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The rising sun’s warming rays glinted off the ocean waves. Her eyes flickered open, squinting to see her surroundings. She lay upon what remained of the ship, bobbing lightly with the swells of the turquoise ocean. There was no land in sight. Something inside her clung to hope, like a newborn clings to its mother. Hope that she would see land or that a passing ship might see her. But part of her also knew that the sun and the lack of drinkable water would most likely get her first.

During the first couple days on her makeshift raft, she had been able to stay alert and awake. Now, it was nearly impossible to keep her eyes open. She drifted in and out of sleep, finding that each time she opened her eyes, the sun had crept higher into the sky. Her mind drifted and she dreamt of hearing voices. She laughed softly as she dreamt of being rescued and placed in a big feather bed. Men came to her and waited upon her, pampered her. She could almost taste the fresh water on her lips.

Her eyes flickered open, ending her dream and bringing her reality crashing back in. A wave slapped against her, filling her mouth with salt water and removing the dreamt taste of fresh water. Tears filled her eyes as her body shook with each sob.

Voices. She could hear the voices now. Did that mean she was dreaming. Or did the sirens come to take her away. Was she now to join the world of the unliving. She was ready. And she told them so with a croaky whisper. Then she drifted off again.

She suddenly became aware of the pain coursing through her body. Her heart sank as she realized that the pain could only mean that her aunt was right, and that she had gone to hell. Her eyes burned without even opening them, she could feel the heat on them. But she had to see her surroundings, she had to see this hell she had been sent to. Her eyes slowly blinked opened. Darkness surrounded her, but intense light seemed to stab at her. A large red human form approached her. Its hand felt like a huge weight upon her head, and she could feel the burning sensation it left on her skin.

The deep voice pierced her eardrums. “She’ll be okay. She’s dehydrated and sunburnt, but she should recover with a few days of bed rest and liquids.” She drifted off to sleep.

She awoke later to find that the pain in her body had subsided. As she opened her eyes, she was able to make out her surroundings. She was in a bed, aboard some form of ship. As she looked around the room, a young man smiled at her before he ran out of the room shouting, “Captain, Captain, she’s awake.”

She sat herself up a bit more in bed, noticing that she was wearing a man’s nightshirt. She peeked under the covers to look at the rest of herself. As the door opened, she quickly forced the covers back down.

The captain, a tall man in his late 50’s with wispy grey hair, smiled and laughed softly at her. “I hope you are comfortable. I figured a lady such as yourself should have the best quarters on the ship. The doctor should be here shortly. You’re quite safe now.”

“Thank you,” she croaked out in a hoarse voice.

The captain waved at the cabin boy, and he quickly fetched her a glass of water. She sipped slowly at it as it cooled her throat’s roughness. She was about to speak again when the doctor entered the room.

“How’s our young lady doing? Back in the land of the living I see.” He quickly sat down beside her. Unlike the captain, he didn’t wear the navy blues but rather the infantry red. Otherwise they could have been brothers. He placed his hand on her forehead. “Yes, the fever has passed. I think you’re now out of harm’s way.”

“Where am I?” she whispered.

“My dear, you are aboard the HMS Redemption. Her Majesty’s navy is here to help make these waters safe from pirates. I only wish we could have been there before you were harmed.” The doctor looked proud in his statement of the Navy’s capabilities.

The Captain asked, “Can you tell us who you are and what happened to you?”

Before she could answer, the doctor cut her off, “She should rest Captain. She needs to get some food in her belly and get some more sleep. We can ask her questions later, once she has her strength back.”

With that the two older men left. The cabin boy ran to fetch her some food. After eating her fill, she drifted off to sleep. She awoke later to use the lavatory with some assistance from the cabin boy to help her move from the bed to the head. She knew that the cabin boy was looking her over, and she figured that he probably had touched her while she slept and they were alone. She was too grateful to be alive to care.

The next day she awoke to find the captain and doctor waiting for her. She was feeling much better even though her body ached. Before either of them could ask her anything, she said, “I am the Lady Carolina of Barcelona.”

“M’lady,” the Captain said, bowing his head slightly. “Which vessel were you on when you were attacked?”

She requested some water and it was brought to her.

