel her nipples through her dress pressing against me. She took my tongue in her mouth and started sucking it as she would a cock. I was getting very turned on and I knew Helen could feel my 9 1/2 inch cock pressing against her as she rubbed her body against mine.

The elevator got us to my floor while we were still embraced. We broke away only for a few seconds as I got my key out and we entered my room. But as soon as the door was closed behind us I took my soft skinned lady back into my arms and continued kissing her. Our passion was getting quite hot by now and as I cupped her firm ass cheeks and held her even tighter, I could feel her fingers searching and finding my hard cock. She started to caress it as we embraced. Now my mouth had found her neck and I kept kissing down her neck and behind her ears. I could feel not only my excitement but also Helen’s.

I couldn’t help touching and caressing her wonderful breasts. I worked my fingers around her nipples and squeezed them firmly and as I did I felt her body go rigid. I could feel goose bumps all over her body as I firmly held her nipples out for me to kiss. I noticed that Helen had unzipped my pants and was now stroking my hard cock while I was busy. Just then my pants hit the floor. I could feel her long fingers wrapped around my shaft and slowly stroked my cock. I could also see that I had not disappointed her. I could also see that she was very good at pleasing men and as I felt her hand running along my shaft a drop of pre-cum formed on the head. Just then she lowered herself down to her knees and took the head of my cock in her mouth. It was a wonderful feeling. She took about half of my hardness in her mouth as I felt her tongue going wild on the head. She then looked up into my eyes and as she did she completely took my entire shaft down her throat. It was a wonderful feeling as she moved up and down my cock, stopping at the base and moving back up to the tip. I could feel my balls slapping against her throat as she went back down all the way to the root.

My soft skinned friend was really getting into this as I could feel her fingers cupping my balls lightly and I felt something else as she continued to pump up and down my shaft. Her fingers were searching for my ass, she was massaging my opening as she caressed my balls. With her suction on my cock and her hands supping my balls it was almost too much to take. She knew that I was close to cumming. I wanted to stop her and fuck her deep and fast but I don’t think she had any intentions of stopping. As a matter of fact, I could feel even more suction on my cock as it started to throb and jump inside her throat. Just then I felt her finger enter me. I was standing pressed up against the door as Helen’s second knuckle was inside me. I couldn’t stop if I wanted to. I came so hard and so fast I could feel my cum shooting down her throat. I was completely buried inside her. It was one of those orgasms that kept going and going. I emptied myself completely deep inside her throat. Standing there for a few more seconds I could slowly feel her lips pulling back and cleaning my still hard cock. She was moving up and down my shaft again and I had to remove her from it before I came again. She slowly sat back on her legs as I pulled her off of my cock, but I let her continue to lick the tip.

I stepped out of my pants and moved over towards the bed. Next to it was the champagne that I had ordered from room service earlier. I opened the bottle and poured us a drink. My new lover was still sitting in the same position as I had left her. I took a glass over to her and pulled her up and right next to me we toasted our new friendship.

I asked her to stand right where she was as I poured another drink for us. Then I came back over and handed her glass to her and as she drank I slowly untied her dress and let it fall to the floor. Now the only thing standing between my engorged cock and her hot wet pussy was a pair of small g-string panties. I slowly hooked my fingers in them and pulled them down to the floor.

As she was standing in only her high heels in front of me I couldn’t believe how beautiful she looked. I told her that as my hands held her nipples firmly again. We were standing next to the bed as my fingers caressed and moved over her body. I could feel her knees starting to weaken as my fingers found and caressed her outer lips of her pussy. As I opened them to find her clit, I could feel Helen’s legs spread for me to have better access to her. With my mouth up close to her moist clit my fingers were traveling along her ass cheeks finding her backdoor. I started massaging her opening as I continued to lick her clit. She was starting to shake a little so I stopped for a second and asked her to lay back on the bed and enjoy. She moved over to bed and laid back as I stayed right with her. I sat on the floor right in front of her and as my fingers found her backdoor again my other fingers opened her pussy up and I started to make love to her pussy with one finger. She was very wet and hot as I started to use two fingers. Moving in and out of her dripping pussy, always twisting and turning my fingers as they moved in and out of her.

I could tell that she was getting very turned on as I started licking her pussy at the same time my fingers were inside her. It was hard for her to hold still now and I felt her orgasm approach, she was so wet that I entered her with two fingers as I started sucking her clit. She started thrashing around on the bed and came hard her first time all over my fingers and into my mouth as I ate her pussy. Loud cries were escaping her mouth as I entered her ass with my finger. I drove my middle finger all the way inside her ass as I continued to eat her. I felt her hands grabbing my head and trying to push me farther inside her pussy as she came again, this time she let out a gusher and screamed into the pillow as she came flooding my mouth with her juices. God did she taste wonderful!

Slowly I continued to lick her, as she came down from her orgasm. As she rested I moved up and put my legs over her and sat on her. My cock was still hard from all of her excitement as I cupped her breasts and laid my cock between them and started stroking with them. As I started this, my lover raised her head and took the tip of my cock in her mouth and got me wet so I would be slippery enough to fuck her breasts. I stroked up and down her breasts for awhile and I was building for another orgasm, but I wanted more this time. I looked into her eyes and still saw the passion in them as I whispered to her “I thought you wanted to see the view.” She said “Yes, I do.” So, I got up off her and took her over to the window. She was facing the window as I came up behind her. I took her hands and placed them on the window as I spread her open a little from behind. I could feel the cheeks of her firm ass as I took my hands and reached around and played with her still wet pussy. I rubbed my cock across her backdoor and down in front along her pussy lips. I used my fingers to guide my cock deep inside her pussy as I kissed and nibbled along her neck.

Slowly I started moving and as I did she matched my movements, as I pulled back she held still and when I pushed forward she pushed back against my cock. As she was standing spread against the glass of the window I was pounding hard against her. I continued to pound against her and as I got closer to orgasm I reached up and squeezed her nipples. She tried to move closer up against me. I could feel myself building and told her I was going to cum soon. Just then Helen said she wanted to cum with me and her pussy squeezed my cock like it was milking my juices. I could feel her pussy tighten up and let go, over and over again.

I felt her cum right before me. It was like a flood gate opening and letting out all of the water. She came all over my cock, making me explode deep inside her pussy. I kept stroking my cock in her pussy and then I pulled out and rubbed my cock along her ass cheeks, stroking my cock along them I asked her if her wanted to taste me again. She turned around and took my cock deep in her mouth again. She pushed me back to the bed and as I lay there she continued to lick and suck my cock, getting all of our juices off my cock. Only this time she made love to my cock slowly. She continued for a few minutes as my cock came to life again and when I was ready for action again she moved up on me and slide her pussy down around my cock. Sitting on me she moved up and down my shaft, each time squeezing my cock with her pussy. I could feel her juices starting to flow again as I cupped and sucked her nipples. And as she started coming all over my cock I bit down on one of them lightly and I felt her pussy squeeze me hard as I came.

I don’t know how long my wonderful lover stayed on top of me, but I looked at the clock and saw it was already 11:30 at night. I asked her if she wanted to have a late dinner or just take a bath with me, and go to bed for the evening. My newfound lover whispered into my ear that she would love to bathe with me. So ends this evening, but not the week. For we still have two days to get to know each other better.

Neither of us was watching the clock as we stepped into the warm bath. We took turns washing each other and being careful not to over do it too much. I was just finishing rinsing Helen when she started using her soapy hand to stoke me back to life.

She was going to make sure that neither one of us got out of the tub before one or both of us came again. I was so turned on still as I watched her hand moving up and down my thick shaft. I couldn’t help but remember that she told me that me that she loved a good ass fucking, so I knew I couldn’t let her go without doing a little deep penetrating. So I made her let go of my hardness after a few minutes so I could still use it on her backdoor.

I slowly turned her around in the tub and had her face towards the front of the tub as I slid my fingers into her pussy. She was still very open and very wet as I stroked her pussy and moved her up on her knees. I told her that I was going to open her tight little ass up with my big thick cock and she just moaned as I kept finger fucking her. I was able to get two fingers in her juicy pussy and then I moved up and started licking her ass cheeks as I took my index finger and buried it deep in her ass. I could feel how tight she was and I knew that I was going to enjoy sinking my big cock inside her.

After a few more minutes I worked my finger deep in her waiting ass. I couldn’t get it any deeper than I had. I was fucking her up to my second knuckle and then I pulled my finger back out I heard her moaning loudly as I moved up behind her and pushed the head of my cock into her. It was still so very tight as I pushed past her muscle and into her ass up to my balls. I could feel my balls slapping against her pussy each time I stroked her. Very slowly at first, then quicker with longer strokes.

She was on fire as she took all of my cock inside her. I could hear soft moans as I fucked her deep and hard. Then as if on cue she said, “Oh baby, I’m cumming.” So I increased my speed and tried to catch up with her. But having cum so much already it was going to take awhile for me. I could feel her pussy thrusting back at me as she came hard. I tried to go deeper but my balls were already buried as deep as I could go.

I was just getting a good pace going as I heard her soft screams again. I must have been fucking Helen’s ass for 30 minutes; sweat was pouring off me as I kept moving in and out of her ass. She had cum so many times that her as was really opening up for me, each time she came I could feel her pussy tighten and explode. I looked down and could see her juices running down her legs as I pounded more, then all of a sudden I was there. I came, shooting my juices deep inside her ass. I put my balls against her pussy as I came; I shuddered very hard and shot what must have been a gallon of cum into her.

Slowly I backed out of her and I still heard a pop as my cock freed it self from she backdoor. I lowered myself back into the tub and lay back to relax as I felt her turn around and slowly start to wash me again.

By now the water was getting lukewarm and I was again clean, so my lover helped towel me off and we went back to the bed to lay down. I couldn’t help to think that a computer helped make this happen.

By now I was resting comfortably, but my new lover looked at me and told me that we were not through yet. As we both smiled, I could see that she had something in mind for both of us. Slowly Helen turned around and moved onto her side as we started to slowly 69 each other. I lay my head between her legs and started licking her pussy slowly as she did the same, taking my cock into her hot, wet mouth. After a few minutes of slowly going at each other I started taking it faster, my fingers opened her outer lips as they also squeezed her clit and she in turn started deep throating my cock. The pace got even faster, and after a few more minutes I could feel her legs squeezing my head as she came in my waiting mouth. I know she wanted me to stop so she could enjoy the moment. But I pressed on going faster with my tongue and harder with my fingers, as I did I could feel her building up for an even greater explosion, and it didn’t take long as she came right away, again flooding my mouth with her juices.

Each time she came I could feel Helen’s mouth trying to take even my balls into her. But it was no use I was not very far behind her after she came the second time. I came like never before and as I tried to enjoy the moment she wouldn’t let me, she kept right on going, knowing that I could still cum again. And with that only minutes more I came so hard I almost shook her off of me and then she allowed me to relax as she cleaned my cock with her mouth.

