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A Symphony of Debauchery 1

I must be losing my mind, she thought as she made her way down the street. Foremost in her mind, the inherent danger of answering the beckoning call of a stranger; a man, whose erotic prose had held her captivated for months. It was as if he had looked into the darkest corner of her mind; the place that she ran to in her solitary lusting; the place where she could conduct herself as luridly as she wanted; where she saw the person that was lurking deep inside her. A slut. A whore. She had never let these erotic images of herself come to fruition. “I am a mother, a sister, a daughter. I am an upstanding member of my community.” she would say to herself; fearing the woman that lay beneath her outward personage. Also, afraid of what her husband would think. Eager to please him, at the same time denying this woman who longed for release. She saw herself in the writings of this stranger, this man that she was running to. How did he know that women longed to be manipulated? Was she not alone in these yearnings? Over their months of writing e-mails, she found that she was not alone.

This man, known only as Steven, would be the one to guide her to this awakening. She could have waited, coaxing her husband into this role, but over the months of writing, she had grown fond of this stranger, and had made the hazardous decision that she would give this gift to him. Her emancipation. “I can’t believe I’m doing this again,” he thought as he strode into the Airport Marriott. Much like Michael Corleone in Godfather III he felt that every time he tried to get out something always pulled him back in. More like someone. Cathy. It was her pristine innocence that did it. Her honesty. Her yearning. She had seduced him like no other, and her complete unawareness that she was doing it was the key to her.

Even now, he knew that as she was driving to him, she would be wet with anticipation of her deflowering. Of course she was not a virgin. Why, she was a mother, a grown woman, a wife, but in so many ways a virgin. She wanted to be a whore, at least for this night, to reach down into the darkness of that part of her that she had long denied.

Slut. He knew that when he called her that she immediately became aroused, for it was so contrary to the person she had designed for the world to see. And yet it was the truth of her. And he had shown her that she could no longer deny it. And she had told him that she no longer wished to.

But there was a terrible danger lurking and Steven wondered if Cathy was aware of it as well. Of course she knew. She was so smart, so perceptive, and so self-examining. Though all the months of emails and phone games could just be called flirtation, though fiery as it was, this night could change everything for them both. He knew that when he finally held her in his big arms and felt his hardness press against her, that the danger would become readily apparent. The danger was that they might fall in love.

Always sensible, cautious, putting family honor before her own desires and needs, this was the essence of this woman. Solely devoted to her family, she had dreamt of a day when she could indulge in her own activity and desire. Steven had provided a venue for her to do just that. All the while, peeling back the lamination that she had encased herself in, an armor of sorts. How had he reduced her so? What was it about him? He was just words on a screen, yet he had turned her into a slave for his words. She knew nothing of him, there wasn’t that spark or physical attraction that so many people use as a catalyst to start a romance. So like Cathy. She cared so little for the things that most people found appealing in the opposite sex. His photo revealed a most beautiful man, strong in stature and body, eyes that cut right through a woman’s soul. But she hadn’t even seen his face when she found herself longing for him. She didn’t know anything about his life, how he labored or how he spent his time. She saw in his writing a man who knew what a woman wanted and that was all she needed of him. Time and again it was this man, Steven, who had driven her up to her bedroom, away from her family to cater to his whims. “Dip your hand in your white honey. Then write me of it.” It was comments like that which had driven her to his arms.

He would fuck her. And fuck her again. Make her crawl across the floor and beg for his cock. Worship it. He would show her that his cock could be the focal point of her existence. He would defile her. Make her plead to swallow his cum. Get her to the point where she kneeled on the floor, presenting her gorgeous big ass to him, spreading it open with her hands, and through her sobs said, “Please, Steven, please. Fuck your whore’s fat ass. My ass needs a cock in it sooooo bad. Please.”

And it was quite a remarkable ass. He smiled inwardly again thinking of the time a few months ago when he had sent her that link to an Adult toy site Anal Sex Toys for men and women and had her purchase a Butt Plug. And because he asked her to, she inserted it and wore it while she carried out her daily mundane chores. He had to stifle a laugh when he imagined her in her minivan, carpooling the neighborhood kids, a butt plug in her ass, because her unseen Master had requested it. It was their secret. And kept Cathy constantly on edge. She loved secrets. And he was her darkest secret yet.

