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The Present

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The table was set so elegantly. Silver and grandmother’s china glinted in the soft candlelight. Mary sat at the table with a dreamy smile on her face. Her ten-year anniversary being married to John was being commemorated by one of the loveliest evenings she could remember. The couple had gone to the opera and seen Othello and rushed back to the house for a late dinner. Mary was feeling warm as the cognac she was sipping spread throughout her body relaxing her entirely. She took small bites of the chocolate mousse in front of her and beamed at her husband as he sat across the table. Mary leaned forward and her firm large breasts brushed the edge of the table. Her red hair was tied in back and braided and the thick braid reached down to her waist. Her green eyes flashed in the candlelight and she resisted the urge to throw off her short black dress and pinch her nipples hard.

John sat back in his chair and spread his thick muscular legs widely. He smiled back at Mary with a look that said, I know exactly what you are thinking and I know even more than that. His black hair was conservatively cut and he could have passed for a young Gregory Peck. He pointed his dark brown, almost black, eyes directly at Mary and spread his hands on his lean waist and said, “Dear, I got you a present.”

“Oh, John! You shouldn’t have!” The two laughed till they cried at this point. Saying “you shouldn’t have” had been a running gag dating from their days as boyfriend and girlfriend way back in college. But then the laughter subsided and John said, “Oh, but I did. Would you like to see it?”

“Yes, of course. Where is it?” Mary was anxious and nervous. Her husband’s surprises could be very mischievous. Mary still remembered the time he hired a full camera crew to film them having sex. John got up and clapped his hands three time. His father was French and he retained a bit of the European sensibility. Mary’s gaze was centered on him and when she heard the kitchen doors swing open her head whipped around in surprise. Outlined by the harsh light of the kitchen Mary could see a female form, her female qualities made all the more noticeable due to the fact that she was completely nude. Mary smiled and clapped her hands and raced around the table to hug and kiss her husband. “Oh, John! She really is delightful. Is she for me? Oh, John, have her come closer.”

“She is most definitely for you, dear. Britta, come closer. Let Mary see you.” Britta walked to the table and as she stepped closer Mary could see that she was perfection. Her straight straw colored blond hair fell forward over her high breasts. Their nipples point slightly upwards and looked very firm. She looked strong and was in fact taller than both John and Mary Her broad shoulders tapered to a thin waist which again led the eye to her swelling hips and long model’s legs. She looked like a Swedish goddess on holiday.

Her expression was blank, though and she seemed like a toy to Mary who, as a girl, tended to be very hard on her toys. “John, she looks just adorable. Let’s take her into the bedroom!” John stood up and placed his napkin on the table. “Absolutely dear. Lead the way.” The two lovers led Brita to the master bedroom and pinched and tickled each other as they went. Still she was silent as she followed and in the back of Mary’s mind Brita’s silence intrigued her. She wondered as she got hotter by the second what it was that she did not yet know about her not so little present.

They arrived in the bedroom and it looked just it always had. A big bed in the center of the room covered in a white fluffy bedspread. Mary leaped into John’s arms and he held her small body as she kissed him all over his face. He smiled and kissed her back and whispered in her ear, “Maybe you should play with your new toy, dear. I will sit here and watch.” It was then that Mary knew what his present was, or so she thought. He sat down on the side of the bed and Mary grinned at him and pounced on the tall blond silent girl. She pushed her body against Britta’s and began kissing her neck and breasts. Mary’s back was to John and she couldn’t see the look of evil satisfaction covering his face like a settling fog. Mary’s kisses spread down to Britta’s breasts and she began suckling her perfect pink nipples. Still Britta stood immobile and silent.

Mary was getting very worked up, however. She was squeezing her legs together and scratching Britta’s back as she bit and sucked her breasts. Mary was devouring her and could feel the come juice rise and drip down her thighs. All the while, unbeknownst to Mary, Britta’s gaze was locked on that of John’s. Mary was oblivious to everything as she dug her fingers roughly into Britta’s vagina. She reached into it like a purse thief and with drew her hand to lick up the juices and spread them over Britta’s breasts. And then it happened and everything in the room changed at once.

