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A Tale of Two Women 3

Chapter 3 — The Early Voyage

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Brad’s driver drove Anne and Cloe to their respective apartments while he tended to Sara. Her permanent master would come for her in the morning and she was in no condition to see anyone at the moment. He lowered her to the floor and revived her by turning cold water from a hose on her limp body. Sara was not in agony but her tits hurt and her arms ached from hanging so long. The cold water not only revived Sara but it made her nipples stand out hard and long. Brad spread a lotion on her skin after he had unstrapped her wrists from the bar from which she had been suspended. He knew from her peaceful expression that she was a contented woman.
“Would it please you to fuck me again Sir?” she asked without a trace of guile. With that question she turned to him and found his cock with her mouth. Within moments he was hard again. She straddled him and slipped his cock in her. She rubbed her tits and felt the welt he had put there. She was aroused once again herself and began to ride him gently. His eyes gave her the permission she needed to bring her to a long awaited release.
“Were your girl friends properly educated, Sir?” she queried at last. Satisfied with Brad’s answer to that question, Sara said,  “how old are the girls if I may ask?” Brad said they were both 23 years old and that he was sure they had learned a great deal from her about the nature of a compliant and highly energized and sensuous woman.
“My Master would be gratified to know that you were satisfied with me Sir, and that I serviced you in each of the three pleasure holes I have; one of which you haven’t even as yet used. If it pleases you Sir, would you consider fucking my ass now?”
Without waiting for a verbal response, Sara saw in his eyes once again that her initiative would indeed be welcomed and bring him pleasure. She rearranged herself so that she was on her knees with her tits pressed against the cold marble floor. The pain from the caned welt on her full, natural, tits was underscored by the coldness of the marble. Brad told her to reach behind her and pull her ass cheeks wide apart and to ask him again to invade her ass. She responded quickly to his command.
“Sir, if it pleases you, I would be happy to have you fill my ass with your wonderful cock. And, I know my Master would be pleased as well” she said. He was as hard as he ever and in one thrust pushed deep into her ass. She groaned a bit but settled into a gentle rocking motion with the aim of draining out of him whatever was left of his semen load.

When he was finished with her ass, Brad had Sara stand before him naked and again burning with desire. He told her to sit on his lap facing away from him with his cock up her cunt. She was to  rub her clit with her fingers slowly until she climaxed. He held her tits tightly and squeezed her nipples between his fingers hard as she worked herself to another memorable orgasm.
“Tell your Master you were a wonderful sex toy for me and my friends and that I think he is a lucky man. If he ever needs anyone to take care of you again during his absence, tell him I’m always ready. I’m sure he will be able to tell just by looking at your body that you served us well and that your bruises and welts were not for disobedience but that we just found you so darn satisfying.”
“Sir, may I speak freely?” she asked. Brad told her to stand before him and to be careful but that she could say what was on her mind.
“Sir, let me tell you that your two girlfriends are quite beautiful with powerhouse figures. The blond has wonderfully high and full boobs and the brunette has extraordinary legs and a tight, curvaceous ass. Quite a pair I’d say. And, I didn’t sense any competitiveness between them for your attention Sir. I only hope they will bring you the pleasure you need and that they service you satisfactorily when you require it.”
Brad smiled and kissed her and bit both of her nipples hard.
His driver had come back from dropping off the two girls and was ready to take Sara back to her permanent master. She was a very happy slave girl albeit a little worse for wear.

For Brad the next two weeks went quickly and smoothly. Of course almost everything went smoothly for Brad. He was eager to embark on his new career in California and to take on a different life style — one in which he would be Master to two beautiful women, unless of course they changed their mind about that since the last time he saw them.
He told his driver his plan for picking up the girls if they wanted to join him. The driver was to get to the museum early and wait out of sight for the girls to appear at the steps to the museum. He was to wait until 6 a.m. If no one showed up he was to call him immediately and be prepared to leave and return the car to the rental service. He would be paid by mail. If one or both girls showed up he was to call him on his car phone and read the words on the cards the girl or girls were to wear around their neck. If cleared by Brad, he was to bring one or both of them to the family yacht as quickly as traffic would allow. Brad would be waiting for a call.
Brad had arranged for the yacht to have a female cook, a first and second mate, two female deck hands and a male captain. He knew the captain from previous encounters and knew the deck hands would not only be top notch sailors, but also would be highly energized and erotic women. He arrived at the yacht on the evening of the 12th to inspect the ship and the crew. The deck hands were stunning. The captain had them at attention when he came aboard. They were dressed in very high cut shorts and bolero shirts tied tightly under their tits.  He could see their nipples pressing against the tight shirts. Both women wore white cotton socks and white deck shoes.
The captain introduced them as Mimi and Fifi. They certainly were not French, but the captain explained they were twins who were bisexual and involved in submissive and dominate sex play. The captain assured him that the hands were willing to please him and his guests and that the cook would make sure they were served only the best meals while at sea. The captain’s male mates were strong and experienced sailors and would take care of the fine vessel as if it were theirs. Brad was not disappointed at what he found. Now he awaited the early morning call.
Stan. the driver, noticed a slim blond woman approach the steps of the museum from the river side. She had with her one bag and what appeared to be a sign of some sort tucked under her arm. A few minutes later, another woman with long darker hair came toward the museum as well carrying the same type of small bag and a sign. When the girls got near each other they embraced and kissed.. They appeared to be happy. Stan dialed Brads cell number and told him what had transpired. Brad directed the driver to drive slowly toward the girls. The girls were to hold their signed messages in public view for as long as the driver could stall.
The two girls saw the limo approach the Art Museum and held their signs up for the driver to read. He slowed down to a virtual crawl. The signs indicating their desire to be Brad’s sex slave were now visible to everyone on the broad public avenue at the time. The girls shifted their weight from one foot to the other while the limo moved ever more slowly toward them. A police car seemed to slow down too as the limo finally stopped in front of the them.
Stan, came to open the passenger side door for the women. He placed the signs and their bags in the spacious trunk. Stan called Brad from outside the car and told him how events had unfolded and was instructed to bring the girls to the dock at once. The girls had publicly signaled their devotion to Brad and were now together on the road to refining their education and sophistication as  submissives. They were curious about the contents of the sport bag they found on the floor of the car but did not touch it.
As the limo approached the New Jersey side of the Delaware, Stan spoke into the microphone connected to speakers in the passenger compartment. He told the girls Brad had instructed him to tell them that if they had underwear on they were to remove it and throw it out the car windows. He added that the windows of the passenger compartment had been specially treated so that they could not see out and that onlookers could not see in. Further, the retractable window that separated him from them was likewise specially treated. Both girls drew down their side windows and let their skimpy thong panties flutter away in the breeze. Without instruction. they slipped up their skirts and sat bare assed on the fine leather seats of the limo.