“It is a very long story. I think that maybe I should start at the beginning. About 5 years ago at the age of 19, I moved from Britain to marry Don Jose of Barcelona. Shortly after our marriage, he died while on business in Columbia. I sailed to Columbia about 3 years ago to pay my respects to his grave site in Columbia. While there, I decided to visit the country. My late husband had many friends, and they helped me travel and see their wonderful country.”

The doctor, captain and cabin boy all listened intently.

“After a year of visiting and traveling, I decided that I should return back to Barcelona. One of my husband’s business associates was able to secure me passage on a ship carrying coffee back to Spain. Or so I had been led to believe.

“Four days out at sea and we were attacked by pirates. It turned out that the ship was not hauling coffee, but instead was shipping emeralds and gold back to Spain. And the pirates knew this. I hid with my maid in our cabin. The first pirate to come through the door met the sting of my stiletto in his chest. The second one had his sword in motion to strike me when my maid stepped in the way. She dropped to the floor like a sack of flour. I dropped to her as I watched the life drain from her wound. He raised his sword to strike me down too, when a hand grabbed his wrist.”

She took another sip of water before continuing.

“The man that spared my life turned out to be the leader of this band of pirates. I thought that maybe there was a decent man on that ship. I was wrong. He said to his mate that I’d fetch a good price. My hope sank. The mate grabbed me by the hair and dragged me up on deck. I appeared to be the only survivor. As their crew sailed both ships, they tossed the dead bodies overboard.

“They took me up front and below to what appeared to be the gallows. There I was chained and shackled. Before he left me alone, he tore open my dress and bit my nipples. I groaned, and he slapped my face, knocking me down, as he left. About every hour a different one would come to me, tear off some piece of clothing and touch me or bite me. Eventually, they had stripped me bare of my clothes. I was then shackled with my hands over the beam, which forced me to stand on the tips of my toes.”

As she took a sip of water, she noticed that all three men had bulges in their pants.

“The first man to come down and find me in this position, took off his belt. I braced for the feeling of him trying to slide into my womanhood. His belt struck my ass. I screamed with the shock of it. The second strike I was able to stifle my scream. Each strike got harder and I fought hard not to give him the satisfaction of my scream. After about 10 strikes, he stopped and put his belt back on. I was proud of myself for only screaming once. He then reached down and touched my womanhood. It was then that I realized how wet his actions had made me. He smiled and laughed as he left. I thought I had won, but instead, I had lost.

“Mate after mate came down to use their belts on me and check my womanhood. They struck my ass, my legs, my back, my belly and all had the same result. My womanhood was wet. So much so that the moisture had run down my legs. A craving had started inside me. I didn’t want this craving, but I couldn’t help it. I had to have a manhood inside me. As each mate showed up, I would quietly ask him to place his manhood inside me. But they didn’t. I started to beg for it, then I began to scream for it. They had turned me into a wanton whore.”

She blinked a tear from her eyes. The cabin boy excused himself and left.

“The next morning we were in a harbor. The men continued to visit me. I was going crazy. I had to have a manhood inside me. The leader showed up. I begged him to fuck me. He laughed at me. He started calling me a slut and a whore. He asked me if that’s what I was. I hoped that if I agreed that he would slide his manhood into me. I confessed myself to being a slut and a whore. He smiled at me and spanked my ass. I begged him to fuck me. He spanked me harder. It was then that I realized that I was on the verge of an orgasm. He continued to spank me as I climaxed, screaming I was a slut and whore and should be fucked. As I came down from my climax, he slipped an ivory manhood into me, fastened it to my body with a chastity belt and left.

“I could feel this object deep inside me, filling me, filling a need that I had to have satisfied. The spankings continued, and each time I could feel this fake manhood inside me. I imagined it was a lover, and I confessed to be his whore and slut. And each time, I climaxed. Over and over this happened. Then it stopped.

“My hands were unshackled and I was escorted on deck. The sun made it hard for me to see, but I could tell we were in some type of bay. It was hard to move with my womanhood full and the shackles on. I was walked across the gang plank to the other ship. There I was taken below to the gallows and strapped in like before. The visits started again. The ships set sail and once at sea, the other ship was set on fire and left to burn.”

She took another sip of water. The cabin boy had returned. His erection was still apparent to her. The Captain’s pants appeared to be a bit damp in the front.

