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Childhood Redemption

She spied him from around the corner, hiding as she always did, from the cruel taunts of him and his friends. There was no one like him, at least not to Eilya. His almond complexion, his golden brown eyes as seductive as melted chocolate, the long wave of flowing black hair jettisoning down to his waist. She wanted so bad for him to notice her, to touch her, to even acknowledge that she lived on the same planet as him.  Instead, though, she knew the truth.  It was just not to be.

Boys like him simply did not like girls like her. She was short, too curvy and far too top heavy; her teeth were too gaped in the front and her hair was literally, the color of the reddest rust. Luckily, unlike most red heads Eilya had a beautiful complexion, the softest shade of honey wheat, smooth, and unblemished by even a single pimple, despite her advancement from puberty. Her eyes were her most striking feature, being a deeply intense, cobalt blue.

All in all, Eilya felt as though she were just a mass of jumbled parts, just, thrown together, perhaps even feeling as though she was an error of divine creation. Still, in her solitary existence Eilya had found some refuge, some reason to live, in the intensely provoking, albeit cruel, Aros Bel Halow.

It wasn’t even as if Aros had done anything particularly evil to her, in fact she supposed he didn’t even know of her existence. Actually, in reality of it all, Eilya was very afraid of the feral male. He went through his life dominating all those around him, from his mother as a young and only child, to his high school teachers, charming them with his pretty lips and ready smile. But it was his peers that feared him.

Eilya had grown up with Aros since she had first seen him in the second grade, and now, Senior year of high school, she had come to know a lot about his character.

First and foremost, Aros was extremely intelligent, which only added to his appeal. She had seen him read a million books on the most ghastly things; serial killers, autopsy, decomposition, forensic science books and the like. But this alone was not the only frightening insight into the mans mind.

At eighteen, Aros looked like everything a well brought up rich boy should look like, minus his long tresses. However, on the inside, Eilya could sense a dangerous animal in him, just waiting for the right time to strike.

It just wasn’t until high school that he did that. She had blessedly, been in the cafeteria at the time to witness it. It began with Aros, still very much a loner as he always had been in Junior high and even before that, nose in a book, when suddenly, he had tripped over some guys opened back pack, randomly strewn on the floor. His CD player, CD’s, books, papers, it all went flying all over the floor, clattering to the ground in great upheaval. Of course it belonged to one of the largest males Eilya thought she had ever seen.

“Hey what the fuck do you think your walking over man!” The guy, painted all up in his football patches and letterman coat, shouted, too loud, so that the entirety of the cafeteria looked over at them.  “Look at all my shit!”  he yelled in Aros’s face, shoving him backwards by the shoulder.

Aros stumbled back a step, snapped his book shut and gently set it on the table. The football jock, began to get all huffy and drew himself up to his full height. “You better clean this shit up before I smash your face in.”   He was making quite a scene by now. To which Aros had responded,  “O really?”  And very simply, drove his fist into the guys nose.

Needless to say Eilya’s jaw just dropped. The jock made a weird, grunting sound before all at once toppling over and crumpling to the ground in a great heap.

Aros had just stood over him, looking at the mess he made before very calmly taking his book back and purposely crushed the guys CD player with a broad boot heel as he passed him by. Eilya knew at that second, that she was madly in love with Aros Bel Halow.

Now though, three years later he had blossomed and advanced from pupa into butterfly. Now he was the hottest  guy at the school. Not to Eilya. To her he was her pinnacle, as good as good got. After the Eric Gregor incident, who had been the unlucky Junior Football Captain, Aros had done things like this repeatedly, and ended up always sent to the office, always suspended until finally he was permanently labeled a bad boy .

Eilya sighed and turned her back to her secret love, leaning against the wall dejectedly. Aros, Aros, Aros… Even the name was alluring.  She was thinking this when perhaps the most extraordinary event of her life occurred.

A face popped around the corner.  “Hey you got a light?”, Eilya felt her jaw almost hit the ground.  Aros was looking at her, At HER! It was almost too much.

She swallowed. “Excuse me?”

He smiled and now came all the way around the corner.  He towered over her by a good foot.  “A lighter. Do you have a light?” At first she was about to say  no  until she remembered the matches her mother had given her for her candles.  She felt her heart skip a beat as she mutely nodded and began to rifle in her purse, absently brushing at the strands of hair falling in her face.  She had never been so intensely aware of anyone in her life. His eyes felt as though the were boring holes in her head, and her hands actually began to tremble as she dug through the contents of her purse.

Suddenly, with an accompanying volt of electricity, Aros grabbed her up and pulled her around the building, leaning past her with the entire extent of his mass.