She thought back to all of the early mornings she rose before dawn, running to his words. She had many days of strong reservation. Among the many women he had seduced, she was certain, would have more experience than she. Could she still please him? She had been told by the handful of men that she had allowed herself to be with that she was skilled in the art of fellatio. She loved to suck a man’s cock, using her entire mouth, especially her tongue. But many of them were boys of a life long before marriage. This was a man. And she was so eager to please him. She found him to be encouraged by her obedience, she catered to his every whim, did whatever she was told. She loved the control he had over her and surrendered herself to his desires. She knew that everything that he asked of her had a purpose. She did not question his requests for in the end she knew that he would make her whole. He was her fantasy.

Steven delighted in her blind obedience. Cathy had written him that he had become her fantasy, a role he delighted in. Cathy’s fantasy. A burden as well. But she made it easy, her compliance to his wishes a secret gift.

He allowed his mind to drift back to the moment he realized her specialness to him. Steven had set up a voicemail box so that he may hear her voice when their correspondence began. He also wanted to make sure it wasn’t a man writing to him in that early stage. Silly now in retrospect, but it had happened once or twice before, his on-line stories being a magnet both for sincere ladies and lonely, bored men. Her husband was away golfing and Steven had bid her to call the number so that he might hear her climax as she masturbated. She willingly complied. And he could tell by the joyous sounds of this woman in heat that his suggestion took her to a new level of autoeroticism. He remembered how many times he listened to the playback that night. And how he too masturbated, cumming with his Cathy for the first time, covering his fifty-inch chest with a prodigious load of his fiery man-juice, whispering, “Yes, Cathy, you’re such a good girl.”

Steven’s words were so powerful, so eloquent. He called them filthy scribblings, but in his words she saw a modern day Kama Sutra. He would laugh at that, perhaps through modesty, but it was the truth. Maybe not fit for every woman, but his words had moved her so deeply, she wouldn’t deny herself this man. So she prepared well for the night, bidding his requests for certain items of clothing down to the finest detail. She was so good at that. Save one, she wanted to wear her signature scent. Beautiful by Estee Lauder lightly sprayed on her body always made her feel so sexy. Perhaps she should have complied, allowed him to choose, but it was her only request and he had obliged her. He could be so liberal at times, surprising her by granting nominal wishes. She loved him for that, as well as so many others things. She had spent the entire day preparing her visage for his delight.

His penchant for delicate female things, hose, heels, well manicured nails, her hair, which he loved, was a vision of perfection. Cathy was not a sophisticated woman in her outer presentation. She found herself not to be of exceptional beauty or possessing the desire to engage in the usual tinkering of her facial features or body. A self-proclaimed low-maintenance woman. But she was real. Strong in body and mind and opinion. She didn’t waste her days in vanity, but instead invested her attention and time in creating character. Steven had only seen her in one photo, taken years ago, and she had changed quite a bit since then. Her hair was much longer, she was thinner, and he had probably wondered if she always carried a cowboy hat. It was a prop in her picture, a sign of a wild, untamed spirit. But he would tame her, like no other man before. On this night, she would present him with a debonair woman. She wanted him to become enamored by her appearance as well as her acquiescence.

Attempting to drive had proven to be a challenge for Cathy since her initial encounter with Steven. In her van, away from the demands and bustling of her home, her mind always wandered to him and the things that he had written her. This long distance drive was giving her hours to immerse in the anticipation of what would come this night. She found herself coarsely pulling on her enlarged nipples as she drove, sending a sting through her body into her swollen clit. The cream of her cunt gushing through her hole which made her shiver. She thought about him, this magnificent man who had allowed her to be in her van making this journey. She had learned through his writings that he enjoyed a shaven scrotum, which would make her feast of him even more delectable. She saw herself kneeled on a floor, his cock, inches from her hungry mouth, pulsating with lust for her. The scent of his meat wafting through her nose, savoring every moment that he allowed her to be here. When he said the word, “suck”, she would take his shaft into her mouth, lips and tongue and do what she was born to do, please Steven. Intermittently running her tongue down to his balls, gently suckling, licking. Returning to his cock, pushing it all the way down her throat. His face and words indicating that he was pleased. She would do this throughout the many hours of this oncoming night and the anticipation of this event would be the death of her. She sped up to rush to her love.

