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The Artifact 2

After having found a strange artifact, possibly alien, near the entrance of a mine cave-in, I began to learn of the object’s ability to transport me mentally to any given world of sexual preference merely by reading my mind.  In the process I would lie on my bed…mentally select the exact destination, and then be taken there for a given time period.
I found that although I might spend a considerable amount of time at my destination, only a few minutes would have passed in my real state, lying on the bed.
I had invented a novel form of travel in which I had merely to read the title of sexual activity on the door and open it to begin my adventure. Once inside the room I would be committed to fulfill my selected time interval there, once the door had closed…there was no turning back.
After returning from my initial ‘Hyper Voyage’ into the realm of the artifact’s influence, I decided to be more selective about my choice of destination…that is, unless I was really feeling horny enough to want to risk a ‘random voyage’ again.
I had wound up in ‘cocksucker world’…a sexual world in which I was forced to service an endless array of male hardware for a full month ‘voyage time’.

After being returned to my real state lying on my bed…I found that only five minutes had passed, according to my watch.  Fortunately, all vestiges of my activiy were removed so that I had not developed a fetish for this form of sexual entertainment.
This time I designed a useful method of embarking on my sexual travels…I would be transported to an infinitely long hallway lined with countless doors, each bearing the title of the sexual destination.

I merely got into a small shuttle cart to travel the distances involved…and could stop at any time to go into a door.  It seemed that the artifact was very solicitous in helping me enjoy every possibility of sexual entertainment, however depraved or strange.
It became obvious that the artifact was reading my deepest thoughts, and designing my deepest sexual fantasies therefrom.

I shuddered at the thought of what all this meant…my dick became hard just thinking about the implications.
I would lock myself into my room with complete privacy, lie down comfortably on my bed…and begin the scenerio process.  I found that I had to go through a brief mental checklist before beginning my trip.
I would say to myself…”Beginning a new experience-transport to hallway entrance”, and think the words, “lock-in…begin”.
Immediately I would find myself in the hallway beside my travel cart ready to select my door.  The artifact lay beside my bed on a small table, so that it’s influence on me would be powerful, and immediate.
I knew that the device would take me absolutely anywhere for any sexual purpose, so I factored in a safety lock, stating that neither I, nor anyone else in the real world would be harmed mentally or physically during my excursions.
Before opening a hallway preference door…I would state the amount of time desired for the experience, and once inside, with the door closed, I would be bound by that time, and not able to leave before the time had elapsed.
I layed down and situated myself comfortably on the bed, and began the sequence for another sexual excursion.
Arriving at the hallway, I stood there looking down the endless corridor…my travel cart waiting nearby.  The hallway was dimly lit from no particular source, but allowed easy reading of all door titles. It was very comfortable here, and an unseen edge of extreme sexual excitement filled the area.
I walked slowly down the hallway and the cart followed me close behind. Every conceivable kind of sexual activity could be found here…from simple ‘fucking’, to endless variations of fucking.
Among the door titles were: ‘ass licking’…’, ‘cocksucking…female fellatio’, ‘female domination’, ‘forced masterbation…femdom’, ‘used for breeding…femdom’, sexual torture-dungeon…femdom’, sexual torture dungeon…maledom’, and on and on and on and on.
I had such a hardon my dick was pushing painfully against my pants and a wet spot was developing already…that is, on my dream body…my real body lie quietly resting on my bed in my room.
This was so extraordinary that I had not assimilated it all, and knew this would take quite some time to do so.
I had always liked to smell and look at women’s assholes, and stopped at the door,’ extreme forced asslicking and anal-oral service…femdom’.
I opened the door and looked inside.  There was a comfortable looking anteroom with a table sitting next to the wall, and a few chairs nearby.  This room was also dimly lit.
There was a chute in the wall which read, ‘deposit all clothing here…before proceeding’, and a capsule on the table with a glass of water..a sign there read, ‘take this and enter the next room’.
I decided to try this one, my dick was driving me nuts and I was horny for release.  I stated the time limit…”24 hours duration please”.  I went inside and held the door open for a moment, thinking over the situation.  I steeled myself, and gritted my teeth, and closed the door with a firm push.
It locked immediately and I knew that I would be subjected to this area for 24 hours, regardless of my wishes.
A large sign on the inside of the door read…’strip off now..and put your clothing in the wall chute’.  I was breathing very hard now and began to take off my clothes as quickly as possible.
Shoes…socks…pants…shirt…shorts…wristwatch…and I opened the stainless steel chute and tossed them in.
They disappeared at once into blackness, lost forever I suspected.  I stood there completely naked, and was actually very comfortable since the room was at perfect temperature for nudity.  I took the capsule on the table and washed it down with the glass of water nearby.