It was with that we both fell asleep for a long deserved rest. Little did she know that the morning brings my cock to an even harder state.

Day Two: Fire and Ice

Helen and I had just finished an erotic adventure in eating. During dinner you just kept talking about yourself and your girlfriend Nicole. You kept telling me if I was a good boy that I would get to meet her tomorrow. I couldn’t help but to watch as you ate everything on your plate. I love your sensual lips and the way you kept eating your meal with your fingers. Although it was a normal restaurant you preferred to eat with your fingers teasing me and acting seductively. I kept telling you that you were going to pay for that later and you just sad there and smiled.

My mind was wandering as you continued with small talk. I kept seeing all the pictures of you and Nicole that you had sent over the past few months and I could hardly imagine having you and Nicole together the next day. I didn’t know what you had planned but I remember asking you to please make any plans you would like and surprise me with them.

I couldn’t help but notice how wonderful you had dressed for dinner. Very simple yet very seductive. I kept telling you how beautiful you were and I hoped that this week was not a dream. I couldn’t help to think what a beautiful young lady like you would be doing with a 40 year old man as myself, but I knew I was there for one thing, to perform with you.

You kept asking me what I had planned for later that evening but I wanted to keep it a secret from you. I love talking erotic to you at dinner, I could see that I had a good effect on you several times. I looked down at your breasts and I could see your nipples becoming hard several times during dinner.

Dinner was over and we were back in my room. I had ordered champagne for the evening and it was ready for us as we returned. I asked you if you were ready for some and proceeded to pour us a glass. After a few sips you put your glass down and reached for me. We stood kissing for a very long time, our bodies together and not only could I feel your nipples getting hard again; my hardness was pressing against you. After a few more minutes I felt your hand caressing my hardness and knew it was time to get down to the business of pleasuring you.

I led you by your hand over to the bed and stood you in front of it. I kissed you while I stood in front of you and then I whispered to you to please trust me tonight, that nothing you didn’t want to happen wouldn’t happen. Just as you said ok to me, I left you standing there for a moment while I moved over to my suitcase. I took out a blindfold and proceeded to lower it over your eyes. As I did I told you I wanted you to use your other senses tonight; to feel the wonderful things that were going to happen to you. I then raised your dress over your head and saw how beautiful you looked for me tonight. You only had a pair of stockings and a garter belt on for me. You were still standing as I came back from my suitcase again. This time you didn’t see what I had for you. I whispered for you to please put your hands behind your back and I think you knew that I was about to cuff you. I did and as I was doing this I whispered to you that you had just lost another one of your senses. You could no longer see or touch anything I didn’t want you to.

Back to my suitcase again. This time I retrieved several items for our pleasure. Now, I whispered to you, if you would please spread your legs a little for me and then you felt the ankle restrains that I slipped on you. I knew you couldn’t see so I told you that one step back was the bed if you couldn’t handle it any more. Next I asked you to spread your legs a little more for me. As you did I was busy attaching the spreader bar to your ankle restraints. I now had you exactly where I wanted you. I started caressing your legs and told you how much I loved seeing you in heels, that your muscles looked great and your calves were beautifully stretched out in front of me. I started kissing my way up your beautiful legs from the ankles up to your ass and as I reached your ass your hands were trying to hold my head.

Then I stood up and started kissing the back of your neck and your shoulders, I could hear a small moan coming from you so I whispered that this was just the beginning. I then moved in front of you and attached a collar around your neck and a small soft rope to it. This was a special rope with several knots in it that were positioned just right when I moved around to attach it to your cuffs. The rope was pretty tight and I opened your outer lips as I positioned it between you pussy. The knots were placed to if you lowered your head and moved it back up you could feel them rubbing on your clit. As I explained this to you I watched as you tried it several times.

As you pulled up and down on your hands I could hear another soft moan coming from your lips. I noticed that you were already becoming quite wet and I told you if you wanted to cum, it would be wonderful. This now left me free to caress and massage your breasts. I love the way they swell and as I was massaging them I sucked each nipple into my mouth for a few minutes. I could hear the effects I was already having on you as I reached over to where the champagne bottle was and grabbed some ice from it. Slowly as I went back to massaging your breasts I applied some ice around them, careful not to apply any to your nipples just yet. Using the ice to run circles around your breasts I could see that your body was already so hot the ice was melting quickly so I took each nipple in my mouth and sucked slowly and then as I removed my mouth I applied ice to them. I knew this was torture of a kinder nature, but it was perfect for our first session. I watched as your head bobbed up and down and heard your shortness of breath and knew you were not far from cumming. I knew it would be very difficult for you to stand there and cum, but that’s the way I wanted you. I then reached over and lit a candle and put it in a holder by your feet. After that I came back to your breasts massaging some lotion on both of them and squeezing them gently as your nipples stayed hard. I reached for some more ice and applied it as I watched the knots doing their job. Your head was moving up and down at a quicker pace now, and I heard you as your first orgasm came. I was lucky enough to catch it with ice in my hand and sucking your nipples again. I knew that I was going to take your orgasms like a ladder, step by step until you reached the top.

I then reached down and pulled the candle high over your body, it had done a nice job burning already and I slowly poured the hot wax down the front of you being careful only to catch your nipple with it at first and then your breast. As the first hot wax hit your body I could see you were racked with yet another orgasm, your juices were already running down your legs and as I iced up your other breast then, I poured the hot liquid down on the other nipple and breast. This time I heard a soft scream escaping your lips and I knew you were being hit with yet another orgasm. This was perfect as I blew out the candle and set it aside, I had not yet even touched your hot pussy and you had three orgasms already. I kneeled in front of you and released the spreader bar and gently walked you back to the bed. I got you most of the way on the bed and laid you back so you could be more comfortable. Then I reattached the spreader bar this time expanding it even farther. I then reached for some rope and tied your thighs open, holding you in place using the bed. I know you haven’t even touched, licked, or felt my hardness yet but tonight was not about me; it was about pleasuring you.

I then proceeded to unhook your stockings and rolled them down to your ankles. After that I reached for this beautiful feather and started caressing your inner thighs with it. I could hear your moaning as I reached between your Vee and reached up and removed your collar and moved the rope with the knots out of the way. I kept caressing your thighs with the feather and I could hear that I was about to make you cum again, so I made sure I had the feather on your clit as you came for me. This time it was a shattering orgasm that sent waves through your body. You could do nothing but take it. You could not move, nor could you hold on, you were very open for me and cumming hard.

Tonight there would be no silver bullets, no finger fucking your pussy and no pain, other than just laying back and taking everything I had to give you.

I was ready to finish you off right now as I applied lotion to your breasts and started massaging them again. I started by sucking in each nipple and kissing them as I moved my mouth down your stomach.

I could feel your body being racked with mini little orgasms as I continued downward, I positioned my mouth directly over your pussy as I used my fingers to open you up and get to your hardened clit. Your pussy was on fire as I slid my tongue inside you. I could feel you arching your back and knew it was only a matter of seconds before you came. I am glad I choose not to use a ball gag on you tonight. I love hearing you cum. And that’s exactly what I did hear as my tongue continued to fuck you. You came so very hard my love, flooding my mouth with your juices, I loved it! You were on the top of the ladder my dear as I chinned your pussy and began to suck your clit and you kept cumming. I could feel you wanting to fuck my entire face so I didn’t want to disappoint you, I started nibbling your clit gently and feeling you cum hard yet again. I quickly got up and poured myself another glass of champagne, then returned between your legs. I told you that I enjoyed champagne not from a glass but from your pussy as I poured it all over your hot pussy sending more waves of pleasure over you, then I lowered my head and began drinking from your pussy. I could tell you were about there screaming my name as you came yet another time. After screaming so much I knew you couldn’t talk much so I slowly worked my lips and tongue down your legs until I reached your ankles then I proceeded to remove all of the restrains and your stocking and heels. Then I came back up and removed your blindfold and cuffs and held you tightly in my arms. You whispered something to me about me cumming but I just told you that we still had plenty of time for that as we fell asleep in each other arms.

Day Three: The Passion Continues

You finally untie me after a marathon secession of eating pussy. God, I can’t believe how wonderful the both of you taste! I haven’t had enough pussy for one night yet and soon I’ll be in control. Helen you will soon be my slave and bitch for the night. Make no mistakes; Nikki will also be included in all of the activities tonight.

After I am released by you and Nikki I get up again and go to the kitchen and grab a bottle of champagne. By the time I pour us some drinks we are still sitting close together and I am looking at the two most beautiful women in the world, so sexy and so naked. I ask you to see your instruments of pain and pleasure and you show me all of the items you and Nikki use. While we are looking at all of your things I ask you if you would mind tying Nikki to the bed. You look at me and tell me “Of course not love.” and go off to do this.

I come in and she is as I asked, face down and pillows raising her ass in the air. She looks wonderful and ready to go as I can see you tied her hands and feet so she couldn’t go anywhere. Then I ask you if you would allow me to watch as you take her and you tell me “It’s my pleasure.” I sit very close sipping my drink and watching as you make her pussy come alive again. I ask you if you think it is possible that I get my hand inside her and to turn and smile and say “I don’t think so lover. Your hands are way too big to be going in her.” I smile and let you continue rubbing her wet pussy. I can see that she is enjoying you and as you bring Nikki to a climax with your fingers I ask you if I might try. You smile again and tell me “Of course dear, she is your slave tonight and you can take her when you are ready.”

I look over your toys again and ask you if you would enjoy eating her before I flog her. I don’t even have to wait for an answer, you have your mouth on her pussy and your hands are spreading her ass open. I see you licking up her crack and along her ass a few times then you dip your tongue into her ass and she lets out a loud moan. She is very close to cumming again as I pull you back and ask you to count for me. Then the crack of the whip as it hits her ass. 10-9-8-7-6, she is crying softly as she takes the punishment. Each time we can see her ass coming off the pillows trying to escape from the blows. 5-4-3-2-1, we can see her cumming right through the blows now, she is shaking so hard trying to get loose but yet trying to enjoy each blow.

As I pause your fingers go straight for her dripping pussy, and I ask you if you think she is ready for the silver bullet. You smile as I reach for it and tell you that I will administer it to her. I then pick it up and move closer to Nikki. I start by licking her extremely wet pussy and add a few licks up her crack also. I then turn the vibe on and slip in inside Nikki. She is so fuckable right now; her pussy takes every inch of it while I slip a finger in her ass.

This sends her screaming for more, Nikki screams, “Ffuck me! Fuck me!” My finger feels the heavy vibrations from the bullet and I know she will soon cum for us.

I see you are very turned on by now and you lower your head and take my cock in your mouth. I know by the way you are sucking me that you are very hot! Sucking so hard and trying to take all of it. Oh baby your mouth feels so wonderful, I am getting so big and hard, it feels so good I slide a second finger up Nikki’s ass. She is screaming so loud and cumming so hard. You better watch it baby! If you keep that up I’ll cum down your throat.

