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More Coffee?

‘Would you like some more coffee, Sue?’ Paula asked as Sue’s cup was nearly empty.

‘I think I may before we get started,’ she replied. ‘Get that slave of yours to bring some in, and tell him to be quick!!’

The other girls, Karen, Jean, Samantha and Heather, all giggled excitedly and glanced at the door waiting to see Paula’s slave, Colin, come into the room. Paula rang a small bell, and within a couple of seconds, Colin came quickly through the door. He was dressed as a French Maid, complete with suspenders and fishnet stockings, and had a leather hood on his head to protect his identity, and he stood self-consciously waiting for his orders.

‘Bring in another pot of coffee for the girls and be quick about it, you little runt’ Sue barked at him.

The girls all smiled as he hurried out, his bare arse showing as the skirt of his maid’s outfit swung up as he turned, all wishing they could dominate their husband like this. The group had began when Paula had threatened Colin one afternoon when he was tied up, saying if he did not mend his ways and do as he was told, she would advertise for a group of girls to come for tea and to humiliate and torture him. Colin had always fantasised about performing in front of others, and she decided to call his bluff. Colin had laughed, knowing it would be impossible for Paula to find several ladies to carry out her threat, as women were much less likely to be interested in bondage. Paula, however, carried out her threat and put her request for ladies to join her on as many internet sites as she could. She was not surprised to hear nothing for a while, but then received a couple of replies from a site on ‘Husband Domination’, and the group were having their first meeting. All the ladies had one thing in common – they wanted to humiliate and dominate their husbands, but had not yet got up the nerve and had decided to learn as much as they could from Paula. Sex was never on the agenda as they were all completely faithful to their husbands, they just wanted to learn about male humiliation.

‘How did you ever get your husband to dress as a maid in suspenders and stockings?’ Heather asked. ‘Mine would never, ever go for that!!’ ‘I saw him looking at my knickers longingly one day, and made him put them on. Then it was suspenders and nylons. He was always into lingerie but I never knew. Apparently he used to dress up in his mother’s corsets and nylons when a young boy. It seems as though many men have cross dressing fantasies. Just try it with your husband and see what happens.’

The door opened, and Colin came into the room with the pot of coffee suspended from the end of his cock, which was stretched and purple-coloured as the weight of the coffeepot pulled it to its maximum length. ‘Fill everyone’s cups, and be quick about it!!’ Paula ordered.

Colin was glad to take the weight off his stretched member and poured the brown liquid into each cup.

‘Ooo, I don’t think that I should have anymore as it just makes me want to pee!’ Heather piped up in her high-pitched voice. ‘That’s the very idea, darling. It will humiliate Colin more if you have a good volume of the golden liquid to get rid of,’ Paula replied with a dirty grin on her face. ‘Get out of the room now, Colin, and get naked for us and bring in the bag of gear when I ring.’

Colin moved quickly out of the room, the empty coffee pot swinging on his cock as he hurried out. Once outside the room, he sighed and took off the coffee pot and placed it in the kitchen. This had been an idle threat, a game that they would make a fantasy out of, but Paula was becoming more dominant in their relationship and this was just another step to his total domination. To stand in front of these women in a French Maid outfit was bad enough, but Paula had shaved every single hair off his body and he was going to have to stand in front of these ladies for them all to see. He collected the bag of bondage gear as ordered and stood waiting for the bell to ring, his heart beating ten to the dozen, as his ultimate degradation would begin. ‘Shall we begin to have some fun?’ Paula asked the rest of the girls. ‘Yes please,’ they all answered expectantly.

The bell rang and Colin swallowed hard and resisted an urge to run away and open the door to the room and timidly went inside shielding his pubic area from the girls view with the bag. Paula told him to drop the bag and stand straight. Colin did as he was told and he began to sweat under the leather mask as he reddened with embarrassment.

‘Good lord!! He’s completely shaved!!’ the girls shouted in unison. ‘How did you manage that,’ they continued.

