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Miss Sadie’s Slave Farm 2

One morning Dave awoke to the sound or raindrops on the roof of the attic dormitory where Miss Sadie’s slaves slept, chained to their bunks with cock cages locked in place so they couldn’t masturbate. Wondering if Mistress would make them pull the heavy plow in the muddy field, he heard the PA system click on and a harsh voice announced ,”Drop your cocks and grab your socks. Rainy day routine, Butt-out pants required.”

As soon as the speaker clicked off, the door opened and Miss Whip, dressed in a black PVC cat suit and thigh high black leather boots, switched on the lights with the handle of her flogger while Miss Lash went down the center isle and unlocked the chains that held their wrists and ankles. Once freed of their chattels, she unlocked each slaves cock cage, gave his prick a swat with her cock whip “to wake them up” she said and sent them out the door where Miss Whip lashed their butts with her flogger.

“Hurry up, you slobs. Get a move on.” she said wielding her heavy flogger so that each slave got a taste of what was going to come on that rainy day. SWISH WHACK SMACK.

“Into the shower and be quick about it.”

After the required cold shower where Miss Boots patrolled whip in hand wearing her black rubber raincoat and boots, the slaves pulled on their butt-out pants and went to breakfast under the watchful eye of Cookie who ruled supreme in the kitchen where doggie bowls filled with oatmeal were placed along the wall.

“Hands behind your back now!” she said. “And don’t you dare spill any or I shall reward you with ten lashes.”

So saying, she gave each slave a whack with her heavy whip as they bent over their oatmeal bowls.

“Muster in the main foyer at 8:30.” boomed the Mistress’ voice over the speaker as Miss Boots entered.

“Put your bowl in the dishwasher and get out,” ordered Miss Boots as she swung her heavy black rubber whip at their bare butts. “Hurry up. Don’t be late or Mistress will punish you but good.”

After a hasty trip to the open-door toilets where the booted and spurred slave drivers patrolled whips in hand, Dave received another swat to his rear along with the terse command “Go wash your hands, slave.” Then he joined the other slaves for their morning line up in the main foyer of Mistress Sadie’s mansion.

“Eyes front! Pelvis forward! Legs spread! Hands clasped behind your backs! “barked Miss Whip as Miss Lash pranced back and forth behind the assembled slaves slashing at their backs with her cat’o’nine tails whip whenever they relaxed their position.

While standing at attention, Dave gazed out at the rain falling steadily on the driveway and waited for Mistress Sadie to appear for her morning tour of inspection. After what seemed at least an hour, the slaves heard her spurred boots clanking down the stairs as Miss Sadie appeared in her riding habit, complete with black leather breeches, black rubber boots, red riding slicker and black hunt cap. He noted that she was holding a long black rubber riding whip in her gloved right hand too.

“There will be no field work today,” she announced slapping her heavy whip against her high boots. “You will scrub the floors of my mansion on all fours under the strict supervision of Miss Whip and Miss Lash while I take my morning ride. I shall inspect every nook and cranny of this old house when I return and if I find any dirt or dust, you will be punished.”

Then she turned to Miss Whip and said ,” Show them where the brushes, pails and knee pads are. Attach spreader bars to their ankle cuffs and heavy chains to their wrist cuffs. Make sure they wear their knee pads, keep the brushes in their fucking mouths and hold their butts up high so they make good targets for your whips. See that they do a good job.” she added with a grin as she flicked her riding whip against her boots with a resounding smack.

“Yes, Ma’am,” murmured Miss Whip and Miss Lash as they cracked their whips and grinned widely, their white teeth shining brightly between their red lips. “Can we use those new dog whips you got for us?”

“Yes, you certainly may,” answered Miss Sadie with a grin, “that’s what I had them made for.”

“We’ll see that they work their butts off,” giggled Miss Boots as she directed the slaves to the broom closet under the staircase where the spreader bars, chains, pails, brushes and three foot long heavy, braided leather twin-lashed doggie whips were stored in neat rows. “Turn to!” shouted Miss Whip as she and Miss Lash drove the slaves to the broom closet while Mistress Sadie strode out the front door, smacking her whip against her boots and humming a little tune as she went on down to the stables.

As soon as the spreader bars and chains had been locked in place on the slaves ankles and wrists respectively, Miss Whip drove them down the hall to the Library where Miss Lash presided, whip in hand. Miss Boots drove another coffle to the dining room, pantry and kitchen where they began to scrub the floors with the brushes in their mouths. For a while, nothing was heard but the swish of the whips and falling of raindrops as the slaves bent diligently to their task of cleaning the floors of Mistress Sadie’s mansion.. Later they were driven to the lavatory, past the NO MASTURBATING signs and allowed 3 minutes to stand up and piss in the urinals before getting down on their knees again to scrub the bathroom floor and toilet bowls, Miss Whip’s and Miss Lash’s whips ensured that the latter were scrubbed clean when they pushed the slaves head down into the toilet bowl so he had to clean it with his mouth held brush while Miss Boots whipped their upturned ass with her heavy whip.

“Hurry up!”, she admonished, “Mistress will be back early today because of the rain.” WHACK WHACK

Just then they heard the front door open as Mistress came stomping in, dripping wet. Her boots were covered with a mixture of mud and manure so that she left muddy footprints all over the newly scrubbed floor as she made a tour of inspection with Miss Boots taking notes in each room they passed. She finished her inspection in the lavatory where she inspected the toilets and dished out punishment to the slaves already very red buttocks with her wet rubber riding whip. SPLAT…WHACK…SMACK.

