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A Symphony of Debauchery 2

Steven invited the married man to go to Cathy and unleash her breasts from her shirt. He appeared to be intrigued by what might be lying beneath, for one of Cathy’s most distinguishing features was her breasts. Protruding seductively under her silk blouse and aching to be released. He stood and over his shoulder, Cathy caught Steven’s eyes. She had feared that perhaps this one would turn and run out of the room, fearing the dark world that lay behind the hotel door. Steven looked as pleased as Cathy to see him looking intently at her chest and he smiled at her.

She set her sights on him as he approached her, and never even hesitating, he started to unbutton her blouse, pulling the tail out slowly, working his nervous hands at this tedious task. Under the silken sheath she wore a corset, tightly bound as per Steven’s instruction, and this shy man stuck his face right into her cleavage. Cathy drew her head back and closed her eyes. Although this wasn’t Steven, she was relieved to have someone touching her throbbing body. He drew his hands down to her nipple and started to rub gently on her flesh. She took his head in her hand and guided his ear to her mouth, “When you touch me, I want you to do it harder. If you touch my nipple, I want you to pinch it coarsely. It will please my Master.” He nodded and squeezed a bit harder. Cathy cooed him and said, “That’s right, just like that.”

She caught Steven’s eye again. His stare did not reveal any emotion. She wondered if this was satisfying for him.

Steven watched, arms folded across his chest, as the man grew in confidence. He was mauling Cathy’s breasts now, pinching and twisting the large nipples, her gasps and moans urging him on. He buried his face in the furrow of her cleavage, squeezing her big teats together, kneading the tit flesh in the rough manner Steven knew Cathy enjoyed. His guest was becoming drunk with Cathy the whore’s tits, alternating between them now, sucking loudly and squeezing tightly, urged on by her moaning. Steven caught Cathy’s eyes now and locked upon them, half open with passion. At times her eyes seemed to roll back into her head, so awash in heat the housewife was.

“Why don’t you help your buddy out?”, he commanded the second man, still sitting, the erection in his pants clearly visible.

“Strip down, show my slut your dick, she loves dick, don’t you Cathy?”, Steven again, almost taunting.

Through her moaning Cathy managed, “Yes, please, I’d love to see your cock.”

Steven smiled once again, wondering when Cathy’s next PTA meeting was.

The more obnoxious of the two men jumped up as if he had been sitting on a spring with Steven’s invitation. He quickly started pulling his clothes off as he watched the mauling of Cathy’s body. He released his prick from his underwear, and although his demeanor was repulsive, Cathy became increasingly aroused as he approached her. Her skirt was now gathered around her waist, her legs parted as far as she could manage without falling over. The heels that Steven had instructed her to wear were incredibly high and weak as she was with lust, she had to concentrate on standing and receiving and delivering all at the same time. The shy man was completely enthralled in Cathy’s tits which he would periodically leave to stick his tongue in her mouth. The other man did not hesitate in reaching down in between her legs and shoving two fingers right into her pussy. Cathy loved to be fingered all of her life, but this was by far the best she had ever had. Through the whirlwind of hands and fingers, tongues and moans, there was Steven, looking on intently. The players were in place, Cathy had delivered what she had promised, but she would push them out of the room to have Steven. She wondered how long it would be, impatient little girl.

Cathy’s feverish moaning filled the hotel suite. Her nylon clad legs were shaking now as the strangers went to work on her. What they lacked in practiced skills of pleasuring a woman, the skills he had, and they more than made-up for in adolescent-like vigor.

The first man had was holding one of Cathy’s large breasts tightly in both hands, alternating sucking the nipple and thrusting his tongue into her mouth. Spittle from this onslaught covered Cathy’s tit, mouth and neck. The other man had his fingers in her cunt, ramming them in and out, and the squishing from her overheated fuckhole an accompaniment to her groans. He had managed to work his penis free of his pants as well and was jerking it with his other hand and rubbing the head of it against Cathy’s dark stockings. His thumb had evidently just found her clit because she moaned louder and gasped, “Yes.”

Steven stood arms folded, surveying what he had orchestrated. A notion struck him and he walked to the other side of the room, behind her. He admired her big ass, the flesh quivering with the manipulations of the two men as well as her own passion. Steven walked closer behind his Cathy and grasping her throat pulled her head backwards. Her eyes opened wide for she was surprised to see him suddenly there. He put his lips to her ear and whispered “You’re a good little whore Cathy, and Master loves you so.” as a more guttural and louder moan escaped her, either from his words or the fourth finger that had now found it’s way into her cunt.

