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True Confessions 1

At your house. Blindfolded. My knees on the floor my arms resting on your bed as my ass wagged back and forth. My mouth open, the ongoing sign that I continued to give you; the symbol of me silently begging to have that hole taken. Saliva was dripping out of my waiting lips as my mouth had been open for quite a while. I don’t know how long you’d been teasing me for.

The room smelled and sounded of us, of the heat that burned us both deeply.

You came up behind me again, your right hand cupping my neck roughly and pulling my head back as the fingers on your left hand again took my throat. Whispering in my ear, “Do you feel my cock?” I swallowed on your fingers, attempting to moan a yes as I felt your cock through your cloths against my scantily clad body. “Tonight I am going to take this hole,” you said as you pressed your fingers extra hard into my mouth, continuing, “After all this time.” Your fingers in my throat fucked me again, taking me on a familiar, lusty ride as your other hand tightened its grip on my neck. “Take it…” you commanded as I fought the gag reflex as the thrusts in my throat got more insistent, demanding I yield more deeply.

I enjoyed it. I felt the blindfold getting wet with moisture spilling from my eyes. The type of tears that come when you fight the gag reflex again and again and give in to skull fucking. I knew I was particularly hot this evening; I could smell my pussy and feel the slickness on my thighs as I moaned and hungrily went for your fingers again as if they were your cock, wanting to pleasure you irresistibly.

“Yessss,” you murmured as I continued to fuck your two fingers with my throat, my saliva everywhere. Your other hand pulled off the blindfold and I squeezed my wet eyes shut, afraid to let you see me open to you. Yet wanting you to make me look in your eyes as you took me.

You pushed your fingers in all the way to the top knuckle and held them there. “Kneel up and open your eyes, toy.” I lowered my eyes after opening them and with one hand I held your fingers in my throat as I pushed myself to kneeling. You pushed the hair off my damp face as you softly told me, “Look in my eyes and show me. You know you want me to see. And you know it turns me on when you show me.”

I looked up at you then, grabbing at your hand and fucking my throat savagely with it… fighting the gagging as I fucked your fingers. I stared deeply in your eyes, moisture flowed from my own as I moaned and shivered, nearing orgasm as I opened to you.

Staring in each others eyes, we realized we would cross the threshold this night. It was different than all the times before. Finally the need and certainty of it became clear. We did not need to hide from it anymore.

My eyes met yours silently begging you to take me… to plunge your cock into my mouth and take me and own me, if only for that moment.

Your left hand curled and grabbed at the roof of my mouth as you pulled me up and then guided me, lying me down on the bed. I looked in your eyes, not daring to break the tension by looking away, feeling it build all in my shivering body.

You pulled your pants down, coming over to me and slapping your dick on my face for the first time. I raised my head to meet your cock, sticking my tongue out to lick it.

“Stop.” I did. I would do as you said. You knew this. You enjoyed that nearly as much as I did.

I lay back. Panting. I knew better than to close my mouth, but I no longer reached for it. We’d been playing like this for a while and the game was clear; I was to keep my mouth open, waiting for your cock. After I had proved I really wanted it by having it ready and available each and every time we played, one day, when you were sure you could truly take it and I would surrender to you as you did, you would begin to make me your little slut, beginning with my first hole, my mouth.

You had already learned to make me cum with your fingers taking that hole, talking me in just the right way. But this time, this time you wanted release and you were ready to own me.

Whispering, “My sweet girl,” softly as you lay down next to me, caressing my face, wiping my saliva around my lips. You kissed me deeply. I kissed you back.

As you were kissing me you pinned my arms down. I struggled. You climbed on top of me. We enjoyed struggling as you held me there. It turned us both on more. I felt you grind into my crotch and I ground back, my body shivering with lust and need.

You pulled back from me, “Stop moving.” I squirmed a bit more and you pulled my hair, saying more firmly, “Now, slut.”

