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Training a Girl Named Sleen 1

Sleen knelt, caught up in the cruel contraption which was to be the first step of many in her journey of re-education. She had been forced to kneel and her head placed in a collar that angled her face just so. Her lips and face were easily accessible should any man walk past her and find himself drawn to her full lips. Her head, after all, was at the perfect height for a blow job.

Her ankles were crossed and knees splayed wide, helped of course, by the stern wooden slats that forced them apart. Her sex would be visible to anyone who wished to look at her. The most unique part of the training device was how it forced her to display the perfect nadu with one exception. Her arms were drawn back at the elbow and fastened in place with stout cord; elbows only a few inches apart, and her wrists were bound in the traditional fashion, crossed.

She looked like the epitome of submission. A girl bound by her Master’s will and displayed as a piece of property one could take pride in. Her position was made subtly worse, between her legs near her slave heat and anus were small nubbins. Each meticulously positioned at the perfect height. When she was used, they would press up against her and cause sensual stimulation without ever allowing her to go too far. It was an inspired device and cruel with its salacious intent. The only kindness was a padded neck ring and chin rest.

Her first visitor arrived shortly after the first night watch. He was a short stout man. He paused on his way back to his barracks when he saw her. A smile touched his lips as walked into the room where she was displayed.

He didn’t speak to her as he unlaced his breeches and pulled out his flaccid dick. He pushed it against her lips and parted them with the head. She looked up at him pleadingly. Begging with her eyes for him not to do this to her. He only chuckled and shook his head. “You’re a slut. Get used to it. Now, open or I will put a ring in your mouth and keep it forced open. Trust me, you don’t want to be forced girl….”

She pulled her face back as far as it would go and licked her lips before opening them for him. There was no discussion, no cajoling he simply placed his cock in her mouth and commanded her to suck him. “Suckle it slut.” She complied, though her heart was not in it. She sucked as an infant would suck a nipple. No tongue action, no curious motions, just an attempt to draw liquid through his dick and into her mouth as through a straw.

He groaned and pulled back forcing her to lean forward against her padded collar. The flaccid length was growing and he stroked himself a few times to encourage the necessary growth that was needed.

Again the put the head to her lips and parted them, this time, there was no conversation when he forced it into her mouth. The swollen head arched along the roof of her mouth and banged into the back of her throat, gagging her. As she wretched he grinned and withdrew. When she swallowed and looked up, unexpected tears were in her eyes and he plunged forward again, raping her lips. His ardor was quick and fast. She was lucky that he was not extremely large or thick. But his quick thrusts were hard to keep up with.

As often as not, she would find herself choking on the violence of his thrusts. As his speed increased, so did the saliva in her mouth and when he withdrew, a string connected them. “Ahhh… good slut… you hunger for me.” He groaned and then shoved his cock back in her mouth again. This time, his thrusts were long and slow and he held the back of her head. Each time his cock banged into the back of her throat she gagged and he held it there.

She would panic, fearful that she would be deprived life giving air and start to squirm. It seemed he liked her panicked movements because as she did that he would thrust several more times into her mouth, pulling her face into his musky groin.

Finally with a harsh thrust, his cock slid over her larynx and deep into her throat where he pumped her gagging mouth and delivered his seed directly into her belly. She had no choice, bound as she was.

He didn’t say anything as he tucked himself back into his breeches and turned away from her tear stained face.

Sleen cried softly. She wished with all of her heart that she could hold her arms around her chest and hug her legs and cry. She wanted to wake from this nightmare and find herself home, in the forest, where the trees and animals made her feel safe.

When she opened her eyes a large man loomed over her. “Tal slut.” he said cheerfully enough. “You and I are going to become well acquainted. I understand that you are in training so I will forgive any errors you may make. However, if you bite me, I will be forced to yank on these.” He said as he lifted up a pair of jeweled nipple clamps. The clamps, though beautiful, were indeed cruel. If pulled while holding flesh a small hooked needle would pierce the skin and hold it fast for him. “Are we clear girl?” he asked nonchalantly.