I quickly pull the bullet out of Nikki’s pussy and my fingers out of her ass. We are both so quick we almost hit our heads against each other trying to get to Nikki’s pussy so we can suck her juices out. I let you take her while I go and get my belt.

After Nikki has settled down some I ask you if you would mind lying on top of Nikki face down against her and you tell me whatever I desire tonight and you slide right up on top of her. I reach out and grab some rope and tie your hands to hers, then your feet are tied with hers and I am ready for the both of you. Your pussies are very close together and I see you are rubbing your nipples along her back. I reach over and get more rope and tie your stomach to her back. I tell you that I don’t want you moving too much without Nikki.

Now I really have the both of you where I want you. I reach over and take the flogger and ask you to count. 10-9-8-7, I see you shudder, and you barely get the last number out. 6-5-4-3, your ass is turning red and I tell you that we have to start again because I didn’t hear the last number. 10-9-8, you can’t hold still and you are trying hard to get away. 7-6-5, the last hit was lower and almost hit your pussy lips. 4-3-2-1, you are moaning so hard as the sting hits you. Your pussy is so close to Nikki’s you are grinding it into her. I reach over and kiss and lick your ass, it’s so hot and red from the whip. I slip two fingers inside your pussy and I feel you grab them and try to take them all the way up inside you.

Just then I take the silver bullet and slide it up your pussy. This sends you off; you are cumming all over my little bullet. I’m not going to let you have all the fun so I take the little bullet out of your dripping pussy and slide it slowly in Nikki’s ass. Inch by inch I push it up, and I know you can feel it through her ass because you are trying to grind your pussy even harder into her. Just then I move up behind Nikki and slide my big cock inside her. I get almost all of it in her except for you trying to get in the way. I know the both of you are cumming again, Nikki’s juices flood my cock and you are screaming out that you need to be fucked! I slide out of Nikki and right up inside you. I hear this “Oh my god!” out of you as I go balls deep, but it’s so hard to tell if you are still cumming or not, you are so wet.

I know I’m getting close so I pull out for a little cool down. I don’t want to cum too soon! I am behind you getting ready. You don’t know that I have had a special belt made that will hold your attachment and I reach over and slip it in the belt. I move back up behind you now and as I do I pull the bullet out of Nikki’s ass, and she is very relieved to have it out, but just as I do I slip my cock back into your pussy and get it very wet. When I think it’s plenty wet I pull back and slide my cock into Nikki’s ass slowly. She lets out a loud scream as I sink all the way up her ass. I start moving in and out slowly and when I get a good pace going I slip the attachment up your pussy, now I am fucking the both of you together.

Nikki is not fond of my big cock in her ass, but she doesn’t know it won’t be there for long. Just long enough to get your pussy juices all over the attachment. I’m still fucking the both of you when I pull way back and slip out of Nikki. I then slide my cock right into your pussy, you like it I know you do I can feel your pussy trying to milk it. You squeeze it when it’s in all the way in and open up when I am driving deep.

Now it’s time. I have you cumming all over me and loving it. Then I slip the attachment up your sweet ass. I thought you were cumming before only but now you are being double fucked and cumming harder. It’s just like Nikki felt when you had your hand inside her, you are screaming, crying, and cumming all over her. You don’t know yet, but I have cum so much in the past 3 days it’s going to be awhile before I cum again. I am pumping all the way in and all the way back out for what seems minutes but you think its hours. Sweat is pouring down my chest and dripping down you, but you will never notice. I am pounding inside two of your openings hard. I am fucking you so hard the only thing you can do is keep cumming, screaming and crying. I think you are ready to pass out when I cum. I am cumming hard and I still keep pumping hard.

The next thing you know is that I am putting cold wash cloths on you and untying you, we all three of us lay in a big bundle relaxing and resting for the night.




Day Four: The Three of Us

It’s late in the morning after we finish breakfast and shower together. We’ve yet to fuck today. I come up with this hair- brained idea that I still want you to dominate me. I love the way you lead the way. We are all clean showered and shaven and then you tell me to back up against this pillar in your house. You then tie my hands behind my back using the pillar as tell me to sit down and get comfortable. It’s a small pillar only about 8 inches around and it allows me to easily have some freedom as I sit naked with my legs out in front of me.

You start telling Nikki why you have me this way. With me face out this allows you so much access to me the way you want to take me. And you tell her later today you will have me stand and tie my legs to the pillar so you can do many things to me at that time.

First Nikki comes over to see that I am comfortable as you have something you have to do this morning. You tell me that you will return in a few hours and that I should just relax and wait for you but if Nikki wants to play with me it’s ok. I get a long kiss from you and you caress my nipples and give them a squeeze. I see you have dressed and you look stunning as always. Then I hear the door as you leave. Nikki comes up and asks me if there is anything I need and I tell her no thank you, then she sits next to me and starts talking to me while she caresses my body. She starts around my chest and works her fingers along my belly and softly between my legs, careful not to touch my growing hardness.

Just then she reaches out and I see a feather in her hands and I know I’m in for a long day. She starts caressing my whole body with the feather while my cock grows even harder. Then after she see how large it is she starts running the feather over it so lightly and she listens as I moan. Nikki gets up and goes away for a few minutes and when she returns I see she has brought some ice in a glass back with her.

She starts telling me how wonderful it was to have your hand inside her and that I asked you several times about it. She tells me a lot about what you do to her when she is your slave and I am getting very excited listening to her, then she stands in front of me and takes her robe off showing me her entire body. She is standing over me and telling me about the way you flog her. I can see she is also getting very excited and the thought of it, she is playing with her nipples and I see they are very hard now and then I see her taking an ice cube and running them over her nipples and down her front until she reaches between her legs and I see the cube disappear, she asks me if I want to taste her and I tell her very much, so she moves up to where my face is and lets me lick her pussy. It’s very hot but I can also taste the coldness of where the ice cube went. I move my head forward a little so I can use my nose on her clit while I tongue her.

I know she is getting very excited as I feel her hands grabbing my hair and pulling my mouth over her pussy. She is trying to fuck my mouth with her pussy and all of a sudden she cums all over my face and holds my head up tight against her mound.

Nikki backs up a little and I know I am in trouble when she looks into my eyes I can see that hers are glazed over from cumming but there is a lot of fire left in them. She asks me if I enjoyed making her cum and I said yes I loved it. I can feel her hand slowly stroking my harness now, she is kneeling in front of me now spreading my legs as far as she can. Nikki now moves over and sits on my leg. She lowers her head and takes my cock in her mouth, oh my god she is sucking so hard and so deep, her mouth is very hot. I don’t know how long I can hold out and my cock starts throbbing in her mouth. Then I see her take an ice cube out of the glass and put it in her mouth, she goes back to sucking me only I feel the coldness of the cube.

Just as I was becoming so hot she has cooled me down but she keeps moving up and down my cock with her mouth then I feel another cube pushed up against my balls, this temporary shocks me and starts to numb me a little. She pulls off my cock but still holds the cube on my balls as she moves her mouth up to my nipples. Slowly she takes each one in her mouth and starts to suck them. I am feeling very hot now and she starts to bite lightly on each one of them until I can’t take any more pain. She looks up at me and tells me that her Mistress has given her permission to do whatever she feels like to me. But that she was to make me ready for you this afternoon.

Nikki gets up and leaves for another minute and when she returns I see she has brought a lot of instruments with her. She lays them out on a cloth next to me and I watch as she takes a couple of clamps over to me.

I can see as she starts putting on the first nipple clamp and tightens it very hard on my nipple. I scream out as she puts a little extra on it. Then she takes another clamp and puts in on my other nipple, this one is just as tight. Now she takes out some lotion and starts to put it on my nipples, as she does she tells me that within a few minutes my nipples will be burning. As she applies the lotion she squeezes each tip of my nipples sending me back against the pillar as far as I can go, but I know I can’t go anywhere. My nipples are already starting to burn as I watch Nikki get a piece of rope and tie my ankle to the other pillar next to us. Then she comes back and pulls my legs apart as far as they will go and sits on the free leg. I can feel her pussy rubbing up and down my leg, she is very wet and then I see her reach over and pour a lot of lotion on her hands, and I already know where she is going with this. She moves up a little and blows air on my nipples sending me into a frenzy, they are on fire as she reaches down and massages my cock with her wet hands. I know it’s only a matter of minutes before my cock is on fire. Nikki doesn’t stop there she pours more lotion on her hands and gently massages my balls, then I was afraid of what she has in mind next and I could see her dabbling some lotion on her finger and I could only watch as she lifted my ass up a little and slid her wet finger inside my ass.

It didn’t take long before she was out of my ass and adding more lotion to my nipples. She pinched them good this time making me scream even louder than before. Then she went back to rubbing her hot, wet pussy over my leg as my cock and balls were on fire. Nikki backed up even more on my leg and told me she wanted to fuck my big toe. So she sat right down on it moving just enough so I could get it inside her. She told me that if I fucked her good she would let me cum all over her. I tried to concentrate on fucking her with my toe but my cock and balls and now my ass were really on fire. It felt like I was putting out a campfire with my naked ass and balls. My other toes were starting to get cramps as she bounced up and down on my big one.

I knew Nikki was getting close to cumming I could feel her trying to get deeper on my toe and then she took my cock in her hands again and started jacking me off. This time I felt her squirt baby oil on my cock as she was stroking it. She was first, I felt her cumming all over my foot and down my ankle then I couldn’t believe it I shot so hard I hit her chest with my juices and she kept stroking my cock for minutes until I screamed and came even harder hitting the whole front of her body. I came so hard I felt every ounce of energy leaving my body and my body went stiff as a board. I remember she wiped me with a cold wash cloth, but after that I didn’t feel anything until I was awakened by you.

You were kissing me and asking me if I had fun today. All I could remember was that I loved every minute of it. You had told me that you went shopping and came home with some fresh fruit. Just then I saw Nikki walk in with a bowl of strawberries and a couple of bananas. I knew I would be in for a wonderful afternoon.

You asked me if I had endured a lot of pain this morning while you were away and I told you that I enjoyed it but yes it did hurt. Just then you reached down and removed one of the nipple clamps and the other one and I felt a sudden sharp pain as you did, watching you squeeze my nipples. You looked at me and told me the fun is just beginning. You could see my hardness growing as you talked so sweet to me. You left me for a few minutes as I looked up to see Nikki untie her rope and take it off. I didn’t know what I had in store for me this afternoon but I could see that Nikki had changed and put on a collar and some restraints that were not yet hooked together. She had dressed in stocking and a garter belt and very high heels on.

When you returned she had taken her position next to you and you were wearing what looked to be a very expensive Mistress outfit with openings for your breasts to stick out and what looked to be a snap crotch with stocking and heels on. You told me that I had Nikki’s version of fire and ice today but you were ready to get down to business. I had no idea what that meant but I knew I would in due time. Just then you came over and sat by me asking me if I would like anything and I told you yes, I would love a glass of water. Nikki reached over and handed you a glass and I took a few sips from it. You were very careful letting me drink the glass up and after I finished you handed it back to Nikki and came closer to me. I could feel your fingers caressing my still sore nipples and soon you were kissing my ear and then you bit it very hard, not hard enough to draw blood but pretty hard, and I also felt your fingers squeezing my nipple at the same time.

