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Miss Sadie’s Slave Farm 1

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When Miss Sadie moved into her family estate she vowed to keep the fields plowed and raise both hay and grain for her horses. Not wishing to work them too hard, she put an ad in the local S/m paper for circumcised young men to stay at her estate free in exchange for manual labor After reviewing dozens of applications, she selected 20 of the most promising and had them bussed out from town to her front gate with blindfolds on. Upon arrival, they were led to the barn where they were divested of their clothes and given leather harnesses equipped with butt plugs to wear along with heavy soled “plow boots” as Mistress called them. Thus attired, they were introduced to Miss Whip and Miss Lash, the two slave drivers, and led to the kitchen where 20 bowls of stew were placed on the floor along the back wall.

“Down on your knees and elbows” barked Miss Whip slapping her crop against her tall black leather boots, “Any one who spills will be rewarded by swats from our whips and made to lick it up. Put your hands behind your backs and lap it up, you fucking bastards. Be quick about it too. we can’t stand around all day watching you slobs.”

Unaccustomed to eating this way, several of the slaves spilled food onto the floor and were rewarded by stinging blows from the overseer’s heavy whips as Mistress De Sade looked on approvingly, applying a few whip cuts of her own with her long black dressage whip, swish, WHACK.

When the ordeal was finally over, the slaves wrist cuffs were shackled to their belts and were driven out to the barn to see the gang plow that they would have to pull in the morning. After being fitted with leather helmets, boot rings were snapped on and steel bits inserted in their mouths with reins pulled back over their shoulders and knotted. Then they were lined up 2-abreast beside the plow Mss Whip explained how their wrist cuffs would be padlocked to the chains attached to cross bars in the 30-ft long wire rope that was strung out on the ground in front of the plow. The slaves were then backed into position in their slots, the chains attached to their wrist cuffs and were driven out to the field with the aid of Miss Whip’s stinging lashes to where plowing would start in the morning.

After being unfastened from the plow chains, Miss Whip and Miss Lash snapped the slaves wrist cuffs to their belts again and marched them double time back to the barn with a barrage of whipping. Unfortunately, one of the slaves stumbled on the rough ground and was gruffly pulled up by the knotted reins hanging down his back. and given a sound thrashing.

“Now you know what those knotted reins are for.” jeered Miss Whip as she directed her lash to the culprits naked back. “If you fall during plowing, we will pull you back up with them and whip your ass.”

After the slaves were unharnessed, they were made to wash their equipment, especially the butt plugs, and pass inspection before being allowed to go to the attic slave dormitory where they were laid out in two rows of ten bunk beds, chains pulled through their ankle and wrist cuff and padlocked for the night.

“Now they can’t masturbate!” giggled Miss Lash as Miss Whip snapped out the light with her whip handle.

The work day at Miss Sadie’s slave ranch started with the crack of a whip as Miss Lash stomped down the isle separating the two rows of bunks whipping the slaves balls with a cock whip when Miss Whip snapped on the light and pulled the chains out to the end of the row.

“In the shower now!” ordered Miss Lash as Miss Whip drove the slaves down the hall to the shower room and turned on the cold water for their mandatory morning bath.

When done, they were driven down to the kitchen where Miss Boots had placed their oatmeal bowls on the floor.

“Down on your knees and elbows, hands behind your backs”, she ordered, emphasizing her commands with loud whacks of her cat’o’nine tails whip on the upturned butts of the shivering slaves.

“There. That ought to warm you up” she said taking a vicious swat at a slave who spilled some oatmeal on the floor. “Lick it up, you sniffling bastard” she added giving him a half dozen lashes before driving them out of the kitchen.

After a short, supervised trip to the toilet room, the slaves put on their boots and were driven out to the barn for harnessing. As before, the leather harnesses equipped with butt plugs were affixed to each slave and their leather helmets, bit rings and steel bits emplaced. Their belts were then cinched up tight, wrist cuffs strapped on and attached to rings on their belts and marched double time out to the plow to the tune of much whip cracking by Miss Whip and Miss Lash. who rode behind them on their horses carrying bull whips.

As soon as they were hitched up, Miss Whip cracked her bull whip across the leading pair of slaves and the ten teams bent to their task of pulling the heavy gang plow through the deep English sod. The work was hard and the slaves sweated under the drivers lash until they reached the end of the row where they were allowed to rest while Miss Lash tried to pour water down their throats from ladle which she refilled from a bucket.

Just then Mistress De Sade rode up on her high horse, pulled him to a halt and slapped her long black riding whip against her thigh high black leather boots.

“What’s going on here” she demanded?” Why aren’t they pulling the plow?” “We stopped to give them a drink of water” responded Miss Whip meekly.

“Well, I didn’t give any orders for that “asserted Miss De Sade. “See that they sweat it out or I’ll have you trussed up and whipped.” “Yes, Mistress De Sade” mumbled Miss Whip and Miss Lash as they cracked their bull whips across the naked slaves backs with a vengeance and turned the plow around for the next furrow.

