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Drive-thru Abduction 1

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I was out looking for a woman to kidnap and make my sex slave and I decided to stop at a popular fast food place for a burger and fries. It was close to midnight and only the drive-thru was open. When I pulled up to the window to pay I was greeted by one of the most beautiful young women I have ever seen. I knew instantly I had to have her somehow. She is 24, has blond hair that is wavy and comes down to her shoulders, has sparkling blue eyes, stands 5′ 8″, weighs 125 lbs., has 34B tits that are just large enough to be a mouthful, firm, tight ass (slowly becoming looser thanks to being fucked and plugged by yours truely), and a very tasty and tight pussy.

Since I was looking for someone to kidnap I had my kidnap kit with me. The kit is equipped with 2 handcuffs, 2 anklecuffs (in case of a double kidnapping), a roll of 2 inch wide duct tape, 2 leather blindfolds, a ballgag, a penis gag, 4 scarves, a few lengths of rope, a steak knife, some plastic zip-ties, and a stun gun.

The goddess who was working the drive-thru, (her name is Kayla), asked me to pull to a parking spot in the parking lot and she would bring my food to me in a couple minutes (how little did she know how right she was!). The parking lot was dimly lit and I decided to take a chance and kidnap Kayla when she brought my food to me if there were no other people around. I did a quick scan of the area when I saw Kayla come out of the building and approach my car, picked up my stun gun, and got ready for the attack. When she got to the driver’s side door I open it up, jumped out and zapped her with the stun gun. She went down like a sack of potatoes. I grabbed her, opened the back door and tossed her in. I picked up the bag of food and got back in my car and quickly drove away.

I pulled into a vacant lot about 6 blocks from the fast food place and figured I’d best bind, gag, and blindfold my new captive. I cuffed her hands together behind her back, cuffed her feet together, used a length of rope to hogtie her, shoved the ballgag into her mouth and tightened it nice and tight, and placed one of the blindfolds over her eyes. Being unable to control myself I had to cop a feel of her tits and was pleased to discover they were nice and firm and the size I like, just big enought to fill my hands when gripped from behind.

It took 20 minutes of very careful driving to get to my house. I ate on the way. I wasn’t thrilled with the thought of a getting stopped by a cop with a bound, gagged, blindfolded woman in my backseat. As I pulled into my garage Kayla started struggling and screaming into her gag. She was struggling so hard I thought she would break the cuffs.

I lauhed at her and told her it was no use, she was now my sex slave. I turned off the car, opened the back door, untied the rope holding Kayla in the hogtie, and had to dodge an attempt by her to kick me in the head. I pulled out the stun gun and zapped her again so I could carry her into the house.

I have a nice full-sized basement, and in one corner, hidden by a false wall, is a 12 foot by 15 foot room I have made into a rape/sodomy/bondage room. There is a futon for the captive to sleep on (the head and foot frames are very useful when it comes to securing someone to the futon. I have a chain dangling from the ceiling to use if I want to tie my captives hands above her head. There is a small dresser full of various bondage equipment, rope, and duct tape. I also have a digital camera to record the sexual attacks of my captives. Kayla is captive number 2 since I built the house 5 years ago. I was a little too rough on the first one and she got used up way too early. I knew this time I would have to pace myself when it came to raping/sodomizing any future captives.

I dumped Kayla onto the futon, undid the cuffs, stripped her and myself and tied her face down with a pillow under her to raise her cute ass. I am a big fan of giving anal sex, so I decided to sodomize her first. She came around and tried to break free but had no luck. I told her to calm down while I explained what was happening to her. I told her she had been kidnapped to be my sex slave and that I was going to rape and sodomize her many, many times while she was with me. I told her I had no idea how long she would be my captive. It may be only a few days, or may stretch out to be a few years. I told her no one knew where she was and escape was impossible. I also told her she would always be gagged unless she was eating or giving me a blowjob. A blindfold would always be over her eyes, and she would always be bound in some fashion.

I told her it didn’t matter to me if she resisted or simply submitted to me, I was going to fuck her no matter what. Kayla screamed into her gag once more, tried to get free, then realized she was doomed and just lay there.

I told her the first rape would be of her ass, grabbed some lube and applied to the head of my erect cock, positioned myself behind her, put the head of my cock at her as opening, grabbed her by the hips and rammed my 7 inches of love toy home. Kayla jerked against the cuffs holding her to the bed so hard when I entered her tight ass I thought I heard bones in here wrists and ankles crack. I pumped her tight ass a couple times then stopped with my cock buried deep in her ass. I savored the feel for a couple minutes then started fucking her hard again. After about 20 minutes I let my cock explode and filled her ass with my hot cum. I continued pumping her until I was well spent, then pulled out. I sat back to recover while Kayla whimpered. When I had recovered I pulled the pillow out from under her, and told her to rest and I would be back for more later. I turned out the light, closed and locked the door and went upstairs to shower and go to bed.

To Be Continued…

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