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Welcome Home

I’d been over to the States to a business conference. I’d had to fly back on probably the slowest flight ever from San Diego. I tried to get some sleep, but every time I almost made my eyes close, someone came on the intercom, or interrupted me with drinks. I was not in a good mood when I arrived in Stockholm airport. The queue through customs was horrendous and they seemed to be searching everyone’s baggage. Several people were taken off to one side. I hoped that I’d get through without any problems. Oh, I’d better tell you who I am. My name is Tricia and I’m a senior arts director of a theatre company. I’d been discussing films at the States meeting and had to fly to Stockholm, where I live, before going on to Amsterdam the following day to start on my next project. Somewhere or other I’d left a boyfriend, but where ? Now it was almost my turn to finally get through customs, but no I was stopped by a rather officious young man who demanded that I open all my cases.

I knew that any guy would be interested in my little make-up case, coz that’s where I kept my sex toys. I couldn’t travel without them, never knowing when they might be useful. In fact, I’d had a little vibro buzzing away inside my pussy for a few hours on the trip over. I’m sure the guy sitting next to me in business class is still wondering why I suddenly grabbed his hand and squeezed it hard when I came the first time. He had gone to the toilet when I came again shortly thereafter maybe he’d had a wet dream ! I put my magic balls in during the period of turbulence and enjoyed cumming again then. I took them out when I went to the toilet and cleaned up my pussy just before we landed. And of course, now, when the guys opened my case, they had to place each toy separately on the table, so that everyone could see. I was beyond being embarrassed by this as it had happened to me three times before. When they’d finished displaying all of my sex toys, I simply said thank you and carefully packed them away again, making sure that they saw how long I caressed the long fat double-dong that was my latest purchase. I’d not even had time to try it, but I was dying to.

I thought that was it, but the guy then said, “Please Miss Walker, step this way.” “What ?” I cried. “What’s up?” “Just a formality, Miss,” he smirked. “This way, please.” I was led off to the side, with my luggage and pushed into a room as big as a normal bedroom, but with only a table and a few chairs, and a telephone. No other furniture. It was well lit, and there was a window to the outside, but not a wonderful place to spend any time. And time it was – I waited what I guessed was about an hour, just sitting or walking about. I was beginning to fume and get frantic that I’d miss my next appointment. Cool it, I kept telling myself, then you’ll get out easier. I had no idea what they were intending to look for, but just as I was about to really lose my cool, a pair of guys came in and shut the door firmly. “OK, Walker, we’re going to do a strip search of you,” one of them said, smiling.

I was sitting at the table, drinking from a plastic beaker of water. His partner had the same sort of smirk on his face too. “Oh no, you’re not !” I exclaimed. “I demand to see your superior.” “Our superior sent us in here,” said the second guy and we’re gonna strip you and search you, aren’t we, Jonas ?” “Ummmmm, yes,” replied Jonas, eyeing me slowly up and down. Mind you, I probably did look a bit tasty to these two sex- starved youngsters. My 30-year-old body was lithe and athletic, and I was wearing a short skirt to show off my legs, of which I was justifiably proud. I was also wearing a tight fitting short leather coat, which probably showed off my tits to their best advantage. But even so..I knew Sweden has civil rights and I knew that they had absolutely no right to do this to me, at least not men. Now, if it was a woman.! “OK, Sven,” called out Jonas, “I guess she’s going to be difficult. Maybe we should call in Shona ?”

“Oh, that bitch,” growled Jonas. “She’ll steal all the goodies from us.” “Nah, I don’t think so.” came the reply. “I think this one’s got more for everyone, haven’t you, Miss ?” He stepped towards me, grabbed my hair and pulled my head backwards. I yelped and stamped on his foot. “Naughty, naughty,” exclaimed Jonas, as he backed off. “Yea, Sven, maybe we’d better let Shona and her friend take over. We don’t want to damage the goods. Maybe there’ll be some left over for us later.” He leered at me. “it’s OK anyway,” said Sven, “we can watch Shona doing her search anyway!” They both laughed, signalling to someone who was obviously watching behind a one-way mirror. At the doorway as they were leaving the room, there was a heated exchange of views with another person, a woman from the voice, which resulted in the door being slammed shut behind what turned out to be two women.

They were in typical boring uniforms, with trousers, but it was clear that at least one of them, a tall black woman, had quite a body. She was a great looker too, although black is not my favourite colour. Give me a Latino any day ! The other was your typical average Swedish blonde – ravishingly beautiful eyes and a walk that would make a man swoon. But she wasn’t so tall, at least not as tall as the black woman. “OK, Miss Walker,” started the black woman, “I’m Shona and this is Briget. We have been authorised to do a strip search on you on suspicion of carrying drugs into the kingdom of Sweden. Do you have any objections?” “I guess I’m within my rights to refuse, but that would probably make you tough on me. But I certainly wasn’t going to let those guys do it.” The Briget girl laughed, “They were only here to frighten you a bit – it often helps us determine whether we were right selecting you.” “Nice toys, too,” added Shona with a giggle. Both girls grinned at me. “Must we have those apes watching while I strip ?” I pleaded. “No, they won’t be able to see, because here.” Shona pressed a hidden button, “there’s a big screen behind which you can undress. We’ll do the search behind it too.”