An imperceptible nod from his John’s aristocratic head breathed life into Britta. Her face suddenly lit up revealing two rows of impossibly white teeth. She laughed and grabbed Mary’s arms and pinned them behind her back. Mary screamed but Britta was ready for that, too. She bent her head forward and sucked Mary’s outstretched tongue into he mouth and bit it hard over and over again. Mary screamed and struggled, but the strength of the bigger girl was too much to overcome. Helpless, Mary moaned into Britta’s mouth. She rubbed her cunt against Britta’s leg and wished her dress was off and crumpled on the floor.

Britta looked down at the struggling red head in her arms and laughed at her. “You go on struggling girl. You won’t get anywhere. Your husband paid me lots of money to do anything I want to you. You better be in good shape because Auntie Britta’s going to wring you out.” With that she threw Mary onto the bed and leaped on her before she could escape. Laughing, Britta tore Mary’s dress from her and threw it on the ground. Mary was wearing a sexy black half-cup bra and a matching thong panty. “Look at the little slut and her sexy underwear.” Britta’s voice was slightly accented and the sing-song Swedish lilt increased the air of mockery her voice possessed.

Mary struggled as Britta held her wrists over her head and sat on her hips. “John, help! She’s crazy! Oh god, don’t let her hurt me!”

“I’m sorry dear, but there’s not a lot I can do. I did already pay her, you know and it isn’t as if the money is refundable. Best get through this as best you can, dear. I am sure she won’t do permanent damage. Not much anyway.” John began undressing and fastidiously laying his clothes on his valet next to the bed. Britta sneered at Mary and slapped her face and again and again. Mary was close to tears and her cheeks were flushed. She had stopped struggling and only whimpered as Britta got off of her and threw her face down on the bed.

Britta sat on Mary’s short left leg and slipped a chain around it. The metal was cold and the hard steel of the chain dug into Mary’s flesh and caused her to scream out when Britta yanked it. Then Mary’s other ankle was chained and she found she couldn’t really move around too much. “Try to move around you little bitch. Your husband ran the chains under the bed. You are trapped here and I am going to use you like the bitch you are. Britta then lifted Mary by her thick braid and she was forced back into a kneel. The chain was keeping her legs impossibly wide as she was pulled back forcibly into a pose of complete supplication.

Britta cuffed Mary’s wrists. One cuff on each wrist clamped down and Mary whimpered as she felt the cool air on her swelling clit. She saw her husband sitting on the edge of the bed idly stroking his cock and moaned. Brita shoved Mary forward and chained her wrists to the other chain running under the bed. “Look at the nasty bitch. She’s dogging up just like she wants a good fucking. Do you want a good fucking doggy? Well I’m going to give you one, but I’m not sure it’s one you’ll like.” Britta went into the walk-in closet and when she returned she sat on the bed so that her crotch was right under Mary’s face. Mary looked down to see a very large black dildo pointing up from Britta’s black rubber panties.

“Oooh nooo! Please god don’t my cunt could never take it.”

Britta smiled. “Who says it’s going in your cunt, slut?”

A beat. Then another and then Mary began crying and screaming for her husband to rescue her. Slap! Britta’s hand hit the side of Mary’s face, stopping her screams if not her sobs. “Now listen slut. This is a big old cock I have here. You can make things a bit easier on yourself by lubricating it up. Suck it or don’t suck it. Either way I am going to shove it in your ass in about five minutes.” Mary shivered and glanced over at John.

“Better listen to her dear and do what she says. It looks like she means business.” Mary then turned to look at the enormous rubber cock in front of her and plunged her face down onto it. Her big thick red braid whipped about as she tried to coat every bit of it with as much of her saliva as she could. She sucked Britta’s strap-on deep into the back of throat and made sure to drool onto the base. Then she lifted off of it and licked the top of it spreading her spit all over the cock in thick coatings of gooey dribble. Britta clapped her hands like a five year old that has just received a new tricycle.