You moved around the pillar to the other side as I felt your mouth seeking my other ear and biting it as well. Then the squeeze of the other nipple until I cried out. All while this was going on Nikki was in front of me again sucking my cock back to life. I watched as you attached a chain to her collar and you looked at me and said ” Never forget Nikki is my slave.” I looked at you and had to answer “Yes Mistress Helen”. I watched as you stood by my leg and let Nikki slowly suck my cock. She was in no hurry and she worked me up to a point where she thought I might cum and backed off. Then I watched as you unsnapped the front of your outfit and I saw your glistening pussy as you pulled the chain around Nikki and she moved her mouth up on your pussy licking you very hard. I was amazed as I watch and I even asked you, “Please, Mistress, unchain me so I may eat you also.” I could only watch as you pulled Nikki’s face even harder to your mound.

When you had enough you pulled her chain back and she pulled her tongue away from you and sat staring at you. I watched as you instructed Nikki to pull out a string of well oiled beads from a bowl and we both watched as she slid each and every one of them in my ass. I counted 10 beads going in and after the last one was in I could feel Nikki’s fingers moving around in my ass, moving the beads in as far as she could. My cock was getting rock hard again while she was playing with me, but she never touched it.

I thought she was going to pull them out very quickly but I was wrong. Instead she reached over for the strawberries and carefully took a big one and massaged it in your pussy. Then just as she finished you moved over in front of my face and I thought I was going to lick it out of you until it fell into my mouth, but I was wrong again.

You took one leg and placed it over my shoulder and then you took the other and gently sat on my shoulders in front of my face. While holding onto the pillar you pulled your hot pussy up to my face and told me, “Eat, my wonderful slave.” It wasn’t long before the strawberry was in pieces and I had you cumming hard in my mouth. You kept pulling your pussy tighter and tighter towards my face and came another time.

Then as if Nikki had known, she had taken a banana out and placed it between my mouth and at the entrance to your pussy. She told me that when you commanded that I was to drop the banana. You were a good 6 inches away from my mouth when you started fucking the banana and I could hold it while you slide down over the whole thing, stopping at my mouth.

You must have fucked this banana for a good 10 minutes before yelling for me to drop it and as I did your pussy came down on my mouth and you came very hard as my tongue entered you.

After that ride you had gotten up and moved to where the instruments lay. You returned with another rope and tied my last ankle to the other pillar. Nikki had put a pillow under my head at the same time. I was stretched out all the way on the floor now and couldn’t move at all. I could look up and see you had a riding crop in your hands and you told me, “It’s your turn to count now slave.”

I felt the first blow hit my nipple as I jumped 10-9-8 god it hurt! I could I was in trouble when Nikki was stroking my cock to hardness again. I screamed 7-6-5-4. Nikki’s mouth was now descending down my cock. I screamed 3-2-1. Then it was time to change, you moved over to the other side of me. Count you said. 10-9-8-7. I screamed out! 6-5-4-3-2-1, oh dear god it hurt so much!

I knew I was in deep shit now when Nikki moved away as you stood over me. Count you said! 10-9-8, Oh god you were striking my cock very hard. 7-6-5-4. I thought I was going to pass out as the last blows came. 3-2-1. Just then I heard you say slaves unite. Then I felt Nikki on top of me in a 69 position, only you were locking her legs behind my neck and then her hands on my ankles as she took my cock in her mouth.

Then I heard you yell out Mistress will count and I heard a loud smack as you sent waves over Nikki’s ass with a whip. 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1. Each stroke Nikki’s pussy slammed down hard on my mouth, then it was time for the other cheek as I heard the whip crack, 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1. It must of hurt Nikki bad she took my whole cock down her throat each time. Then you reached for a paddle and I heard you say again. 10-9-8-7. across both cheeks I felt Nikki cumming down my throat and I wasn’t far behind. 6-5-4, Nikki was pulling the beads out of my ass while she drank everything I had in me, I was flooding her mouth with juices. 3-2-1 as her body shook hard on top of mine.

Then I felt your loving hands rubbing across Nikki’s ass. I could barely see your tongue entering her ass. You stayed licking her for a long time while she continued to keep me hard with her mouth. I was still eating her when I felt you get up and attach your big thick dildo on and I felt you move up and slide it in Nikki’s ass as far as you could. She was screaming on my cock, causing it to harden even more. You started off slowly and kept fucking her long and deep, her ass must be enjoying you there because she came several more times in my mouth. Then she came one more time as you used the riding crop on her ass again, only this time I couldn’t take all of her juices she was cumming to fast and some of it ran down my cheeks. After she came, I felt you holding her in a loving way. The dildo was still buried deep inside her as you held her. And I felt my cock slipping from her mouth, still very hard.

Soon you pulled out of her and untied her and I think you took her to bed and made sure she was comfortable before coming back into the room. It was dark outside and there was only a small light glowing when you returned to take my ropes off. After uncuffing me you told me to kneel in front of you., I did as I was told. Then I felt you placing my arms in front of me and cuffing me back to the pillar this time I was on my knees and my head against the pillar. Slowly you caressed me and told me that you wanted to make sure I remember you as tomorrow was my final day with you two for awhile. So I heard you whisper in my ear to count for you. I felt you get up and take out the whip again. 10-9-8-7, Oh god I felt what Nikki had just finished with it hurt so badly. 6-5-4-3-2-1 as you finished with one of my ass cheeks.

Then, only a second to catch my breath and wham, 10-9-8-7-6, you were drawing welts on my ass as the last ones hit. 5-4-3-2-1. Then I felt your hands caressing me and rubbing some sort of oil into my skin, softening it up and then I felt your tongue enter my ass. Oh, what a wonderful feeling! You were probing my ass with your tongue but I knew something else was going to happen as I felt you rise up and then the same big thick dildo that was just up Nikki’s ass was going into mine. Oh Jesus, it hurt like hell, it felt like you were splitting me in half. I felt your legs up tight and I knew you were all the way inside me. Then slowly like you had just done with Nikki, you started fucking my ass. All the way out almost and then all the way back in, it hurt like hell but I loved it and my cock was on fire and you knew it!

Harder and harder you kept fucking me, then I felt the sting of your riding crop and knew I was going to cum soon because it was too much for me to take and all of a sudden your hand was squeezing my cock stopping me from cumming, you squeezed so hard I almost went limp. I felt the cuffs come loose and your belt was sliding off when you told me to fuck you hard. I put your legs over my shoulders and fucked you like a wild man. You must have had something on your hand when you squeezed my cock because it was numb and I couldn’t stop fucking you. 10 or 15 minutes went by and I was still fucking you hard. I couldn’t tell how many times you came because my cock was so numb but I know you came plenty.

Then all of a sudden I unleashed a load so powerful I thought I was going to die. I screamed so loud and came so hard I didn’t know where I was. I only knew I was still inside you, then I was turned on my side and felt your hand stroking my cock. I heard something like, Has little jimi had enough yet?” or something to that effect before I felt you covering me up and letting me rest.




Day Five: The Final Submission

It’s the morning of the final day and I, being a morning person, am up and getting everything ready for today. I have placed chains around the pillars and made ready the instruments of torture for today. First I wake Nikki. She is very sleepy and I attach your leash to her and made her come quietly with me. Downstairs to the bathroom and then I take her to the pillar cuffing her facing it and making her stand.

Now it is your turn Helen. I take you downstairs to the bathroom and then tell you that Nikki is awaiting us as I cuff you to the other pillar facing outward. I have coffee ready and allow the both of you to wake up and sip some. I look at you this morning and see that I have indeed become a Slave, a Master and a man of your tastes. I tell you that you have asked me to hurt Nikki and make her cry. I tell you it’s time now to do that. Only then do I tell you it’s your turn to be submissive also.

I have you facing Nikki as I tie her feet close to the pillar and she is hugging it tightly because she knows what is coming. I whisper to her that I am sorry love, you must be taken roughly. I tell Nikki that her Mistress has asked her to take the pain. I now caress Nikki with the flogger gently along her back and legs and between them. I have a nipple clamp with a chain attached to it as I apply one to Nikki’s nipple, then I bring it around the pillar and attach the other one. I put extra pressure on them and see that Nikki has a single tear running down her face and as I kiss it off I tell her it’s much too soon to shed a tear. I reach for the flogger and tell Nikki that I’ll count.

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17-18-19-20. Her ass is very red and welted, she is crying but can’t scream I have also put a ball gag in her mouth. She holds onto the pillar very hard as I go around to check on her. I walk up to you and tell you that I have taken her hard and made her cry as you wished. You tell me to do her harder.

I return to Nikki and slide the silver bullet up her very wet pussy and tell her that if she drops it I will double her punishment, it slide all the way up her pussy and she tightens her legs together as best she can. Then, I hear the crack of the whip again as it hits her ass. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10. We both look at her and are amazed; she is cumming, crying, and shaking so badly from the punishment. Then 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 again, and she is shaking so bad she can hardly stand up. I leave her as she is for the time being and pick up the riding crop and come over to where you are standing. I tell you to spread your legs out and I am not pleased with the amount you have so swish, I smack the inside of your leg and I hear you cry out as I tell you to spread more and you do. I then take the crop and start whipping it through the air in front of you while you listen to the sound it makes. Then as if on cue, 1-2-3-4-5-6, your nipples are on fire as the crop stings them hard. 7-8-9-10 as I finish the first one, then I move over to the other one and 1-2-3-4-5, your are pleading with me, please don’t do anymore Master and I move up and tell you I must finish this my lover and as I back up 6-7-8-9-10 I finish the second nipple, they are now so red and swollen. I put the crop in your mouth to hold as I kiss and suck each one tenderly and as I finish I squeeze each one between my fingers making you jump.

I take the crop and stand back, 1-2-3-4-5, as I whip your pussy lips sending you screaming, 6-7-8-9-10 each time harder than the other and I see tears in your eyes as I come up close and kiss you. I put the crop back between your teeth as I go back to Nikki. She is still shaking from the bullet inside her and I take the nipple clamps off of her and return to you. Your nipples are still sore and red as I suck each one hard and attach the clamps to both of them. Then back to Nikki I tell her I am going to remove the ball gag and uncuff her but she must get on her hands and knees in front of you. I also tell her that if she looses the vibe I’ll whip her again. I lead her by the leash over to you and tell her to stay. I then kneel down in front of you and open your pussy lips and find your clit hiding inside, then I gently kiss and suck it until it is hard, knowing that you are very sore down there still. I can hear your shortness of breath already and I squeeze your clit hard sending you cumming for a moment and then I stand up and take each one of your legs over my shoulder with you leaning against the pillar and I slide my cock very deep inside you. Your pussy is very hot and wet from the beatings and my sucking. I fuck you very hard and my cock is so big today because I am very excited. You cum again while I continue to fuck you, and then I cum very hard inside you. I can feel your pussy muscles squeezing my cock trying to milk it and I tell you to close your legs while I lower you and keep my juices inside you.

