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Stolen Innocence

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The three teenage girls stood close together as the subway slowed to a stop. The doors slid open with a hiss and they stepped slowly out onto the platform, looking around uncertainly. A man in faded jeans and a well-worn jean jacket got off the same car and stood watching them discreetly. He glanced over at another man leaning against a post wearing a black leather jacket and nodded almost imperceptibly toward the girls. The man in the leather jacket walked quickly to the stairs and disappeared up them toward the street above.

The man who’d gotten off the subway walked over to a group of benches near the back wall and stood there as if waiting for the next train, but never taking his eyes off the three girls. They were without question strangers to the city. He’d seen them get off a bus from the outlying suburbs and followed them into the subway. Of the three, two of them were pretty, although one was a little chubby, but not grossly overweight. The third, a leggy brunette with long, wavy hair, was absolutely beautiful. She was about five foot seven with long, slender legs and dark skin, suggesting she may have some Latin blood. She wore tight jeans that showed off her perfect ass and her open jacket revealed a small, but nice set of tits under a tight sweater. Like her two companions, she carried a backpack slung over one shoulder and a duffle bag over the other.

The next one was a little shorter, maybe five foot five, with shoulder length curly blonde hair. She had a pretty face, though not the knockout that the brunette was, and she showed off her nice figure with a pair of tight faded jeans that left little to the imagination. Her legs were slender and she wore a pair of white Nikes on her feet. She, too, had a backpack slung over her shoulder but he couldn’t tell what her tits were like as she wore a loose-fitting windbreaker that was zipped almost to her neck.

The third girl was about the same height as the blonde, but looked to be about twenty pounds overweight. She wore jeans that were maybe a little too tight to be flattering on her chubby frame. Her long, dirty blonde hair fell down her back in waves. Her jean jacket was open and she had the biggest rack of the three by far. Her face didn’t have any of the chubbiness of her body and she was actually prettier than the blonde. The requisite duffle bag and backpack were present, of course.

He judged them all to be around fifteen, although it was hard to tell with kids these days. They may be as young as thirteen. Their ages were of no real consequence. They looked old enough, and that was what counted.

He continued to watch them as they moved over to where a large map of the subway was superimposed over a map of the city. They pointed to it and talked amongst themselves for several minutes. The blonde appeared to be the leader. She pointed to a spot on the map. The others said something to her, then nodded, and they all headed for the stairway that led up to the street. He allowed them a small head start, then followed discreetly.

Katie, Debbie, and Carrie all stood in the busy subway station, looking around anxiously at the people rushing about.

“Over here,” Katie said and walked over to a large map on the wall, her blonde curls bouncing. Debbie shrugged and followed her, while Carrie, the tallest of the three, brought up the rear. They stood studying the map for a few minutes, then Katie groaned.

“Aw, shit!” She pointed to a spot on the map. “We took the wrong train!” She pointed to a different spot. “This is where we were supposed to get off, but we’re way over here!” She moved her finger to another point.

Carrie, the pretty brunette, spoke up. “Do you think your brother could come and get us?”

Katie glared at her. “He doesn’t have a car!” Then her face fell and she lowered her voice. “Besides, he . . . doesn’t exactly know I’m here.”

Carrie and Debbie’s mouths dropped open. “What?!,” Debbie cried. “I thought you said we’d be able to stay with him until we could get our own place!”

“I know what I said . . . and I’m pretty sure he’ll let us! I just haven’t . . . asked him yet!,” Katie replied sheepishly.

“Oh, shit!,” Carrie exclaimed, throwing her hands in the air. “Now what do we do?!”

Katie studied the map again. “Look! There’s a hotel only a few blocks from here that my brother stayed at when he first moved to the city. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s cheap.” She hitched up her backpack. “C’mon . . . we’ll get some sleep and I’ll call Jake in the morning.” They all started up the stairway to the street, completely oblivious to the two men who were keeping a very close eye on them.

Up on the street, the man in the leather jacket was standing by a phone booth on the dark street smoking a cigarette and waiting for them to emerge from the subway. In the alley next to him, a car was parked with the engine running and the lights off.

The girls came out of the subway and turned in the direction of the hotel. There were very few people walking and even fewer cars moving along the street in this slightly run down section of town. It wasn’t one of the more friendly neighborhoods, especially at night. The man let them get a small head start, then dropped his cigarette to the sidewalk, crossed the empty street, and began following the three teenagers. As he passed the steps to the subway, the other man emerged and followed a short distance behind him. Across the street, the car parked in the alley eased onto the street, keeping pace a few yards behind the men.