As he peered around the corner he leaned past her, arms brushing against her breasts accidentally , as he watched two campus police drive past in their converted golf cart.

To her mortification her nipples instantly hardened at his touch and her breath left her. It was all too much. Too, too much!  She was having an Aros overload after a decade long obsession and it was just too much! O, God. She thought desperately feeling a strand of his long hair trickle over her arm.

His eyes returned to her after a second and he offered an apologetic smile.  “Sorry,  they were looking for me.”  He said this as he pulled what was most definitely not a cigarette from his cigarette pack.  “Now about that light?”

“O yeah.” She resumed her digging, flushing in embarrassment at even attempting to believe herself attractive enough for even his accidental molestation.  She recovered with matches quickly. He took them with a smile and said,  “Old school style, eh?”  His eyes never once left her face and soon she found herself nervous and fidgeting beneath his ruthless stare as he lit the match and puffed on the joint.  “What’s your name?”  He asked, almost a look of a smile on his features. He looked as if he knew exactly what was on her mind, and suddenly, she was very conscious of her erect nipples, even through the plain gray of her sweatshirt. She swallowed and told him.

“Eilya.”  He rolled the name around as if tasting it, so casual and uncaring she just wanted to die, before just randomly handing her the marijuana.

Eilya did not smoke. She never had, and she had told herself she never would.  But now, looking at the rolled up zigzag, held in the hand of the man she loved more than her own skin, she realized she wanted nothing more than to share this with him.

Gingerly she took it from him and inhaled, quickly blowing it out.  “Thanks.”  Shamefully her voice came out in a whisper. He toked again, and then again and then offered it to her.  Her head was already spinning. She declined, opting to sit down instead, back against the wall.

He shrugged.  “Well, thanks.”  He said, and moved out of her life forever.

Or at least another five years…
She got home from work, a 9-5am, graveyard, petted her cat Tall Tails, and went directly into her apartment’s crummy shower. God, it had been awhile since she had been this tired, Eilya reflected, washing her body with a half bar of soap. The entire ritual took about five minutes, which in her current state was long enough.

The rest of her night, being just as uneventful, ended with her fiddling about with the computer as she always did on Friday Nights. As per usual she went to her usual sites, music sites to see what was new and in, the occasional gaming room, and of course, her email. Tonight though, in her mail folder, something was different. Something was new!

There was a letter from a foreboding,  Anonymous.  Her first thought was, of course, Virus, but something about it just wouldn’t let her delete it. She frowned, contemplating the health and safety of her computer for a second before deciding, screw it, and double clicked. It read:
Eilya, I know your dirty little secret, I’ve now seen you seeing me, If you want to know what I know, You must come and meet with me.
~5:45am, Friday, 12th, at the corner of Monet and Point.

That was it and that was all, straight and to the point.  She sat up straight, utterly torn. Tonight was Friday. She checked the date and sure enough it had only been sent today. She looked at the clock. It was 5:10 now!

Compelled by who could say, Eilya jumped up, supposing that she was compelled by the sheer idea that someone was shaking her life up. She honestly did not know what the stranger meant by  dirty little secret and so hurried in her dress, simple jeans and cotton shirt quickly followed by a hooded sweat shirt and was racing out the door of her apartment. She could not imagine what it meant, actually! it was all so thrilling, so… impulsive.

Excitement thrummed in her every step as she took the stairwell two at a time.

She could not get in her car fast enough, but by 5:27 she was speeding on her way down the freeway into what she realized was an absolutely shitty part of town. The shittiest actually.

Instinctively she locked all her doors in her car before she had to stop at any stoplights and managed to arrive at Monet and Point safely, at precisely 5:46am.

She cruised through the deserted street for a bit before pulling off into the shadowy curb side, her only company the tall abandoned buildings and a heavily pregnant, Hunters Moon. It was a bad place to be caught alone, she knew, with no one around to care or help if she found herself in trouble. She found her skin prickling with the foreplay of it all. There was no one there. She knew it, as she peered around into the creepy shadows. She didn’t understand. Had this all been some sort of joke?  The cruelty of it rang familiarly like high school and forlornly she started her car back up to leave. It was then, that an odd thing happened.

Hands, cold like ice, melted from the shadows of the backseat, grasping her neck, and before she could scream, his thumb had found a soft pocket on the back of her head, and pressed inward. It deflated instantly. The pain was immediate but also, so was the blackness.
Eilya awoke to the most delightful sensation she had never felt before.  The feeling of a mouth devouring the lips of her pussy. The moan on her unconscious lips turned instantly to a scream as every pore on her body exploded into alertness.