Then back over to Nikki she is very shaken and still cumming off and on with the bullet inside her. I tell her to move up and eat my cum out of your pussy and don’t let any of it fall. She is on all fours between your legs eating you. As her tongue cleans you out you send another flood into her mouth. Behind her I have oiled my cock and I slide it up her ass while she continues to eat you. You can see that I am pounding her ass very hard as you feel her mouth taking you, I see you cum yet another time watching me fuck her ass roughly. I am getting close now and pull back on Nikki’s leash and tell her to sit and take my cock down her throat. Right in front of you she moves back and I slide half way in, I grab her head and fuck her mouth, I know I will cum hard again and I start sliding deeper with each stroke. I am hitting her tonsils hard as I start to cum and I pull her mouth down over me deeper entering her throat and cumming for a long time as I hold her head in place. After I pull out I allow Nikki to clean my cock and then I move over to you and help you slide down the pillar until you are sitting, then I remove the nipple clamps from you. Then I remove the bullet from Nikki and lead her over to and instruct her to sit with her legs over you facing you. I cuff her to the pillar with the two of you kissing each other and I watch the two of you for awhile and then go shower and see what’s for lunch.

- The End -

A Close Examination of Monique

Her fingers tense to the touch of my lips, as I trace my tongue unhurriedly from one to the next. Her palms are downwards against the board, and I feel the tiny hairs on the back of her hand rise under my lips. She has beautiful hands. I kiss her knuckles, then move on towards her wrists, where I linger to savour how the ropes hold her firm, passing three times round her wrist and the board which is cut exactly to her shape. I am glad we had this board made; a simple affair made from thick, laminated wood and cut to a shape made from tracing round her naked body with a marker pen, and we both remember the simple excitement that exercise alone caused us, not just from the journey of the pen and my hand which guided it, but from the anticipation of why she was being traced in this way. The completed board, slightly padded, is now mounted horizontally on stout tubular metal legs well able to take her weight and my own.

I open my eyes to see how the ropes hold her for my pleasure. I extend my tongue to her, making her tense her hand and tighten the rope’s grip. I like to see her bound like this, like to see her struggle as if she wants to escape, even though we both know she does not. Upwards, the longer hairs on her arms rising from the goose bumps caused by my teasing tongue. I sense her hold her breath as my tongue teases, slowing down then speeding up towards the nerve centers at her inner elbow. I linger there awhile, using kisses now to make her see she has more erogenous zones than she was aware of.

Her breathing has quickened now and is unsteady. I wonder if I could make her come from just kissing her arms? I think, with the right situation and the right choice of words, I could, but that is for another day. Upwards again. The ropes which hold her arms down brush under my lips as I continue. Inches away from my eyes and lips I see the swell of her breast as her chest rises and falls. Goose bumps there, too. Her nipple stands proud before my eyes, hard, dry just waiting to be kissed and caressed. But her nipples are intended for my downward journey. In time. We are in no hurry.

My kiss reaches the inside of her upper arm. I wet my lips and leave trails of saliva on her skin to go cold and remind her of where I have been. The swell of her breast is against my cheek. Her perfect scent excites me. I am at her armpit now, her fresh perspiration an aphrodisiac to be savored. I kiss slowly from there towards her neck, where her collar holds her neck to the board. It is not tight, but prevents her moving away. I can feel her heartbeat under my lips on her neck as I slide my tongue under the collar to remind her that it is mine. I have fitted it to her. She belongs to me.

Upwards again, this part of my journey almost done. The rest of her neck, then her ears, so sensitive to my kiss and my breath. I pull her lobe between my lips and push the tip of my tongue inside her ear, holding her head still as she tries to twist away from the unbearable pleasure it brings. I whisper in this, her left ear, “I love you,” then I move to her right and repeat. Her mouth answers me with words and her body answers me with reactions.

I kiss from her right ear to her neck and then up to her mouth. She makes no attempt to twist away as I kiss her lips, but I hold her face anyway, to allow her to revel in my power, not because I need the power but because we both need to acknowledge it. I move my face away and look at hers. Even with the blindfold she is stunningly beautiful. I spend some minutes drinking the sight of her in. She remains there, not moving. She knows I am looking at her, and she knows I can see her. All of her, naked and bound before me.

I dip my head to her lips again, tracing their outline with my tongue as her own tongue reaches out to meet me. I love her tongue, whether it be used to talk and tease in her fun way that enthrals me so or whether it be caressing the most intimate parts of me. For now her tongue is playing games with my own, which I slow down so as to remember these sensations. I concentrate on our tongues. How many people, I wonder, use their tongues in such love play without really concentrating on the sensations there? This needs time, not speed.

Later, much later, my tongue moves again, straight down this time, across her chin and to her throat, stopping at the collar to take it between my teeth and tug it to remind her again of its symbolism. Then on, down her chest until it rests midway between her breasts. I ask her, “left or right?” but all I get is an excited moan and a push of her body as she strains up against her bonds to meet me. Right, I think, following that perfect texture across the breast and onto the nipple, drawing a gasp from her as I get there, then more gasps as my tongue circles it and finally my lips enclose it and draw it in. Between my lips I hold it and use my tongue to flick across it. She is pleading now, “I need to come, master, please make me come.” But she will come, when I am ready. Not yet, but when I am ready.

Time to move east, directly from her right breast, down the valley between to the other, the anticipation of the repetition exciting her before I get there. I move back again, watching her as her chest rises and falls with increasing urgency, the wetness of my saliva still glistening on her nipples where I left it to cool and excite.

Back to the center I go, then down, across the single rope beneath her breasts which holds her chest down, then on to the flatness of her tummy. Her muscles are hard, expectant. She knows where I am going but has no idea how long I will take to get there or by which route. My tongue lingers in her navel, then travels outwards to her hipbone, teasing and kissing that oh-so-sensitive point just inside the pelvic bone where that glorious flatness of her stomach starts. Then across, to the other side, zig-zagging to left and right and going tortuously further towards her pubis with each traverse.

My mouth has reached the top of her mound now, and she is trying everything to get me to make contact. Her words are a rush of sexual delirium now, mainly “please, please, please…”. But I am not ready yet. I move away and look down at her as her frustration makes her relax and sag back onto the board. She is beautiful, the slick of perspiration making her skin glow. Words of frustration now, “Please, why are you teasing me?” I laugh a reply. “Please, I have to come.” she begs. “Soon, I promise, but when you do it will be so good, I promise you. Do you trust me, my love?” “Yes.” “Then wait for me, you will know the moment. You will come at exactly the moment I choose for you to, and then you will come again, then once more, three times in all. Then you will need to sleep.” Silence.

I keep looking at her relaxed form. It is not often that one has the opportunity or takes the time to examine a girl in that much detail. My head is directly above her pussy, her legs parted by the board, and her thighs held fast by more ropes. Her labia are nicely moist from my work, and I touch the wetness with one finger, causing her to tense and gasp. I taste the moisture, then allow her to taste too. I collect more and wipe it round her lips, then reach up to kiss it off again. I love the taste of her arousal. I kiss her lips and then push my wet fingers between us, our tongues devouring me as we kiss.

The temptation to simply straddle her face and thrust in to take my own selfish pleasure is almost too strong to resist, yet I do. That will come later. For this time my purpose is to demonstrate to this lovely lady that I can drive her wild with sexual frenzy, and allow her release only when I decide. I stand and go to her feet.

I kneel at her feet and trace my tongue slowly up the underside. The sensation is unbearable at first, and her foot wriggles this way and that to escape, but the rope which holds her ankle and my own hand stopping her twisting prevent such escape. I continue licking the puckered skin. My tongue traces upwards again. She is moaning now, her head thrashing from side to side as much as her collar allows. This time I don’t stop, and my tongue goes between her first and second toes, before my lips surround her big toe. When I decide to move on I kiss and suck each toe in turn before repeating the whole process on the other foot. She is almost sobbing now, not with sadness but because she needs release. Soon, my darling, very soon.

My lips and tongue start the wonderfully long journey up the insides of her legs, from one to the other, kissing, licking, moving slowly but steadily higher. I pause to lick the hollows of her ankles, then trail my tongue along her calf muscles. I use long movements to travel between the hollows and bumps, licking up and down her calf and stopping at her ankles and knees to press the pleasure home.

I stop also wherever there is a rope holding her. She is submissive by choice, not because I have made her that way, so she enjoys the ropes, and anything I do to remind her the ropes are holding her gives her an extra kick. So I pause at her ropes, I bite and pull them, I lick beneath them, I slide my fingers under them so they tighten on her. I push her limbs against them to remind her she cannot move, cannot escape. Her legs have ropes at the ankles, above the knees and at the thickest part of her thighs. My tongue is now concentrating on the indentations at the sides of her knees and the ropes just above. I am waiting and she is waiting. Her first orgasm is minutes away and I feel that somehow she senses it.

I take a moment to look at her face, letting my fingers keep the sensations going as they trace her inner thighs. Her head is still moving to and fro, saliva dribbling from her mouth. If she could see herself I have no doubt she would say she looked a mess, with her hair matted and disheveled and her make-up awry, but to me she looks so beautiful, so abandoned, so mine. I have to kiss that mouth for a moment, I have to use my tongue to drink her saliva, to devour whatever I can.

She tenses as she feels me moving lower again. I place my tongue on her right thigh, just above the knee rope. I make sure it is as wet as I can, since I need enough moisture to lubricate my way until I can get to more moisture of a different kind. I start to move upwards and I feel her whole body tense. Upwards, will I stop? I reach the thigh rope and cross it. The heat and the scent of her invade my senses. Upwards until her other thigh is against my face too. She is gasping now. My tongue has reached her and lashes across her clitoris and she comes as her pussy convulses and squeezes a bead of her moisture out and into my waiting mouth. Her gasps are deafening. I take hold of her hands with my own and feel her grip as the spasms take her. My tongue vibrates between her labia and she is shaking, crying, sobbing, gasping.

I still my tongue, but leave it in place. Her staccato spasms eventually subside, her grip on my hands turns from a grip of desperation back to grasps of love. I speak into her so she feels as well as hears me. “Relaxed?” She is about to reply when I trace my tongue upwards and across her clitoris again. She screams out and tenses, her hands gripping mine anew. If she could close her legs she would, because she is so sensitive there, but she cannot. I slow to a gentle circular movement around the hard bud, occasionally making contact and feeling the immediate reaction throughout her body as I do so. Soon she is ready, and I settle into a steady rhythm with the merest flicks of my tongue directly onto her clit, while retrieving my right hand and pushing two fingers deep into her, feeling the oiliness of her cervix and scraping forwards over her g-spot to bring about a second convulsive explosion.