“But I’m probably going into way too much detail here.”

“No,” they all chimed in together.

“We should know everything that happened,” the Captain stated.

“So we can deal with these men accordingly,” added the doctor.

“That night, the seas were a bit rougher. One of the men came to belt me. He held his candle high as his other hand swung the belt. The ship shifted, and he dripped candle wax onto my sore ass. At first I thought he had shot his hot juices onto me, I came instantly. When it happened again, I became aware that it was the candle, but the effect was equally explosive. Each time the hot wax dripped onto my ass, I climaxed. He stopped and left. I was exhausted, barely able to stand after climaxing about 7 times. He must have informed his mates, because every visitor after him did the same thing and got the same results. By the morning, I was a wreck.

“The next day I was taken down and strapped over one of the cannons. The fake manhood in my womanhood was removed and inserted into my backside. Each visit brought two of them to me. One forced me to suck his manhood, while the other inserted his in my womanhood. I had been craving human contact and now that I had it, I couldn’t get enough of it. They shot their juices in me or on me, I didn’t care, I was getting the manhood that I desired. That night, the fake manhood moved to my womanhood and they used my backside. The next morning their juices oozed out of every orifice, and I was drenched in their juices.”

The men shifted in their seats. She asked the cabin boy to get her some more water. As he did, she could see his erection pointing straight out.

“They removed my bonds and led me up on deck. I was able to see that we were in a bay and that there was some settlements on the island. They walked me out on the plank. As I turned to look at my escort, he pushed me off the plank. I fell into the water. The saltiness stung my wounds. I sank to the bottom before I realized that I could move. I swam to the surface and breathed deeply. My captors laughed from the deck of the ship. A set of strong hands helped me into a rowboat.

“I was taken ashore and lead to a large house on the main street. I entered to find a very striking woman standing in an elegant entranceway. I felt somewhat mesmerized by her. She led me upstairs and into her office. It was large and airy, with a big oak desk sitting in the center of the room and a large bed behind the desk and off to the left. Off to the right was a large wooden cross. Part of me hoped that I was being left with some religious order.

“She directed me to sit in one of the chairs in front of her. I sat and listened, not quite hearing and not quite believing, as she explained that I was now her property and I would work in her establishment. She explained the rules of her house and how I was to react with guests. I nodded at everything she said. She told me to go to the cross, face it and place myself against it. I did as she instructed. She fastened me to the cross and then started to touch me and caress me. When she spanked me, I could feel my juices flowing, and I could hear my voice say to her, ‘Fuck me.’

“She proceeded to cut me down, place me on the bed, attach a fake manhood to herself and fuck me. She fucked my womanhood and my backside. She fucked me hard. She spanked me as she fucked me. Although it felt like a dream, I could feel myself climax over and over. I knew my fate had been sealed. I was now the property of this woman’s house and was to do her bidding.”

She took a drink of water and said that she felt tired. The captain and the doctor excused themselves and left. Before the cabin boy could leave, she asked him to assist her to the lavatory. She leaned on him heavily as he helped her walk. Her position against his body allowed her to rub a breast against his chest and to watch his erection in his pants. As she sat on the toilet, she asked if he could brush her hair. He stood beside her lightly stroked the brush through her hair. She could see his erection pointing at her. She noticed that he was not looking down, probably for fear of seeing down her nightshirt.

Her hand reached out, cupped and lightly caressed his cock and balls through his pants. He groaned and stopped brushing. Her other arm snaked behind him and held him as she removed his hard cock and slowly slipped it into her mouth. She slowly worked his cock with her mouth as he groaned. In a short time, he spasmed and she swallowed his load. He mumbled his “Thank you,” and she said to him, “Isn’t that better than doing it yourself?” He nodded. She looked deep into his eyes and said that he was not to waste his juices, but to save them for her as that was the least she could do for a man that was so kind to her. He nodded his compliance.

He helped her back to the bed, and she slept for a few hours.

When she awoke, she had the cabin boy fetch the captain and the doctor. The captain had the cabin boy leave. As he headed to the door, he looked back at her. She smiled and winked at him. He left with a little smile in his heart. Once the cabin boy was gone, the doctor had her undress and lay on the bed. His excuse was that he had to check her recovery. The captain was present because her recovery was his concern too. As she lay on her back, the doctor poked, touched and checked her body, occasionally pointing out things of interest to the captain.

