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In The Middle of The Night

I am tugged out of my dream by a pair of hands. I can’t see. I’m blindfolded. The only sounds I hear are muffled by earplugs. Indistinguishable. The blanket over my naked body is lifted, and a pair of hands are pushing my knees into the air, my feet towards my ass. Grabs at my hands and ties wrists to ankles on either side, leaving me thrust into the air. Exposed. Vulnerable. My heart pounds, but not with fear. With anticipation.
A kiss on my lips. With tongue. I kiss back. I’m still half asleep. I drift in and out. A finger grazes over my pussy. It’s getting good and creamy by now. I feel a squirt of cool wetness on my puckered anus. The beads are pushed in, one by one. Smaller to larger. I gasp. The last bead is in, and the string is given a firm tug. I feel each little breeze across my moist pussy.
The door closes. The sounds and shadows of movement in the room are gone. I fall asleep again.
I’m shaken awake again by weight shifting the mattress I lay on. Seconds later I feel a warm wet tongue meander over my clit. I take in every moment until I feel the weight of a body on top of mine. I feel the warm mushroom of a penis push past my lips and slip inside me. The weight of his body thrusts against me. I’m aware of every cell, every pore, every tiny almost invisible hair. I feel him twitch inside me. He pulls out leaving me much messier than before.
The tickle of a goatee on my hairless mound. Then lips and tongue. Soft, slow kisses and caresses, as every last drop of cum is licked out.
Then I feel the buzz of a smooth vibrator thrust into my cunt. In and out. In and out. Then it slips out and up, massaging my clit. The ecstasy comes in waves. Each time larger, like the coming tide. My muscles clench. A rush of hot clear liquid escapes my urethra. First a squirt, then a gush. One or two more, and there’s nothing left to squirt, but he continues. I bear down with each orgasm. It feels like warmth spreading over my body. Like I’m sinking into the mattress. Like I’m free-falling. I let out a cry of delirious pleasure. The beads are pulled out of my anus, one by one, each one giving me another shock wave of bliss. The pressure of the vibrator on my clit gradually decreases. Then stops.
The binds loosen on my hands and feet, then slip off. It hurts for a second as I stretch my limbs back out of their cramped position. He flips my body over onto it’s side. I know what he wants me to do.

I roll onto my stomach, then get up on my knees. His warm tongue runs circles around my anus. It probes in a little bit. But that isn’t what he’s after. The vibrator is slowly and carefully pushed past my sphincter and into my rectum. The strong vibrations relax every muscle down there. He pushes it farther and farther inside, till only about an inch is left outside my body. I feel his penis enter my vagina once again, with the vibrator still inside my ass. He pushes, harder, faster. He stops. The vibrator comes out. He nestles his hard cock inside my ass and slowly pushes in and out. Then more quickly. He slams his body into mine. I feel his scrotum and testicles smack against my pussy with each thrust. I start to see colors and light moving in front of my eyes, even though I’m in total darkness. The feeling is too much. I bear down. I start to come. Only there is no more ejaculate inside me. I push out whatever is there instead. I nearly empty my bladder all over him. Pungeant yellow liquid gushes over his nuts. I can tell this excites him. he thrusts a few more times as hard as he possibly can, then goes limp. I feel a trickle of semen from my anus as he pulls out.

But he isn’t finished with me yet. He flips me back over onto my back and ties my hands and feet to the four corners of the bed, spreading me out. Helpless. My clit has not quite stopped throbbing from before. It nearly draws back by itself from the touch of his lips. He flicks his tongue across it, then takes long slow licks from top to bottom. I exhale deeply. I draw in my breath sharply and hold. When he’s decided I’ve had as much as I can take, he stops. Then turns the vibrator back on and drags it up through my lips. Teasing around my clit, getting me to the brink of orgasm over and over, but not quite pushing me there. Then he descends like a vulture. Holding my clit between the tip of the vibrator and his forefinger so I can’t pull away. Holding it there as my entire body spasms. Pushing out a trickle of urine with each convulsion. My anus seems to be pushing itself out of my body from the pressure. I exhale a scream. He lets go of my clit, and rubs the vibrator back across a few more times, each one causing me to shudder from the sensitivity.
Then my hands and feet are untied. The blindfold removed. The earplus removed. Arms embrace me.
“Good night, baby.” he says as he lies down next to me and falls asleep.

The End

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