She struggles to breathe, to cope with the sensations that take her beyond control as I tease out the last of her orgasm, then I gently kiss her bud as she subsides once more, keeping her on the boil while allowing her a few moments respite. She is trying to speak again, and I stop for long enough to listen. “Enough, please, I can’t take any more.” I tell her I said three and I meant three, and she knows better than to argue, after all, what can she do? I offer to get her a drink, which she accepts. I pour a large glass of fruit juice and go back to sit beside her. I take a sip of the juice and kiss her lips apart, allowing the liquid to flow from me and between her lips. We share an open-mouthed, fruit-flavored kiss, not swallowing but sharing it back and forth between us until we have absorbed it all.

I dip my finger in the juice and trickle droplets onto her lips, a drip at a time, her tongue reaching out to get the next. I allow a droplet to trail down the side of her mouth to her neck and recover it by licking back up the track it made. Then I take a large swig and in another open-mouthed kiss we share it back and forth, raising its temperature to our own. I love to look at her, and pull back to see the droplets running from her mouth. Half a glass left – just enough. I tell her to open her mouth and offer the glass to her, but from the angle she is at it spills and runs down her face. I allow the trickle from the glass to trail across her skin as I move the glass down, on her chest, running down her neck and making her shiver and giggle. Downwards I go again, pausing to drip some on her nipples, amused by the way it leaves colored patterns on her lovely skin. Down again, leaving a pool in her navel and making her tense again as it eventually runs between her legs.

With my other hand I part her labia and pour it directly onto her clit, emptying the rest of the glass slowly there. All that is left now is to drink my juice. She knows where it has gone because she felt it run there. Therefore she knows where I will go. Of course I start at her lips again, licking down onto her throat and then across her chest to her nipples. Despite herself she is rising to meet me. “No more” has little conviction now. Down across her stomach to her navel, plunging my tongue in to displace the pool of fluid collected there, and following it as it runs away.

All gone, I start another journey south, across her pubic mound and between those lips that I still hold apart. I lick along each of her outer labia in turn, taking each into my mouth gently as my tongue traces her inner lips. The juice has run lower and I follow it. I lick lower, teasing her whole anal area before going back to her beautiful fruit-flavored pussy. She knows now that her pleas are lost, that she will come again, because I have told her so. My tongue traces back up her body as my fingers start a regular rhythm within her.

I kiss her mouth, a clear message to her that her body is one, regardless of which part I kiss. I love all of her. My other hand pinches her nose, so to breathe she must do so through my mouth. The initial panic over, I breathe for her. I love to do this, since this way I can live her orgasm with her, feel as her need for breath quickens and loses control. She is seconds away and I intensify my movements to take her over the top, and she gasps for the breath I give her. She moans into my mouth, a mixture of words of love spoken within me. I do not release her, but stay with my mouth locked to hers as she peaks and gradually subsides, and our breathing returns to regular, relaxed normality. Her body is covered in sweat and juice and she looks gorgeous.

I take off her blindfold and smile at her as she smiles back at me. We talk about what has happened and what we mean to each other. She seems in no hurry to be released and I am in no hurry to release her. We kiss sometimes and we talk at other times. I feed her pieces of fresh fruit and squeeze them on her breasts so I can lick them off her again. At a whim I put strawberries on her chest and stomach and I climb upon her to squash them between us, then raise my cock to her mouth so she can lick them from me. I love to watch her lick me, her eyes closed as she savours the pleasure she gives me.

She asks me if she can try to repay some of the pleasure she has had today, and I tease her, asking how she can possibly do anything since she is still tied fast. I make a decision, climb astride her and push my cock between her lips….

- The End -

The Christmas Party

I was at a Christmas party with my husband. My husband was in the rec room drinking beer with the boys. My girl friend and I were chatting in the living room when this bozo came up to us with some mistletoe. He held it over my head and started kissing me. I didn’t want to but he kept insisting.

I went to another seat, but he followed me over and he sat down beside me and started necking with me. I was trying to get away but he had his arms around me in a strong clinch. He kept kissing me and putting his tongue in my mouth. He had one arm around me and was squeezing my breast hard with his other hand. I told him to stop but he just grinned and squeezed all the harder. He was trying to pin me down on the sofa. He finally released the pressure on my breast and I let out a sigh of relief, but not for long, the hand he had on my breast was now up my skirt.

I tried to squeeze my legs together on his hand, so he couldn’t get any further up my skirt, but he was able to force his hand up further. All the time he was french kissing me and had an evil smirk on his face. He was now touching my panties with his finger tips. I said “NO.”, but he forced his hand inside my panties. I could feel his finger groping my vagina. I said “I have to go to the bathroom.” He said ok I’ll let you go, but we’ll continue this when you’re done. I got up and went to find my husband. He was half pissed by this time and when I told him what happened, he said, “Just tell the guy ‘No’, and you’ll be ok.” I really had to go to the washroom, so I went upstairs to the john and took a pee.

When I came out of the toilet, the bozo was standing there, with the same big smirk on his face. He grabbed me and pushed me up against the wall, I could feel his erection pushing against my private parts. I struggled to get away, but he was too strong. He pushed me along the wall and through a doorway into a bedroom. I struggled with all my might and broke away. He grabbed me from behind and lifted me off the ground. He carried me to the bed and threw me down on it. He knelt on top of me facing my legs and quickly pulled up my mini-skirt and pulled at the crotch of my panties. Once my panties were off he swung around to face me. I said, “If you don’t let me up I’ll scream.” He said, “Go ahead, but your husband is going to wonder why you’re in here with your panties off, now isn’t he? And your girlfriend saw me put my hand up your skirt in the living room.”

He was kneeling over me and he grabbed my vagina and squeezed. He said “I’m going to fuck your little cunt and nothing is going to stop me.” I said, “My husband won’t like it.” He said, “I don’t give a shit wether your husband likes it or not. It’s about time you were fucked by a real man.” He started to take my blouse off, then my brassiere. “Nice tits.” he said as he bent down and suckled my nipples alternately. He took off his shirt, then undid his pants and fly zipper. His penis popped out and I could see some juice dripping out. I started to sob. He had a real mean look on his face and said, “Don’t move!” He stood up and quickly dropped his pants and shorts to the floor, then pulled my mini-skirt off and was lying on top of me before I could do anything.

I could feel his penis against my vagina. I was still sobbing. He said, “Crying isn’t going to help you. I’m going to work your little pussy over.” With that he started to guide his penis into my vagina and made small thrusts with his hips. I could feel my clitoris starting to get hot as his penis rubbed against it. I tried not to get aroused, but the more I tried the hotter I got. The juice from his penis was making my vagina wet and slippery. I could feel him position the head of his penis against the lips of my vagina. With one big thrust of his hips, he sank his penis into my vagina. He said, “Got ya, you little cunt.” He was making fucking motions with his hips, while his fingers were rubbing and pulling my clitoris. I tried to hold back but I couldn’t and started to make fucking motions of my own. He kissed me hard and said, “So the little cunt is starting to enjoy it eh? Maybe I ought to tell your husband you’re getting it off with another guy eh?”

“No, please don’t tell him.” I said. He said, “I won’t tell him, as long as you keep on fucking with me. The first time you say no, I’ll tell him!” I started to sob again but at the same time started to have an orgasm. The bozo sensed my quickening response and started to fuck me hard and roughly. “Ok cunt. Here comes your first load from me.” he said, as I felt his penis throbbing inside me. He had his lips pressed on my mouth and his tongue down my throat. I was fucking him back as fast as I could. I grabbed the cheeks of his ass and pulled him further into my vagina. “Fuck me, fuck me.” I moaned. I could feel his penis still throbbing as he ejaculated deep inside my vagina. My orgasm lasted for a long time as I tried to pull him deeper inside me.

I was covered in sweat and so was he. Finally we both started to subside and go limp. He looked at me with the same smirk on his face. “I knew I’d make your little cunt hot.” he leered. “As I said, you’ve taken my first load. The first of many more to come. I’ll be fucking you on a regular basis from now on. I’m going to keep your panties and if you try to stop me from fucking you, I’ll send them to your husband, with a note confessing that I’ve been fucking you.” I was feeling numb, because I knew my husband would recognize the panties as they were present from him.

“I’m going to let you go for now, but you meet me here before the party breaks up. I’m going to give you another fucking before you go home.” he said. I looked down at the floor I didn’t want to look into his eyes. “WELL’ he demanded. “Yes’ I said softly. “I didn’t hear you, cunt’ he replied. “YES’ I repeated. “Ok.” he said. “I’ll come over and kiss you when it’s time for us to fuck again.” I knew I was fated to be his sex toy from now on and I wondered what kind of antics he would make me do in the future.

I didn’t have long to wait. About 11 o’clock, he came over to where I was chatting with my girl friend. He pulled me to my feet and kissed me. “Time for you to get fucked.” he whispered in my ear. “Meet me in the bedroom. NOW!” I looked down at the floor and started for the stairs. I slowly opened the bedroom but he bozo was just inside. He grabbed my arm and pulled me into the room. He was naked, he threw me down on the bed and roughly took off my clothes. He didn’t use any fore play but just spread my legs and shoved his cock into me. He was fucking me hard and was already starting to throb inside me, I thought I heard something and looked past his shoulder. Across the room I saw a big black man. He was naked and stroking his erect penis. The bozo was blowing his load into me by now and turned to the black man and said, “Ok Sam. I’m done. She’s all yours now.” I started to shake as the big black man came toward me.

I put my hand over my vagina and breasts and murmured, “NO.”, but he kept coming. “Take your hand away from your cunt, you white bitch.” he muttered. I saw the look of lust in his eye, so I knew I better do what he said. I slowly moved my hand away and he grabbed my vagina with his big paw. “Now you’re really going to get fucked, you white slut.” He threw himself on top of me and rammed his big black cock into my quivering vagina. He was making violent thrusts, ramming his cock further in with each thrust. When his whole cock was in my vagina, he withdrew so just the head was in the lips if my pussy, then he rammed it into me crushing my vagina against his body. I let out a little yelp. He said “Shut up, you white whore. I’m going give you a fucking you’ll never forget.” He kept ramming me, then he went faster and faster. I started to moan as my clitoris started to respond, I started to thrust up as he came down to take all that big black cock. Finally he started to throb and I squealed in delight as he ejaculated.

It had been quite a party all right. I wonder what my husband would think if he knew what they did to me.

- The End -

Garden Scene

We are fairly new to BDSM and I am gradually training my partner to be a good Dom so that I may enjoy what appeals to me. The narrative below is one such experience.

It was an overcast but warm day and we were relaxing in the garden. As the garden is secluded we were nude and enjoying the freedom from clothing.

I was laying on a canvas and metal sun lounger and we had been talking about trying another ‘scene’. Suddenly, Liz got up and said “stay there, I have an idea that I would like to try. It should prove a memorable experience!”

When she came back a few minutes later, she had a carrier bag of bits with her. Taking out a short length of rope she pushed one of my arms down to the side of the sunbed and tied my wrist to the leg of the sunbed. She did the same with the other arm.