After inspecting the toilets, Mistress Sadie seated herself on the overseer’s chair set on a raised dais in the middle of the room and, pointing at me with her whip, said “Come here, slave, and pull off my muddy boots,” When I rose and began walking toward her, I was knocked down to my knees by Miss Whips heavy flogger “Crawl, slave!” she said “And don’t you forget again.” SMACK.

I crawled up to Mistress’ booted feet and tried to pull off her mud- encrusted boots but they wouldn’t budge even though she kept up a steady tattoo on my naked back with her riding whip.

“Take my spurs off first, dum dum,” she said pointing down to them with the tip of her long lashed whip.

After struggling with the straps of her large rowelled spurs, I redoubled my efforts to pull her boots off without success. “Turn around and pull them through your legs,” she ordered, emphasizing her commands with numerous whip lashes as I turned around, thus exposing my bottom through the seat of my cut out pants.

“Now pull,” she said, goosing me hard with her other boot as I grasped it between my legs and pulled on it for all I was worth. The boot was still covered with a slimy mixture of mud and manure that made my hands slip so I couldn’t get a good grip on it. Just then, she placed her other boot on my butt and pushed hard. The boot came off and I went sprawling on the floor where Miss Whip and Miss Lash were waiting with raised whips.

“Get up slave,” they ordered as the beat me with their heavy floggers, “and serve you Mistress properly.”

I scrambled back up the dais, turned around and grabbed her left boot between my legs just in time to get a kick in the in the groin. As I grabbed my crotch in pain, Miss Whip flogged my hands away saying,” Grab her boot and pull it off right now or you will be punished for disobedience.” Numb with pain, I grabbed her left boot and pulled as Mistress planted her right one on my buttocks and pushed hard. As before, the boot came off and I went sprawling on the floor, much to the amusement of Miss Sadie who, I suspected, had planned the whole thing.

“Go up the stairs,” she ordered. “Bring my boots and spurs with you and lick them clean. Use saddle soap on the leather spur straps and polish my boots and spurs. I shall inspect them at 5 o’clock at the stable when we have the daily muster. The rest of you will continue to scrub the floors. Be sure to get all the muddy boot marks off or you will be punished.” Then, turning to Miss Boots she said “Heat up some stew in the microwave and dump it in their dog bowls for lunch. Keep their fetters on and make sure they stay on all fours with their butts upended for your whips. I shall take my repast in the boudoir on a tray. Bring my strap on with you too. Riding in the rain makes me horney.”

“Yes Mistress, I sure will,” said Miss Boots as she leered at the sex starved slaves groveling on all fours before their Mistress. Miss Sadie made me crawl up the stairs ahead of her, slashing my behind with her wicked whip at every step. Encumbered as I was with my spreader bar bound legs, wrist chain and carrying her muddy boots and spurs, I got plenty of lashes before reaching the landing.

When I stopped to catch my breath, she was quick to reward me with heavy lashes she told me to “Get along there, now.” WHACK WHACK WHACK. When I finally got to her boudoir, she made me put the boots down in the corner and then help her take off her wet riding togs. Then she had me fetch a pair of thigh high black patent leather high heeled boots from the closet, help her pull them on and zip them up to the very tip top.

Picking up a riding crop and a dildo harness, she made me kneel and bend over an ottoman that stood in the center of the room, unlocked my wrist chain and had me reach behind myself and spread my ass cheeks for her whip. When Miss Boots arrived with lunch, Mistress Sadie took the dildo from her, fitted it into the hole in her dildo harness and strapped it on tightly. “That will be all for now, Miss Boots,” she said. “Put the tray down on that table and bring me a tube of KY jelly and a penis gag for him.” “Yes, Mistress,” replied Miss Boots as she put the tray down on a little table and fetched the KY jelly and penis gag from the dresser while Miss Sadie stood in front of me and shoved the dildo into my mouth. It was so big I could hardly take it in and had to open my mouth wide.

“Here, slave, suck on this,” she said whacking me with her riding crop She shoved the ersatz phallus in my mouth so far I thought I would choke as she gyrated her hips and shoved it in.

“Suck on it good, you fucking cock sucker,” she said whacking me with her crop again and again.

Soon tiring of this exercise, she pulled it out and inserted the penis gag in my mouth, strapping it on very, very tightly.

“There,” she said, “That ought to keep you quiet.”

So saying, she walked around behind me, smeared KY jelly on my ass and inserted the big dildo into my anus, thrusting with her hips to get it in. “Spread your cheeks more, slave,” she said whacking me with her crop. Bent over as I was like a crouched beast, I had to stretch to get at my ass cheeks as I struggled in my bounds to do her bidding.

Finally, after much thrusting and gyrating and cropping, she got the fearful dildo in and started to fuck me in the ass. She spread her booted legs apart and leaned over to grasp my hair with her gloved hands as she pushed her pelvis forward till it was all the way in. Then she withdrew it almost completely and shoved it back in again so far I thought I had been impaled. It hurt so bad, I started to cry.

“What’s the matter, slave. Can’t you take your punishment” she asked? I tried to respond but the penis gag was so big it completely filled my mouth so all that came out was a sort of gurgle as she kept on thrusting it in and out…in and out…till I thought she would never stop. Finally, she backed off, withdrew the big dildo, unbuckled the harness and tossed them on the floor.

“Take these down to the laundry room with my boots and spurs and clean them thoroughly with warm water and soap,” she ordered. “Then ask Miss Boots to take out that penis gag so you can eat your lunch and go back to scrubbing the floors while I take a little nap to rest up for the afternoon’s inspection, Ha Ha Ha.”

To be continue

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