Breathing a bit easier, I moved behind the screen, which just blocked off the half of the room in which there was no furniture and the wall in which the mirror was situated. Both women followed me and watched while I slowly began to undress. I was beginning to get a bit of a kick out of this – undressing in front of two completely unknown women. My leather jacket was first. I turned to face them and slowly unzipped it downwards. I could feel my full breasts forcing the leather apart. I then pulled the coat open and almost thrust my tits forward. Their eyes were concentrating on my firm nipples and lovely breasts. And I was starting to feel a warmth between my legs. Now I was disappointed that I’d not left the magic balls inside my pussy. I threw my coat onto the table and started to unbutton my little blouse. “D’ya want any help?” suggested Shona moving close to me.

“I think I can manage.” I replied, pulling the blouse open and free from my skirt. My bra was decent, but the size of my erect nipples definitely wasn’t. “I’m sorry about them,” I giggled, watching both women looking intently at my breasts. I quickly reached behind and unclasped my bra, to let my tits free. Both women groaned quite loudly when my lovely round breasts were revealed, firm and suckable. I cupped my hands to them. “You wanna search them?” I asked. Shona, the tall black woman moved forward quickly. “I’ll do this part, Briget,” she spoke softly, putting her hands forward and touching my skin just below my breasts. I jumped at her touch but then I felt a surge in my pussy as her hands moved upwards to cup and then fondle my tits. She bent real close and looked all round them, then moved behind me and cupped my hard tits from the rear. I couldn’t help but let out a groan of pleasure, leaning back into her embrace. Shona moved round in front of me again and knelt down in front of me. She was still holding my breasts gently but now her face moved right underneath them. I waited in excited anticipation as her tongue came out and started to lick all along the underside of the left one, while her fingers were squeezing the nipple of the right one quite hard. I was starting to get almost too horny and my juices were getting my pants thoroughly wet.

Although the pleasure was keeping my eyes mostly closed, I did notice that the other woman had left the room briefly, to return with what looked at first glance to be a leather riding saddle. During the moments when Shona’s tongue was not virtually making me cum with its gentle caresses, I was able to watch Briget as she carefully positioned this object across the end of the table and secured it with strong leather straps. “OK, Shona.” she murmured. “It’s time to search her other parts.” Shona grunted in disappointment as she’d obviously been enjoying licking my breasts. I had certainly been enjoying her tongue. My pussy was now decidedly wet! Briget grabbed me by one arm and pulled me roughly to the end of the table on which she’d strapped the leather ‘seat’, I supposed it might be called. “We’ve got to examine you fully now. Just bend over the table.” She pulled me right against the table and I realised that my legs fitted into the dips in the leather. Briget quickly clipped one wrist into a pair of handcuffs and attached the other end to a hook at the far edge of the table. I was now forced to bend over completely as she then took my other wrist and fastened it into another cuff on the other side. Shona bent down and quickly cuffed my ankles, one to each of the nearest table legs.

Thus bent over, I must have presented a delicious sight from behind. Both women moved round behind me and began to stroke and caress my ass. It didn’t take them long to unfasten my short skirt and slip it off, together with my tiny string. I was now completely naked and completely at their mercy. Their fingers started to play close to my pussy and they soon began dipping into my juices, murmuring to each other all the time. I was actually in heaven and, since they’d removed my skirt and pants, I’d discovered exactly what this leather object was that I was now lying hard against. I had noticed a lump in the middle and now wriggled my body so that the lump moved until it pressed against my clit. That sensitive button was already tingling with excitement and the pressure now put on it by my wriggling had me gasping within a few seconds. “Looks like she’s found out how to use it,” giggled Shona. “Shall we let her cum first?” “I bet her juices will run down her legs when she cums,” whispered Briget. “Ummmmmm !” My orgasm wouldn’t have held off long anyway, but when Shona then rubbed her hand all up my back, I just exploded, rubbing my clit hard against the leather lump in sheer pleasure.