“Oh, very good little slut. Keep licking because very soon I am going to pound your ass till you scream. Your hubby is going to get quite the show.” This spurred Mary on and she bobbed her head over the thick cock taking it as deeply as she could on each stroke. She was possessed as her cheeks sucked in and her wild tongue flailed around it as if it were alive and she was trying her best to please it. As she licked she felt her pussy begin to twitch and clutch as if it were hungry and needy. She moaned a bit as she began to enjoy the cock in her mouth. As she worked her head up and down it she imagined it in her cunt and she wiggled her ass in the air as her lips pressed over the invader in her mouth.

Britta grabbed Mary’s braid and pulled her head off of the cock by yanking the braid hard. Mary’s head jerked back and she screamed. Then Britta took some rope and tied a strong knot around the braid. “This is going to keep you from moving around too much, slut.” Britta put a cold heavy chain around Mary’s waist and locked it there with a padlock. Then she tied the other end of the rope to the chain forcing Mary’s head up so that her head was locked in position staring straight ahead.

“Mary, it looks like that kind of hurts. I hope your little present isn’t proving too much for you.” John was fisting his cock and chuckling at his wife’s predicament. His meaty cock was actually big enough for two fists and Britta looked at it longingly before Mary’s moans brought her out of her reverie. Mary moaned and struggled. She pleaded for her husband’s intercession but as soon as she felt the crotch of her panties moved aside and the cold slippery rubber head of the cock on her anus she stopped pleading because she knew it was too late. She got very quiet and waited for what seemed like hours and days and then without warning the giant phallus was forcing itself into her. She tried to keep it out. John got up and stepped closer to Mary’s ass to see Britta’s progress.

“Mary that cock is really having a hard time getting into your ass. Are you sure you aren’t trying to force it out? You know you can’t keep that cute little sphincter squeezed closed forever.”

“Ung ung! Mary grunted as her head was stretched back by her hair braid. She looked like an erotic statue.

John moved over to Mary’s face and kissed her sweetly on the cheek. Then he stretched out beside her and began cooing to her as if they were alone and cuddling together softly in the darkness. “Sweetheart, I so hope you are enjoying our anniversary as much as I am. Are you?”

“Ung ung ung. Gyeeah!”

“Oh dear, Britta. I think she’s lost the ability to talk. You really have turned her into a grunting bitch. There is going to be a big tip in this for you.”

Britta leered and with one massive thrust of her hips slammed the swollen head of the dildo straight past Mary’s sphincter. A howl could be heard all over the house. It came from Mary’s gaping, drooling mouth. Mary kept right on howling as the thick wet cock slid deep into her. Britta poured lube all over her ass so that the deeper the cock went the easier it slid inside. The lube also prevented Mary from having any say whatsoever as regards how much cock was going in and out of her or how fast and hard she was being fucked. She had become a hole and was fast getting to the point where that was all she cared to be.

As the cock in her ass thrust in and out her, Mary’s cunt was pulsing as if it were filled with a nice chunky dildo of its own. Her inarticulate cries had turned from protests to pleadings. John kissed her quivering mouth and crooned to her, “What’s wrong, honey? Do you need something? Britta seems a bit angry for some reason so I don’t know if it is safe to ask her for anything, but if you tell me I might be able to help you.” John leaned his ear closer to Mary’s mouth and she breathed words into it. Britta had grabbed Mary’s hips and was pulling her tight shapely ass back hard on the latex dick inside her. She was pinching her own nipples and pounding fiercely at Mary’s asshole.

“The bitch probably wants her clit rubbed. Too bad she’s all tied up or she’d be able to rub it herself. Is that what you want, bitch?”

“Ung ung yesss! Pleeease! Oh God! You’re killing meee!” The cock slammed in her ass deeply and Mary felt her asshole grip it hard. John got up and changed positions so that his head was under her crack. He could look up and see he dildo stretching her ass and he could see what it was doing to her cunt.

