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Late Night Lessons With Mistress Melaina

I awoke to the sound of static on a black, snow-covered TV screen. As usual, I just couldn’t get comfortable on our old mattress. My eyes were mere slits, as I strained to see what time it was on the clock radio. “Ugh, 3:27 in the morning.” I moaned in an inaudible groan.

Reaching for the channel changer, I began my nightly ritual of channel surfing to see what was on. At this time of the night, not much would be. How many times can you watch reruns of Rosanne before you know the dialogue by heart? Still, I chuckled at the way she handled family situations in her sarcastic tone. Some days I wished I possessed her quick wit.

Clicking through the channels, I come across a horror flick I hadn’t seen in a while. I lay there mesmerized, by the suspenseful scene before me, unable to move. “Don’t go in there!” I screamed in my head, because as you know they always do. As the ‘popular girl’ met her untimely death, I quickly turned my head   and the channel. The red light on the channel changer blinked in desperation to find another show.
“Hmmm what’s this?” I whispered to myself. A channel I didn’t normally get was coming in clearly. What caught my attention were the naked bodies engaged in unusual, yet erotic, sex acts. Clicking the “information” button I read what the movie was about: ‘A couple looks for a new way to spice up their intimate relationship. They learn to be obedient, when they are introduced to Mistress Melaina.’ Laying flat on my back for the best view, I fluffed my pillow and settled in to watch their discoveries unfold.

The movie had already been on for almost 30 minutes, so their lessons from Mistress Melaina had begun. The female was kneeling before her chained husband (or boyfriend), she was being instructed to tease him in unspeakable ways. She was told in a stern voice; ” Do not touch him physically or you will be severely punished as well.”

Now, I have never been one for painful encounters, but a little role-playing never hurt. So I lay there quietly, enticed by their actions. I felt my own arousal begin to dampen the thin fabric of my panties. It wasn’t long before one hand drifted to my T-shirt covered breast. The other slipped under the waistband of my panties and between my legs.
Just then, my husband turned toward me groaning and mumbled something incoherantly. I waited until his sleep induced breathing returned to normal. He never actually minded me waking him up in the middle of the night. However, today had been one of those days for him at work, so I didn’t want to disturb him.
My attention returned to Mistress Melaina and her obedient students. As the steamy action progressed I became more aroused. An overflow of liquid sex dripped from my pussy. It covered my fingers, allowing them to slip easily into the soft flesh hidden between my legs. I rubbed my swollen clit until I teetered on the edge of release. Then thrust them deep into my womanhood, over   and over. I rolled and pinched my erect nipples gently between my fingertips, the coarseness of my T-shirt adding extra stimulation.
I heard Mistress Melaina instruct the female to taste her own juices. Playing along, I brought my wet fingers to my mouth and sucked them clean. My need for sexual satisfaction intensified, as I continued to satisfy my own needs. Each loving caress brought me closer to the climatic finish I desired. I was so involved in the sensations coursing through my body, that I hadn’t noticed my husband’s arm move.
Oblivious to Mistress Melaina’s instruction, I closed my eyes and lost myself in erotic foreplay. My body writhed under sensuous caresses. I was careless in my passion, as my hips bucked against my hand. Thoughts of worry about waking my husband disintegrated. A whiny moan slipped from my lips, “Mmm, Ohhh yessss” as I began to tremble with an intense orgasm. I continued manipulating my clit, prolonging my release. Several moments later, my body finally slipped into satisfied unconsciousness.
I heard a male voice speaking in a commanding voice. ” You don’t think your going to leave me like this do you?” It took me a moment to realize it wasn’t coming from the TV. The voice came closer to my ear and whispered. “Your such a horny little bitch. My cock is so hard suck it for me.” I felt him reposition himself on his back. He took my hand in his and placed it on his thickness. Grasping his cock, I moaned.
Turning to face my excited husband, I slid my body further down to accommodate his waiting manhood. My mouth dampened at the sight of it. “No,” he corrected “I want you over me, straddling my face, so I can lick your sweet pussy.” I rose to accommodate his request, forcing him to give me unyielding pleasure. Wiggling my ass in his face, I dared him to use his talented tongue quickly, or I wouldn’t reciprocate. He wasted no time. I felt his first delicious lick invade my dripping cunt. He began licking and sucking at it hungrily.
I threw my head back in pure ecstasy to selfishly enjoy his initial assault. My hips writhed against his willing mouth. ” Ohhh   shit, fuck me with that tongue.” I begged. My verbal appreciation excited him even more. Eyes, glazed over by his touch, opened briefly to swallow his throbbing cock. I sucked and licked at it feverishly   then teased him shamelessly in a slow sensual rhythm. His hand stung the delicate skin of my backside, as a firm reminder of my task at hand and then again.