I was panting but stopped.

“Watch me.”

You got up from the bed and got your ropes. First you tied my ankles down, glancing between the knots and my eyes.

Then you came back to my head and placed my arms where you wanted them.

“I don’t need to tie them down, do I, girl…?”

I shook my head no, looking you in the eyes.


“No M’Lord.”

“Do you want me to?”

“Please, my lord! Please tie me down, including my head.”

We both knew it would be better for us both if you tied me down. We both loved the experience, the lingering sensations. And this would keep your hands free to do as you pleased.

First you tied my left arm down. I tested the bond, enjoying being restrained, knowing your cock would soon own my throat for the first time.

My right hand followed. I pulled on the bonds of both hands. Panic set in as I realized I was helpless. Then I looked in your eyes and started to cry silently.

You held me softly, knowing I needed and wanting this, knowing the crying was good. You knew it to be a part of my surrender, that it was me letting go of control.  You knew I wanted to move past my fear of surrendering to you.

“That’s a good girl. Let it out my sweet, sweet slutty girl. You may speak freely. Reality check?”

I had nothing to say. I just let a flood of sobs come through me. It seemed like it was part of the orgasm the release was so intense. Your softness both infuriated me and aroused me further, adding to my confusion and to the depth of the release.

You held me and smiled, letting me work through my own fears silently, holding me, reassuring me, not going anywhere.

Finally the sobbing diminished and you smiled again at me. I closed my eyes and whispered so you could barely hear it, “Please.”

Softly, you whispered back in my ear as you pulled me closer, “Please what, my sweet?”

My voice crackled with frustration, need, fear and lust all at once, “Please take me my lord. I have waited for this for so long.”

You lifted my face by my chin, directing my eyes towards yours.

You looked in my eyes then, wiping my tears, letting them fade away only to be replaced by the reality of our deeper lust. Slowly, deliberately, your fingers once again fucked my throat, this time with more need. You were on top of me, your cock hard again as the tears of moments before quickly faded and were replace by my shivering body in great need. My breath quickened.

You were working me as only an interested master could work a willing submissive. Smiling as you softly assured me with one word you’d repeat: “Yes…”

I nodding my own assent. Enraptured in the trance of our dynamic as you said it again and again, going deeper with the word and your fingers, even pressing your hard cock against my body with increasing need.

You had somehow positioned me so my head was tilted back, leaving my throat more exposed on the inside and outside. I imagined that would make it easier for you to fuck it like a pussy or ass. I shivered at the arousing thought.

We both knew that was going to happen, that we both ached for the release of it. We knew I’d want to thrash around and that you needed to tie me up so you didn’t have to hold me down. We both wanted to focus on your cock in the first of my holes you were going to take, making it last as long as possible.

We’d been playing with breath control and knew the impact the intimacy of it had on us both. You took out the collar and put it around my neck. You pulled on it and I felt the oxygen fading. My blood pounded in my ears as my pussy got wetter. I moaned.

I started begging, “Please master… Take me… Please. I want to please your cock. That is all I want. I want to feel it in my throat taking me-”

I was cut off by the sudden cinch of the collar. “Shhhh.”

I was getting light headed, still staring intensely in your eyes, still nodding yes. My tongue flicking until all I felt was the long slow moment where you finally penetrated me, opening my mouth, throat and soul with your cock. Our eyes were locked. We both knew this was only the beginning of the lust between us.

Your eyes closed as you sunk into me and I began devouring your cock like it was the first meal I’d consumed in a year. You moaned and I sucked your cock greedily, you finally taking  me for your own carnal pleasure as you continued controlling my actions with the collar.

Your eyes would open and meet mine every so often. Sometimes you’d stop and we’d lock eyes, panting.

The roughness of it and intensity brought tears to my eyes. You continued to check with me to see that I was still fully aroused and certain of this treatment. I was. I was surrendering to you and you knew it. The depth of it was deeper than either of us could have imagined.