The girls walked quickly, somewhat aware that it probably wasn’t safe for them to be on the street at this hour. The car sped up and drove past them, then came to a stop at the curb a half a block down the street. They continued walking in the direction of the car, their thoughts only on reaching the relative safety of the seedy hotel. As they neared the car, its darkened windows revealing nothing of its occupants, the men behind them increased their pace to a trot and quickly closed the distance between them.

Carrie heard the running footsteps and turned to see the two men bearing down on them. They had come up on the car and before she could warn the others about the men, the passenger door swung open in front of them. A tall woman got out and stepped in their path, grinning maliciously at them. They tried to go around her, but she moved again to block them, the evil smile still on her face.

“Now, what have we here?,” she asked as the two men came up behind them and stopped. Realizing the woman wasn’t going to let them pass, they turned around to go back the way they came. The two men stood there, arms folded, and the same unfriendly look on their faces.

The woman spoke again. “Don’t you know how dangerous it is for three pretty young girls to be out at this time of night?”

Katie found her voice. “P . . .please! We don’t have any money or valuables! Just let us go, ok?”

The woman’s grin widened as she examined her fingernails. “Well, now, that’s not exactly true.” She looked up at the three terrified teens. “No money? Probably not. You wouldn’t have taken the bus and subway if you had money.” They stared at her, mouths open in surprise.

“H . . .how did you . . . ?,” Debbie stammered, but the woman cut her off.

“But you do have something valuable!” She opened the back door of the car as the two men grabbed them. As they wrestled the frightened girls into the back seat, the woman grinned again. “Very valuable!”

She closed the door. The man in the jean jacket got into the back with the girls while the other man sat in the front passenger seat. The woman sat behind the wheel, put the car in gear, and they roared off down the road.

The three girls sat huddled together in the back of the car while the man in the jean jacket sat next to them. The look in his eyes and the way he openly ogled their bodies made them even more terrified. When they stopped at a red light, Carrie, who was closest to the door, reached down and pulled the handle. Nothing happened. The woman glanced back at her in the mirror.

“That won’t work, honey,” she said flatly, and drove off as the light changed. Carrie sat back in the seat, watching the unfamiliar streets fly by in the darkness. They turned constantly and the girls quickly lost any sense of direction. After about twenty minutes, the car pulled up to a set of double doors at what appeared to be an old warehouse. The man sitting up front got out, unlocked a chain, and swung the doors open. They pulled inside the large, dimly lit space and the man pulled the doors closed behind them then walked over to the car. The woman got out as he got there and he pulled open Carrie’s door.

“C’mon! Out with ya!,” he yelled gruffly. The girls were tugged and pushed out of the car by him and the other man.

“What do you want with us?,” Katie cried. Carrie and Debbie stood clinging to each other, sobbing. The woman ignored her question and started up a long staircase that led to a door. The men shoved the girls after her and they all made their way to the top of the stairs. The woman unlocked the door and led them down several long hallways to an elevator. She retrieved a key hanging on a chain around her neck, inserted it into a keyhole next to the elevator doors, then punched four numbers on a keypad next to the key slot. With a clunk, the doors slid open and they were forced inside. The woman pushed a button and the elevator began its descent.

Katie glared at the woman, acting a lot braver than she felt. “Where are you taking us!?,” she cried, tears of fear and anger in her eyes. The woman only smiled calmly, fixing her with an icy stare.

“All of your questions will soon be answered,” was all she said. Katie, in a fit of helpless rage, raised a fist to hit her, but one of the men grabbed her arm, spun her around, and slapped her hard across the face. Debbie and Carrie stared in horror as Katie collapsed to the floor at their feet. They started crying more, which their captors simply ignored.

The doors slid open. Debbie and Carrie were roughly pushed through them by the woman into a carpeted hallway with several closed and numbered doors along it. Katie was picked up by the two men and half carried, half dragged out behind them. The woman led them wordlessly down the hallway and finally stopped at one of the doors. She unlocked it, swung it open, and motioned for the men to put Katie inside. They pushed her in, first removing her backpack. Katie stumbled to her feet and turned to run back out.

“No!,” she cried, but the door was pulled shut quickly, silencing her scream of protest.