“As you can see, her womanhood was shaved bare. There is some slight stubble present now,” he had her turn over and his hands spread her ass cheeks, “and even her backside was shaved. You can see the marks on her fanny from where they used what looks like a crop or cane.” His hands caressed the marks.

He had her kneel with her ass in the air as he described how she was sexually abused to the captain. The captain asked her if what the doctor described was true. She responded that it was. He asked her then to describe to them why and how her womanhood and backside was shaved. As she knelt with her ass in the air, the doctor and the captain touching her, she started to tell her tale again.

“My mistress, as I was to call her, ran an exclusive brothel. Her clientele was very well to do. Occasionally, pirate ships would bring her pretty women that she would purchase from them. These women would work for her to service her clients. One requirement was that we had to keep our womanhood and backside cleanly shaven. Our mistress shaved us the first time.

“After she had made love to me the first time, I was taken to my room and permitted to sleep. I awoke what turned out to be about 2 days later. My body was stiff and sore, but I was able to make my way to the washroom and then the kitchen. I had no clothes, but since none of the other women did, I didn’t feel out of place. I noticed right away that the other women were shaved. My unshaved womanhood stood out. Feeling a bit nervous, I returned to my room after having something to eat.

“As I sat in my room thinking about all that had gone on, there was a knock on my door and my mistress entered. She told me to lie on my back and spread my legs wide. I did as instructed, her harshness of tone causing me to get excited. With myself spread before her, she pulled up a small stool and proceeded to lather and shave my womanhood. The feeling of it was so incredible that I could not help but climax. She laughed at my climax and had me roll over into this position. She then proceeded to lather and shave my backside.

“As she shaved my backside, she told me that I was to keep myself clean shaven. She informed me that if I needed assistance, I could ask one of the other girls to help me. Once complete, she rubbed a soothing lotion into my skin. As she rubbed my womanhood, I couldn’t help but moan as my juices started to flow.”

The doctor started to rub her pussy as both he and the captain could see her juices starting to flow. She told them that her mistress spanked her ass and that she begged her to fuck her. The doctor spanked her ass, and she groaned out a breathy, “Mmmmm, yes, fuck me.” She continued to describe how her mistress brought in her first two clients. Her mistress helped one man into her pussy and the other into her mouth. The doctor proceeded to slide his hard cock into her pussy as the captain stood in front of her.

“Mmmmm, yes, just like this,” she took the captain in her mouth as the doctor started to pound her from behind. She described how as one man shot his load, he would leave her room and other man would enter. Her mistress stayed with her the whole time, positioning her and the men. Her mistress had one man pull out of her pussy and slide up her ass. She was then pulled back and laid on top of him as the man that was in her mouth slid into her pussy.

As she described it, the doctor and the captain performed it. Both men were working hard not to cum too quickly. She described to them how these men would rock her back and forth as replacements took their places. She described how she could feel the cum oozing out of every hole in her body. How she climaxed over and over. After about ten men, her mistress stopped the flow, and she was allowed to rest. The doctor and captain could hold back no longer and as they shot their loads deep into her, she shuddered with her climax. She thanked them both as they dressed and left her to get some more rest.

The cabin boy entered shortly after they left. She could tell that his being in her presence would make him hard. She told him how the captain and the doctor had fucked her. He didn’t believe her, so she showed him their cum oozing out of her pussy and ass. He looked crushed and angered. She told him not to be angry, that what she had told them made them do it, and that if they hadn’t done it, she would have gone insane. She then told him how glad she was that he didn’t witness it, and how she wished it had been him. She kissed him on the lips and then proceeded to kneel in front of him and take his cock into her mouth. When she drank her fill of him, she returned to the bed to sleep.

The next morning, she awoke to find the captain and the doctor waiting for her. After using the lavatory, she returned to them. They smiled at her and asked her if she remembered anything else about her mistress and the location of the brothel. She said that she didn’t. She remembered being visited about once or twice a week. The rest of the time she worked around the place keeping it clean.

The captain told her that they would be coming to port the next day, and they needed as much information as she could give them before then. The doctor asked how she escaped and came to be adrift on the ocean. She smiled, undressed and sat on the bed.

