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She slowly became aware of her surroundings.  Her head hurt like hell, her heart beating was bounding in her skull.  It felt like the worst hangover she had ever had in her life.  It was cold in the room and she went to reach down to pull the bedclothes up to her chin but found as she tried to move her arms that she could only move them very slightly.  Her arms were stretched out to the side at shoulder level and apparently tied securely to the bed she was lying on.  She became suddenly alert, startled by the knowledge that she wasn’t sure where she was or how she had gotten there.

Her mind was rushing back and forth trying to make sense of it.  She tried to pull her arms into her more forcefully but did nothing but hurt her wrists, which felt like they were tied tightly with a thin rope.  Kicking out with her feet she found that her ankles were bound too. Panic set in at that moment, her mind went blank and she started to scream but there was no sound except for the echo in her head.  There was a rubber ball gag in her mouth, she could taste the rubber and tried to close her mouth around the ball but it fitted too well.

Calm down,  she said to herself, trying to get a grip on her emotions. Slow down and think about it.  Never one to really panic about anything, she tried to relax and think about what had happened.  What did she remember last?  It came to her suddenly.  The pub.  That’s what she remembered last.  She had gone to the pub to meet with … her Master. It all came flooding back.

Kari had gone to the pub to meet Peter.  Peter was her virtual Master.  He had been training her by e-mail and by message service for 6 months now.  This was to be their first real life encounter.  Kari had spent hours getting ready to meet Him.  First having a bath and shaving her legs and underarms, she would also have shaved her pussy but Master had said he wanted to do that himself so she had left the two weeks growth as it was, then a shower and washing her hair. Rubbing in lotion to her skin making it soft and smelling of jasmine.  She had spent hours trying to get her hair just right, it was auburn in color and almost reached her shoulders, she tried it up and then down. Fussing so much, wanting it to be perfect for their meeting.  Carefully she applied some make up and then put on her sexiest underwear, a black lace basque with suspenders and stockings.  As she left for the pub at 5pm she wore a plain black dress and high heels, very understated and conservative, just as Master had told her.

Kari hated going into pubs by herself but Master had been adamant that she get a table and wait for him.  The pub was quiet when she got there, as it was still very early, she got herself a vodka and soda and chose a table near the fire at the back of the pub as per her instructions.  The longer Kari waited the more restless she became, twitching every time someone entered the pub, spending more and more time looking into her drink and trying not to catch anyone’s eye as she sat there alone.

“Hello, Kari.” said a soft, low voice beside her, just as she was thinking of jumping up and running away home.  Slowly she looked up, noting the black jeans and black shirt with grey buttons as her eyes made their journey to her Master’s face.

No words came from her, she tried to speak but there was just silence.  For such a long time she had imagined this moment and now that it had come she had nothing to say.  All she could do was look into his face, losing herself in his hazel eyes.  A tender smile lay upon his face and he bent and kissed her cheek softly.   Kari felt herself grow warmer as a hot flush rose to her cheeks.  She cast her eyes toward the floor and felt as shy and nervous as she had ever felt in her life.  Peter left her and went to the bar for some drinks. Kari watched him as he made his way through the quiet pub, taking this chance to study him, noticing how he walked in such a confident manner and how he exchanged friendly banter with the barman.  Soon he was back by her side. He handed her another vodka with a smile and with a somewhat shaky hand she accepted the drink.

The chat started slowly and a little awkwardly.  Kari was trying so hard to make a good impression that she stumbled over words and stammered.  Peter took her hand in his, “Relax, my love.” he said.  “We are only strangers in the loosest of ways.  Remember how intimately we know each other.  You have nothing to be afraid of; I am here for you now.  You belong to me, you are mine.  I know that’s what you want, so please settle yourself.”  Kari looked up at him through her fringe and felt the love that her Master had for her, she delighted in the way his thumb stroked her hand as he spoke.  Slowly she nodded at him and her face broke into a smile.  Kari felt the tension leave her body. It was true, and this was where she had dreamt of being for so long.

As they began to talk more openly Kari relaxed completely. This felt so right!  Peter stroked her hand and arm as he talked, the sensation managing to glide through her, sending electric like tingles to all her nerves.  As her Master leaned into her and whispered in her ear about what later might hold for Kari, she felt herself become aroused.

Suddenly wet and damp in such a conspicuous place Kari felt awkward again. Peter watched the blush rise in her cheeks and how she fidgeted in her seat.  “I see you are enjoying yourself, my love.” he whispered to her.  At this Kari blushed even more.  “I think you should remove those damp panties and I will carry them for you.”  His tone had not changed in the slightest but Kari knew that it was more of a request than a suggestion.  She looked up into his eyes, a frightened glint in her eyes.  She started to speak but closed her mouth again as Peter looked down at her.  “Yes, Sir.” was all she said and slide one hand up under her skirt and began to pull at her panties.  She tried to do it as discreetly as possible but as she looked up again handing the underwear to her Master she saw an old man winking at her across the bar.  The flush that arose in her face this time was hot and furious.  Peter chuckled and kissed her cheek as her put the panties in his jacket pocket. “Good girl.” he said and Kari felt pleased with herself.