You fucked my throat slowly… deliberately… making it last as our eyes remained locked. After fucking me slowly for a while you got more playful, your immediate urgency abated somewhat. You pinched my nose as you went in deep and held your cock there, denying me of breath. We’d done this before. You knew how to do it well, always keeping me on the edge. I gasped and began bucking, fighting the bonds. You nodding at me, softly assuring me again, “Yes.”

I was aroused as you said that, feeling my control slip even further from me. I was bucking and pulling at the bonds that held me as you looked at me lovingly, smiling as I continued to nod back even as my face was turning red and sweating. I struggled harder against the restraints. It turned me on to pull at them. I was so aroused, light headed as I bucked and quivered.

I continued pulling at the bonds until finally you pulled back briefly, allowing me oxygen again. You let go of the collar and simply held my nose and took my throat.

Again and again you would bring me to the edge, watching me closely. You were playing me. Then it was making me cum, again and again as you took me.

The gift of the orgasms had me sobbing again with the relief a woman like me needed so badly. I craved this surrender for so long. I wanted this so badly and the intensity of it got you harder and me wetter as my gratitude, release and your control became my world, centered around your opening my soul through the persistence of your cock. It fed your need as well. You wanted to possess me as much as I wanted you to take me.

No words were uttered. Our eyes said it all. We opened fully to each other then, enjoying the depths of the possession of each other, simultaneously fulfilling the cravings, the Lust, even as we created deeper cravings, lusts and needs.

My release had been mental to that point. Just as I had not touched your cock before, you had not touched my pussy and clit.

You reached back then while you stared in my eyes and pinched my nose and slapped my pussy lightly, hitting my engorged clit squarely as you rammed into my throat.

You said it again, “Yes.”

I panted and reacted to the slap favorably. My eyes clearly a yes to you, begging for anything that would lead to more stimulation there. I was at your mercy, loving it there. I was on my edge, frightened, knowing that the unknown was a big turn on for me. You loved my response.

You stopped again, grabbing a nipple and pulling on it as your cock was buried in my throat.

“Milk me, slut.” Yes, I wanted to milk you, to please you, to serve your cock, your sex, your desires.

I opened and closed my throat on the head of your cock as you pinched my nipple harder and harder. We had talked about it before, you controlling the quality of my blow job by manipulating my nipple. I knew that the harder you squeezed, the more you enjoyed it and the more I should continue.

It was a feedback loop that got us both panting. You let go of my nose and began pinching my nipple as you’d occasionally slap my clit again. Yes, you were raising my frenetic pace to fever pitch as I bucked in deliciously arousing pain and pleasure, filled with ache and need, knowing I was yours.

I saw that your orgasm was approaching. This aroused us more. You softened. I melted. We were lovers, consummating the depth of our passion finally.

“Yes… Yes… Yes…” you said again and again and again as you got lost in your own need, taking my mouth, finally… taking me. You grabbed my head firmly. I stared in your eyes and nodded.

You were grunting now, fucking my throat. “I’m going to give you pleasure and you will receive it tonight. You will not say no again. I am going to cum now and mark you with my seed, slut, and then I’m going to make you cum until you beg me to stop.”

I moaned around your cock which turned you on more. Our animal needs took over and I was your bitch then, your sloppy wet hole to open, use, mark and take. We knew this was just the beginning. My pussy was gushing and I was glad you’d put a towel down under me.

You reached back and slapped my pussy again, causing me to jerk forward so your cock made me gag again. You slapped my clit again and again, rhythmically as you fucked my throat, throwing your head back as I moved to the pace of the slaps on my pussy clearly working toward my own orgasm, just on the edge of it.

Before I knew what was happening you were pulling the collar again as I suddenly felt my cunt full of a thick dildo which stretched me. Your cock pressed deeply in my throat as you gasped, “Cum with me… Now… Slut.”

To Be Continued….

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