Moving down to the bottom of the bed, she lifted my legs off the bed and down to the side where she tied a rope between my ankles, taking it behind the legs of the bed.

Picture the scene so far, I was now securely tied to the sun bed, on my back, with arms and legs touching the ground. Arms tied to the legs of the bed and ankles tied together and held back vertically under my knees.

Reaching in the bag again, Liz brought out a ‘Gates of Hell’ Cock Ring Strap which comprises a leather strap running the length of the cock and 5 metal rings fixed at intervals along the strap and going around the shaft of the cock at different positions along it. A strap at the base secures it around the balls and shaft of the cock.

She pushed the rings over my cock and secured the strap before arranging the rings along my cock shaft.

Liz reached into the bag again and brought out an vibrating butt plug, putting some lubricant on the tip, she placed it on the rosebud of my arse and with a push and a twist, pushed it fully home and pumped it up so that I really felt that my arse was filled up and that I badly needed a crap.

She now tied a rope to a ring on the cock-strap which was under my balls and taking it over the foot of, and under, the bed, pulled it tight and tied it to the rope linking my ankles so that if I moved my legs at all I would receive a greater pull on my balls and more pain in that region.

My cock was now already pointing to the clouds and to get the blood moving even better, Liz get a small 9 thong whip out of the bag.

Starting on my breast, she warmed the area up both sides with the whip bringing a pink flush to the whole area. Then without any sort of warning she adjusted the stroke so that the tips of the thongs hit my nipple, then with a backhand stroke she hit the other. The movement was repeated again. Oh what sweet pain.

Next she worked down my body and along both thighs bringing a nice deep pink glow to the skin. Each time I allowed a leg to jerk the connected rope yanked on my balls bringing a dull pain to that area in addition to the area she was working on.

Liz then briefly stood back to admire her work before she flicked the whip hard at my balls. I nearly came then but as she quickly whipped the shaft, the thongs easily going between the metal rings and the pending orgasm dropped back to an ‘orgasm pending’ type pain.

Having finished with the whip, Liz put it down and took a pair of ‘Butterfly Clip’ nipple clamps joined with a chain, out of the bag and clipped one of the clips on my left nipple, pulling it to test its security. Happy that it was securely fixed she then got another set from her bag and clipped one onto my other nipple.

Taking the other ends of the two chains, one in each hand, Liz now moved round to my head and placed her cunt on my face. “Eat me” she said and enforced the instruction with a pull on the chains connected to my nipples. I quickly applied my tongue to the already wet area!

I moved my tongue around to encourage the clit out of its hood and then sucked on it while gently teasing it with my teeth. Liz was now wildly riding my face and encouraging me on with the chain ‘reins’ on my nipples.

It wasn’t long before she came and sprayed my face with her female cum.

After regaining her breath, Liz got off of my face and taking a ball gag out of her bag of tricks, fitted it around my head before moving round to sit astride my body, facing my head. Taking my steel encased, rock hard prick in one hand, she slowly lowered herself onto it. There was so much lubricant on her cunt lips that my prick started to slide in without any problem. I felt a slight check as she reached the first ring and then a slight rush as it pushed past her muscle and slid in to the next ring. The feeling was a great new novelty to me and I could tell by the groans and body movements that it was doing even more for Liz.

Once my cock was fully home, Liz sat for a moment then leaning forward, to my surprise took another ball gag from the bag and tied it in her own mouth. She then picked up the chain connected to the clip on my left nipple and clamped its spare nipple clip it onto her right nipple, giving a muffled gasp as its jaws bit. She then connected the other chain and clip to her left nipple.

We were now connected at three points, my cock in her cunt and by our nipples.

Slowly she began to ride me, carefully moving so that the chains did not tighten. As she moved the rings on my cock gave her feelings inside her cunt more intense that anything tried so far. As she breathing became quicker and shallower, so her movements speeded up and the chains occasionally tightened briefly bringing sudden increased pain to our nipples. We were now both moaning in ecstasy which was pain, and pain which was also ecstasy.

I felt the tremors begin inside her wet, warm love canal and then build up until they exploded into an intense orgasm which caused her body to arch, pulling on the clamps on our nipples and in tightening them bringing cruel pain. As the pain hit my tortured nipples I orgasmed and as I shot my load forcefully into her my upward hip movement yanked the rope connected to my cock and ball strap further intensifying the strength of my orgasm and turning hers into multiple ones. Each time she orgasmed the nipple clamps tightened on our nipples drawing screams of agony and ecstasy into our gags and causing increased sensation through our bodies.

Eventually Liz could cum no more and she collapsed on top of me.

When she was eventually able to move, Liz carefully removed the clamps from our tits and climbed off of my cock. After untying me, we both staggered into the house for a shower and a drink.

The ache in our nipples reminded us of the experience for several days afterwards and as we later talked about it, we were turned on by the thought of it all happening within a few tens of yards of our neighbours and wondered what they would have thought, and how far we would have been heard if we hadn’t worn the gags.

There is a good chance that we may try it again sometime if we get short on ideas.

- The End -

Adventure in the Park

I am 22 years old, 5’6″ tall, long straight black hair, and I have an athletic body. I live in the suburbs of Nashville, TN. Just outside of Nashville is a fairly large public park. This is where my story takes place.

It was a beautiful spring day and I decided that a little adventure was in order. I woke early and found the items I would need. This consisted of leather wrists and ankle cuffs that lock onto your limbs, a inflatable gag, a neck collar that has “D” rings on it, locks and chain, and lastly a harness that holds a dildo and butt plug with my favorite dildo and biggest butt plug.

The first thing to do was to give my self an enema. I love the way a gallon of warm soapy water made me look pregnant. I fill my tummy with the soapy water and sit on the toilet. When I think I can stand it no more I push with all my might and feel the water splash all over my ass. I then take a cold wash cloth and wash my ass off and lube it up for the butt plug. I put the harness on and pull it up until I feel the dildo hit my pussy lips. I spread them apart and continue to pull up until the butt plug, all 10″ of it, touches my ass. Now with a little trouble I pull and pull until the plug slides in my ass. I then lock the harness in place. The key to the harness I throw out into my back yard. I will have to wait until dark to get it. I had forgot about the dildo until it’s timer turned it on. It started to get my pussy real wet.

Next I put on my wrist and ankle cuffs on and lock them. I put these keys in my mailbox. I next put on a pair of sandals and a tee shirt so that I can drive to the park. I like driving with the wrist and ankle cuffs on because if I have to stop or get out of my car people will see what I have on. My car, by the way, is a convertible and I love to drive with the top down so people in trucks can see inside for their viewing pleasure.

I check to see that I have my other items ready and in the car. This done, I lock my house and place the key in its hiding place by the front door. I get in my car and back down the drive way and start for the park. The whole time I am driving the dildo in my pussy is buzzing away and I am getting closer and closer to orgasm. When I can stand it no more the damn things stops.

I pull onto the park and look for a quiet place to start my adventure. I find it hard to find but at the last minute I see the perfect spot. It is by the beginning of a trail and no one will see me enter the woods I hope.

I stop the car and get out and go to the trunk and open it and get out my bag of toys. I look around to see if any one is watching and hoping that I am going unnoticed I take off my shoes and shirt and put them in the trunk and make a run for the woods. Once in the woods I looked around and confident that no one has noticed I place my bag on the ground and start phase 2.

I get the collar out and put it on and lock it. I also put the inflatable gag in my mouth and blow it up until I think my mouth is going to bust. I then check the rest of the locks and make sure that the locks are opened. This done I take the keys and throw them across the parking lot into some bushes this will insure that I will be here until dark.

I start down the trail looking out for any one as I go. I walk for about a mile and decide that it was time for the final touches. I get a chain that is only 18″ long and lock it to each ankle, then I take another chain and attach it to a ring on the back of the collar and run it down to the chain on my ankles and lock it. I then take another chain and place it on the front of the collar and run it down to the ankle chain. This done I will not be able to lean forward or backwards. I will have to stay straight.

Now the only thing left was my hands. My hands I locked to the chain running down my back this done I was up good and tight.

Walking back was a bit of a problem, the branches, twigs and not to mention the chain was making it hard to walk. Foot by foot I made my way back towards my car, about half way back I spotted a girl jogging my way, what to do. I decided the just drop down behind some bushes and hope for the best. She got closer and closer and as she got to where I was she stopped for a breather. I was stuck if she just looked down towards the bushes I would be found out and the like a bad dream that damn dildo started again.

I don’t know how long she was there before she started again but it seemed like forever. When she was gone I struggled to my feet and started down the path again. I was making good time even with that damn dildo going off and on in my hot horny pussy. After what seemed like forever I saw my car and also saw a group of people having a picnic by the bush that had my keys in it. Shit, stuck again. This time I fount a tree to hide behind to wait for dark.

Just before sundown the picnic crowd left and I started towards my car. This was the most dangerous part of my way because I am going to have to cross the lot to get me keys. I studied the lot closely and noticed it was empty so I started across the lot towards the bushes. When I was within 3′ of the bushes a car came into view. It was the park ranger. I threw myself towards the bushes and just made it. I crawled under the bushes to find my keys and to hide from the ranger. The ranger got out of the car and walked over to my car and left a piece of paper on my windshield and then he left.

I fount the keys and unlocked my hands and legs, and then made a run for the car. I reached my car and looked in the bushes by my car for my keys this done I unlocked my trunk and got my tee shirt and put it on. I then read the note. It said “It has been reported that a lady is playing bondage games in my park. Do not let me catch you at this.”

When I got home I got the key out of my mailbox and got the cuffs off and then I got my house key and went inside. I went outside and found the key to the harness and unlocked it and out pooped the butt plug and the dildo. I fell to the floor and stuck my hand as far into my pussy as possible and got myself off. I then showered and went to bed a very satisfied lady.

- The End -

Tale of a Bored Housewife – The Next Day

I wrote this story inspired by “Tale of a Bored Housewife” a story found in a number of BDSM and sex stories sites. It starts at the point where the previous story ends and describes one more day in the life of Joan. I hope someone will be inspired reading it. I certainly enjoyed it.

I had a very bad Sunday; I got up, had a hot shower and tried to straighten out the events of yesterday in my mind. It was surely getting pretty rough, but I wasn’t sure at all what to do as I couldn’t figure out how Tom will react if he was to find out about the photos that Gloria and Dave kept at home. Without being able to clear my mind, all day I was trying to pretend that everything was fine. On the other hand Tom seemed very cheerful. He even repaired the fence that was broken in a couple of places, which I had been asking him to do for over six months now.

Sunday night I couldn’t fall into sleep. When I finally did, I had a very disturbed one. I dreamed of myself being a slave to Mona and Tom while Gloria was humiliating me over and over again with every possible way. I wake up spent. I looked at the wall clock; it was 9:30. Good Lord. Weekdays, I always get up at 8 to prepare breakfast for Tom and the kids, but it seems that the day before had been exhausting to me. As I turned and placed my feet on the floor I saw a paper on my dresser. I picked it up. It said: “Honey I have a late meeting. It might take a while. Kisses, Tom”. That was really strange as Tom never stayed late at work. He always managed to arrange things so that to be back home on time for the evening supper. Of course once or twice a year it would happen, but he usually would mention it at least a week before. This time he hadn’t mentioned anything.