Her wrists, her ankles, her neck; all were bound together at the base of her spine, hogtying her like a captured pig with thick expanses of leather cording. She jerked to alertness, eyes widening in the pitch blackness. Hands, thick and rough, were gripping her hip with a vice like quality, quieting her writhing, frantic hips while his tongue went to work between her legs. Terror shattered her euphoria. She screamed and screamed, trying desperately to snap her thighs together, despite the thick shoulders between them. Eilya screamed until she had no more breath left and could only lay there, spread like a sandwich, while some beast devoured her most intimate of hollows.

She lay there while a hot tongue spread her lips apart and then poked into her hot cunt like a puppy lapping up water, eagerly spreading moisture to her deeper regions as well.

Eilya just cried, wondering how in the hell she had gotten here or even where here was. Her clit was his next target and this she was just not prepared for. She shouted and jerked at the sudden sensation as he ran the tip of his mouth’s muscle, over her pink pleasure nub, coaxing it to come out and play with his swirling tongue. She gasped and begged. “Please, Stop! Please!”

“Why?”  The voice sounded very amused at her pleading request. Fingers tickled at the smooth slit of her entrance and she puckered away, squirming in her bonds until she was almost choking herself. She gasped and stopped, realizing her own mistake. The masculine voice chuckled,  Bondage I designed for my comfort.  I can move you, I can tug and pull all I want, but if you do it there’s one huge problem. All at once three fingers, long and rough, plunged unceremoniously into her pussy, making her gasp aloud in pain and thrash, trying in vain to dislodge herself. The leather straps around her throat began to tighten even more.  “You see only I can loosen the knots. You can ‘t. So you would only strangle yourself if  you thrash around anymore.”  He said it so casually, so uncaring that she began to cry. Who was this man? What was going on?

She was already choking. Choking with fingers up her cunt.  Her crying got louder, more strangled as she began to gasp for air. “Please…” She gasped.  “I’ll do anything.”

He laughed at this.  “O Eilya, don’t tell me that. I m trying to be so nice”,  His chuckle was sincere.  “I was hoping you would enjoy this. After all.”  His voice was suddenly closer in the darkness smelling musky and sour  with a strange scent. Her scent she realized with a jolt.  “…I am your biggest fantasy.”  The leather about her neck suddenly loosened and she gasped in air, coughing and writhing about, three long fingers still firmly stuck in her.

“Please, I don’t even know you, Please, get out of me.” She gasped to the dark silhouette. “Let me go.” But he only seemed to get a kick out of this.  “But why, you feel so good.”  His digits wriggled menacingly in her, rubbing her vaginal walls until she began to shudder and jerk again. Her breath came in ragged wheezes as the strap began to tighten once again.  “You better be still”,  He warned.  “I might not loosen it next time.”  At this she managed to control her bucking hips and lay there whimpering, face turned away as much as her bonds allowed.  Another hand, lost in the pitch blackness traced the contours of her breasts until finding her nipple. She just whimpered louder, not wanting to enjoy anything this man did, but at the same time, her body was betraying her.  Her sex became wet around his hand, and her nipples hardened into tight ravished peaks as lips found those too, and then…Another pair of lips!

Knowing there was another man, another anyone in the room was too much for her. She began screaming anew. “O god, please help! Somebody help me!” Her scream eventually trailed off into a hoarse sob.

The second man was laughing almost politely at her in the blackness. “God is not here lovely. Just us.” The voice sounded very French. Fingers stroked her hair and suddenly something soft, almost velvety was rubbing across her lips. The hand in her hair turned rough and fled to her jaw where it tightened painfully, “You bite my man here, and I will fuck you until you start bleeding early, do you get me?” It was hard to understand his words through his thick accent but she got the gist of it. She nodded, and whimpered her acceptance. Suddenly below, the other mans fingers slid free from her, and her entire body almost audibly relaxed.

“Jean, wait a second. She’s tighter than a vice, she might do it anyway when I first start fucking her.”

The French man gave a long, almost poetic sigh and the velvety head of his penis retreated. “Oui.” He sounded extremely impatient. But now the native voice returned to the girl of the floor. “Eilya, what do you say? Why are you so tight honey. You aren’t a virgin, just…”

“Never used?” Jean laughed at this. “What a pity.” His silhouette seemed to shake his head, and then, “I would ave never let such a morsel spoil, even if she was just a girl.”

Were they even talking about her? “I-I think you must have the wrong girl. I-I cant be who you re talking about.” She managed to choke out, praying for once that her homeliness would get her out of this. “Shut up, whore. Pets do no ave any say in anything that is our affair.”

