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A Tale of Two Women 2

Chapter 2 — New Experiences for a New Life

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Cloe and Anne had each been to Brads fashionable Philadelphia townhouse near The University of Pennsylvania on many occasions but never had they been there together. He had invited them there now that all the festivities surrounding their graduation were over and their parents had gone home. The girls had made it clear to everyone that they were joining Musselman Group as Brads assistants and that they were excited to get started on their new careers which would keep them on the go and out of touch for prolonged periods of time.

The door to the townhouse was answered by a strikingly good looking women in a revealing French styled maids outfit. The woman appeared to be a few years older than themselves. She invited the girls inside and introduced herself as “slave sara.” The frankness and straightforwardness of Sara’s pattern of speech took Cloe and Anne by surprise as they had not expected Brad to be involved with any other women. Sara could see that the girls were hesitant regarding her presence in the house and rushed to add that her permanent master had asked Brad to keep her for a few days while he was traveling. She was to provide service for the house that evening.
Sara said Brad would join them soon and that they were free to check out the house but to remember the packers and movers were scheduled to arrive within a day or two since he would be selling the property. Sara stood at attention in the doorway to the room averting her eyes from the two young women. Brad looked dashing as he entered the room and kissed each girl ardently. He remarked to Anne that she should study Sara carefully as she was the type of women he had in mind as the maid at the mansion in California.
Brad told Sara to stand in the middle of the room with her hands clasped over her head. He reached under her short skirt and slipped her white cotton panties down over her hips until they fell to the floor. He expertly helped Anne inspect Sara’s legs, cunt, and ass. He asked Anne to stimulate Sara’s clit  while she stood still with her legs wide spread. After a few minutes Brad nodded to Anne to indicated that he was satisfied with Sara’s obedience and submission. He then told Sara to leave the room and serve the first course for the evenings meal. With eyes still averted and on shaky legs Sara moved quickly at Brad’s command.

When the three of them were seated at the intimate round table set for them, Sara brought the first course. Brad reached under Sara’s short skirt and began to fondle the tight globes of her ass. She again stood still as he took pleasure with her. He asked Anne, now that she had inspected Sara’s clitoris, whether she thought she or Sara had the most prominent clit when aroused. Anne saw Sara blush and knew Brad was intentionally taunting her in front of other women. She decided to assist Brad in his attempt at humiliation of the submissive slave; and said that while Sara was indeed well equipped in the clit department, that her own aroused clit, was definitely larger. Brad ordered Sara under the table to examine Anne’s clit with her tongue. Then she was to tell him privately if she thought Anne was exaggerating or telling the truth.

While Sara was using her tongue as she had been instructed, Brad broached the subject which was really on his mind. He wanted to have the girls join him on the family yacht for a cruise down the east coast, through the Caribbean Islands, through the Panama Canal, and up the west coast to a port convenient to the family estates in Southern California. He told the girls he didn’t want them to pack much of their own possessions as he would provide what they needed when they got to his new home. He winked and said that they would only need a few personal items such as make up and several bikinis for the trip. Anne was only half paying attention but eventually both she and Cloe said that they were most agreeable to whatever Brad had in mind. for them.
It seemed to Brad that Sara was having as much fun as Anne so he shut down their festivities by telling Sara to get off her knees and bring in the main course. Anne’s eyes were at half staff, her breathing shallow, she had slumped in her chair, and she seemed a bit shaken. Cloe was somewhat envious and Brad nodded to her that her time would soon come; and it did.
After they had finished the wine and meal, Brad followed Sara into the kitchen and asked her directly which of the two girls had the most prominent clit when aroused. Sara did not hesitate; Anne was definitely the winner of that competition.  Of course Brad already knew this to be the case as he had already made that discovery on his own many months before. And, Sara was quick to add that she herself could not hold a candle to the well constructed Anne.
Brad removed Sara’s starched head piece, apron, skirt, blouse, and bra and left her naked except for her neck choker, high heels and thigh high hose. He reached for her nipples; she responded eagerly by pressing them upward to him. He pinched each nipple hard until he sensed that he was having the desired effect on her. Then he led her, on a leash, into the dining room. The girls were excited to see Sara, walking naked, eyes downcast on a leash. She held her hands behind her which accentuated her submission and kept her breasts jutting tautly forward. Brad stood behind Sara and handled her breasts and nipples vigorously.
Eventually, he whispered in her ear and asked her what kind of slave she was. Sara responded, “Master, I am a cock sucking, cunt lapping, pain slut. I am available for any punishment you think I deserve and for any pleasure you believe I can give. My permanent Master expects me to serve you and your guests perfectly at all times and do anything that pleases you, Sir. My reward will be to know that my permanent Master, you and your lady guests here are fully satisfied with my services and behavior.”
Brad told Sara to push herself into a corner of the main room with her back to the corner. She was to put her head back against the corner of the walls and arch her tits high. She was to sit on her heels with her legs spread apart. She was to hold her nipples tightly until he was ready for her again.
He mentioned to Cloe and Anne that they both could learn quite a bit about female submission from  watching Sara as she was a finely trained sex slave. He wanted them to ask her questions about her daily life as a slave and about the treatment she received from her master. No question was off limits; Sara would tell them anything they wanted to know.
The girls were quite aroused at the sight of Sara kneeling naked and fully exposed. Brad, for that matter, was already in full erection. He approached Sara and slipped his big hard-on into her expectant mouth. Sara was very skilled with her mouth and by reputation could take a cock down her throat without gagging. Brad let her work on the tip of his shaft with her tongue and lips and then he began to inch it further back into her mouth. Sara took a deep breath and opened her throat muscles inviting  Brad to push his cock deeply in her throat. She knew he was going to ejaculate and looked him in the eye to tell him that she was ready. With that assurance, Brad erupted. Sara swallowed several times without loosing her grip of cock.