“Look at that. Every time your cock goes out of Mary’s asshole and plunges back into her it stretches her pussy lips a bit and they’re rubbing her clit. Mary, this has got to be horrible torture for you.” John’s voice was syrupy with ironic mocking as he moved his erect cock under Mary’s nose. Her head was unable to move down as it was held in check by the rope on her hair braid. She wanted to bend down in the worst way and suck it until the pent up semen inside sprayed all over her mouth. She wanted to gulp down the come, or better yet to have it spray all over her face. Instead she was forced to watch John’s hand glide up and down the shaft made slippery by his pre-come. Her face was just out of reach of it and no matter how far out she stuck her tongue she couldn’t reach it.

“Britta do you think you could touch my wife’s clit? She is in a serious state of need.”

“Oh yes,” the Amazonian blond said as she kissed her own breasts and pumped her hips into the quivering woman in front of her. “I can touch her clit in a way she will not soon forget. Give me that clothes pin.” Mary’s heart jumped into her throat and she struggled to get loose as John handed Britta a wooden clothespin. Britta had fun flicking it open so Mary could hear the clack, clack clack, of it as it snapped closed. Mary tried to move her head around to see the source of the sound but her hair stretched back behind her prevented her from taking any other pose but looking straight ahead like a well trained dog. And like a dog she whimpered. Her mouth hung open because her head was pulled back so far she couldn’t keep it closed and also because the pounding on her asshole made her utter a continuous series of grunts and whines. “I’m so sorry, honey. It looks like you are going to get a big pin on your clit.” John smiled as his voice mocked Mary’s pain.

Britta reached under Mary and pulled her cunt lips up to expose one very swollen and throbbing clitoris. Then she poised the open clothespin over it and clamped it down hard. Mary shrieked and bucked up and down trying to dislodge the pin on hr clit. It was squeezing her tender flesh in a very cruel way and John could see that it was making Mary’s cunt pump. Cream was dripping down her thighs and her cunt lips were red. John could see Mary’s cunt hole open and close as the pin held onto her clit with a vicious grip.

Then Britta took a vibrator in hand. “Do you want a vibe on your clit, slut? That’s what you were begging for just now. I will be merciful and give you some of it now. Do try to scream a lot as it makes me so very horny,” Britta giggled as tears began streaming down Mary’s face. She turned on the vibrator and its mechanical buzzing made Mary jump again. As soon as the vibe touched the clothes pin Mary stretched her head back as far as it would go causing her hair braid to go slack. She began openly sobbing as the clothespin, excited by the vibrator, began chewing on her clit like a pit bull.

John moved back towards Mary’s crying face and began licking up her tears as one by one they rolled down her face. “Mmmm, delicious. I have been looking forward to drinking your tears for a long time, my dear. We really must do this more often. Stop fighting it now, and let me have more. Think of how horribly that clothespin is pressing down on your poor defenseless clitoris. That vibe must be agitating it a great deal.” Indeed Britta had pressed the vibe hard onto the clothespin and every vibration was passing through it to the clothespin that was pulling and yanking Mary’s clit at hundreds of cycles per minute.

Then Britta simply removed the pin and pressed the vibe directly onto Mary’s tortured clit. Mary screamed louder and louder. “Iiiyyyaahhh! Iiiiiiiyyyyyaaaahhhh! Ooo Goood! You bitch! I’ll kill you for this! After I get loose I’ll kill you!!!” She writhed and moaned as the pain became more and more intense as the blood flowed back into her clit. John looked at Mary with a sad resigned look in his eyes.

“Shouldn’t have said that, dear. I think she is really going to hurt you now. I would try to please her if I were you. She looks like she means business.”

“Oh, John. Why are you doing this to me? Don’t you love me?”

“Love you? I adore you, dear. That’s why I like to hurt you. Oh look, Britta has my belt in her hand.”

Slap! The leather belt came down hard on Mary’s ass. Slap! Red marks began to appear. Slap! Mary began screaming. Slap after slap landed on Mary’s ass and back leaving horrible red welts. Britta kept fucking her ass and whipping her as Mary wailed and cried. Britta wielded the belt like circus trainer and made Mary her little animal. “Take this whip, bitch. Take it and learn to behave or I will shove my fist up your asshole.” Britta vibed Mary’s clit and whipped her ass and fucked her well greased asshole until Mary’s drool was mixing with her tears. Britta laughed and danced behind Mary like a girl alone at a club ignoring those she was trying to seduce.

