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Journey’s End

Journey’s End is a male sexual treament center located somewhere in Brazil.  The owners and operators of the facility are a group of very wealthy women who live out their most base sexual fantasies, while also conducting legitimate, indepth study of male semen, and the various extracts obtained therefrom.  The men who come here do so voluntarily, and must sign special legal waivers, so that they are bound to stay here for one year, by force, if necessary.

The newest, most advanced aphrodisiacs are used at this center…hundreds of captive men must produce large quantities of seminal fluid, under the influence of the exotic drugs, and other powerful forms of inducement, such as deep hypnotic conditioning, and every form of sexual perversion possible.

Journey’s End is staffed by several hundred attractive women, each chosen for their suitability to be here, and the hapless men are milked constantly by every means possible, at times resulting in sessions that can be painful and degrading. The males are eventually able to produce large amounts of semen, and their testicles grow significantly during their time here.
There is no special age limit for the male inductees, except that the man must still be able to produce sexually viable seminal fluid,  There are actually men in their sixties and seventies here, but most are between the ages of eighteen and fifty.
The inmates are kept in a constant state of sexual arousal, and are not allowed to masterbate while alone, under penalty of severe punishment. Spy cameras permeate the whole complex, and nothing is overlooked or unseen by the state of the art security center.
The inmates are well nourished and given special vitamin supplements and other health foods, so that one’s overall health here actually improves considerably during the one year mandate.
The large female staff may fuck any imate that they disire, or use them sexually in any way not permanently harmful, at any time that they are not being milked…in fact the ownership encourages this, and takes part in their own sexual gratification sessions.  The males also are encouraged to perform oral copulation on each other, for those that desire this, during session appointments made by the participants.
Any form of intense sexual gratification producing ejaculation is highly encouraged here, except masterbation, paradoxically, in that it helps to increase one’s overall seminal output.

One may enter Journey’s End only after a long application process, and then only after passing a special entry enterview process.  The new male inmates must sign unique waiver forms, so that once inducted into the complex, they must complete their term of  usage, and may be detained and disiplined in any way deemed nessessary by the staff.

Female guards are found everywhere, and their attire consists of black jumpsuits, hand restraints, and special shock devices that produce great pain, but do no permanent damage.
The males are all here voluntarily but find that escape is a constant desire once they are subjected to the constant extraction of their male fluid day and night, and the extremely intense orgasms that accompany these sessions, and their degradation by the very attractive female staff members.
A male ‘semen production unit’, or SPU,  as they are called here, must be incarcerated at the complex for one year, and cannot leave before this time limit.  They may sign for another year when their term is finished, but alas no one has ever done this.
The men are not harmed physically but usually find that they have involutary ejaculation for six months after leaving, and these ejaculations can occur at any time accompanied by an intense orgasm. So obviously the released inmate requires at least a year to reacclimatize to the outside world.
One must say, however, that the inmate has experienced more orgiasmic pleasure in one year, than most males experience in several lifetimes.

All of the inmates activities here are videotaped, and every nuance of their milking and humiliation are recorded and sold worldwide to interested buyers.  Each departing male also receives $100,000 for their trouble, and to help in their readust to the outside world.

I had applied for admission to Journey’s End more than a year ago, and had finally received notification to appear at the complex for my entry interview.  Needless to say, I was quite nervous, but the sexual butterflies of desire inside me drove me on, and I determined to enter, and experience what I had fantasized about for a very long time.
I masterbated two or three times a day anyway, so I figured that I wouldn’t mind producing cum for them…all they wanted.  I later found that I was sadly mistaken about this, and that I would not be allowed to get my own nuts off for a year. but that countless women would, in ways I could barely have imagined.
I stood before the large entrance of the facility…the main entrance consisted of an enormous set of double doors, quite gothic in nature, and there were two large concrete lions guarding the doors, one on either side.
I went inside and followed signs to the main reception desk, which was quite modern, and was staffed by two very attractive, and seemingly humorless women, who looked at me like I were a condom that they had just discarded after sex.
I cleared my throat and tried not to tremble…”I have an appointment for an interview…”, I said, breathing heavily now, and producing an enormous hardon that I cound not control.
The darkhaired one looked at me impassively, and asked my name.  When I told her, she accessed the computer, and verified my appointment. “Yes,” she said quietly,  go across the hallway to Rm 001 and you will find a nurse inside.  Do as she instructs and she will tell your where to go from there.”  The women were staring at the wet spot on the large lump in my crouch area, and all I could detect from either was a slight, sarcastic smile.