The woman addressed Carrie and Debbie. “As you can see, these rooms are soundproof. And you’re four stories underground. Yelling and screaming won’t help.” She opened two more doors and in turn, Carrie and Debbie were relieved of their possessions and locked in.

Katie hammered on the door. “Let me out!!,” she screamed. After a few minutes she realized that wasn’t going to happen and looked around her prison cell.

It looked like a hotel room. There was a large bed, a dresser, a TV, but no telephone. A door next to the bed led into a bathroom, with a tub and shower. There was a large mirror on the wall next to the TV and two cameras mounted in the corners of the room next to the high ceiling. A piece of paper lay on the table under the mirror. She picked it up and read,

‘The room is soundproof. You will be provided with regular meals and clean clothing unless you are uncooperative. The TV is the only one you’ll get. If you choose to destroy it, or anything else, you won’t get another and you will be punished. Punishment will be severe. Do not think of escape. There is none. You belong to us. Do as you’re told, and you won’t be harmed.’

Katie reread the note. One line, ‘You belong to us’ sent a cold chill down her spine. She dropped the note and collapsed on the bed, sobbing uncontrollably.

The other girls were placed in similar rooms with identical notes. Carrie sat on the edge of the bed looking at her reflection in the mirror.

“What do they want?,” she asked herself out loud. None of their parents were rich, so ransom wasn’t the answer. She picked up the remote control and turned on the TV. A porn movie came on, showing a pretty, naked blonde girl sucking a man’s cock. Carrie stared at the screen, simultaneously shocked and curious. Suddenly a thought came to her. No! They couldn’t want them for . . . that! She was only fourteen! But the more she thought about, the more it made sense.

‘Oh, god!,’ she thought, burying her face in her hands. On the TV, the man’s cum was running down the girl’s face as she smiled and licked his cock.

Debbie examined her room and read the note as she sat on the bed. She stared at herself in the mirror for a few seconds, then got up and walked over to it. Remembering a trick someone once told her, she held her thumbnail up to the glass. There was no space between the edge of her nail and its reflection, which meant it was a two-way mirror. She stuck out her tongue and raised her middle finger to it, then went back over and lay down on the bed.

On the other side of the glass, the woman chuckled. Her and the two men were in a room onto which several of the ‘mirrors’ backed, including the three that held their latest acquisitions. The men were seated at a row of monitors that showed the camera views of all the rooms.

“We have a smart one here,” the man in the leather jacket said with a chuckle. The woman stood behind them and nodded in agreement.

“She’s got the right look, but needs to lose about twenty pounds. Keep her on a strict diet and I’ll speak to Andrew about an exercise program.”

The man nodded. “Yes, ma’am.”

She moved over to Carrie’s room. She was watching TV. The woman smiled to herself. All the TVs in the girls’ rooms showed nothing but porn, twenty-four hours a day. “This one seems promising. Beautiful and slightly perverted,” she mused. Speaking to the man in the leather jacket, but continuing to watch Carrie, she said, “Bring her to the suite tomorrow. We’ll see what she’s made of.” The man nodded and smiled. Going to the suite with a new girl was always fun, but this one was a knockout!

They moved to Katie’s room. She was still lying on the bed and appeared to be asleep. “This one will need a little . . . special conditioning. We need to rid her of that attitude.”

The man in the jean jacket spoke up. “Shall I pay her a visit?”

The woman nodded, still watching Katie. “Yes. I think she would benefit from your talents, Dave.” Dave grinned and ran his hand through his thick dark hair.

“What time?”

She placed a hand on his shoulder. “Let her sleep for a few hours first.” As she turned and left the room, the two men grinned at each other.

“Wanna flip to see who breaks in the fat chick?” They both laughed and followed the woman out of the room.

Carrie opened her eyes. At first, she was confused. Nothing was familiar. Where was she? Then she realized she’d slept in her clothes and the previous nights horror came back to her. ‘Oh, shit!’, she thought, her hands covering her eyes. ‘I was hoping it was just a bad dream!’ She sat up and looked around. There were no windows and no clock. It could have been morning or night, she had no idea. The TV was still on and another porn movie flashed across the screen. She got up, turned the TV off, and looked at herself in the mirror. She was about to go into the bathroom when her door swung open. An elderly Chinese woman entered pushing a serving cart. She took a tray of food from the cart and set it on the table with a nod and a brief smile to Carrie. Then she placed some clothing on the bed, bowed politely, and left with her cart. There was a folded note on her food tray. She went over and picked up the note.