Paula’s face took on a smile of pride as she realised she had managed to do something to impress these ladies. ‘I tied him up and when he was helpless, I took an electric razor and shaved him. He tried to struggle free, but once I had taken most of one side of his pubic hair off, I took a picture of him with our digital camera and threatened to send it to his boss if he did not settle. That soon quietened him down and I finished the job. Feel how smooth his body is.’

Samantha ran her hands over his pubic area and giggled as she felt how smooth it was. The others tried the other areas and Jean was surprised to see his armpits as smooth as a baby’s bum. Colin was mortified as all these strange women pawed him and the final humiliation came as he had to bend over so Karen could check that his arse was clear of hair too. They all sang their praises to Paula and complemented her on a fine job and they all said they wished they could do that to their husbands at home. ‘Well you have seen it and know how it was done, now go home and let him know who is boss!!’ Paula replied. ‘Now let us start the first game. Lie down in the middle of the floor, Colin.’

As he was getting into position, Heather became red and piped up, ‘I told you not to give me that extra cup of coffee, it has gone straight through me!!’

‘Good.’ Paula replied. ‘Stand up Colin, let me put the blindfold strip on your leather helmet.’

Colin stood up and Paula took a strip of leather from the bag that was held to the mask with press-studs. She then told Heather to guide Colin up to the loo and put him in the bath and then pee all over him!! ‘I couldn’t do that!! It would humiliate him beyond belief!!’ She shrieked. ‘That is the whole point, silly. He cannot see your pussy, and you can imagine it is your husband.’ Paula pointed out.

Heather took a bit more convincing before she gingerly took hold of Colin’s arm and lead him to the bathroom. She helped him into the bath, the urge to pee getting stronger as she ripped off her tights and knickers, and stood awkwardly over him.

Colin lay against the cold bath waiting the onslaught of the warm liquid. He had been peed on before, but never by a stranger, and his cock began to rise in anticipation. He began to breath quicker as it seemed ages before he felt the warmth of the jet of liquid against his body. Samantha was obviously enjoying herself as she directed the stream against his chest and then his cock which was now fully erect. Samantha sighed as the stream came to an end. She dried herself on a towel that had been provided for that use and redressed.

‘Anyone else want to go before we start?’ Paula asked with a grin.

‘Well I could go if it is not too much trouble,’ Karen said in a shy voice. One by one, they all lined up to go to the bathroom.

Colin was cool as Samantha finished and the liquid began to evapourate, but at least his humiliation had come to an end. He began to rise, but a voice told him to lie back down, and there was a rustle of clothing before a pair of feet came either side of him.

‘I don’t mind if you watch me doing it’, said a voice, and  Colin could only guess who it belonged to. Oh no, he thought, it was bad enough getting peed over, but now they are all going to watch!! All the girls, including Paula, were crowded into the bathroom and around the door, as Karen stood above Colin, her pink buttocks quivering as she began to pee over his erect cock. The girls all cheered as her golden stream splashed all over him. Jean was next to stand over him, but she was more towards his head and she bent her knees and directed the jet of pee into his mouth. Colin spluttered as the first drops hit his mouth and he closed his lips, but Paula ordered him to open his mouth and swallow her offering. Colin swallowed the bitter liquid as fast as he could, but some ran down his chin and chest. The other girls stood and gasped – surely this was the final humiliation for a husband, to drink his wife’s friend’s urine. The remaining girls all made him swallow their pee before redressing and going downstairs. Colin eventually got out of the bath and dried himself on an old towel and then made his way downstairs.

‘Lie down there, slave. Now girls, our first game will involve throwing dice and putting the corresponding number of pegs anywhere on Colin’s body’ Paula explained. ‘Obviously there are more sensitive parts than others, and the longer we take, the more pain the slave has to endure. The person to put the last peg on before there is no room for anymore, is the winner.’

Paula brought out several hundred pegs of both the wooden and plastic variety. She decided to go first, threw a 3 and picked up 3 pegs and placed them down Colin’s erect shaft, the peg pinching the skin as she did so. Samantha was next, but she hesitated and pleaded, ‘I have never touched a man’s cock except for my husband’s. I don’t know if I can do it. Give me some support.’