I quickly walked across the hallway, and I was almost sick to my stomach with mixed feelings of intense sexual desire and fear, as I opened the door.   I could not stop myself, it was too late, and I steeled myself,  ready for anything that I might find here.
I went inside and an extremely pretty blond nurse was writing on a notepad at her desk.  I stood trembling waiting for her to notice me. Finally she finished, and looked up at me in a very businesslike manner.  She spoke without emotion, preparing a large hypodermic syriinge for use…”Roll up your sleeve please,” she said looking directly into my eyes.
I did so, and bared my arm for her, looking the other way.  She swabbed my arm with alcohol, and jabbed the needle in, and emptied the contents..  She swabbed again and discarded the syringe.
She was gorgeous, and had a perfect ass and wonderful tits.  Her white nurse’s uniform made me even hornier.  “Hold still for a minute”, she whispered, “while the drug takes effect.”  She put her hand down and massaged my, by now, sopping crouch front, and I nearly shot off right there.

“Hold your fucking load back and I mean it”, she said, looking at me sharply.  She stopped her fondling and wiped her hand off.  Suddenly I was hit by a piledriver of intense sexual desire,  I was so fucking horney I almost started drooling.  More cum flowed from my already rock hard penis.
I began to breath heavily and my hips pumped forward involuntarily from the extreme sexual craving I was experiencing. She grinned very slightly, and spoke in a businesslike manner…”Go down the hallway to Rm 150, down the short stairwell, and there you will receive your entry interview…and do not ejaculate on the way there!”  She looked at me seriously.  I grunted, my face distorted in pleasure and opened the door again, leaving the room.
I hobbled down the hallway trying desperately to think of neutral images as I neared the bottom of the stairs, and finally opened the door, and closed it behind me.

There was a petite, and very pretty woman sitting at a desk, talking on the phone.  She was breathtaking, and I looked at her, almost ready to spill my wad right there.  She spoke with authority over the phone. “If you have anymore problems with him, turn him over to the guards, they have their ways about them.  He must learn to obey completely, without question.   Yes…alright…I’ll talk to you later.”
She replaced the receiver in it’s cradle and wrote something on her notepad.  She dropped her pen and sat back, looking intently at me.

“Looks like you’ve got a major hardon”, she murmured, as she stood and walked around the desk standing a few feet away. “Strip off all your clothes and give them to me cocksucker!,  she grunted, looking at me with a mysterious, and very nasty sneer on her face.
I pulled off my shoes, socks, shirt, pants, and finally shorts, and my dripping peter popped out, standing hard, and dripping cum.
“You’re dripping on my rug cocksucker, but don’t worry about it.” “Flip your pecker up and down a few times, and you’d better not cum!”, she said, leaning back against her desk.  Her ass was absolutely perfect.  She was wearing a very tight business suit, and her hips filled it out magnificently.

I stood there and looked at her and pulled my large ten inch peter to one side, and let it flip back into position  I flipped it back and forth and up and down as she looked on in amusement.  My dick was like coiled steel and my cockhead was large and red.
“You jackoff all the time don’t you cocksucker?”, she grunted, shifting slightly.  She looked me directly in the eyes, quite amused at my embarrassment.
“I…yes I…a few times a day.”  My throat was thick with passion now and my speech slurred. She reached back and retrieved a special elongated dish from her desk and handed it to me. My legs were feeling weak as I stood there, and my dick was still bouncing up and down involuntarily from my intense sexual craving.
I took the dish from her and held it awkwardly, looking at her for some kind of instructions.  “You eat your own cum sometimes, don’t you?”, she quizzed, and I could detect a slight grin, and that she was taking great pleasure from humiliating me.
“Yes I do”,…I grimaced, trying to hold back my load. She looked at me for a moment saying nothing.  Finally she stood straight again, and tapped her foot impatiently. “Well…I think you know what to do don’t you cocksucker?”
I paused momentarily, and then it hit me.  I looked hopelessly at her, and then to the dish, and then began stroking my pecker over the dish.
“Look at me while you do that blowboy!, she groaned.  She shifted slightly, and began to breath a little harder, and I could tell that she was turned on by this kind of thing.
I stroked my throbbing peter slowly at first, then faster as I looked at her, and my face began to distort in pleasure as I whacked my hard weiner off.  It didn’t take long for my dick to squirt, and I jerked forward groaning in deep orgasm as a thick streamer of hot cum splattered into the waiting dish.  I got some on the rug but she didn’t seem to care as I pumped forward several times,  splashing thick cum into the receptacle.
I couldn’t stop shooting and my face was completely flaccid now as my thick gooey sperm filled the dish.