‘Eat breakfast, take a shower, and put on these clothes. You have one hour. If you’re not ready in time, you will be punished.’

She put the note down, went over to the bed, and examined the clothes. They consisted of a very short mini skirt and a tight, cutoff t-shirt. There was also a pair of red thong panties, but no bra. She sighed and dropped them to the bed.

She looked at her breakfast; scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, and orange juice. Not wanting to risk ‘punishment’, she sat down and ate. It was actually quite good. She hadn’t realized how hungry she was. When she was finished, she undressed and went into the bathroom and took a shower. There was a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, and some basic cosmetics on the counter. She finished and came back out into the main room. As she picked up the new clothes, she noticed her own clothes were gone. She knew she’s left them on the bed, but they were nowhere to be seen.

Not wanting to be late for whatever they had planned for her, she put on the tiny thong panties and skimpy mini skirt, then squeezed the tiny t-shirt over her perky baseball-sized breasts. It was barely long enough to cover her nipples and the skirt just hid the panties. She looked at herself in the mirror and thought, ‘Christ, I look like a hooker!’

Just then, the door swung open and one of the men from the previous night came in. He eyed her approvingly and gestured toward the open door. “Come with me, baby.”

Tugging her skirt down as low as she could, Carrie stepped into the hallway. He took her by the elbow and led her down the hall.

After a few minutes, they stopped at a door. He opened it and gestured for her to enter. She slowly stepped inside, still very self-conscious in the revealing clothes, and her followed her in, closing and locking the door behind them.

The room was large with two sofas in the main room and a what she could see was a bedroom off to one side. The woman who kidnaped them was sitting on one of the sofas. She got up as they entered and walked over to Carrie, her eyes moving over her firm young body. Carrie suddenly felt naked under her gaze. The woman was dressed in a knee-length gray skirt with a white blouse and matching gray blazer.

She raised an eyebrow after checking Carrie out. “Well now, don’t you look sexy!” Carrie bowed her head, embarrassed.

“Now, now . . . chin up!,” she said. She placed her finger under Carrie’s chin and raised her face up to meet her eyes. The woman’s eyes were pale gray and seemed as hard and cold as steel. Her dark brown hair was pulled back and fell in a long braid down her back. She looked to be in her mid-thirties with a lithe figure and a pretty, but unsmiling face.

She gestured to the man who’d escorted her to the room. “This is Steve. We’re going to teach you a few things today.” Carrie’s eyes flicked briefly toward the bedroom and her stomach churned. Steve grinned at her as his eyes moved over her slender young body. The woman continued. “My name is Donna. And you are . . .?”

“C . . . Carrie,” the frightened girl mumbled.

“Carrie,” Donna said matter-of-factly, then turned to Steve. “Steve, meet Carrie.” Steve’s leering grin widened and he tipped an imaginary hat in her direction. Donna took her hand and led her to the sofas. Carrie sat on one, keeping her knees tight together, and Donna sat on the other, facing her. Steve took a seat next to Donna.

Donna smiled coldly. “Is everything ok in your room? Do you need anything?” Carrie shook her head, her arms folded across her breasts. The room was cool and her nipples were hard, something she didn’t want them to see. Donna winked at Steve and said, “Find something interesting on TV?” Steve snickered and Carrie felt her face getting hot. Donna reached over and placed a hand on her bare knee. “It’s ok, honey. But you do seem a little young to be watching that!”

Carrie looked up at her. Too young?! Look at what they gave her to wear! “I . . . I’m almost fifteen,” she said quietly.

Donna’s face lit up in a big grin. “Fifteen?! Really? You look older than that! At least . . . what . . . eighteen! Don’t you think, Steve?”

Steve ogled her like a starving man looks at a steak dinner and nodded. “At least eighteen.”

Donna clapped her hands together. “Oh, yes! At least eighteen!,” she exclaimed. “Tell me, Carrie, have you ever had a boyfriend?” Carrie shook her head. “Ever been on a date? Ever kissed a boy?” Again, she just shook her head.

“Hear that, Steve? Almost fifteen and never been kissed!” Steve made a kissing motion in her direction. Carrie turned away. “Unless, you prefer girls? Is that why such a pretty thing like you doesn’t have a boyfriend?”

Carrie looked at Donna, her face shocked. “No! Of course not! I’m just . . . shy around boys, is all.” Donna grinned.