Hard Tied



Sleen was not stupid and easily grasped the concept. She did not know that he could not actually use them on her. She did not belong to him. But the fear was in her eyes as he pulled out his swelling organ. He was easily twice the size of the first man in both length and thickness.

“Open slut…” he growled softly at her. His growl touched something and she shifted on her knees and felt the nubbins press against her. Surprising both of them, she moaned softly.

He needed no further encouragement as he placed the swollen head against her lips and pushed it slowly into the confines of her hot mouth. Her lips tender from the last incident curled around the thick shaft of his sex. She was surprised to feel his head filling her mouth and still able to see more of his cock to go in.

He continued to push himself into her face and against the back of her throat. Once again she panicked and squirmed. The nubbins pressed into her and again made her moan, as she did so, her throat released its tension and his cock slid another 2 inches down her throat with ease. He withdrew and smiled down at her.

“I can smell you from here girl. I know you are in need and I promise that once you earn your red silks, I will fuck you like an animal. You will not be freed from me.” His eyes held a deadly promise that caused her bara to flutter and stir suddenly. She moved. And moaned.

“Good girl, I am glad to see we have an understanding, now make me cum. ”

She opened her mouth this time, without being told to and he shoved his fat cock into her mouth and slid its slick length deep into her throat. He braced himself on the broad collar that supported her head and rocked his hips as he fucked her face.

She took his cock with ease and moaned when she could. The rhythm he gave her was easy to follow. It was a long easy slide into her mouth and down to the hilt to let his balls rest on her chin and then back again. Over and over he fucked her face. Long and slow. Until her moans and his growls began a strange melodious counterpoint to each other.

Finally his cock thickened and the heat caught at the back of her throat. He jerked his cock head back and painted her lips with his seed. The hot white ropy strands were slung from his cock in several short jerks until finally he pushed the dripping tip back into her mouth. “Clean me slut,” was all he said. His voice left no room for protest. So she cleaned him. He took his time, gathering his seed from her chin and lips with the head of his cock and feeding it to her again and again. When they were done he ruffled her hair and walked away.

Once again, she was alone. This time, her cunt ached and her anus twitched spasmodically. She remembered the braided handle and how it felt up inside her and how her clit throbbed when she was teased with her own body. It was too much to ask. Her back ached as did her hips from her thighs being so far apart. She thought, maybe she would beg relief for her shoulders and arms, maybe asking that the thong be loosened on her elbows…maybe.

She realized that she dozed when a slap stung her face. “Whore, part those fuck-lips for me….” Before her stood the second shift captain. He was broad shouldered and narrow hipped and he had mean shifty black eyes. He saw her wary eyes and cuffed her again.

“If you want to learn from my cock, you’d best pay attention slut. I don’t have time to deal with idiot slaves.” he sneered. It was obvious he was a little man with a little power and he didn’t know how to wield it well, but she had no choice but to submit to his will. “Open your mouth cunt.” he snapped. When she obediently complied he slapped her again anyway, not because she misbehaved, but because she was there. He was the sort that enjoyed giving beautiful women pain.

After the slap, he jammed a leather covered iron ring into her mouth and tied it behind her head. She would have no chance to regulate how much of him went into her throat. She tried to beg but her sounds only seemed to excite him further.

Hasty fingers unlaced his breeches and freed his long slender cock. She watched him with apprehension, but somewhere in the back of her mind, she found it interesting that men had different sizes and shapes. It sort of made sense if one thought about the wide variety of people that existed.

His long cock hit the back of her mouth before half of him had entered. Naturally she gagged, but she was better able to control it. Her throat was sore and his hasty thrusts didn’t help in the least. He never kept his cock in her mouth; instead he pulled it almost completely out before thrusting it harshly back in. Each thrust was painful and made tears well in her eyes.

He made short work of her mouth and came with the tip just over the rim of the leather ring and let his salty pud pool there for her to savor. “Eh, you might be worth something in the long run, but you’ll never be sold for more than a few tarsks.” he said, degrading her. “So long slut. I might just come back and visit you later.”