Mary’s clit began to stop hurting and start feeling good. She tried to grind her hips into it, but couldn’t move enough to get sufficient stimulation to orgasm. It was a nagging thing having that buzzing piece of plastic lightly brushing her clit as Britta’s tanned blonde body was pounding into her over and over again. Mary stopped crying and began whimpering and moaning. She lost herself and began sounding like a helpless little girl.

“Ooooh, umm I umm oh good I ohhh!”

Britta prompted, “Mommy,” and slapped her with the belt.

“Yeahhhh! Mo, mo, mo, mom”

She hit her harder, cracking the leather diagonally across Mary’s back. “Mommy, bitch. Call me ‘Mommy!'”

“Mommmyyy! Oh god, Mommy! Please make me come! Oh, Mommy!

Britta pressed the vibe harder to Mary’s clit and fucked her as deeply as she could. “Little girl, are you going to be a good little cocksucker from now on?

“Oh, yes, Mommy! I will. I will. I will. Oooohmmm! Yesss!”

“Are you Mommy’s little bitch? Hmmm?” She whipped her and drew all the way out before slamming the dildo home.

“Oooh goood, yesss! I’m your little bitch, Mommy! I’m your cock hungry, cock sucking, little freaky bitch!” Mary strained at her hair, which was keeping her face staring straight ahead at the headboard grunting and squealing.

John was waving his engorged cock less than an inch from Mary’s tongue. The tip of it was millimeters from the slippery head. She tried to reach it to taste the delicious precum but he always kept it just out of her reach. Britta laughed at her effort and smacked her harder with the belt twenty times in a row on her ass and back. Each strike caused Mary to clench down harder on the cock in her ass. She moaned with every hit and felt only the pleasure she was distilling from the pain.

“Do you love your Mommy, Bitch?”

Mary moaned but did not speak as she was still trying to get at the cock in front of her with the single minded effort of a hungry animal. Britta bent forward and clamped two clover clamps on Mary’s nipples. She hung lead weights on the chain that linked them both and pulled on the chain listening to Mary’s howls.

“I asked you a question, bitch. Do you love your Mommy?”

The words poured out of her like honey. “Mommyyy! Ooooh. I love you Mommy! I love you, oh god, I love you so muuuch!!”

She began crying again with love for the evil Scandinavian fucking her ass and with longing need for her own orgasm. Just when she felt that she truly would go insane Britta took another bigger thicker strap-on and strapped it to herself just under the cock she was burying in Mary’s ass. “Since you have been such a good little bitch tonight, Mommy is going to give you a treat. Now open wide you cunt and take it all in.” Britta slammed both cocks deep into Mary and the sensation stole her voice. This was convenient because as her back arched and her mouth opened John slammed is cock deep into it to the roots.

The fleshy gag in her mouth rammed deep to the back of her throat and after a second or two of gagging Mary began opening and closing her throat over the head making a nipping cunt out of it. Britta was jamming her cocks into Mary and had given up whipping her in favor of full on fucking her. John watched in awe as the blonde’s lean muscular body moved athletically as she pistoned in and out of his little wife’s asshole and cunt. Mary was screaming at this point, but John’s thick cock shoved in her mouth muffled all of her screams. He was fucking her face just as Britta was fucking her other holes and John smiled at Britta and laughed as she leaned forward for a kiss. The two embraced and kissed each other deeply before settling back on their haunches to resume fucking poor little Mary.

“You better come, bitch, or I’m going to tie you upside down to your god damned Soloflex machine and leave you there while I fuck your husband all night long.” Mary wailed onto John’s cock and tried to rotate her hips along the plunging cocks as she licked and sucked the cock in her mouth. She felt completely filled and used as if the region between her three holes was dead space and a receptacle for cocks was all she was. She felt her orgasm mounting and began whining. Her whines turned into a scream as Britta pounded her harder and harder. Britta had turned on the vibrators on both cocks and they were buzzing and rotating inside Mary as she went slowly insane with their fucking.