Finally I pumped out my last glob of slime, and held my pecker over the dish as it dripped semen.  I could hardly stand up and was breathing erratically now, still looking into her amused eyes.
We stood there silent again…me holding the full dish…and she tapping her foot  looking impatiently at me.  “Well fuckface you’re not done yet…what are you going to do now?”  I could tell she was becoming genuinely impatient now and looked at me with what bordered on anger. I quickly got her meaning and slowly raised the dish to my face, trying not to spill its contents.
I had the dish to my lips now and steadied myself as I tipped it back. As my peter dribbled dickwad on her rug I felt the first stream of cum into my mouth. I had eaten my own glue before but never so much, and never in a situation like this.
I gulped some down and continued pouring the mess onto my tongue.  I was eating it now and it tasted salty and alkaline and a touch bitter. She leaned against the desk again and slowly rubbed her ass against it, in obvious pleasure.  I filled my mouth with the obscene slime and gulped it down as drops of it fell from my chin.
In a few moments I had eaten the whole dish of scuzz, and she seemed pleased at my efforts. She took the dish and sat it on the desk again, and went back around and sat down.  She looked at me seriously. “Alright you fuck…you think you know what shooting your wad is right now but I assure you we will teach you a whole new world of dick draining while you are here.”
“You have been accepted for our use so now you must go down another level of stairs to Rm 160 where you will sign various legal forms, and where you will receive indoctrination about what is expected of you here.”
“Once you have signed the forms you are legally ours for one year, and that is irreversible.  Two guards will be there to insure that you are aware of this, and to take custody of your body.   You will begin your experience here in a special laboratory where you will be taught the rules by two very capable nurses.  They will make sure you understand your position completely.”
I daresay they will require more semen from you…probably more than you’d like to give.
I trembled and started to grab for my clothes…”Leave your fucking clothes here cum won’t need them anymore once you complete your entry.  Go down to the next level naked and do what they say.”
I turned and went out into the hallway again, closing the door, and slowly walked down the stairs. I could hardly walk and my legs were still very weak.  I looked up the stairs to the main hallway and entrance, and paused for a minute.  Then I steeled myself and padded down the stairs to Rm 160 to complete the process.

A half hour later I lay on a comfortable bed in my own cubicle after having eaten a nutritious meal that they brought to me…and rubbed my sore balls and pecker. I had also eaten special aphrodisiacs and supplements and I found that I would be in a constant state of sexual arousal from now on.
The indoctrination session had been actually quite humiliating, and after being milked while strapped in a fixture, I found that there was a limit to how much cum I could produce, and that going beyond that hurt my balls a lot.  The two indoctrination nurses were incredibly pretty, and their abilities with the lower male anatomy, I found, were quite extraordinary.

They assured me that my balls could produce much more semen than I ever thought possible, and that they would prove it to me in the coming months.

I awoke several hours later…when the door opened…and a well dressed, and gorgeous woman in her fifties came in and sat on my bed. Though tired, I was obligated to fuck her doggie style until I yelled in pain and got my nuts off again.  When we finished, she looked at me like I were a thing to be used as she pulled her panties on again, and left the room. The smell of her hairy cunt hung in the room for hours afterward..

I could only imagine what lie ahead, but, after all, I volunteered to come here, and I would find out what I had let myself in for as the months rolled by.

The End


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