The girls began to cheer on Samantha and clapped in unison as she rolled the dice, got a 2 and gingerly placed two pegs on his cock, holding it just a little longer than she needed to.

‘Oh that was good,’ she cried, ‘Can’t wait for my next turn!!’ Gradually pegs appeared on the full length of his cock, all over his balls, the spare tyre on his sides, and Colin began to moan as the pain of so many pegs began to bite his body. His legs and arms were next, and he really thought he would pass out with the pain as the girls were thoroughly enjoying themselves.

‘Think you are the winner, Samantha, as can’t see where Paula can put anymore pegs as his body is covered.’

Paula picked up the dice with a grin, rolled the dice and it finally stopped with six small dots showing on the face. ‘Oh bad luck, Paul.’ The girls cried in unison. ‘A one or a two and you might have done it, but a six.’

‘Tongue out!!’ barked Paula.

Colin froze when he heard those words. Paula had once put pegs on his tongue and it really hurt. No she couldn’t do it again!! He hesitated, but the pain from the hundreds of pegs on his body was excruciating and he wanted the game to end, so out went his tongue. One by one, the pegs were applied to his tongue and the pain began.

‘I am the winner,’ crowed Paula. ‘Suppose I know all the best places as I have done it so much. You will be harder to beat next time.’ Colin was now pleading in his mind for the pegs to be taken off, but Karen had other ideas and she outlined her plan in a whisper so Colin would not hear.

‘It is pouring down outside, lets stand Colin up, take him into the back garden in the rain and let him take his own pegs off. It will take a while and he will get cold and wet!!’

‘Great idea,’ replied Paula, ‘and we can play another game when he comes back in cold and wet. I will tell you when he is outside.’

They ordered Colin to get off the floor, but he needed some help and he was crying out in pain as they lead him outside. He had no idea where they were taking him, and as they pushed him outside, they told him to take the pegs off himself. It was pouring outside and Colin was grateful that at least he had his hood on. He began to take the pegs off starting with the ones that had been on the longest. The skin was red and raised wherever a peg had been, and he worked as quickly as he could but soon his fingers were numb with the rain and cold. It took him some time before he was free and able to go back into the room dripping. Paula had put an old blanket down and she told him to lie down on it. His nostrils caught the odour of something he knew only to well and his heart sank – oh no not that!!

Whilst Colin was outside, Paula had got a candle for them each to light and she told them the object of the game was to see who could put the last bit of candle wax on Colin’s body before he screamed out loud. Then the winner could give Colin the same number of lashes with a whip anywhere on his body she liked. The girls were a little unsure as Karen had cried out as a little bit of hot wax was splashed onto her hand. ‘He has to be humiliated and hurt, that was our plan.’ Paula pleaded, ‘Don’t chicken out now!!’

Paula took some leather straps and tied Colin’s hands and feet to points so that he was spread-eagled on the floor and unable to move. She picked up her candle and began the game. ‘See where the skin is raised and red from the pegs, if you aim there it really hurts!’ She aimed the wax onto the shaft of his cock and he moaned out in pain, trying to shake himself free of his bonds. ‘See, he likes it.’ she added, and the girls began to play the game gingerly at first. Soon his cock and balls were covered in various colours of wax and they began on his tits. This had always been a very sensitive area for Colin, and soon he cried out for it all to end and Jean was declared the winner. ‘Before I get to whip him, lets peel it off quickly in case it stings him!!’

Soon they were all over Colin and he had to stop himself cumming as hands were all over his cock and balls, and he was sure that he felt a finger or two slyly feeling his anus.

‘It was his tits that let him down, funny enough,’ said Heather, ‘I would have thought it would have been his balls.’ ‘He really hates anything done to his nipples.’ replied Paula. ‘I once put a needle through each nipple and he screamed out in pain. It was great.’