With Steven’s mouth so close to Cathy’s ear and the words that he spoke she was finding it more difficult to stand. Steven could sense that she was growing weak and wanted to see her suck cock. He released her throat and turned to survey the room. He wanted to start this event in a different way before progressing to the bed. In the corner of the room he noticed an ottoman of fair size and decided that it would be perfect. He rolled it over to where the group stood and ordered Cathy and the men to cease their petting. He stood over the ottoman across from Cathy and said, “I want you to strip down and get on all fours on this.” She replied, “Yes, Steven.” and obeyed his command. Fully exposed in the midst of these three men made Cathy nervous. But she did as she was told because she trusted him and knew that he was aware of her deepest desires.

Cathy removed her clothes until she stood in only her black thigh high hose and “fuck-me” shoes. The two men had also disrobed and now stood on either side of her, stroking their very erect organs with their hands, almost salivating at the sight of her.

She placed her knees on the proffered ottoman and then her hands. Steven grabbed her waist to steady her. He stepped back and all three admired her, their fucktoy. Her ample breasts hung down in the most lewd manner, the aureoles still wet and red from the mauling they’d had moments ago. Her wild curls covered her face and streamed across her back. All at once she took one hand and brushing her mane back, lifted her head and said, “OK, who’s first? I need some cock to suck!”, and as she opened her heavily painted mouth wide, winked at Steven, who winked his approval back. Being completely exposed in this way was liberating for Cathy. On her knees on this ottoman in front of these men and her Steven, she felt the complete abandon of all her inhibitions. She heard Steven say to one of them, “My dear man, won’t you let my slut service you with her mouth? She needs a cock to suck and quite frankly, yours looks like it is in desperate need of some attention.” Cathy was thrilled to find that it was the shy man as he came around to the front of where she was positioned. His cock was inches from her face and she could smell his meat. She licked her lips, lightly, urging him to move closer. As the tip was placed on her lips, she drew him into her mouth, slowly, her tongue running along the bottom of his shaft as he lowered his length into her. His face defined his pleasure as did Steven’s.


Steven and the other man watched Cathy warm to the task at hand. Steven stood, arms folded once again across his chest, the all-knowing smirk quite evident on his face. The other man also watched, but couldn’t stop jerking his tool, the excitement of actually being in a fantasy he had glimpsed only in the porno videos he watched when his wife wasn’t home was becoming way too much for him. Steven detected this and was concerned that he might ejaculate before he had a turn at Steven’s whore. “Hey, buddy. Go easy there. My slut loves to drink cum so save it for her mouth”, he ordered, though in the nicest of ways.

As Cathy, on all fours on the ottoman, continued to have her face fucked, Steven approached her. He knelt down right near her gorgeous face and whispered in her ear; “I am so proud of you Catherine. I cherish your surrender.” As the dick slid in and out of her willing mouth Cathy was only able to muster an, “Mmmppphhh” and a nod, letting her Master know that she was loving being a whore for his pleasure.

As he rose, Steven took a fistful of Cathy’s mane of curls and started to force her head into a certain rhythm. At the same moment he spoke aloud; “You love to suck cock, don’t you Cathy? It’s what you’re made for, isn’t it?”

With that he started to force her head back and forth onto the man-flesh that had her head so impaled. He pushed her head forcibly right up against the man’s pubic region wondering if she would gag. But he knew she wouldn’t because he had trained her to stifle the gag reflex when his much larger tool was forced down her throat. He held her head against the man’s groin and said aloud, “Look at this. Have you ever seen a more cock crazy slut in your life? I could hold her head here all day with this cock down her throat and she’ll love every minute of it. In fact, she’ll beg for more. Watch.”

With that, Steven pulled back on the fistful of her hair that he held close to her head, and the shy man’s penis broke free of her mouth. Cathy gave Steven that look that he first saw when they had initially met at the NY Public Library, the unmistakable look of lust. He had never seen eyes that whispered “Fuck me” quite like hers.

“Master please. I need cock to suck, please. I want to make that cock cum because I know it pleases you. Please, Master, I beg of you, don’t keep me from that cock. It needs sucking soooo badly and I need to have it shoot in my mouth because I’m a slut.”, she hoarsely said to the room, the duskiness of her voice enough to telegraph her message of lust, much less her words.

The two men exchanged glances, their earlier phony bravado now gone, replaced by a thankfulness that they had been selected for this scene.

“My poor baby.” Steven said. “Gentlemen, you’ve heard about nymphomania but never thought you seen a woman so afflicted. Well, this is your lucky night. Say hello to the face of that terrible disease. Cathy suffers from it, though it is always in remission until I bring it forth.”

Steven stood at Cathy’s waist facing her rear and placed his big hands on her remarkable ass. As he spread her ass cheeks he said to the shy man, “Ever fucked a woman’s ass? Cathy loves that. At times I’ve thought that she must have a clit in her behind!.” he chuckled as the man now moved behind Steven’s fucktoy. “And you, my friend, now it’s your turn to get a blowjob from the best cocksucker in the world. Go ahead, enjoy her, that’s what she’s here for. Our pleasure.”