Moments later, Stan again interrupted their thoughts from the intercom in the limo. He told them that they would find a duffle bag of sex toys and tools in the compartment. They were to have a lesson which would improve their fellatio skills. Two dildoes were in the bag for them to use. It was Brad’s intent that each of them should begin with mouth stretching exercises and then move on to improving their ability to take a cock deeply in their throat. Stan said that this particular exercise would last for thirty minutes with a ten minute break at the end of the first ten minutes. The girls eyed each other with eager anticipation and let the fun begin.
No sooner had they begun their first ten minute exercise, Stan’s voice came into the compartment. He said, “Now girls, I don’t want you to touch anything or anyplace that you know is off limits. And you know what I mean!” His voice was stern and they knew perfectly well what he meant.
At the end of the thirty minutes, Stan instructed the girls to put on high, stiff leather, neck collars which they found in the tote bag. The collars held their chin up and had the effect of actually improving their posture. The collars had several “D” rings placed at intervals around the middle which could be used to secure the girl in place or as a means of leading them on a leash. They had seen such collars on their previous trips to New York sex clubs and just the thought of wearing them gave them an increased sense of subjugation.
Once the collars were in place, Stan told them to completely undress except for their high heels. They were then to put on a soft leather bondage hood which was also in the bag. These full head coverings had permanently installed penis gags and were attached around the neck over the neck collar with buckle straps. The helmets had a removable blindfold and an opening for breathing.
When their heads were properly hooded and buckled, Stan told the girls to again reach into the  bag and take out  a tube of hygienic lubricant. They were to apply the jelly generously in their ass and cunt. He then told them to take a leather belt with two dildos out of the bag and apply jelly to the dildos themselves which were fastened to a small strap. The girls knew what was coming next and without direction began to insert the dildos in their ass and cunt and to encircle their waists with the big belt which held the smaller dildo belt snugly between their legs.
“You are almost ready to meet Brad” said the driver. “But, first, he wants you to attach a set of  clips to your nipples then secure your wrists behind you with the handcuffs you will find in the bag.”  When Stan heard the final clicks of the handcuffs snap around their wrists he told the girls to sit back and keep their legs spread wide for the rest of the trip.
The girls sensed that they were coming to the yacht basin since the limo was making turns and slowing down more frequently. They were at the same time nervous and excited. Their three pleasure holes were stretched and eager for service.
The limo made an easy stop and both doors in the passenger compartment sprung open almost immediately. The girls could not see but they knew there were several people greeting them other than the driver; their hearts raced with excitement.
“Mimi this one is for you and Fifi, this one is for you.” They recognized Brads voice and their respective pulses took another leap. Who were they being handed over to all bound up and what was going to happen to them?
Fifi said, “Well honey, aren’t you a vision? Brad’s got great taste in broads now doesn’t he? And what a wonderful set of cans you have. Just remember to keep them pointed high and proud all the time and they won’t be punished as much as they might be otherwise. Cloe could feel a leash being attached to her collar and she was tugged out of the car.
Mimi introduced herself and said she already knew about Anne’s world class legs and ass and was eager to go to work on her cunt. She also remarked that Anne had strong, well defined, thigh and calf muscles which she felt would see a good deal of ,”treatment.” as he put it. Cloe likewise was pulled from the car by a leash attached to her collar.

The deck hands were careful to make sure the girls did not misstep in their high heels as they were tugged along gently up the gangplank onto the yacht. Brad took each girl by the arm as they approached the end of the gangplank and assisted them on board. When the girls were safely inside the yacht and in the stateroom set aside for the voyage, the deck hands bound their arms behind them tightly at the elbows and wrists and unlocked their handcuffs. The girls were then suspended to the overhead beam by a chain attached to a “D” ring in the tip of their hoods as the yacht slowly shifted out to open waters..
The deck hands removed the tit clips from the girls. It was clear that their nipples were hard and sore but this only prompted the hands to suck and bite each aching nub. The girls were placed tit-to-tit facing each other. Clips, on six inch chains, were fastened again to their opposing nipples. A movement from one would create a painful tug on both. They heard the yacht motors rev up even more and the ship moved more forcefully in the water.
They knew they had made the right decision by meeting the limo at the Art museum while at the same time they were not quite sure what was in store for them. What they did know for sure was that they would be in for the time of their life with Brad Mussleman in charge.

To Be Continued…

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