“Please undress and join me. I cannot tell the rest of my story without the comfort of you. You comforted me through yesterday’s ordeal, please comfort me through today’s.”

They undressed and lay with her on the bed. They caressed and touched her all over as she told her story.

“One day, my mistress came to me and informed me that the men who had brought me to her had requested my presence for two months. They had paid her well for me, so I was loaded onboard their ship. The men wasted no time in using me. I was shackled, whipped, spanked; my womanhood, my backside and my mouth were used extensively by their manhoods. My body betrayed my enjoyment. As the days turned into weeks, their trust of me grew. I was allowed to roam the quarters and upper deck at will. I’d often be stopped and made to kneel to suck a cock, or bend over to take one in my womanhood or backside.

“One day, a crew member had me hold the wheel and steer the ship as he did me from behind. Another time, three of them took me to the hold. Another couple tied me to the cannon as they used me. I became the ship whore, satisfying whomever wished it. I did it from the lowest reaches of the ship up to the crowsnest, from the bow to the stern. After a month, I was allowed to roam the whole ship freely. It was like one long voyage of carnal pleasure.

“Then it happened. We attacked another ship. It was like I had forgotten that these were the men that killed my maid and the crew of the ship I was on and it all came flooding back. The ship was a naval vessel from France. From what I gathered, it had been following us for a couple days, then one night we looped around behind them and attacked. The French ship was sunk and their crew killed. The men suddenly became more blood thirsty. About a quarter of the pirate crew had been killed.

“The sex became rougher. There were more whippings and shackling. There was more hot wax and spanking. As much as I enjoyed it, I could not get past the realization that these men might just as easily kill me. It was then that I realized that I had to do something to escape. One night as the crew slept, I silently moved through the ship pouring a gunpowder trail from the supply to the stairs. Using a torch, I lit the powder and quickly headed to the top deck. As I emerged on the top deck, a crew member grabbed me, forced me against the rail and started taking me from behind. I thought of struggling, but figured he’d kill me for sure. Dying in the throes of a climax sounded better than at the end of a knife.

“As he climaxed, the first blast shook the ship. The second blast knocked us overboard. When I surfaced from the water, the ship exploded in a ball of flames and sunk quickly. The crew member was floating facedown nearby, a piece of wood sticking out of the back of his head. I found a large chunk of the ship to float on. There appeared to be no other survivors. A few days later, you found me.”

She kissed them both on the lips and asked them to make love to her to help her forget her ordeal. They willingly obliged her. For hours, they fucked and sucked. She had them tie her down and spank her. She let them drip wax on her ass as they watched her masturbate. She’d suck one while he spanked her as the other fucked her hard. She took one in her ass and the other in her pussy. They fucked until all three of them fell asleep on the bed.

The captain and doctor awoke later, dressed and went to dinner. The cabin boy entered shortly after with a tray of food. She ate as he told her that they would be arriving in Kingston tomorrow morning and that the doctor and captain would go see the Magistrate about her. She finished eating and looked at him solemnly.

“They won’t mention me to the Magistrate.”

The cabin boy looked shocked.

“The Captain and the doctor know that they can make me their whore. They know about my secret desires and passions and know how to use them against me for their benefit. I won’t be getting off this ship, because they’ll want to keep me here as a slave to their desires.”

He stuttered, “No.”

“Yes,” she reaffirmed. “At least you will be here my love. Knowing that I can see you and be with you makes the sacrifice worthwhile. Come here now and let me taste you. Make me happy and fill me with your juices.”

He came to her, and she knelt before him. She took out his cock and began to suck on him greedily. He groaned as he came into her mouth. She drank his juices and licked him clean. Smiling, she stood and hugged and kissed him.

“I can get you off the ship, but I have nowhere you could hide.”

“I have a friend that will help me. But I don’t want you to get into trouble.”

“I’ll be okay,” he replied confidently.

She kissed him harder and more passionately.

The next morning after the captain and doctor had left, the cabin boy came to her with a bundle of clothes. He had her quickly dress in a typical naval crew clothing. He told her that she had to talk in a deep voice and that they were instructed by the cook to go to the market to get some fresh chicken for the captain’s birthday dinner. Her breasts were too apparent, so he took some bandages out of the doctor’s bag and wrapped them tightly. Once she was redressed, they left the cabin. They had little problem getting down the gangplank and soon they were heading into town.