Very quickly I could feel a stirring in my groin area, and as I reached for the doorlatch to go into the next room, I felt a wave of intense sexual craving and my pecker stood out hard as a rock.
I went inside and the room was completely dark, I could see nothing at all.  A voice came from inside and brought me to attention at once…”Close the fucking door toilet mouth!”
The voice had to be coming from an attractive woman, somewhere on the other side of the room…there could be no doubt about it.
I quickly closed the door and stood there in the pitch black wondering with trepidation what I had let myself in for. “You like to suck asshole don’t you?”, said the voice nearby.  I paused and cleared my throat…”Yes I do”, I said, “very much”.
The voice remained in the same position on the other side of the room. “You might have a slightly different viewpoint on that soon…but I think you’re a nasty, sleazy boy and you’ll do exactly what we say won’t you?”
“Yes…I’ll do whatever you want.”  The voice came closer…”Of course you will fartbreath…there is nothing else that you can do.”
Suddenly the room was illuminated with bright lights and I found myself standing in the middle of a comfortably appointed area with a line of couches in a large circle.  There were at least ten gorgeous women sitting there  looking at me.
They all were dressed in women’s business suits, and had the appearance of executives.
Each had a very pretty face and perfect ass, and when they stood, I could see their wonderful bodies filling out the tight skirts. They all smiled knowingly…they were all part of this construct…which was…interestingly, being designed by my own subconscious mind.
Whatever I willed at this point, however, would mean nothing…and I was a slave to my own kinky inner desires.
They surrounded me…looking at my body as though I were a toy for their use.  “This toilet tongue sucks butthole ladies…what do you think of that?”

The attractive woman grabbed my balls tightly, as she spoke.  One of the women stood near me, and I could smell her expensive perfume.  Her lips were brilliantly red, and moistened from her tongue.
“You know there’s nothing I like more than a man’s tongue up my asshole!”, she grunted… “Get on your knees and I’ll give you a smell.”
The beautiful blond pulled her skirt up and took her panties off, throwing them on the couch.  She turned around and bent over slightly, and spread her wonderfully formed asscheeks.  I could see that she had a hairy anus, and the dark aperture opened slightly to my gaze.
“Take a whiff you fuck!”, she said, spreading her butt crack even wider for me.

I moved in and stuck my nose into her hairy, and I might add, fragrant ass crack and smelled her tight, brown anus.  I discovered that she had just had a bowel movement, and that all of the odor or residue had not been completely removed.