He left her, ring and all, kneeling as he found her – naked and alone.

She was thirsty, very thirsty. Her jaw ached with the leather ring still in place and her saliva left her mouth awash in a pool of cooling cum and spit. She couldn’t even tilt her head back far enough to swallow.

Miserable, aching and in need of refreshment she wept. What has she ever done to deserve this? Nothing. She was a woman of Gor. She had no home stone, no males to protect her. She lived in a world of men and one had found her. She was the fool for not taking better care. She was too prideful. That had been her downfall. Thinking she was the equal of a man.

Soft fingers pulled her from her self-loathing reverie and cupped her chin as warm brown eyes looked down on her. “Such a lovely girl. Let me take this ring from your mouth. I am sure you are in pain.” he said softly.

He quickly removed the ring and let her close her mouth. She swallowed without thinking and made a face at the cold cum from the other man and felt sick for the first time since being in this position.

“I am sure you thirst, but there are no orders allowing you to slake your thirst. I’m sorry. But you are in training.” He said as he touched her head gently. She couldn’t quite place him, or why he seemed so nice. He seemed strangely out of place. He didn’t treat her as if she were property; rather he treated her like she was his equal. She wasn’t, she knew that, but he didn’t seem to. Perhaps it was because he was young.

“This is my second time, helping a girl.” He said as he stroked her hair gently. His touch was oddly comforting, but his words jangled across her nerves like slivers of glass in the veins. Something wasn’t right… She was accustomed to pain and hurt, when gentle kindness was presented to her, it felt all wrong.

“Are you ready then?” he asked quietly.

She simply nodded, not even really wanting to speak to him.

He nodded and opened his breeches. She was curious to see what he had hidden there. His cock was neither overly large like the second man, nor smaller than the first man. She licked her lips, to moisten them and prepare them for whatever happened next.

He took his time and stroked her lips with his cock. Painting them with the velvety smooth skin and teasing her lips until the tickled unbearably and she was forced to chase the head of his cock, just to keep him from tickling them any further.

He seemed to enjoy himself especially when her vagina or anus came in contact with the nubbins. He smiled as he finally relented and slid his cock into her mouth and fucked it. He held her head gently, and let her choose the rhythm. Since her motion was limited she moved only a few inches but her movements were precisely what caused the nubbins to come into contact with her pussy and ass.

She moaned louder as she suckled his cock and he stood, legs parted, hands in her hair and fucked her face slowly as she fucked him with her mouth. His moans and hers echoed in the empty room until finally his became tense with anticipation.

He pulled back just as he erupted and shot hot spurts of cum into her open mouth. One jerk caught him off guard and his cock thrust into her mouth savagely, bruising her lips and chafing his cock. It worked. Both seemed gratified by it because that thrust pressed her against the nubbins and the abrasion made his orgasm all the more intense.

Finally he returned to his clothed position and then caressed her face lovingly. “You are a beautiful girl. I can’t wait to see how you are in a few hands from now. Sleep well little one.”

He left her without another word.

As he left another man entered. He wore all black and lounged against the doorframe as he regarded her.

“Well, look what we have here… Greetings slut, You look like a meal ready to eat. Or should I say a ‘girl’ ready to eat?” he chuckled malevolently. He had a dark aura of power around him and it scared her to the core. He withdrew a slender blade and twiddled it between his fingers, making it dance and glitter in the light as he regarded her. “I suppose you’re to be trained to pleasure a man with your mouth hmmm?” He asked, clearly expecting no answer.




She watched him with fear in her heart as he walked closer to her as he held the glittering blade. He crouched in front of her; the blade still twirled idly between his fingers. He was obviously a craftsman with the blade and she was certain he was one of those assassins she’d heard so much about.

The blade ended its dizzying dance and lowered below her sight as he leaned in close. Once again fear shrank her heart. “Do you know what happens to girls who continue to be of little value to their owners?” he asked coolly.