“Mommy is going to pound the hell out of you now little girl, but I think you need some help. John, get under your pretty little wife and lick her clit. If you do a good job I may let you lick my asshole clean of my sweat when we are done.” John was shocked. A woman had never talked to him like this before and he found it strangely erotic. He could not help but obey. He crawled under Mary and looked up to see the two lubed up Britta powered cocks effortlessly sliding in and out of his wife. He reached his tongue out to flick her clit and she moaned. He did it again and her screams and moans increased so that it was obvious she was on the edge.

“Are you going to come little girl?” Britta asked in a mocking tone.

“Yeeeees, Mommy! Oh god, yes!”

“Then suck your husband’s cock so he comes too.” And Britta pulled the rope holding Mary’s braid to the chain around her waist and the slipknot came loose. Mary immediately slammed her head down and covered her husband’s cock with her mouth and fucked him as if the hole in her face was a cunt. Britta began slapping Mary again with the belt as she fucked her even though it was plain to her that the red head couldn’t feel anything except her violent rape and the cock in her mouth. John began moaning and sucked on his wife’s clitoris until she shrieked and came. She tried to force her cunt and asshole back on her tormentors as hard as she could and every time she moved back the cock in her mouth slid out of her. Then she was forced forward and the cock slid back down deep into her throat. She was helpless and coming and she was being tossed back and forth on the cocks like a badminton shuttle.

Her orgasm peaked and she tossed her braid all around her. Her nipples were huge and very stiff. They ached with the cruelty of the clamps. Mary was rabid and was drooling uncontrollably all over the thick salty cock of her husband. She arched her back and screamed as she felt the climax hit and then as it subsided she sagged. Britta hit her hard on the ass.

“Don’t you stop now, bitch. I am not done working on your ass. Now get up and fuck and suck, you little whore.”

“Y…y…yes, Mommy”

Mary got up and once again impaled herself on Britta’s cock and sucked her husband hard. At first it felt painful, as if a dull ache were inside her and the pounding cocks in her holes were hitting that pain over and over again. But then that dull pain metamorphosed into the kernel of such sexual ecstasy as she had never known. It was a wave front building up inside her. Mary started fucking in earnest now grunting and screaming on her husband’s cock. Tears were once again streaming down her face as her feelings of being a slave and a slut and a whore and a little girl mixed and roiled deep within her. Slam! She rammed back onto the cocks in her asshole and cunt. Slam! The cock head at her lips thrust to the back of her throat in one smooth motion. As the orgasm peaked she felt John’s cock stiffen even more to an unreal hardness and thickness. Mary’s lips were stretched as the veins on it popped out and it completely filled with blood.

She reveled in the feeling of John’s sucking lips teasing her clit out and the tongue that was flicking it back and forth. John’s tongue was moving in time to the fucking she was getting, and as Mary fucked and fucked she felt John’s oral assistance pushing her right over the edge. She pounded the cocks into her slamming her ass onto Britta’s hip bones. She screamed and sucked the giant pumping cock whipping her tongue around it until it spurted huge jets of salty come into her mouth hitting the back of her throat. Mary moaned as she gulped the come down not letting a drop of it escape her. Her orgasm was hitting her relentlessly and her pumping pulsing cunt was squirting thick cream all over her and Britta.

Mary sucked on John’s cock until it gave its last drop of come and then she laid her head on his crotch to lick at his limp cock and has balls as she moaned and grunted at her diminishing orgasm. The slick cocks in her were milking her of the vibrations deep within her. She gave one last shudder and collapsed on top of her husband. Britta pulled out of her and quietly left the room. She smiled at the couple as she left to go get dressed. After pulling on a black skin-tight body suit, washing and gathering her toys into her shoulder bag she returned to the bedroom and bent down to kiss the sleeping couple. Her long blonde hair brushed them as she pressed her lips to Mary’s back and John’s cheek. “Happy anniversary, you two,” she said and then she turned to leave, humming to herself as she stepped into the night.

– The End –

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