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“Here’s our really big server room with all the blinking lights and Proliants!”, I explained to him as he followed me into the room.

“Here’s the PBX as well,” I walked over to it, hit a few keys, and we hear a dial tone.
“Sweet!,” he said.
“Anyways, I godda find some RJ-45 for this guy, then I’m SOO outta here!”
I walked over to the shelves where boxes upon boxes of supplies were stacked. I bent down and rummaged though the boxes on the floor because I couln’t find any on the shelves.
I suddenly felt hands over my eyes and I laughed, then jumped a bit as he nibbled my neck from behind, followed by a very low almost inaudible growl.
I pressed my back against him and his arms embraced me from behind, pulling me even closer.
I purred and wrapped my arms around his, hugging myself. We stood there for a few moments, listening to the sound of each other breathing heavily..
He broke the silence and whirled me around, so I was now facing him. He kissed my neck, and trailed his tongue down one side of the V-neck of my cardigan.
He picked me up and placed me gently on the side of the table, pushing the boxes out of the way.
He had stopped seducing me for the moment and was rooting around in the boxes, looking for something.
This went on for a few minutes, when I heard a cry of “A-HA!”. I looked up to see what it was that he had found, but he had hidden it behind his back.
With one hand holding the mysterious object, and one hand gently pulling me towards the server racks…

I followed him and he whirled me around again….facing him…
He looked deep into my eyes, and I growled back a response, he tilted my face up and licked my lips, then I broke away from him and nibbled his lower jaw.
I felt his hand on my theigh…slowly making it’s way up to my crotch through my jean skirt. I softly moaned…….
He gently nudged me back against an empty Compaq server rack and took the object he was holding out from behind his back.
It was RJ-45 cable…which he took first my left hand and tied it to the rack, then the other hand got tied to the rack as well.
I stood there, immobile, with my legs spread, and glaced around the room, then at the door, hoping noone would card in and find us.
He leaned into me and nibbled on my earlobe…growling all the while..I growled back at him, hungrily.
He then moved down to my cardigan and undid only a few buttons so he could lick my breasts through my bra.
At that point, I was ready to break the bonds and ravish him..but I couln’t move…so I moaned instead.
He moved down my body and stopped at my jean skirt..he pulled at the edge of it with his hand.. and it came undone and fell to the floor.
He looked up at me and smiled..”No underwear again?”
“No,” I replied…”I was feeling frisky this morning.”
He looked back down at my crotch and parted my legs a bit more…he then proceeded to lick my left theigh all the way up to my clit.
I shivered and grasped at air…
“mmmmm…you still taste good…”, he managed to mumble between licks..

I felt his tougue teasing my clit and then sucking on it..that was the best part of it.
I then felt his tongue being pushed inside me…licking around the edges ..and then being pushed back inside..I dribbled a bit on his tongue..
I moaned loudly and almost screamed as he licked up to suck on my clit again..
He repeated the sucking and licking a few more times, then as he licked up to tease my clit..I screamed and pushed myself against him very hard..
I felt myself climaxing and I came all over him….my body shook…I was panting hard…and was making wimpery moaning sounds..
He licked all over my crotch and my theighs…like a cat lapping up milk…
He kissed his way up my body and rested his head on my shoulder…then undid my bonds and I collasped into his embrace..shaking still..
We stood there and held each other…then he looked at the door panicked…
I moved out of his embrace and picked up my dress and put it back on…he held me again and rubbed his nose against my neck..
We heard a click as someone carded into the server room and I moved out of his embrace.
I redirected the person that carded into the room to the PBX as he undid the bonds on the rack and hid them in his pockets.
After seeing that they were gone, we left the room..heading for my apartment…for much wilder pursuits…

The End

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