Not being certain on what to think, I started going over the daily routine of putting up the house and preparing the meal. At some time I realized that it was already 12:45. I just remembered that Gloria had instructed me to bring her the family photos that we had taken for the Christmas cards by 13:30. I ran to the door, then realized that I was dressed in jeans and a T-shirt. I ran upstairs and change into a skin-tight sweater, suntan pantyhose, high black heels, black stockings and a knee length skirt. By the time I got into the car it was already 12:55. “Damn it; I won’t make it”. It was a 10 min drive to the mall, but I was stuck behind a bus so I got there at 13:10. I practically ran in a frenzy to the photo shop only to find another customer was just in before me. It took him another 10 minutes to get the information on the new camera he wanted; I got my photos and left without waiting for the change. I got in the car again and looked at my watch. It was 13:22. “If I am a bit lucky I might make it”. But I wasn’t that lucky. It took me exactly 10 min to drive back to Gloria’s house. At 13:32 I was knocking at her back door. A couple of minutes passed, but nobody came. I called her, waited for another two or three minutes, then I thought that she probably forgot the whole thing and turned back towards my car.

“Where do you think you’re going, bitch?” Gloria was at her back door shouting at me. I started speaking “I thought….” Before the words were out of my mouth I was told to “Shut UP!!! You’re late, you know that don’t you?” I nodded. “You will be punished properly for this. C’mon in.” I started sobbing, but I went in somewhat unstable. As soon as I got in I was told to strip except for the heels and stockings. I was directed to the basement. I went down and as of an instinct I went straight to the corner where I had spent the night 2 weeks earlier and where there was a blanket covering one wall, underneath which there were dozens of pictures of myself. Some of them I already saw last Saturday, but there were new ones added from those taken that evening in front of the tree.

“She has learned her corner, hasn’t she?” I turned my head and saw Gloria and Paula coming down. Gloria had just spoken up and they both laughed at her sarcasm. I was sobbing in my humiliation. Tears rolled down my face. “Did you bring the family photos with you?” Paula asked. I nodded and at the same time I was thinking that Paula wasn’t there on Saturday, so Gloria must have told her. She walked towards me. “Give them to me.” she commanded. As she approached me I noticed she was wearing my necklace, the one she got from me in the auctioning that Saturday that my nightmare begun. I tried to open my handbag but I was trembling. As a result my handbag slipped and everything that was in it fell down on the basement floor. Both women burst into a bout of hysterical laughter. I went on to my knees to start gathering my things back, but as I reached for my lipstick, the closest object to me, Gloria stepped onto my hand. She pressed my hand with her foot onto the cold cement basement. I was in real pain but I kept silent. “Leave it as it is you moron.” she said. “There are other tasks for you in the basket right now.” “And stay on your knees.” Paula added. “The position a slut like you should always take.” Paula then moved and stepped over my other hand but she used her spike heel. She was pressing very hard. A photo album was then presented to me. Gloria spoke again. “Listen carefully. bitch. Fill this album with photos, on the left hand side your family photos, on the right hand side your naked photos. Then explain in the ten pages at the end of the album your double life: a good housewife and a slut fucker. That makes us a huswife.” They both laughed. “Make sure you fill all ten pages and keep your letter size small. I see you have a pen. Follow the orders accurately and finish in no more than thirty minutes you little hussy, or….” and by that she grabbed my hair and pulled it back so that I had eye contact with her. The pain on my hands had become unbearable and the pain on my hair added to it so I screamed. Gloria smiled for a moment then again she said in a stern voice “Or what, you bitch?” “I will be punished.” I said in a low voice. “Speak up, cunt.” she yelled and pulled my hair even more harshly. “I will be punished!” I cried. ” I see we’re making some progress” she said and both women laughed cruelly. Then they stepped off my hands and started going towards the stairs, but Paula returned. “Give me that watch of yours, slut.” she said. I could move my hands with difficulty due to the long pressing onto the base, so it took me a while to loosen up and hand her over my watch. She took it and also my handbag and went upstairs. “28 minutes are left.” I heard her saying from the top.

I was trembling in shock, but I wasn’t sure if it was due to the cold basement, the cruel degradation or the excitement I was feeling. I was ashamed, but I was excited. I crawled to where my family photos were, then back to a pile of photos of me same as the ones on the wall and started filling the album as quickly as I could. It turned out that I had to put in some 50 photos of each kind. I had no idea how much time had passed. I started describing my double life; housewife on the left hand pages, slut on the right hand ones. It was so humiliating. I was crying all the time and I wet the paper twice. By the time I had finished page three the door opened and Gloria and Paula came. As I was to find soon, Mona was also with them. I was trying to write as much as I could but Gloria quickly came over me and stepped on my right hand (the one with the pen). This resulted to a blot on the paper. “Time is up!” Gloria said. Paula stepped again on my left hand pressing with her foot using her spike heel and then took the album. “What have we got here?” she said. “Only three pages! My, my, my! Is she a useless slut or what?” “If she wasn’t useless she could have kept her husband happy.” said Mona sarcastically. I was surprised (mostly because of her being there at a time that the school was open, but also because of what she said.) “Hello, little Joan.” she continued. “Keeping up the demonstration of your incapacity?” The three women burst into laughter.

“Go over under the lamp where we can all see you.” Gloria commanded as she and Paula stepped off my hands. I complied, crawling. “Faster!” Paula shouted and kicked me in the ass. I tried to make it as fast as I could. My stockings were ripped at my knees as I was crawling to the lamp on the cement base. I remained there on my knees. For a while I knelt there, leaning back, fully exposing my breasts. The three women were discussing. From the few words I managed to catch I understood that they were talking on what to have me do next. Finally Gloria set “Get on your feet and bring us some coffee. We’ll be in the living room.”

I got on my feet and started walking towards the stairs. “Not before we go up bitch.” Paula said. “Wait until we are at the top and then start moving up. Don’t you know your position is at the bottom?” With that they laughed again. It was obvious that they didn’t care for an answer, so I kept silent.

For the next two hours I was humiliated in many ways. I served coffee and cookies. I sat in all fours serving as a coffee table for them. I was made to lick cookie crumbs from the floor, even from Mona’s shoe. “Clean it up real good. sweetie. Oh I love this little tongue of yours cleaning the bottom of my shoe.” My hair was used as a napkin for them to wipe their hands. When I wasn’t needed I stayed on my knees. Occasionally, one of the women would stand up and slap me two or three times on my breasts or face accusing me of not being obedient enough, failing to accomplish my duties, being useless and similar things. In all cases the accusations were accompanied with the words bitch, slut and a great variant of their synonyms. Only Mona preferred to call me honey or sweetie.

Finally, Paula got up, came over to me and said “As I told you two weeks ago I made a deal with Gloria on you. So, tomorrow morning you will come to my place. There is some cleaning and tiding you should be doing. As for your fail to complete your duties today, this is what you’ll have to do in return. Buy a second album, exactly the same as the one that was handed to you today, fill it up with family photos on the one side and complete its ten pages. Needless to say that you should first finish your writing job with the initial album. Bring both albums with you tomorrow at my place.” Mona, who had approached meanwhile, pulled my hair back cruelly, so that I could see her, and said sarcastically, “Don’t worry honey, you’ll have plenty of time this evening, Tom won’t be back till very late.” They laughed again in satisfaction. I was certainly very amusing to them, but the situation was a dreadful nightmare to me. I managed to pull myself together and focus on my task, so I said, “I ran out of family photos; I had fifty altogether.” “That is your problem bitch.” Gloria said from the couch. “Stop making excuses and behave yourself, little hussy.” I bowed my head and start crying again. Gloria continued, “Get on your feet and help Mona and Paula with their coats. Gather the dishes and cups. Wash them, dry them and put them back in their place, vacuum the living room and BE CAREFUL NOT TO MAKE ANY MISTAKES, then go get dressed, pick up your stuff and get the hell out of here. You’re incapable of accomplishing the simplest task, hus.” She certainly had to finish every sentence addressed to me with yet another even more degrading characterization.

I got up. I had nothing better to do. At least I knew now that it was over for the time being. I helped Paula with her coat. “9 o’clock sharp tomorrow morning.” she said with a smile, then she chatted for a minute or two with Gloria and Mona, completely ignoring my presence, kissed them goodbye and left. Mona turned to me, “My coat sweetie.” For some peculiar reason I found the ‘sweetie’ & ‘honey’ from Mona even more shameful than the words Gloria and Paula used to address me. I brought her coat and helped her put it on. “I hope you’ll enjoy your evening.” she said. “I will certainly enjoy mine.” With that Gloria burst into hysterical laughter. I was frozen, unable to think or move. As Gloria closed the door and returned, she literally bumped into me “Get out of my way, you silly smut.” I ran back to the living room “And get rid of your torn stockings. You look ridiculous, you jade.” I stopped and looked at my slashed knees. I could not but agree with her.

I finished as quickly as possible my cleaning and tiding duties and went down to the basement. There I found my sweater and a skirt other than mine. As I guessed it was shockingly short. What I didn’t guess and realized as soon as I put it on was that it was split on both sides up to the stitching. Calling me slut, smut and bitch was one thing, being forced to get dressed as one was another. I took off my stockings and got dressed, which means that the only clothing I had on was my blouse, the split skirt and my shoes. My pantyhose were gone. What a sight! As I was walking my pussy and ass were fully exposed in turns. I look around for my things, my handbag was also gone, so I picked up as many as I could, leaving the rest behind and carried them along with the photo album to my car, leaving from the back door.

I drove off and went to the mall. I thought of stopping at home to change, but if I had a chance to have another 50 photos printed for me today I thought I shouldn’t waste any time. I asked, pleaded even begged and finally managed to convince the photo manager to promise to deliver the photos by eight that evening. It took me some twenty minutes and I had to pay him in advance the double price, but my impression was that he did his best to prolong my stay at his shop so that he could look over and over again my exposed body. He even had me sit on a chair. He practically forced me onto it, so that he could have a nice view of my pussy. Then, I went to search for the photo album. It took me half an hour to locate the same type. I had the foresight to remove the right hand side photos, so that every clerk that I showed the album wouldn’t make the wrong impression about me.

Nevertheless walking around the mall was a nightmare. Men kept speaking dirty to me, whistling, a group of teenagers even applauded. Women on the other hand looked at me in disgust and disapproval, an old lady even shouted at me that I will burn in hell. I was so humiliated and embarrassed. I was wishing all the time that I could become invisible. Of course miracles only happen in the movies, so I drove home. When I got in, I realized that my kids were already back from school. How was I to explain my attire? How much time had I spent outside? I looked at my wrist only to find out that my watch was missing!

- The End -


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