“That’s better”, said Miss De Sade, “I want to see lots of whip marks on their fucking butts at inspection tonight.”

So saying, she slashed her horse with her whip, drove her huge rowel spurs into his sides and galloped over the hill to visit her girlfriend’s estate hoping that there would be some whipping tasks she would be asked to perform.

The slaves bent to their tasks under the wicked bull whips of the drivers as the sun became ever hotter and sweat streamed down their naked whip-marked backs. They were allowed water occasionally, but due to the restrictive bits in their mouths, much of it dripped out to the amusement of the drivers.

At noon, they were double time marched back to the barn and fed in harness from buckets hung in horse stalls and allowed to urinate before being driven out again for the afternoons work in the fields where the drivers plied their whips with glee.

“Come on there slave. Pull for your Mistress.” WHACK WHACK WHACK Whenever a slave stumbled, Miss Lash would dismount and yank him up by the reins while Miss Whip flogged him from horseback, raising her whip high above her shoulders and bringing it down on the unfortunate slaves sweating, whip marked back.

“Get up there,” she shouted cracking her whip over the slaves’ backs. “Mistress wants this field plowed by sundown.”

When the sun finally slipped down behind the hill, the slaves were unharnessed, driven back to the barn and unharnessed.

“Into the showers now” barked Miss Whip. “Take your butt plugs with you and wash them well with soap and water. Inspection will be at 5:30 sharp and Mistress does not like to be kept waiting.”

The slaves gratefully repaired to the shower room where, under the supervision of Miss Boots who wore hip rubber boots and carried a long black rubber whip.

“No masturbating now” she ordered, smacking her wet rubber whip against her high boots “or I’ll use this whip on your cock.”

At 5:30, the slaves were assembled in the barn along a line of drain holes in the floor, their legs spread, hands behind their backs to await the arrival of Miss De Sade.

“Eyes front” commanded Miss Whip when the Mistress made her appearance at the barn door. She had changed into clean white riding britches, over the knee black leather riding boots equipped with spurs and a thin white shirt that allowed her ample bust to show a very revealing cleavage. She carried a long black dressage whip in her gloved hands and flexed it almost double as she strode down the line of slaves, flicking their cocks and balls as was her whim.

“Now. my slaves, we will have a wanking exercise. When Miss Whip cracks her whip, you will start to masturbate. Aim your disgusting spunk at the drain hole in front of you. If you spill any, I’ll make you like it up while I whip your ass. The first one who cums will serve me tonight, and the last one will be flogged stretched out on that bale of straw” she said pointing with her whip to a straw bale in front of her.

Just then, Miss Whip swung her long black leather bull whip: CRACK! “MASTERBATE NOW! SPANK THE MONKEY. BEAT IT OUT,” ordered Mistress De Sade. Show me how much dirty spunk you naughty slaves have for your Mistress.”

The slaves quickly brought their hands out from their backs and began to stroke their cocks as hard and fast as they could while the Mistress strode back and forth beside them, offering encouragement with her whip lash to their balls and inner thighs while Miss Lash attended to their backsides with a cat’o’nine tails whip.

Suddenly one of the slaves groaned and shot his load, aiming it down towards the drain.

“Aha” sighed Miss De Sade as she attached a leash to his slave collar, “You came first, but you missed the drain, You will be punished. Get down on your elbows and knees, hands behind your back and lick it up while I whip your naughty ass.”

She then took up a position along side of the kneeling slave and began to lash his upturned butt as the others continued to stroke their cocks in time with her whip strokes.

After a while she paused in her efforts to punish the slave and inspected the other slaves to see if they had shot their load into the drain holes. Those that missed were flogged by Miss Whip or Miss Lash as they kneeled to lick up their mess. Reaching the end of the line, she spied a slave still stroking his cock.

“YOU”, she shouted “haven’t cum yet. Take him to the straw bale, stretch him out and give him 25 lashes.” she commanded Miss Lash who obliged with alacrity “Come on you fucking bastard.” she said yanking the poor slave with a leash attached to his collar. “Lean over this bale of straw while I shackle your wrist cuffs to the whipping post.”

So saying, she tied his wrist cuffs together and snugged them up tight to the whipping post in front of him, then attached his ankle cuffs to a pin bolt in the floor behind him and stretched him tightly over the bale of straw. “Make him count the strokes”, ordered Miss De Sade.

“Yes Ma’am” came the brisk reply followed by a loud WHACK sound and a weak “one” emanated from the slaves mouth. WHACK “two” WHACK “three”….

At the count of ten, Mistress De Sade picked up the leash of her cowering slave and led him off for the night as the old barn was filled with whipping sounds.

“Come on, slave” she said yanking on the leash, “let’s see what amusements we can arrange for tonight.”

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