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Restraining Order

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“It’s over”, I told you, “So leave me alone. I don’t want to see you or talk on the phone!” Then you were a pest ’til I had no resort But to file a petition against you in court.

The judgment’s been issued to keep you away, But you’re playing dumb on the very first day. You drop by my house and you’re asking me whether I’ll do what you’re wanting and get back together!

“Look!”, I say firmly, “Get out of my house, ‘Cause you’ve seen the last of the treats in this blouse.” I add, even though you look rather defeated, “The judge gave the order, so you can just beat it!”

“What part of ‘No’ do you not understand?”, I ask while repeating the judge’s demand… “The order enforces restraint, so obey it!” You say I deserve it, so you won’t delay it!

You produce rope and I run toward the door. You capture me there, and I fall to the floor. I’m moved to the chair where you’re tying me tightly… My feet to the side and my legs parted slightly.

The judge, you are noting, demanded restraint, And you’re telling me that you have no complaint! The judge was appalled at my lack of decorum And asked you to handle this punishment for him.

You say you’re aware of my lack of perfection, And so, you are pleased to provide my correction! You tell me His Honor quite clearly instructed That I must be punished as well as abducted.

You have the OK from the magistrate’s court That my body, this evening, will serve as your sport! There aren’t any limits you have to observe, And the judge says to give me just what I deserve!

So you have approval to come in my house, And with that, you’re busy undoing my blouse. The mood of the moment’s becoming more haunting Since you have an OK to do what you’re wanting!

Now that my bust line is fully exposed, This evening’s agenda will now be disclosed. Checking a pocket, you’re set to proceed… You swear those two clothespins are all that you need!

And although we’ve played with these clothespins before, I fear that tonight, there’s a new twist in store. Several more seconds confirms I’m correct As you’re placing these clothespins right where I expect.

Since I’m a woman, I don’t need to mention How you have commanded my total attention! I get the gist of your total disdain, And, Babe, I assure you I’m feeling your pain!

– The End –

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