She looked back and down at me…”Suck my smelly asshole!”, she groaned, as she opened her rear hole even wider for me.  I immediately did as she said, and licked her odorous bunghole before clamping my lips around it and sucking with a passion.
She groaned in pleasure and moved backward a bit and began to strain as she moved her ass back and forth against my face.
My nose was completely buried in her rear and intimate hole, and I sucked for all I was worth as she masterbated herself. She had a dark, hairy asscrack and I was tasting it’s most intimate parts now.
Suddenly she farted a whiff of hot air into my mouth..and I took it in, eyes bulged open, and swallowed it.  “You dirty ass eating son-of-a-bitch!”, she swore, under her breath. With that she pushed back against my mouth again and farted long and hard directly into my mouth.
I gasped but inhaled the slightly nasty fragrance, keeping my sucking mouth glued to her raunchy toilet hole.
The women were quite entertained by all this and soon I was surrounded by ten well formed asscracks waiting turn for my services.  They had all removed their panties and I could smell cunt juice and a faint ass odor at they stood waiting.
“Start sucking butthole!”, grunted the woman who had spoken to me originally…”crawl around and eat asscrack…that’s what you were born to do isn’t it?”, she said, as she held her own brown anus open to me.
I crawled to her and dove in sliding my tongue directly into her spread crap chute.  It glistened with asscream, and the smell was powerful and erotic.  I licked deeply inside and removed the faint coating which surrounded her dark hairy farthole.  She was groaning and rubbing her ass all over my face as I licked, and I gasped as I clamped my mouth over her raw dark bunghole and began to work.
She reached back and held my head firmly as she tensed her stomach muscles, and soon a long fragrant fart escaped from her obscene rear hole and filled my cheeks making me grunt as I gulped it down.
She did this several times as she masterbated herself to orgasm and finally, after several minutes of special attention from her disgusting anal opening, I escaped and went to the next open asscrack.
The women’s asses were perfect in every respect and their deep hairy crapholes made me orgasm several times as I did the nasty on them.
I was developing a noticeable brown stain around my lips now and was in a suckass frenzy eating buttholes and farts one after another.
The women reveled in humiliating me while I did my dirty work on their open hehinds, and I began to feel deeply degraded as they used me.
This session lasted about an hour and then I was taken to a comfortable room with a bed to rest for awhile.
This sex area was everything that I thought it would be and more, and I jacked off and got my nuts again before falling asleep.
I was awakened in a few hours by several mature women who came into my room.  There were five very attractive women in their fifties, and they also had perfectly formed asses.  They were all wearing short shorts and I could see their asscracks well formed against the rear of their tight clothing.
“We need your services…hon”, one of them gushed, as she grinned at me.  She pulled her shorts down revealing a perfect ass, and her buttcrack was wonderful against her panties.  She took her short shorts off and put her ass next to my face.

“Be a dear and kiss my ass please!”, she snickered, touching her butt against my nose.
I kissed her perfect asscheeks at once and went back and forth kissing each cheek.  I stuck my nose in the crack of her ass, and even through her panties I could smell buttcrack.  She suddenly farted against my nose, and instead of moving back I pushed forward and inhaled her efforts.
It had a slight odor but was just about right and made me even hornier.

She pulled her panties down around her ankles and spread her asscheeks for me.  Her anus was very hairy and had an incredibly erotic smell.  I shoved my nose in and smelled it up close, rubbing my sniffer up and down and coating it with her raunchy fragrance.
I licked her asshole voraciously now cleaning every part of it as she moaned in pleasure.  She was masterbating herself and yelled in pleasure as she orgasmed and farted in my mouth at the same tme.
I had been jacking off while licking her butt and continued whacking as the next woman pulled her shorts and panties down for me.
I sucked asscrack for a half hour, as each of them took their turn, and when I’d cleaned them all thoroughly, and had that familiar light brown stain around my mouth, the first one insisted on having my tongue up her ass all the way so that I might clean out her inner, more obscene residue.

I spread her asscheeks and opened her bunghole widely. I probed my tongue up her disgusting rear hole and began to slide it in further and further.  I had my long tongue all the way up her asshole to the hilt when she grunted and farted again.
I fucked my tongue up her craphole in and out and wiggled it around, swallowing the residue that coated it with every movement of my long hot licker.

I was jacking off and we both orgasmed at the same time, me groaning and squirting, and she grunting and farting again.  I collapsed on the bed exhausted.
Finally they thanked me and left…and once more I fell into a deep sleep for several hours.
When I awoke, I was taken by two guards to another buttlicking session, this one I discovered would be much nastier than the first, in that I would be kept in the large bathroom area to do a final ass cleaning of all the women who visited the stalls.
There were more raunchy sessions after that, and I was exhausted from my efforts, and my balls were sore from jacking off when my 24 hours had elapsed.
Though I laid on my bed during this whole experience…I actually had to sleep for hours afterward once the artifact had released me back to real time.
As I fell asleep I shuddered at the endless possibilities here…it was more than I could assimilate, much, much more.

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