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Miss Sadie’s Slave Farm 3

Mistress Sadie lounged in a hot tub after butt fucking her slave and listened to the sound of swishing whips as the slaves scrubbed the floors under the watchful eye of Miss Whip and Miss Lash. “Music to my ears,” she mused as she sponged her sex off roughly thinking about how she would punish the slaves later. Then she turned on her XX rated video “Pony Boys” and watched it while eating lunch. When done, she got out her multi-speed vibrator, lay back in her chair with her knees drawn up over the arms, smeared astroglide on the vibrator and slid it up her cunt, increasing the speed whenever one of the Pony Boys got whipped until she climaxed.

“Who needs men anyhow,” she mused before she dozed off for her nap.

A little while later she planned her wardrobe for the daily inspection routine. She wore her black leather riding pants, shiny black Spanish riding school tall boots with swagger tabs, a black leather bras, black leather riding gloves, stuck a riding crop down inside her right boot and selected her best dressage whip from the whip rack. Thus attired, she strapped spurs on her boots and clanked downstairs where she took a tour of the slave-scrubbed house with Miss Boots.

“Look at that!” she exclaimed. “Right there by the front door. See those boot marks? Put that down in your little black book. I shall have them punished for that, all right.”

After touring the house, they proceeded down to the stables where Miss Whip and Miss Lash had the naked slaves lined up for her daily inspection.

“Eyes front! Hands behind your back. Pelvis out. Legs spread!” ordered miss Whip as the Mistress approached.

Miss Sadie picked up a long -handled ladle with a sort of half cup on the end and took her time inspecting the slaves as she stopped to tickle (!) their cock and balls with her whip lash before rubbing her gloved hand over his butt to check for whip marks and/or welts. She was humming a little tune as she went down the row of slaves, looping the wrist loop on her crop around a slave’s ball sack and tugging on it while placing the ladle’s cup up under his balls and lifting them up while Miss Whip and Miss Lash patrolled the line up with their heavy floggers quick to punish a sound or movement from the slaves. When she found a slave’s butt red with multiple welts she asked what he had done to deserve the punishment.

“He knocked over his pail and spilled the soapy water all over your floor,” said Miss Whip.

“Oh, he must be clumsy,” said the Mistress. “He needs touching up, don’t you think?”

“Yes Ma’am,” answered Miss boots with a grin as she fingered the knotted tresses of her cat’o’nine tails whip.

“Hitch him to the training cart then and I’ll put him through his paces,” said Miss Sadie as she slapped her riding whip against the offending slaves already red-streaked butt..

While the overseers harnessed the guilty slave and secured his wrists to the training cart, Miss Sadie stood in front of the gang of slaves and had Miss Boots read the account of dirt spots they found.

“You will each get 15 lashes for messy work. Stretch them out over that bale of straw Miss Lash and lay on with a will.”

“Yes Ma’am” grinned Miss Lash shaking the knotted strands of her cat’o’nine tails whip at the trembling slaves.

As soon as the offending slave was locked between the shafts of her buggy, Miss Sadie got in the drivers seat, gathered the reins in her left hand and picked up the buggy whip from the whip socket on the dash and snaked it across the slave’s back.

“Giddy-ap, slave!” she shouted as she applied the whip to his naked back

Then ,just as suddenly, she yanked and sawed on the reins yelling “WHOA!”

Pony Boy was jerked backward to a sliding stop by the pain of the cruel steel bit that crushed his mouth and almost stumbled as Mistress hit him a cruel blow with her whip.

“Clumsy slave,” she said. “Get up there.”

WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, went the whip as she made him run around the arena. With his wrist cuffs locked to the shafts that way, he found it very difficult to run, a fact that the Mistress took advantage of by whipping him first with a forehand swipe and then a backhanded one so that his back was streaked with livid red welts when she sawed him to a stop.

“BACK!” she yelled, yanking on the reins and cracking her buggy whip across his shoulders. “BACK!”

As soon as he had backed a few steps, she shook the reins and whipped him up again “Get up there!” she shouted while whipping hard and pulling on the left rein as he ran around the arena. Then she repeated the exercise in the opposite direction till the slave was covered with sweat and whip marks and stumbled.

At this point, Miss Sadie replaced the buggy whip in its whip socket, tied the reins around a cleat on the dashboard, got down from the cart, pulled a riding crop from her right boot and proceeded to flog the fallen slave’s butt with well placed blows. When finished flogging the poor unfortunate slave, she kicked him in the ass and told the attendants to “Stretch him over a bale of straw and give him 25 lashes.”

Then she called for her horse to be saddled, mounted up and whipped him out the gate. The sun had come out and shone brightly on her polished boots and silver spurs as she galloped over her ancestral fields, threw her had back and laughed and laughed and laughed. She vowed to get them out in the fields in the morning and pull the heavy gang plow through the wet sod under her drivers’ lash.

Men are such slobs, she thought as she tried to decide which of her sex starved slaves to take to bed that night.

“I think I’ll take #19” she mused. “His cock twitched when I tickled it with my whip lash, his balls seemed heavy in my scrotum cup and I liked the way he reacted when I tugged at his balls with my crop’s wrist loop. I think he’s a true submissive. He’ll get his chance to prove it tonight or I’ll beat it out of him!

Then she put spurs to her horse and galloped off into the sunset, her blond hair streaming behind her in the wind.

The End

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