We drove each other insane with our animalistic passion. I felt his finger slip inside of my dripping hole as his tongue continued. He knew I was close. Then I felt his lubricated finger slip into the depths of my anus. His final forbidden act sent me reeling over the edge. The point of no return had arrived. My body quivered uncontrollably. Pressing hard against him, I allowed the sexual intensity to overcome me.

He waited until my orgasm subsided, then gently urged me to move from atop of him. Although his climax loomed closely, he wasn’t done with me yet. I knew what he wanted. I eyed the armless chair sitting across the room and motioned for him to go sit upon it. The chair wasn’t very wide, so it was perfect for me to straddle him, and the chair. It also, made it easier to control the up and down rhythm of my hips. I quickly got up and removed my T-shirt.
I whispered in his ear from behind the chair, “Would you like me to fuck you nice and hard baby?” He reached to grab my hand to pull me around the front of the chair, but he missed. “Ugh   Ugh   ughhhh” I moved around to the front of the chair and waved my finger in front of his face. “Not so fast.” Not all of Mistress Melaina’s lessons had gone unnoticed. “I want you to beg me   NOW!” I demanded in a stern voice.
His hard cock jumped with little spasms of encouragement. My dominance excited him. “Please fuck me Laurie   Pleassse.” He watched me in quiet contemplation; ‘Was that good enough?’
“Come on, you can do better than that,” I urged. “What is it you want? You’re going to have to beg!”
“Please Laurie ” he whined, ” I want to cum, Please fuck me hard so I can fill you with it. Pleassse I need to be inside of you.” I could tell that this time he meant what he said. His eyes pleaded with me for release.
I moved closer to him and told him in a firm voice, ” I’m warning you, if you touch me without permission, you will not be allowed to finish. Do you understand?”
“Yes, I understand.” He replied.
Straddling his legs, I took hold of his rock hard cock and thrust my wet pussy down upon it. He moaned loudly, as I finally gave him what he longed for. Tight, wet, hot flesh swallowed up his manhood. I sat down forcing him deep within me and wiggled on his cock. He started to raise his hands to grab my hips to control my motions, but the look in my eyes told him he better not.
” You may not use your hands, but I will allow you to use your mouth. You may suck on my nipples   but no biting! You’re my little bitch now.” I was enjoying my control over him. Always eager to please, I discovered dominance to be quite liberating.
So he would not disobey me, his hands clung to the bottom of the seat. His mouth moved from one breast to the other, sucking gently at their fullness. When I was satisfied that he was pleasing me, I began to slowly and deliberately ride his length. By now, my initial taste of dominance had enflamed me beyond restraint. I wasn’t sure I could hold out too much longer myself. My rhythmic thrusts downward became harder and faster.
“Please, don’t stop.” He begged. “Make me cum!” I pounded his shaft with my pussy, no longer caring if he touched me or not. I only had one thought on my mind   and that was to   cum again.
Breathlessly I announced, “I’m cumming.” My pussy involuntarily pulsed along his length, milking him of his final attempt to hold back. It no longer mattered if he had my permission or not. “Give it to me bitch.” I ordered. That was all it took. One last verbal outburst and he was filling me with his load. I felt the hot sticky fluid explode into me. We clung to each other tighter, as I pressed hard against his pelvis.
It felt like minutes before our orgasms subsided, but as they did we passionately kissed each other in appreciation. I rose from his lap and offered a towel to clean up with. I was exhausted and finally ready to fall back asleep. Both of us content, we slipped back between the cool sheets.
“Good night babe.” I whispered.
“Good night Laurie.” He replied. “May I have you again when I wake up?”

I giggled under my breath as I thought; ‘He turned out to be quite an obedient student. Perhaps I would teach him more of what I learned from Mistress Melaina soon.’
“Only if you’ve been a good boy, if not, I may have to spank you before your worthy. Do you understand?” I asked. In the faint light of the room, I saw a smile appear across his face. He answered obediently
” Yes Mistress”

The End

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