The girls were told that what they had just witnessed included some but not all of what would also be expected of them in the future. Their eyes widened at the prospect and silently wondered if they could ever pass muster on that score. Brad merely indicated that practice with his cock would make them perfect and that he would provide them many opportunities to become as expert at sucking cock as was Sara.
Brad had Sara rise and bend over of one of the low backed lounge chairs in the room. He kicked her still sheathed legs apart. Sara knew from his demeanor that she was going to be whipped and fucked. As Brad began to spank her, he mentioned to the girls that it would be his normal practice to spank them, or have them spanked, before each fucking session from then on. He told Sara to remain stoic and silent for the spanking. Her tightly curved ass began to redden. His cock was ready to go again and he pressed it into her sloppy cunt in one quick move. She gasped but said “Sir, if it suits you, please go on spanking my ass hard while you fuck me. As hard as if might please you, Sir.” Then as she felt his thrusts get more energetic and powerful, she said “Master, do I have your permission to come to orgasm now?”  The girls were both troubled and excited as he denied her request. What mastery he had over her and what control she had over her body. They were in awe at the scene they were witnessing.
He told Anne to lay on the floor with a pillow under her hips and to spread her legs wide for Sara’s soft mouth. She was then given permission to climax at will. Sara responded eagerly to the task but to urge her on Brad again began to whip her ass, this time with a twenty thonged whip. Anne had mixed emotions as she had never been involved in the fine art of cunnilingus in her life. That notwithstanding, she came to a thunderous climax and collapsed in a deep sweat.
While still in her high heels and hose, Sara was taken into Brad’s very large, marbled tiled bathroom. At the flick of a switch a motor lowered a four foot wide bar which had been hidden from view in a narrow, hinged and hidden slot in the ceiling. Attached to each end of the bar was a customized leather wrist cuff. Brad secured each wrist into a cuff so that her arms were just about a shoulder width apart. As the bar was retracted by the push-button motor, Sara’s body  was pulled taut and stretched upward until she was barely standing on her tip toes.
He told Anne she was to whip Sara from the waist down, all except her cunt. Cloe was to whip her from the waist up including her arm’s. She was to concentrate on Sara’s breasts and nipples. For her part Sara was to continue to look at her own reflection in the large mirrors embedded along the walls of the room. She was to witness her punishment at the hands of other women. She could cry or scream and ask for mercy but it wasn’t likely that Brad would let the girls ease up on her. Brad would allow the whipping to go along until he was satisfied the girls had learned at least a little something about whipping a bound and naked women with a variety of whips; then he would finish the job on her himself.
At regular intervals one of the girls rested while the other wailed away at their section of Sara’s body. Cloe often sucked Sara’s nipples to make them long and hard, then she would whip them with a slapper well suited to the task. At first, Sara seemed defiant and hollered for Cloe to whip her tits harder. At last, Sara cried and whimpered under her harsh punishment.
Anne was not at all familiar with the use of whips or other spanking tools. Brad guided her along as she whipped Sara’s calf’s, inner and outer thighs, and her ass. Sara found another emotional and mental space in which to endure the stinging strokes which Anne rained down on her. Brad took the time to inspect Sara’s cunt along the way and repeatedly reinforced Anne’s efforts by telling her that, if cunt lubrication was any indication,  Sara was enjoying her whipping.
At length, when Sara was afire from the stinging slaps of the whips, Brad himself retrieved a thin white English style cane. He made Sara look at the cane; she shuddered knowing the pain the unpleasant implement would bring. Brad touched her ass just at the middle where it rounded nicely. He backed off a bit then swung; the snap and welt appeared almost instantly and Sara jerked wildly in her bonds. Then he hit her twice on the front of both thighs and again just below where her buttocks met her upper leg. She shrieked in pain and fainted dead away when his final stroke cut her across both breasts.
Brad was unaffected by the sight of the unconscious slave and told the two girls to freshen up and bring their underwear to him on the double. When they came to him he said he was proud of them for their participation in the nights pleasures. He said they had just started their elementary education in the trials and travails of being a sex slave. He told them to once again examine poor Sara still hanging by her wrists, well whipped and caned. He ordered them not to talk to each other or to anyone else about what they had just seen but rather to think hard an long about what it might be like for them to be his sex slave.
He told them they could still back out of his offer to come with him to California. And if they did not feel ready to give him pleasure and to endure his punishments as they had witnessed that night it would be quite fine with him. If, on the other hand, they still were determined to be with him, they should tidy up their personal affairs, sell what they could, and pack a light bag. If either or both of them were still interested, they were to make a seven word sign in black marker which would read “I Want To Be Brad’s Sex Slave!”
This sign was to be draped across their naked tits for two hours every day for the  next two weeks in the privacy of their own apartment. If they changed their mind they could get rid of the sign. But, if they wanted to proceed after two weeks, they were to sign it and arrive at the Philadelphia Museum of Art no later than 5:55 a.m. Friday the 13th with their bag and sign in hand.
He told them that when they saw a large gun metal gray limo approach them they were to put the sign around their neck and get in the car. The driver would take them to a private dock somewhere in New Jersey where the family yacht would be waiting for them..  He kissed them both gently on the lips, patted their bottoms tenderly and told them to think carefully about what they wanted to do.

 – continue…  

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