The other man stepped forward and placed his stiff rod at Cathy’s mouth as the other participant placed his cock head at the entrance to her bowels. Steven couldn’t help but smile as he watched the gateway to Cathy’s most forbidden of areas start to unfurl in welcome to this new invasion. Just like he had taught her. Cathy was mildly repulsed to be giving pleasure in any form to this man. His willingness to participate in this scene was his only acquittal for being such an arrogant slob.

She decided as he came around her front that she would give him a less than stellar performance, hoping that Steven wouldn’t notice her masquerade. As he eased himself into her mouth, she concentrated instead on the rape of her ass. She knew who it was and smiled through her toiling of giving head at the thought of this overwhelmed, shy man sticking his cock in what he thought was a prostitute’s ass. Cathy was certain this was not run of the mill for him, which made pleasing him all the more satisfying. She could hear Steven opening something and all at once felt the oil cascading slowly down her crack. The cool oil on her steaming flesh made her weak and she momentarily forgot about the cock she was supposed to be sucking. She let out a low moan that caused Steven to glance at her. When he noticed she wasn’t being attentive to the task in her front, his hand came down hard on her ass cheek, which almost caused her to lose her balance. Both men were startled to see this action and even more so at Steven’s words, “If you continue to ignore this man’s desire to have his cock milked by you, your punishment will be severe. Do you understand?” She replied, “Yes, Master, I understand. Forgive me for being so negligent.” He said, “You are a good girl, Cathy.” and lightly kissed the flesh where he had struck her as she resumed her duty.

Go ahead.” Steven invited the gentleman standing at Cathy the Whore’s rear as she resumed her oral pleasing of the guest at her front.

“Be my guest, fuck her ass, she loves it.” Steven intoned.

The “shy” man took his throbbing pole in his hand and guided it to her still unfurling anus. He placed the head of it at her dark entryway and started to push himself into her with his hips, grabbing her waist for purchase as he did. Feverish slurping filled the room as Cathy continued to service the cock to her fore with her mouth, all the while enjoying the sensation of having her ass raped by a stranger.

Steven knelt by her face and whispered in her ear; “You’re a slut, aren’t you Cathy? A fucktoy for men’s pleasure. Look at you, a stranger fucking your big ass, another in your mouth, what would your husband think if he knew? You’re just a whore, Cathy, my whore. The only difference between you and a prostitute is that you don’t take my money. But you do get paid, don’t you slave girl? Your payment is in the pleasure you bring me, Your Master, in the pride I take in your performance, the pleasure of your subjugation to my erotic whims. And the humiliation of this, it gets you so fuckin’ hot, doesn’t it, slut?”

And with that her Master took her swollen clit in between his oily thumb and index finger and started to roll it around, squeezing it tighter as he did. Cathy the Whore shook uncontrollably in climax, a cock down her throat, another pounding her well-oiled asshole, her Owner’s hand torturing her sex and seemingly pleased at the moment, as the video camera in the corner recorded it all.

What the tape in the camcorder would reveal later was a voluptuous woman in her early 30’s, perched on her hands and knees on an ottoman, clad only in black stockings and black patent leather stiletto heeled shoes. Her large breasts hung down in the most lewd fashion and swayed with the rhythm of her multiple defilements. A discerning eye would note that this woman was in a hotel room and was being used by three men. One man was holding on to her waist and by the angle one could surmise that he was performing an act of sodomy upon the woman with the mane of wild dark crimson curls. To her front the camera revealed another man gripping her head and pumping his penis in and out of her mouth and at times holding her face flush against his groin so that his tool down her throat made her gag. Kneeling next to her was evidently the maestro of the proceedings, who alternated rubbing the woman’s pubic mound and clitoris in the most vigorous of fashions and suddenly, without warning, plunging four of his fingers in her cunt.

Cathy shook uncontrollably as Steven removed his hand from her cunt. She had always believed deep inside of herself that her body and mind were intended for this kind of sexual barrage, she longed for it. But never in her wildest imaginings did she ever think that it would come to pass. Yet here she was, fulfilling that fantasy, though not through her own doing, but by Steven’s. He had encouraged her to come here and perform these acts and she came willingly crossing every barrier that she had ever set forth regarding sex. As the cock was removed from her mouth, she slowly swallowed the last of the semen that had remained in her mouth with a dramatic gulp, licking her lips gently to add to the pleasure of the men who watched her. The man at her rear jerked his limp member out of her and she could feel his cum starting to ooze out of her dark hole. She could feel a stirring of excitement growing inside of her with the prospect of what her master would have her do next.

The End

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