The others looked in disbelief – no they argued, surely she could not have stooped that low. Yes, she had said, and she would show them. Colin let out a wail as he heard the discussing piercing.

‘Please no,’ he cried, ‘Not that. P-l-e-a-s-e!!’

‘Shut up little runt!’ Paula snapped back. ‘You were the one who wanted to show how good a slave you were to other people, now let me enjoy myself.’

Quickly Paula got out a set of long needles and some disinfectant. She cleaned the needles, cleaned his nipples and prepared herself. The others looked in awe as she took hold of one nipple and pushed the needle through his red teat in one rapid movement. He cried out in pain but was held in his bonds. The other was soon put through the other side, and the ladies cried out in glee.

‘What about his cock and balls?’ they enquired in unison. ‘Okay, we’ll do it,’ relied Paula.

His cock and balls were covered in disinfectant, and the all the girls asked if they could pass a needle. One by one, they grasped either the shaft or his ball sack, and pushed the needle through the skin as Paula had shown them. They smiled at their handy-work as small trickles of blood crept down his body from his wounds.

‘Can’t wait to get my Eddie tied up now,’ ventured Heather, ‘and try this on him.’ They all agreed that they would try it now that they had been shown how easy it was to do. They took out the needles one by one, making sure the bleeding had stopped.

‘Here is the whip, where would you like to give him 6 strokes, Jean?’ Paula asked.

‘On his cock!!’ she replied.

She too the soft leather whip and gave him six firm strokes across his cock and Colin flinched in agony as each stroke hit him. As she finished and Colin had relaxed, she hit him once across the balls and Colin winced in pain.

‘One for luck,’ Jean added with a grin.

‘I really have to go soon,’ Karen said,’ as my kids need picking up. Anything else to do for the ultimate humiliation?’

Colin could hear whispering, and his hand and feet were freed from his bonds. He felt hands pushing him outside again into the pouring rain and a voice added, ‘Stand in front of the window and wank until you cum and catch your spunk in your hand. You cannot come in until we see that beautiful white liquid!!’

Colin walked around to the window aware that he could be seen by someone walking down the path at the side of the house although they were sheltered by bushes. He took his erect cock and began to rub the shaft vigorously in the pouring rain. His mind recalled the humiliation and pleasure he had received today – the peeing that he loved so much, the pegs, the wax and the finally agony of the needles. Yes, these married women had all watched his cock be tortures. He felt the tell tale tightening of his balls and soon he was shooting his spunk onto his outstretched palm. He suddenly realised he was wet and cold and showed his spunk to the girls who were all laughing and clapping. He walked through the kitchen door and back into the room and held his spunk-covered palm for all to see.

‘Now for the ultimate humiliation, girls’ Paula said in a light, cheerful voice. ‘Now lick it into your mouth Colin.’

‘Oh, no!!’ cried Jean. ‘No man would ever do that!!’

‘But he is not a man, Jean, he is my slave and will do as I say!!’ Paula replied.

The girls stood goggle-eyed as they watched Colin’s tongue came out from the mouth hole in his hood and pick up the spunk little by little. They were amazed and could not believe that Colin could be humiliated so much in front of Paula’s guests.

‘Open your mouth and show us you have swallowed it.’ Paula added. He opened his mouth and showed Paula he had indeed swallowed it. ‘There you are girls, the final humiliation. The show is over, go and make slaves of your husbands too. I think Colin deserves a round of applause!!’

They all clapped and cheered Colin who stood stationary with his cock now small and insignificant.

‘Next meeting is on the 17th and I have read about infiltrating Colin’s balls with saline until they grow to twice or three times their original size!! You all game to try it.’

‘Yes, Yes!!’ they all agreed and went to put on their coats to leave. They all wondered what Colin’s face looked like as all photographs of him had been removed but when they had all left, Paula said to Colin, ‘They never will know what you look like, as you are mine alone. She took off his mask and they kissed passionately as they both had been turned on by the experience. Colin’s cock grew large and they were soon fucking passionately on the floor – would she ever let her group see this, she did not know. But..

The End




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