He allowed her small victories. She wanted to wear her favorite cologne, Beautiful, and he had allowed it. Though he preferred the raw sexuality of Obsession, he was familiar with her scent and thought it would fit her best. It was an aroma of innocence and wonderment with an undercurrent of dark eroticism. Perfect for his Cathy, the pillar of the community and his slut.

Maybe that was part of his attraction for her. He was a man who knew things like the various scents women liked to wear. He knew her husband had no idea of such things. But Steven knew women, it was his life’s work. He preferred their company and though he had male acquaintances, he had only female friends.

Cathy would be arriving at the hotel soon and he needed to dress. He admired his body in the mirror. At 48 he appeared much younger, the years of weight training managing to keep Father Time somewhat at bay. He had just freshly shaved his fifty-inch chest and he cradled his also just shaved scrotum, feeling it’s comforting heft as he examined his penis. It wasn’t overly large but big enough and women had felt a need to comment on its proportions and attractiveness. As he examined himself he found his cock gently filling with blood, the veins running along its length starting to pulse. The thought of Cathy, in her mini van, dressed like a very expensive whore, driving to his hotel was so arousing. He gently pumped his manhood watching the big head turn purple with lust and smiled at himself in the mirror. This would become the focus of Cathy’s existence for the next few hours. This cock. And her love for him would be his reward.

Cathy was not given to anal sex and the butt plug that had occupied her rectum since Steven asked for its insertion had served as a preparation for his cock. She knew this and had religiously worn it as she did now. It sent shivers through her, waves of delight like she had not ever experienced. Her husband, like so many other men, longed for this gift. A woman’s ass. An exceptionally tight, puckered hole and the object of fascination for her husband. She would only oblige him from time to time, but she found herself anxious to give this to Steven. She sensed that she would like everything that he did to her. She adjusted her skirt as she stepped out of her van, having hiked it up to reach in between her legs periodically throughout her trip. She wore a tight black skirt, something she had always found to be inviting. Not leather, as some may envision, but nylon. It clung to her ass like a hand. The thin black stockings shaped her muscular calves, which were defined even more than usual. The heels that she wore were unequivocally the highest she had ever worn. But they forced her to stand straight and erect, to think of each step so as not to fall. She knew why he had requested these from his many writings. She had studied them and learned that they provided him the physical control, keeping a woman reliant on him for her every move. Her white silk blouse was unbuttoned shamefully low. Well, shameful for Cathy. Her breasts pushed high and separated in her bra to form the perfect tunnel for his cock to travel through. Her nipples, hard and swollen at the thought of where she was and the commencement she would experience in a short time. She wore large gold hoops and dramatic make-up. She was a vision of her soul. Her longing to look and conduct herself as a whore. And she turned quite a few heads as she waltzed into the lobby, to her Steven, her master.

As he pulled his black Lord & Taylor briefs over his big thighs Steven smiled thinking of Cathy in her carpool mini van, the butt plug he’d had her order firmly affixed in her sphincter. She was so awash now with her repressed sexuality that with his masterful prodding it burst forth from her in a torrent, like a river, swollen by days of rain, behind a weakened dam. A whore. A woman.

He adjusted his “package” in his underwear and then reached into the closet for the woolen pants of his black double-breasted Armani suit. She had written that she loved him, though he doubted this. Why, they had never even breathed the same air. No, she loved the idea of him and the idea of her that he had given her, Cathy the slut. She loved the sexual way he made her feel, showed her the power she could have in sexual submission. She was drunk with it, intoxicated with this new woman he had uncovered for her. He showed her how she could dress shamelessly and it would be alright.That she could play “dress up” like a little girl and have fun rediscovering her femininity.