“Well, my dear, we’re going to cure you of that!” Donna paused for a moment, then said, “You’re probably wondering why we brought you here. Well, I make movies and I need some new actresses for my latest film.” She smiled at the frightened teen. “Haven’t you always wanted to be a movie star?” Carrie didn’t respond.

“Now, Carrie . . . it’s rude not to answer me.” Her eyes darkened.

“I . . . I guess so,” she murmured.

“Good!,” Donna said, standing. “We’re going to do a little screen test. Just to see how the camera likes you.” She stepped closer and brushed her fingers along Carrie’s cheek, her eyes dropping to her tits, then locking on her eyes. “Steve, could you go over to the main set and get into costume? We’ll be along in a minute.”

Steve winked at Carrie, got up, and walked into the bedroom. Donna walked over to a closet and retrieved a video camera and tripod.. She started toward the bed, beckoning to Carrie.

“Come with me, honey.” Carrie followed her across the room, her heart in her throat. All the movies she’d seen last night were filmed in bedrooms a lot like this one and she was afraid that she knew exactly what they were going to ‘teach’ her.

Her fears were confirmed when she entered the bedroom and saw Steve standing there wearing nothing but a pair of boxers. She shuddered and felt her knees weaken as she paused just inside the door.

“C’mon! Keep moving!,” Donna said, slapping her lightly on the ass. Carrie stepped hesitantly into the room. Donna set up the tripod and camera at the end of the bed and motioned for Carrie to sit and face it. Carrie sat down, her body shivering with fright. Donna focused the camera on her and stood up behind it.

“All right, Carrie. First, I’m just going to ask you a few questions. Answer them all honestly, and we’ll go from there, ok?” Donna fixed her with a cold stare. “Understand?” Carrie nodded. Donna turned on a bright light and held a light monitor in front of her. She adjusted what looked like an umbrella by the light, then checked the meter again. Seeming satisfied, she put the meter down and turned on the camera.

“Ok,” she said. “What’s your first name?”

Carrie blinked in the glare of the light and said, “Carrie.”

“And how old are you, Carrie?,” Donna asked in a pleasant voice.


“Have you ever had sex before?”

Carrie swallowed hard. “N . . . no.”

“Have you ever kissed a boy? Or a girl?”


“Did that dirty movie you watched last night make you horny?” Carrie looked up at her. Donna was nodding.

“Y . . .yes,” she said quietly.

“I see. And would you like to kiss Steve?” Again, she was nodding. Carrie swallowed another lump and replied almost in a whisper. “Yes.”

“And . . . cut!,” Donna said, switching off the camera. “Now that wasn’t so bad, was it?” Carrie shook her head, staring down at her bare feet. Donna picked up the camera and tripod and moved them over to one side of the bed. She moved the lights over there as well.

“Now, darling, just relax for a few minutes while we set up the next shot.” She left the bedroom, leaving Carrie alone with Steve. She looked over at him but he was reading a Penthouse magazine and not paying any attention to her. A few minutes later, Donna returned with another woman carrying more lights and a man with another camera. She watched in mounting terror as they set up the cameras and lights, focusing them on the bed.

‘Oh, god!,’ she thought. ‘They’re really going to do it! They’re going to make me have sex with him and film it!’ Until this point, it hadn’t seemed real, but the people setting up the lights and cameras were acting very professional and it suddenly hit her. This was going to happen, and there was nothing she could do to stop it! She felt tears flooding her eyes. No, she scolded herself. She would get through this without giving them the satisfaction of seeing her cry!

They finished setting up and the other woman whispered something to Donna. Donna whispered back to her, both of them looking over at Carrie. The woman shrugged and stood next to one of the chairs by the bed. With a smile to Carrie, she began unfastening her jeans. She slowly pulled them off and tossed them onto one of the chairs. Carrie couldn’t help but notice that she was very beautiful, with dark, wavy hair, pretty brown eyes, and a perfect figure.

As she watched the woman disrobe, it suddenly occurred to her that maybe she wasn’t going to be in the movie. Maybe they just wanted her to watch how one was made today. It wasn’t much hope; she knew it would only be a matter of time before she’d be put in front of the camera, but maybe it wouldn’t be today! The dark haired woman removed her blouse, dropped into a chair, and began flipping through a magazine wearing only her bra and panties.

Donna beckoned to Carrie. “Carrie, come here, please!” Carrie took a deep breath and went over to her.

