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I’m a lesbian and have never tried to hide it. I mean, I don’t go out knocking doors in the neighborhood proclaiming that I’m a lesbian, but if somebody were to ask me if I was, I would say yes. Now my partner Valerie is different. She works at a school and if it ever got out that she liked women, her career would be over, at least that’s what she thinks.

So when I got home from work, and started to ask how her day was I could see that she was visibly shaken, so I asked, “what’s the matter baby?”. It was then that she handed me the envelope, and as she did the pictures fell out on the floor.

“Oh my God it’s us” I screamed. It was pictures of us making love in the living room. I was trying to rack my brain how somebody could’ve taken our pictures because we live on the 10th floor of a high rise apartment. The closest building was quite a ways away. Then I read the note. It said unless we paid them they would report my partner to the school and she would lose her job. We were to expect them that night.

As we both went to the balcony and tried to figure out how they could have taken pictures, we heard the buzzer to the intercom indicating that it had to be the dirty bastard who took the pictures and I was furious. As Val went to answer the buzzer I went to do a couple of things to prepare for our visitor.

I returned to the living room to see a woman about 18 years old, dressed like a school girl, and carrying another envelope. She told us in case we had torn the pictures up that she had extra copies, and that she wanted money and to also see us up close having sex.

On our way to the bedroom I asked her if she was a lesbian and she replied that she didn’t know, but for us not to try anything because she would call her father and he would have us arrested, so I ushered her into the bedroom and had her sit on a chair, where she could see everything.

As I took Val in my arms and started to kiss her and rub her back, I could see our visitor was very interested, so I whispered to Val “let’s give her a really good show”. Doing a sexy strip tease I tried my best to get this stranger hot, and seductively slipped out of my clothes, and sat and watched Val do the same, before we sat on the bed.

I had fully intended to fake it but kissing Val always got me hot, and in no time I was moaning, as I licked down her front to her beautiful breasts. Flicking my tongue to each of her nipples before drawing one into my mouth and pinching and pulling the other one, as she ran her fingers through my hair.

Licking just under her breasts, and then licking down her tummy, my tongue left a little wet trail, as I reached her belly button. Changing positions so I could lay on my tummy between her legs I noticed our visitor was squirming in the chair, and catching a glimpse of her pink panties I could see wet marks. Little snail trails were announcing to my eyes that she was loving every minute of what we were doing.

With my hands on Val’s inner thighs I licked her delicate folds. Nibbling and sucking, before I parted her pussy lips so I could lick her inner lips. Swirling my tongue over her hood and clit brought forth moans, and looking out of the corner of my eye I saw our visitor had pulled aside her panties and was masturbating furiously watching us.

Plunging my tongue in deep, and with my fingers patting Val’s swollen clit, I probed her pussy walls with my tongue. Tongue fucking her hard as I listened to the moans of Val and our visitor, until Val stiffened her body and her pussy gripped my tongue as she came with a loud moan, only to be followed by the moans of our visitor cumming.

With that I raised up and said to our visitor “Ok bitch it’s time for you to join us. So get over here and eat my pussy”. She said, “I’m not a fucking lesbian and you can’t make me”.

Getting up I went to the vent of the air conditioner and after opening it I took out a VCR tape, and walked to the tape player as our visitor’s jaw dropped, knowing what was coming next. As the tape started to play showing our visitor masturbating watching us make love, I thought she was going to faint.

“Now strip bitch” I said, as she hesitated briefly before obeying my command, placing her clothing in a neat pile on the table beside her. Grabbing her by the wrist I threw her on the bed and stuffed her wet panties in her mouth, before I turned her over on her tummy and tied her wrists and ankles to the corners of the bed.

Going to the drawer on the night stand I took out the largest black dildo I could find from all my toys, and as I adjusted the harness I watched the terror in her eyes, knowing that if she was a virgin, she wouldn’t be after tonight. Kneeling behind her I lubed up the black plastic dick and grabbed her by the hips before plunging it deep in her hot pussy. “I’m going to fuck your pussy bitch and then I’m going to fuck your asshole. That will put a stop to your blackmail tricks.”

Pushing my hips hard I could see the plastic dick enter her pussy, and as I fucked her pussy I could see specks of blood on the black plastic dick, but that didn’t stop me as I was enjoying the feel of the dildo end on my pussy. Soon she stopped struggling and even started pushing back to match my rhythm, and as I looked at Val I could see she was loving watching us and had her 3 fingers in her hot pussy, masturbating like mad.

I knew it wasn’t going to take much for me to cum, but I wanted more than 1 orgasm, and I started pushing harder and faster as I fucked our blackmailer.

Her breath was coming faster in little pants and I knew she was going to cum from being taken so roughly, and when the volcano erupted from deep inside of my hot pussy I kept fucking, until I heard a little sigh, and she almost fell to the bed from her orgasm.

I motioned for Val to come over and get to the top of the bed and have our little blackmailer eat her pussy. Taking the panties out of the blackmailers mouth I told her, “I’m going to fuck your ass while you eat my girlfriends pussy and you better not scream, or I’m going to fuck you until you can’t walk”. All I heard was her saying “yes”.

As Val settled in front with her legs parted she grabbed the blackmailer by the hair and pulled her to her hot pussy, as I put the tip of the dildo to our blackmailers little asshole and plunged it in as deep as I could, and as rough as I could.

From watching her lick Val’s pussy I knew she loved it but probably had never tried it before, and from her actions she was probably very submissive, and this would also put an end to her black mailing ideas.

Plunging the dildo in and out of her little asshole was getting me hotter than ever and I reached under her to cuddle her wet swollen clit between my fingers, pulling and masturbating her, as she eagerly licked and sucked Val’s pussy.

Val was humping our visitors face as she got close and the sight of that made the tingle stronger, and I knew Val and I were going to cum at any moment, but I wondered if our visitor was going to cum with us. I didn’t have to wonder long as our visitor licked furiously and Val screamed “I’m cumming”, and I screamed as the floodgates opened “yes”. Our blackmailer just moaned with a little “oh”, as she joined us in our supreme ecstasy.

After we had a chance to freshen up and talk to our blackmailer she promised to never again try blackmail and asked if she could join us again sometime. To which we all agreed.

The End

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