Glancing at the gold Breitling chronomat as he snapped it on his wrist he realized that she would already be in the hotel bar waiting for him. He also knew that the way she looked men wishing her company were already approaching her. Maybe that’s how he would defile her. Tell her to pick up two men and take them back to this room. He would be the third and he would make it appear that she was a prostitute of his acquaintance. He would take out a wad of bills, and in front of the others, pay her for her services. Then they would all have her. Could she stand that? It would certainly not be what she expected. But the thought of his virginal Cathy with a cock in her mouth, her cunt and her ass found him quite hard again as he made his way to the door. Just a thought. We’ll see.

Cathy waited in the bar like she was told. Dressed as she was and in a bar during the evening, she attracted a few men whose company she politely declined. She was looking for a certain species of man. Aloof, aggressive, arrogant…the kind of man that think their aura is completely irresistible. But it couldn’t be just one, it had to be two. Her sights were set on the two men who boldly approached her, asked if they could buy her a drink, self-assured and cocky as hell. Two businessmen having drinks after work and starting to feel the effects of the alcohol they had consumed, the conversation turned to sex. They had inquired if she was waiting for someone, which she answered no, but they didn’t ask further questions about why she was there alone. Cathy had a knack for turning her charm and sexiness up to warp speed and she could feel that it was working on these two unsuspecting men.

As the lurid talk continued, Cathy smiled deep inside herself and thought, ” You two fools think you’ve got yourselves a letter to Penthouse in the works here. Something to tell the guys at work.” Little did they know that they would be players in her scheme. This interlude of rampant sex wasn’t for their pleasure. It wasn’t even so much for hers, although she knew she would enjoy it. This was for Steven. Steven who had captured her heart and her mind and had fulfilled all of her sexual fantasies. He wanted to have her as the object of a gangbang. He wanted to see her manipulated and filled to her very soul with cock. She would lure these two innocent players to her room, cunning as she was, and her love would be there to orchestrate this in the way that was pleasing to him. It was her gift to him. She knew that physically, she would love this. But heaven would come when she would see the look on Steven’s face when he saw her perform.

Yes, that would be the way. He would have her arrange her own defilement, a performance for him. Steven reached down and picked up the phone, quickly punching in the numbers of Cathy’s cell phone. After two rings she answered…”Hello?” “Where are you?” “I’m in the lounge, like you said, waiting” “Good girl. Are you alone?” “Well,…not really” “Good” “Good?” “Yes, listen carefully, whore” She still cringed when he called her that “I’ll require you to find two men. You know the type, ones that don’t have deep thoughts about anything, preferably wearing wedding rings. Seduce them. Convince them that you’re a very expensive call girl there to meet a client. Let them introduce the idea of all three of us having you. Tell them you’ll need to call me to make sure it’s all right and then do so. Do I make myself understood?” “Yes, perfectly” “Oh and Cathy?” “Yes?” “Make sure that they are decently hung. Run your nails along the outlines of their cocks in their pants, I’m sure just being in close proximity to my girl will have them quite aroused. Master only wants the best for his toy.” “Thank you” “Get moving, I’m waiting” click

