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My Night Excursion With Master

Hi my Master, just thought I would let you know that I had a great idea for tonight, I do hope you are up to it.

Around midnight, tonight, while you are sleeping in our room with her (your wife) sleeping in the room next door. You will get a visit that you won’t forget. If she sleeps through it great, if not she can always come and see first hand, just how great we are.

As sleek as a stalking panther I come down the stairs, clad in only a black lace, crotchless one piece teddy. I see You are sleeping in our room and she is sleeping in the room next door.

Just seeing you laying there, in a dreamy sleep my cunt starts to throb and my clit protrude. As I come up to the bed I silence your sounds of astonishment with a kiss so deep the moaning is just a ripple in your throat. As you slowly wake to the realization, I move my lips to your neck, giving little kissing and nibbling, moving my assault down your chest I take your hardened nipples into my hot, waiting mouth. Sucking and biting from one to the other. As I place my legs on either side of your body, I slip my hard nipple through the lace and into your mouth to silence your murmurs, as you suck and nibble them making them hard, sending quivers through my entire body. I, pressing my wet, hot, cunt onto your belly, moving slowly up and down, around in small circles rubbing the pussy juice onto your groin, while massaging my over stimulated, hard clit. Taking my hard protruding clit down your body, I rub it up and down your very hard, erect, and now massive cock. I rub my clit on the head of your luscious cock until it weeps. Then trailing kisses down your belly until your super hard cock slides straight into my awaiting mouth. I proceed to take it deep, sucking harder and harder as it goes deeper, deeper, all the way to the back. Just before you are ready to cum, I take that awesome cock and stick it deep into my cunt. That is now a river of sweet, hot, delectable juice. Just streaming down your pecker as you repeatedly ram that puppy in and out, harder and harder each time. Making me cum over and over again. Just when I am ready to scream from unbearable ecstasy, I release my cunt grip and put that honking, huge cock back into my mouth where it spews its life giving juice down my throat. I suck and suck until you are drained. We both collapse from the erotic exorcism of that awesome blow job. I give you a kiss, sharing our entwined tastes. As I leave, you fall to sleep, wondering if it was all just a dream, until you lick your lips and swallow. You know now that the dream had come to life.

The End

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