“Whore? Pet? Me? What could their intentions be?”

“Be nice Jean. Lets break her in nice.” The nameless man suggested, to which Jean just laughed.

All at once, arms had her up and sitting and a blind fold was placed over her eyes. Light, even muffled through the scarf was blinding and somehow made the situation worse.

She was suddenly very aware that she was naked, and that these two men could see every part of her. For some reason it just made it seem more real. She worked so hard at keeping herself covered. She was so shy of her large breasts and nipples, that this was almost torture.

But a male hand was swift to begin its plunder. Jean’s voice was right in her ear. “I am sorry lovely, I am not so nice as Aros. But you whill come to enjoy me.” His words caused her real terror. Not for even the now, but for the way he spoke in future reference. She never wanted there to be a later . She didn’t even want to think about later! But there was also something else to. Something else he had said. Her voice shook a little. “Aros?”

The Frenchmen’s mirth rang out. “I think she remembers you fondly, Aros.” All of a sudden things made sense, well sort of. I am your greatest fantasy. The words rebounded in her skull. She knew now who had her, not who Jean was but who Aros was, but not why she was here. Why HE had her.

Suddenly something peculiar overcame her. Eilya relaxed, her entire body softening into an almost euphoric state as the name echoed in her mind, Aros. Lost and mythic, he rose from the depths of her memory and only the sudden onslaught of lips, tasting her lips, biting into the soft tissue with such wickedness she cried out, drew her from her reverie. But her transformation had been complete.

She suddenly felt as though she were moldable putty, willing and ready to be used by this man. She sucked on her wounded lower lip feeling her pussy getting as wet as a rain bucket. “You see, I told you I knew your secret. Aros whispered to her. Now, do you promise to be a good girl?”
She nodded and at the same time he pulled the blind fold from her eyes.
Eilya gasped and kept her eyelids closed fast, actually afraid to open them. Afraid that somehow this spell would be broken if she opened them, she looked away from where she knew two men sat waiting for her. Maybe she just didn’t want to see herself, she realized, and suddenly Jeans voice was also beside her, in her other ear. “Are you afraid to open your eyes, Lovely?” He whispered, and somehow she knew that this man, stranger that he was, had been right. She would come to enjoy him. Her body quivered. She didn’t respond, just let her lips part with the rising and fall of her breath.

If only she knew what a sight she made for the two men around her, bound open and alluring, all that she had to offer right up for the taking, creamy pale skin shining almost opalescent in the rooms pale lighting. She was nothing like Aros remembered, she was much thinner now, still succulent to behold, with cherry, induced swollen lips, and long sweeping lashes clenched tight in absolute denial. Her long curling hair sweeping out in a China fan around her. He had never really noticed her in High School, he realized as he thought of the person he was then as opposed to the person he was now. Now he searched out women like Eilya. They were the perfect submissive to his Dominant. Girls like Eilya, who were just waiting to plundered, were rare blossoms in a garden of thorns.

He lifted a thick red curl and remembered the letter her friend Jess had sent him. Apparently the two of them had been very close in the day, and the note was nothing more striking than any other high school note one passes in class, with one exception. It was all about him.
Jess had then wrote him an email describing Eilya’s twelve year fantasy of meeting him, being the center of his world. Now Aros was used to women being in love with him. He had had a dozen slaves to his Master, and used a thousand more. A million more desired his services for any amount of money, requesting him online and through phone or personal contact. But this one, this girl, an Old High School acquaintance, had caught his eye.

Jean whom had become his partner in crime once he had become integrated in the S&M lifestyle, had fatefully been there when he had opened the letter with Eilya’s picture stuck fast to it with a staple. Jean had frowned. “She looks very sad, Oui?” He had straightened without another word and gone directly to his chest of goodies , mumbling beneath his breath as he pulled out item after item.

Aros had stared after him in amusement, “What are you doing Jean?” To which he replied, “My job, Aros.” He looked over his shoulder and held up, The harness; The very harness that hogtied Eilya now. Our job is to make women happy, and this one looks very… he paused searching for the right word. He finally just looked irritated, “…well she is too my liking let me say.”

And so the arrangements had begun, and ended with the story now, with Eilya at the mercy of two men who had made sadism their way of living.

Now Aros spoke to her, reading her a memorized line from her letter. “I just love his hair and eyes. They’re sooooo seductive.” He could not help but smile as a flush crept up from her breasts to her forehead.

“I…” She trailed off speechless, shivering when a long shudder wracked her body. She didn’t know what to say, so instead she swallowed


The End

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