Steven wanted these men to be seduced by her. She would enjoy every moment of it. They oozed of everything that she abhorred in men. Arrogant, pretentious, moneyed, self-assured, cocky, of the mind that they were able to possess anything that they wanted just by the simple virtue of their presence. Men that had come on to her throughout her entire life, that she sneered at, not even wanting to be flirtatious with them for they made her nauseous. This would be her vindication. How easily they were falling into her trap. The one man especially was coming on hard and revisited the question of what she was doing there. She said, “I am a call girl and was told to meet a client at this bar.” They both looked taken back by her answer. ” A call girl, eh?” he smiled, “Then I’m sure you’ve had more than one man in a session.” Oh, God, could it be this easy? ” Yes, as a matter of fact I have and mmmmm, it is quite a treat,” she said. “And what is it about that scenario that you like?” he asked. The man standing opposite from her appeared to be nervous and started looking around as if everyone in the room knew what they were talking about. “I love the feeling of being overwhelmed with cock,” she lied. How would she know what that felt like? She had only been with a few men in her life and all but her husband had been when she was young. This was her part to play as directed by Steven. “And how would your client feel about us joining you two?” he asked. “Well it’s more like do I deem you worthy of being included?” she quipped. By this time the nervous one had moved in closer, hoping to seclude the conversation into the intimate circle where they sat. He was still looking around and almost fell over when Cathy reached under the table and grabbed his crotch. He was as stiff as a rock and decently hung and appeared embarrassed at her aggressive gesture. She smiled at him and gently licked her top lip, “You can be included anytime.” she whispered. “Uh, thanks,” he said. She noticed his ring. “Oh, so that’s why you’re so nervous,” she said. “Don’t worry, it’ll be our little secret.” She winked. The other man practically stuck his crotch in her hand. She availed her nails, which raked across the length of his shaft. He was smaller in size and paled in comparison to Steven’s manhood, but he was a willing accomplice, he would have to do. His eyes fluttered and he leaned forward and said, ” I’ll give it all to you, just the way you like it.” Cathy bit her lip to keep from laughing in his face. “Mmmmm, and I can’t wait,” she quipped, “but I have to make sure it’s okay with my client. He is very authoritative and may not like this.” She called the hotel desk and asked for his room number. She said, ” Master, there are two men here that would be interested in joining you and I. If it pleases you.” They looked puzzled as to why she used the word “master”. The nervous one looked reluctant and was motioning to the other that he wanted to leave. His eyes were fixed on Cathy’s mouth as she spoke, ignoring his friend as he was imagining what this would be like. “Is this what you want, Darling,” Steven asked. “You know I do,” she smiled. “Then let us begin. Bring them up here now,” he commanded.

Steven opened the door to his guests. He was dressed in a double-breasted black Armani suit with a white Italian silk T-shirt underneath. He usually wore all black but thought the white would best show off his recent tan.

“Cathy, gentlemen, my suite is yours,” with a big grin and an expansive wave of his arm.

Cathy walked in followed by the two men. Her nylon skirt swished seductively against her nylon stockings as she walked in her stiletto “fuck-me” pumps, rolling her hips for the men following behind her.

“Gentlemen, won’t you be seated,” Steven gestured toward two chairs adjoining a table.

When they were seated Steven drew Cathy close to him and began to kiss her deeply. As he did so he hiked up Cathy’s already short skirt and took the globes of her ass in his hands. Because Cathy’s back was now towards the two men they had a perfect view of her bottom and her stockings. She wore no underwear as Steven didn’t allow it. He kneaded her ass flesh as he raped her mouth with his tongue. In a few moments he was through greeting her and pulled away. Cathy remained standing where she was, motionless.

Steven walked behind the two seated men and said, “My whore says that you’d like to fuck her. And I like nothing better than watching her fuck. She’s the best at what she does, a true artist, isn’t that right slut?”

“Yes, Master”

The two men were starting to have second thoughts about what they might have gotten themselves into, but their egos wouldn’t allow them to back out. Though quite frankly, given their erections, they’d have trouble standing, much less walking, out of the room.

“Cathy, why don’t you show us what we will have this evening.”

She bent from the waist, reaching around and bunching her skirt up so her ample bottom was revealed again, then she grabbed her ankles. After a pause Cathy reached around and spread her ass open for their inspection. Her cunt glistened with her arousal.

“What do you need tonight, Cathy?” Steven whispered.

“I need to have all my holes filled with cock. Your slave needs to be fucked in her ass, her cunt and she needs to have cum shot down her throat.”

“You see gentlemen. Cathy is a girl that knows what she wants. Shall we give it to her?”, an evil laugh from Steven.

Cathy was immediately struck by Steven’s power. She had been captivated by his words and the pictures that he had sent. He commanded attention with just his mere presence. She gazed longingly at him as he stood behind these two men, speaking to her in a way that made her weak. Her cunt felt as if it would burst with the anticipation of having this man, she had seen his mammoth cock in a picture and knew she would be complete once it had broken through her wetness.


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