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New Sub 4 Training

I met her in an online chat room. She asked me if I had ever submitted to a woman before and I lied to her and told her yes. I think from my answers she might have known that I was being less than candid but the conversation continued and after a few minutes she departed and I was stirred to look up her profile. She is 40, married and said she had a few extra pounds, reddish brown hair, medium breasts and “nice” hips. The profile said that she preferred docile males who enjoy submission to women. When I read that I immediately became hard as a rock and wished I had told her what turned me on when we chatted.

A few weeks went by and then she suddenly popped up when I logged on. I was immediately hard without even the first word from her. I greeted her by sending a request for chat entitled “good evening Mistress”. She responded by saying that I had improved since our last chat and that she was pleased by my attitude. She then surprised me by asking if seeing her as logged on had stirred me! It was as though she could read my mind. We ended by agreeing to set up a meeting the next time I was in her town. The opportunity was to come soon.

Three weeks later I sent her an email advising her that I would be in town on business and requesting a meeting and adding that if she did not find me acceptable then perhaps she would consider handing me off to one of her girlfriends. She liked that comment but said that my attitude was enough to ensure that I would be acceptable for at least one session. She sent me a one time only slave contract with instructions to fill it out and submit it for screening incident to a formal acceptance inspection and demonstration. I eagerly responded. My quick turnaround also pleased her and she gave me instructions on where to meet her and what to wear.

I was hard all the way over to the shopping center. She had ordered me to wear sweatpants , briefs and a T shirt, with sandals or tennis shoes. I had bathed and shaved specially close, rubbed on an expensive aftershave and combed my thinning grayish brown hair as best I could. I wanted to make a good impression. This was to be my first FemDom session and I wanted it to be perfect. She had instructed me to park in the far corner under a light and to leave my parking lights on. She would be in a dark blue Ford van. I was there precisely at nine PM and it wasn’t thirty seconds before she drove up in the dark van with smoked windows. She pointed a bright flashlight at me and ordered me to enter the cargo door to her van and to lay face down on the floor. I was already rock hard as I did this and while I could see nothing in the glare I heard her chuckle at my stiffened dick. She pulled my wrists behind me and handcuffed me. A blindfold was placed over my eyes and she told me to relax that we had a way to ride.

After what seemed a half and hour of stopping, turning and moving, we stopped and I heard her place the van in park and leave the motor running. She then came into the back and cut my clothes completely off with a pair of what felt like heavy shears! I protested and she said, ok bozo, there is plan A and plan B. Plan A is that you submit to me as you agreed and I use you until breakfast. Plan B is that I release you and just drop you off naked in the park. You decide, the good news is that either way someone is going to get some sex from you. I quickly begged for plan A. She laughed and gave me a painful swat on my ass, “good boy”. This gave me a raging hardon, I was her total slave! Even if she released me I was still the victim of her whims and desires. My heart was racing and I still didn’t know what she looked like, the shape of her body or even what side of town we were on.

She opened the garage with what sounded like a garage door opener and seemed to drive the van inside. I could hear voices inside her house and some music. My hardon immediately went soft as she led me out of the van and down some stairs to what I think was a basement. Once there she put a collar on my neck and snapped it to some kind of support like structure behind me. The handcuffs were removed and my hands were left free. My arms were secured just above my elbow to something as were my ankles. I was blindfolded, naked, spread eagled in this woman’s basement with a party going on upstairs. My clothes had been destroyed, I was totally restrained and starting to get hard again. She then bent down and put my dick into her mouth, licked and sucked it for a minute or so and then stopped as it got very hard and thick. She said “don’t go anywhere sweetie”, and giggled as she left me there. I seemed to doze off and then suddenly there were female voices entering the room…they were giggling and laughing….”oh look what we have for entertainment this week”, “I wonder what talents this one has.” My dick immediately rose to the occasion and this just excited them even more. Smack! one of them slapped me across the mouth, another fondled my balls and dick and a third reached around and pinched my butt. I was being helplessly abused by women I couldn’t even see. Then I heard several of them doing something to the device I was tied to. It seemed as though they had pulled some pins or latches and then I felt myself being rotated face up. The rack device snapped into place and I immediately felt lips on my thighs and fingers scratching my stomach. I started to whine from the scratches and immediately a pussy was lowered onto my face. “lick and suck it boy”, commanded one of the women. I felt a bunch of hands and fingers all over me, stroking, touching, pinching. Then I heard one of them say, “bring the bitch in, this boy needs a suck job”. I warm wet pair of lips immediately started blowing me while someone else was tickling my balls and the woman on my face was rocking hard on my chin and tongue. I was in heaven. Four women presented their pussies for servicing and the slave girl between my legs sucked me until I was numb then they seemed to leave. I could hear cars starting and people leaving. Mistress came in and released me from the frame but attached my left wrist to a belt around my waist leaving my right arm loose. She then led me to the bathroom and ordered me to relieve myself and to get into the shower. The slave girl was brought in and ordered to wash me then. Afterwards, she dried me off with a towel. I tried to say something to her and Mistress popped me with some kind of whip that really stung me. They then led me into another room and secured my right wrist to my waist belt immobilizing me again.

They had placed me on my knees and instructed me to sit still until my next trial would begin. There was a very long period of silence and then I heard a vehicle drive up and park. I then heard a key in the lock and someone come inside the house. The steps were heavy and I figured that it might be the husband. I was right. He ordered the slave girl to fetch a beer and then I sensed his presence next to me. “You look like the ladies used you pretty good boy”. Well, guess what? Your evening has just begun. I then heard his zipper and the rustle of his pants coming off. I was getting scared now. Mistress came in and explained things to me. The party was in honor of her birthday and I was the present and entertainment for the party. She also told me that there was just one more trial to determine if I was slave material. She ordered me to suck her husband’s dick! I rebelled and she struck me three times with the whip. By the third swat I was asking for permission to suck him off even though I had never had a dick in my mouth before. He sat on the couch and pulled my blindfolded head between his legs, holding my nose and inserting his fat dick. It was about the size of a really big cucumber and I had a hard time sucking him without getting sick from a gag reflex. In a few minutes he came with a series of hard spurts and grunts. I continued to suck, I actually liked the feeling of the hard tubular meat between my lips. He removed his cock and then slapped me across the face telling me that I was ok for a newbie but would get better as time went on! It was then that I realized that I had been hearing camera clicks and strobes recharging. They had me on film! He then did something that really threw me for a loop. He picked up the phone and called a buddy telling him that he had a “new chicken” that needed to learn to suck and asked him if he wanted to come over for a blow job. In a few minutes two guys showed up. The evening was still young.

To Be Continued…

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