“Ok, honey. Showtime,” she said. Carrie’s eyes flashed to the nearly naked woman in the chair. Donna laughed. “Don’t worry! Linda will join you when it’s time!” Carrie’s heart sank. Donna beckoned Steve over and Carrie could see a huge bulge in the front of his shorts. He was grinning at her and she could feel the animal lust in his eyes. Donna stepped back behind the cameras and yelled, “Action!”

Steve moved closer and pulled her body tight to his. She could feel his hard cock pushing against her and smell the musky scent of his sex.

“Kiss him!,” Donna called out. Carrie looked up at Steve’s leering face only inches from hers. She closed her eyes and felt his lips touch hers, then his tongue as he prodded her to open her mouth. He did it gently at first, then with more force. Carrie eventually gave in and parted her lips. Steve pushed his tongue deep into her throat, caressing and teasing her own tongue. At the same time, she felt his hands move down her back to her tight ass and squeeze each cheek, pulling her body even tighter to his.

“Very nice,” Donna said. “Now, take off her shirt, Steve. Let’s see those nice little titties!” Steve broke off the kiss and pulled her tiny shirt over her head before she realized what was happening. He dropped it to the floor and she instinctively covered her tits with her hands, backing away from him.

“Cut!,” Donna yelled. She walked over to the frightened young girl. “Honey,” she said calmly. “I realize that this is your first time, but the idea is for us to see your assets.” She removed Carrie’s hands from her firm, round tits. Donna let out a low whistle as she stared at them. Carrie blushed and Donna let go of her hands. “Now, keep your hands away from them, ok?” Carrie nodded and Steve stepped up to her again.

“And . . . action!,” Donna called. Steve reached over and cupped her perky tits. He did it gently and she let out a small cry of pleasure when he started to caress her hard nipples. She closed her eyes and tried to enjoy his touch, trying to forget she was being forced to do it. She felt his hands leave her tits and slide down her sides to her waist. He unbuttoned her short skirt and began working down over her curvy hips. It finally dropped to the floor around her ankles and he kissed her again, holding her tight to him.

“Good. Very nice,” Donna said. “Now, Carrie. Drop to your knees and pull Steve’s shorts off.” Carrie looked up at Steve, then over to Donna.

“Cut!,” Donna cried angrily. “Don’t look at me! Look at the camera, if you must, but never at me or anyone else behind the scenes!” Her voice softened. “Now, when I say ‘action’, drop to your knees, remove his shorts, and suck his cock!”

Carrie’s eyes widened in fear and she looked at Donna. “Wh . . . what?!,” she gasped, horrified.

Donna sighed. “Take his cock, put it into your mouth, and suck! It’s not complicated!”

Carrie glanced down at the growing bulge in Steve’s shorts, then back to Donna. “B . . . but . . . I . . . I’ve never . . .,” she stammered. “I’ve . . . never even . . . seen . . . a . . . a . . .”

Donna rolled her eyes impatiently. “Look, honey. You must have watched at least a dozen blow jobs on TV last night. Just do what they did!” Carrie thought back to the movies; the huge cocks in the girls’ mouths and the thick white cum running down their faces and chins before dripping to their bodies. She shuddered at the thought.

As if reading her mind, Donna said, “I don’t want you to make him cum, just . . .” She smiled. “Warm him up a little!” Carrie closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She knew she didn’t have a choice but she could do this. It couldn’t be that bad!

“Ready?,” Donna asked. Carrie took another breath and nodded. “Action!”

She slowly dropped to her knees and reached up for the waistband of his shorts. She pulled them down, watching his stiff cock appear. The smell was stronger now and it somehow seemed to entice her to keep going. As she pulled them lower, the elastic waistband slid over the end and it sprang straight out, almost hitting her in the face! After a brief pause, she pulled them to his ankles and he stepped out of them.

She looked up at the long thick penis in front of her face. The tip was thicker than the shaft and almost purple in color. The rest of it was rough, with a thick blue vein running down the length of it. A small drop of clear fluid oozed from the hole in the tip.

“Go on, dear,” Donna urged. “Just lick it to start if you want, but believe me . . .” Her eyes stared icily at her. “You will be sucking and fucking that thing before we’re done today, so putting it off won’t help!”

Carrie shuddered at her harsh words, but she knew it was true. She had no choice but to do as she was told. She swallowed hard and turned her eyes back to the nine inch long piece of meat hanging before her face. She stuck out her tongue and tentatively licked along the shaft.