Yes, Briget had been right – my pussy juices just oozed out and dribbled down the insides of my spread thighs and some dripped onto the floor too. When I came back to my senses after that cum, I saw that Briget had moved up beside me. I now realised what the special belt was she had on. She had taken off her stick, which looked like a long smooth and thin truncheon, and clipped it to that belt, so that it looked like a long prick. “I hope you’re ready for the examination.” she laughed, waving the stick at me. She walked behind me again and I felt hands prizing my ass cheeks apart. Fingers played at my asshole and I thought, Oh no, not there ! But it was impossible to do anything about it. I felt the round head of the stick touch my asshole and start to press against it gently at first. I relaxed, actually being one who likes the back door, and soon felt the thrill of that long stick starting to travel into my little hole. I grunted with pleasure as she began to thrust it quite hard in and out of my ass. It was extremely exciting, especially as I could not do anything about it, and my pussy was ‘donging’ happily with each thrust. I was pushing my clit against the leather lump anyway, but Briget’s regular thrusts were driving me against it more pleasurably. I knew that I was going to cum again with that stick in my ass, while she was doing it to me.

When I came this time, I writhed around so much that I hurt myself against the metal cuffs. But the cum was delicious and fulfilling. I didn’t want any more. Briget pulled the stick out and came round to me, showing me the juicy end. “I guess there’s nothing unusual in that place,” she giggled. “What about the other place, Shona?” “I think we’ll have to call in the boys to search her there,” suggested Shona. “No! You can’t do that!” I exclaimed. “Ooooo, yes we can,” continued Shona, “and we’ll stay to watch.” Briget went to the door and let the two guys in – I reckoned that they’d been able to watch all the time, but I couldn’t object or move now. This was authorised rape – but I was enjoying it very much so far. Groans of delight followed as the boys saw my ass sticking up in the air. There was the noise of zips and clothing being hurriedly pulled down. “Who’s first?” asked Shona. “Ah, let Jonas have her pussy first. Maybe I’ll be able to enjoy her mouth.” “You mean search it, don’t you ?” laughed Briget. All four of them laughed at that – I didn’t!

Hands pulled at my ass cheeks again and a set of rough man fingers pulled and pried at my pussy lips until I almost came again. “She’s really hot, this one.” gurgled Jonas, as he pushed the tip of his prick against my wet pussy. I relaxed to let him in and thrilled to that delicious feeling of initial penetration – it’s always the best! He wasn’t very big or very long, but he soon generated erotic sensations as he began to plough his way deeper and deeper into my aching pussy. “She’s flooding me with her cum juices,” he cried, redoubling his efforts to get as deep inside me as he could. Close to my face, I suddenly found the large pink head of another prick, from Sven. It was throbbing and looked quite superb. Could I turn my head enough to get it into my mouth. I struggled to get my body closer to him and managed to touch the hot head with my tongue. He now leaned close to me so that I could get some of the shaft between my lips. He tasted wonderful – clean and sexy, just as he should. I was pushing back as Jonas screwed me beautifully in my pussy, his long strong thrusts pressing my clit against that lump and driving me up and up.

I didn’t think that I was going to be able to wait for Sven to start to cum, and nor did Jonas. With a sudden very deep thrust, he groaned loudly and shot a huge load of hot cream deep inside me, his prick thrusting and spurting for a long time. I came just as the last pulsation left his prick and my spasming pussy muscles milked him completely dry. He stayed inside me for a while, letting his prick throb out the last of his orgasm, and my pussy kept squeezing on him until he had to take it out. “Watch!” cried Shona, I could feel their eyes on my pussy as the warm mixture of Jonas’ cum and my juices dribbled slowly out of my well screwed pussy. Sven decided to take his prick out of my mouth before he came. I was a little disappointed as I love the taste of man cum. But, my disappointment turned to pleasure when I realised that he was moving round behind me. Would he be brave enough to get into my asshole, I wondered. I didn’t need to wonder for very long.

Although my asshole must have still been quite open from the reaming that Briget had given me a short while ago, Sven gathered up some of the cum and juices cream with his fingers and smeared it liberally around my tingling asshole. The girls were getting excited watching this and they moved so that they could see my face. I was enjoying what was happening and I was waiting with desire for that lovely prick of Sven’s to bury into my hot ass. The girls would enjoy this! I knew I would be tight for such a fat prick, but I wouldn’t be in pain. He greased me up well, slipping one and then two fingers through the sphincter a couple of times to ream me open. I wanted him inside me desperately and I wriggled my body on the leather, almost cumming again from the amazing pleasurable sensations on my clit. I felt the head of his hot prick touch my asshole and then he started to push. It felt like he was almost ready to cum and I wondered whether he’d be able to take it. In fact he only just managed to get the head through the rim with a lovely sounding plop when he held himself rigid.

“My god!” he cried, “she’s so hot, I can’t hold it!” The girls were practically crawling on the floor with excitement as they watched this action. With a grunt followed by a sudden forward thrust that drove his prick straight up into my ass in one go, his prick exploded and I could feel the warmth of his cum streaming into my asshole in huge jets. I wriggled my clit against the table and managed to get into another orgasm before he completely stopped throbbing. Now my pussy wanted a prick again – it was aching badly.

– The End (for now)

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