She was afraid of him and could smell her fear on her like a blanket of shame. She shook her head for fear that her voice would fail her. “They are sold to cheap paga dens where the slut comes with a cup of paga. And if that slut is unsatisfactory for whatever reason, he can pay her purchase price and kill her. I don’t suppose you wish to become a slut such as that do you?”

As he’d spoken those words to her, she found herself leaning as far away from him as possible. She shook her head again and swallowed.

“I didn’t think so.” he said with a cold smile.

She felt cold steel pressed against her slave sex. She swallowed again and looked at him fearfully. Her pulse had increased as had the beads of anxious perspiration grew on her upper lip. She licked her lips slowly, as her eyes stayed glued to his.

He chuckled softly and turned the cold metal so it threatened to bite her sensitive pink sex. She held her breath in fear. Never did she think a man could cause her so much fear, and here she was, bound, helpless with a man who held a blade.

He withdrew the blade and let its chilling tip draw a red line across her bara and circle an erect nipple with slow deliberation. She almost wet herself with relief.

He nodded to himself as he saw her reaction and drew two fingers over her slave sex. “You’re an experienced slut aren’t you? I can tell from how wet you’ve made my fingers that you like fear and the sex that follows from it. Don’t you slut?”

She had felt when her cunt wet itself and had feared that it might have been discovered. She had no way to answer him. She had never been with a man and did not know if what he said was true. She simply nodded, thinking it safer to agree with him than disagree, after all, he did still have the blade.

He just nodded and unlaced his breeches.

He dragged his leather gloved had beneath her nose and then drew his thumb across her lips. “Know the smell of leather well, slut. Because you will not be far from it for the rest of your life.”

She inhaled the rich scent of his leather. Male sweat mixed with the animal hide and gave a musky scent that only a slave can truly know. It held promise, intrigue and terror within its spicy aroma. No other scent would ever have as much meaning to her as this one did.

His gloved hand curled in the luxurious black waves of her hair and gripped it firmly. It tightened and she gasped. As she did so, the purpled crown of his cock slid past her bruised lips and along her tongue. She moaned at the second tug of her hair and then ground her ass against the nubbins that held the agony of sweet release just out of reach.

“That’s it whore, enjoy what you are about to receive.” he said menacingly. Below her, on the wooden surface glistened her acceptance of her place in this world of men. She could do little more than yield to his touch. He set the pace, and she sought only to be the receptacle for him to deposit his seed into.

Each time her face nestled among the musky curls of hair at his loins she inhaled his scent deeply and learned more about the world of men. Her tongue slid along the shaft and felt the ripples of the throbbing veins in his cock and reveled at the smooth head as it explored there too.

He gave her enough time to acclimate herself to his size and girth before fucking her in an unforgiving rhythm. If she failed to follow it, he would not stop. She gagged a few times but caught up with him and he smiled as he watched the transient emotions track her face. “Mmm, good slut. You will be a good asset to him.” he said as his hips pressed his swollen throbbing cock between her full lips, pushing then back and pulling them out as he fucked her face.

Then, with slow deliberation, he pushed himself deep into her throat. “You will swallow it all and be still until I am through.” he commanded softly.

She could do nothing but moan as the nubbins pressed against her and she yielded to his command. She would either die of asphyxiation from his cock or she would breathe life again…her life was his at this moment and she knew it.

His cock thrust deep into her throat and throbbed dully before thickening and lodging in the back of her throat. His hips thrust several more times as his seed was pumped into her belly without her consent. All she could see and smell was the leather of his breeches and the musky scent of his cock.

Everything seemed to dim and then crystallize in that moment. She existed to serve men. Her very life depended on it. He withdrew and she sucked in a lung full of air and looked at him gratefully. “This slut thanks you for a well taught lesson, Master….” she said softly.

Beneath her cunt lay the evidence of her place in life and her nipples attested to the divinity of her use. She yearned for this and had never acknowledged it. But here she was; a slut for men and her pussy ached to be used. What a whore she was….

to be continue

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