“That’s it!,” Donna said. “Keep going!” She licked the entire length of it three times before Donna said impatiently, “Ok, that’s enough! Swallow that monster!”

Carrie drew back and looked at the huge purple head. She reached up and wrapped her tiny hand around the hard shaft. It was so thick her fingertips barely touched her thumb. She moved her face closer, closed her eyes, and opened her mouth wide. She felt the soft tip slide past her lips and onto her tongue. She could taste his salty precum as she continued to push her lips further down the shaft. She felt the tip hit the back of her throat and pulled it out so that just the head remained in her mouth. Steve moaned as she began to slowly work it in and out of her hot little mouth.

“Oh, yeah!,” he sighed as he began rocking his hips to her motions. “Suck me! Yeah! Suck my cock!”

After a few minutes of this, Donna said, “Ok, that’s enough. We don’t want you blowing your load too soon, Steve!”

Carrie gratefully let the thick shaft slip from her mouth. It wasn’t as bad as she’d thought it would be. Steve helped her to her feet and kissed her again.

“Nice touch, Steve,” Donna said. She looked at Carrie and gestured toward the bed. “Now it’s your turn. On your back, sweetie.” Carrie felt her heart rise to her throat. She couldn’t imagine how that long, thick cock would ever fit inside her! Reluctantly, she lay back on the bed, wearing only the very skimpy thong, and prepared for the worst.

Steve leaned over her and started kissing her neck, then moved down to her firm tits and spent some time sucking on each nipple. Carrie surprised herself by wishing he’d keep it up. It actually felt wonderful! She rolled her head from side to side, enjoying his touch. She was disappointed when he stopped kissing and sucking her tits and moved down across her flat stomach to her milky thighs. He grabbed the tiny thong and quickly pulled it off, then spread her legs wide and kissed along her inner thighs. Carrie was caught up in conflicting emotions. Here she was, completely naked with a man licking her between her spread legs. Everything she’d ever been taught told her it was wrong, but it felt so good! Her pussy was getting wetter and she could feel cool air moving across her spread lips. He started kissing her mons, the light peach fuzz hair barely visible on her pubescent little twat. Lowering his tongue to the bottom of her tiny, virgin slit, he licked the full length of it, pausing to nibble on her clit before starting over again.

Carrie cried out in surprised pleasure when his tongue slid along her untouched pussy. The sensation was unlike anything she’d ever experienced before! She felt her pussy getting wetter and a tingling sensation started to grow deep inside her as Steve’s tongue licked and teased her swollen labia and erect little love button. She heard herself moaning in pleasure and her hands went to his head to hold it in place.

He kept this up for several minutes and she moaned as he unleashed strange, new feelings inside her young body. Suddenly, she felt her body stiffen as all her muscles contracted with her very first orgasm! She cried out as the wave exploded within her, a kind of unbelievable pleasure like she’d never imagined! She squirmed and twisted on the bed as Steve continued eating her sweet young pussy, sending her innocent young body through climax after climax until she lay quivering on the bed, too exhausted to do more than twitch and gasp with each successive orgasm.

Donna spoke up. “Are you trying to kill her with pleasure, Steve? Look at her! She’s practically unconscious!” Carrie couldn’t hear her words. She was lost in a world of exploding fireworks and blissful contentment. Even after he stopped, she could still feel her body buzzing and her mind was hazy, like she was only partially conscious. She was aware of someone picking her up and carrying her out to one of the sofas, then she must have fallen asleep.

She awoke to find herself still naked, but with a blanket over her. Donna was talking to one of her crew, but turned to Carrie when she saw her eyes were open.

“Well, welcome back!,” she said. “I guess Steve kinda overdid it! You were out of it!” She sat up. Her body was tired. No, beyond tired. She was exhausted. But she felt relaxed, satisfied. Donna sat down next to her.

“I think you’ve had enough for one day. We’ll pick up again in a day or two.” She stood up. “Get dressed. Linda will take you back to your room.” She nodded toward the pretty brunette who had undressed earlier. She was now dressed again and came over to them carrying Carrie’s skirt and t-shirt. She handed the clothes to Carrie with a smile.

“Sorry, I couldn’t find your panties,” she said apologetically.

“It’s ok,” Carrie replied. She was happy to have something to wear, and it’s not like the panties covered much anyway. She dressed quickly and followed Linda out into the hall. She’d gotten a reprieve, but she had the feeling it would be a short one.

– To Be Continued… –

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