The captain and doctor entered the Magistrate’s office. The captain was quick to inform the Magistrate that they had found the Lady Carolina of Barcelona. The Magistrate looked shocked and asked where she was. The captain informed him that she was onboard his ship recovering. The Magistrate called his guard and quickly dispatched a unit to the ship.

“I assure you Magistrate,” the doctor said with a slight note of nervousness in his voice. “The lady is quite alright.” And let’s hope they don’t hang us for the liberties we took with her, he thought.

“I’m not concerned with her safety, gentlemen. The Lady Carolina of Barcelona is also known as ‘The Devil’s Mistress.’ She is a pirate. The British navy had a spy onboard her ship. She didn’t know who the spy was, but she knew someone onboard was a spy, so she blew up her own ship. She had to know that a ship would find her adrift and rescue her. Lucky for us, it was a British ship.”

The cabin boy and Carolina walked slowly through the market. They noticed a rush of soldiers pass them, heading to the docks. She led him into a small alley to a door. She knocked on the door and a beautiful woman in her late 30’s answered. She quickly ushered them in once she recognized Carolina.

“Carolina,” she beamed as she hugged and then kissed her friend. “How good to see you. And in a naval outfit no less. Who is your friend?”

“Deborah, this is the cabin boy from the HMS Redemption.”

“My name is Jacob. Glad to meet you.” He held out his hand. She grabbed him and hugged him tight.

Carolina quickly undressed to get the bandages off of her breasts. Deborah reached over and caressed them. She smiled at Carolina and said, “I think we should reward your hero. Don’t you?”

“Magistrate, she is no longer onboard the ship. The crew said that the cabin boy and another crew member were the only ones to have left the ship.”

“Damn it! Search the market and post guards. I want this woman found.”

The captain and the doctor looked stunned. Had they so easily been tricked by the Devil’s Mistress.

“Magistrate, may I offer my crew to aid in the search.”

“Who else in the crew did she talk to?”

“No one else. Just the doctor, myself and the cabin boy.”

“Leave an armed guard onboard your ship, but send the rest of your crew on shore to help in the search.”

“Yes, m’lord.” With that, the captain and the doctor rushed back to the ship, cursing themselves the whole way.

Deborah undressed Jacob and laid him on the pillows on the floor. Carolina lowered her mouth to his already hard cock as Deborah lowered her pussy onto his mouth. Jacob made up for skill with an enthusiastic eagerness. Deborah ground her pussy into his mouth. Carolina licked and sucked him into a quick orgasm, then slowly worked to bring him back to life. Once she had him hard again, she helped Deborah slip onto him. She straddled his mouth and he started to lick her eagerly. Carolina leaned forward and hugged Deborah to her. They kissed passionately and their hands caressed each other.

It didn’t take too long for him to cum again, shooting his load deep into Deborah. Deborah proceeded to take him in her mouth and to gently suck and lick him back to hardness. It took some time, but soon she was helping Carolina impale herself on him.

“Jacob, are you going to stay with me?”

“I can’t. Helping you off the ship is as much as I can do. If I abandon my ship, they’ll hang me when they catch me.”

“I understand. I’m sorry.”

She kissed him deeply before Deborah straddled his face. Carolina rode him quickly, as she could sense that he was nearing his orgasm. Deborah ground her pussy down harder onto his face. His cock got harder inside her and she started to climax as she kissed and caressed Deborah. He started to struggle underneath them as he realized that his air supply had been cut off by Deborah’s pussy. Carolina could feel him get harder with his struggle for life, his gyrations causing her to explode. She felt his juices explode into her. He continued to struggle for a few seconds before he went limp. They kissed each other deeply as Deborah came down from her climax.

They stood and dressed in some clothes that Deborah had placed out for them. Jacob’s unconscious body lay on the floor.

“Such a shame,” Deborah sighed.

“Yes,” Carolina agreed, “He will awake to find that he helped the Devil’s Mistress escape. He would have been a good addition to our crew.”

They kissed passionately, like those that are truly in love.

“Let’s go Deborah.”

“Yes, my mistress.”

They slipped out into the night.

– The End –

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