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Wild Night

They were bored. They had been married for 5 years and had tried out alot of things, but now they had run out of things to try. “I’ll see you tonight honey” he called as he left for work. Micheal was a graphic design artist for a real estate company. His wife just nodded and went back to her work. Smiling he got into his car and drove to work all the while wondering what he could do. The answer to the question came to him as he was surfing the internet that day. He came upon a site that gave ideas about different things that married people could do. One of the ideas was to plan a fantasy date without the other knowing.

With an idea planted firmly in his head, micheal finished work early that day and drove to an adult toy store. There he bought a 10″ dildo, a 5″ dildo a ball gag, and silf ties. He payed for his purchases and left the store. Making his way in record time, he came to the neighbourhood that he lived in and parked a block from where he lived. Lifting his bag from the back seat he quietly made his way to his house. Using the electronic house key he entered noiselessly. He took off his shoes and made his way from room to room until he found his wife.

She was in the laundry room ironing clothes. He made sure that the bag was secure on his shoulder and went up to her. With one hand he grabbed her and with the other he covered her mouth. Disguising his voice he said “listen to me and I won’t hurt you. I have been watching you and you look like a good fuck so that’s what I’ll do to you until you scream then I’ll do it some more. ” by now she was scared. Who was this person and how did they get into the house? She asked herself as she tried to quiet down the racing beat of her heart. Careful not to let her see him, micheal made his way to the dining room.

“Close your eyes bitch you are not to look at me” he commanded as he pushed her against a wall. Using his hand, he rooted around until he found the blindfold. Not wasting any time, he covered her eyes. “Open your mouth” he said and mutely she obeyed. He pushed the ball gag into her mouth and strapped it in.

Grabbing her two hands he held them as he took out the silk ties. He bent her over the table and tied her hands to the legs of the table on the other side. He let go of her. Immediately she started kicking and screaming for him to let her go. He pulled her hair back and said “If you make one more sound that isn’t associated with sex you will be sorry” abruptly he let her head go. He was getting aroused. Never had it occured to him to try this kind of thing with his wife. Using his last two silk ties, he tied her legs spread eagle to the other two table legs. She was bent over and spread out. He was so hard all he wanted to do was fuck her till she was weak then start all over again. He took off his clothes and put his bag down. By now all 10″ of him was rearing to go. His wife lay across the table wimpering.
At first he took out the lubricant that he had bought and lathered his hand, then easing up behind her said” I’m going to put my fist up your ass then i’ll put a dildo up your cunt. Don’t try to stop me.” He rubbed her anal hole and slowly began to push his hand in. She bucked and screamed. Tears came to her eyes but he kept on going until his hand had stopped.she was tight to say the least. He felt as though he wanted to come, but pushed it back ruthlessly. He took out the 10″ dildo and slowly pushed it up her cunt. She tried to move but couldn’t. Between the hand in her ass and the dildo she was stretched to the point of bursting. She wimpered and he smiled. Slowly he rotated his hand and the dildo. Her tight insides clenched around his hand and the dildo at the same time.

He got up on his kness behind her and slowly worked his way into her. She moaned. Slowly he began to fuck her taking care not to be as rough as he had just been. “You were a good slut so now I’m going to take it easy on you” he took his time and varied the dept of his thrusts until he felt her begin to come again. When she climaxed for the second time she drooped across her back and gently rubbed her body. She was still shivering when he untied her hands and took off the blindfold.

When she turned around and saw it was micheal she started to cry. Tenderly micheal held her. When she had regained herself she told micheal “I’m so glad that it was you who did those things to me” “why” he asked, puzzled “Because I loved it” she replied. “Next time I get to do it my way” she told him. smiling he said “ok”

The End

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