They finished their drinks and Peter told her it was time to go.  “May i use the bathroom first, Sir?” Kari asked. “Of course, my love.” said Peter.  Kari went to the ladies room but as she washed her hands she felt a bit light headed. The room began to spin and she gripped onto the basin to keep herself upright.  It passed quickly though and Kari dried her hands and left, not really giving it any thought. It wasn’t surprising she felt giddy with all that was happening today. Peter was waiting for her by the front door.  He took her arm as the crossed the car park and got to his car.  He opened the passenger door first and let Kari in.  By the time he had gone around to the other side to let himself in Kari was feeling dizzy again. This time it was worse than before and she began to feel panicked.  Peter turned to her and held her face in his hands.  “Its alright, my love.” he said, “Just you have a sleep and you will feel better soon, perhaps its something you have drunk.”  Kari didn’t hear the last bit as she has passed out, the drug in her drink had worked just a Peter had expected it to.  Kari would sleep for a couple of hours at least.  He fastened her seatbelt around her and kissed her firmly on the lips.  “Ah my love,” he said to the unconscious woman. “Let the games begin.”

The next thing Kari knew was awakening in the cool room, tied to the bed wearing only her underwear.

When the door opened Kari started, she had been miles away trying to sort this whole situation out in her head.  On impulse she closed her eyes and pretended to still be asleep. She could sense the figure approaching the bed.  She lay so still, almost holding her breath.

“I know you are awake, my love.” said her Master’s voice. “I have been watching you for a while now.”

Kari felt the mattress move as her Master sat down on the bed.  She could feel him leaning over her and as she opened her eyes, He was looking down on her.  His hand reached up and stroked her cheek.

“You were scared, my love?”

Kari nodded.

“I am sorry I frightened you but it had to be that way.” He leaned into her and kissed her cheek.

She looked up imploring, wishing the gag were gone, wanting to ask why? Didn’t he trust her?

“Now, my love, I must leave you again.  No, no, don’t panic.  I will return soon and I am going to leave you busy.”

Kari strained her neck to see where he was going and what he was doing.  He returned to the bed with some KY jelly in his hand. Kari looked at him,  puzzled.  Peter pulled her panties to one side and rubbed the jelly onto her pussy and then around her arsehole. It was cold and she squirmed.

“Be still!” her Master demanded.

Kari froze.  She felt his fingers opening her lips and felt something hard slide into her, it seemed quite long and uncomfortable but not sore.  Then she felt a probing at her arsehole, that hurt a bit and then as it entered her, she felt herself close around it.  She had never worn a butt plug before and felt strange about it, especially with the vibrator in too.  She felt full. Her Master pulled her panties back straight and walk over to her and kissed her forehead. As he walked out of the room, he flicked a switch but nothing appeared to happen, no lights went off or came on.

Kari quickly forgot the switch as her mind returned to her abduction; she still couldn’t understand why he had done it.  As her mind flowed back and forth over the events, she slowly began aware of the gentle buzzing of the vibrator, the setting must have been very low because she could hardly feel it but it was pleasant. She concentrated on the feeling and it seemed to get stronger.  Kari began to gently rock her hips, the buzz inside her getting her wet, she could feel the moisture starting to form and trickle down the crack of her arse.

Soon Kari was rocking her hips quite forcefully, enjoying as much of the sensations as she could, wishing she could be playing with her nipples and clit too.  Suddenly her arms spasmed and then stopped.  She was left with a strange tingly feeling, the feeling was going when just a suddenly it came again joined by a spasm in her ankles spreading up her legs.  When the next time the tingling came it was also on her breasts, it made her nipples ache.  It was like being accosted by someone invisible, the pulses were becoming more intense and were hitting her different times in different places.

She strained her neck to look down her body and saw the tiny electrical wires running from under her bra, she looked up at the cuffs holding her wrists and there too were tiny wires.  Kari guessed, correctly, that Peter had wired her with electrodes and was sending varying strengths of electrical current through her body.  Once she realized what was happening it wasn’t so scary but the strong pulses were getting quite uncomfortable.  Her nipples were burning and all her muscles seemed to be pulling and spasming against each other.  As she grew accustomed to the current passing through her, she became aware that the vibrator was getting stronger and as each pulse hit her nipples her back arched and the vibrator moved within her, bringing her steadily closer to climax. Just as she thought she could take no more, Peter launched his final surprise and the butt plug came to life. The double vibration was so intense.  Kari thrashed on the bed and came to climax and as the sensations ebbed away from her, she realized that the current had stopped too. Peter was watching her!  He had to be, how else could all of those things have happened in that order.

The door opened and her Master walked into the room.  He came straight to the bed and knelt beside her on the mattress.  “That was a lovely show, my love.  I was very impressed with you.”  He kissed her face and began to undo the straps at her left wrist, as the arm was released Peter placed it by her side, her shoulder was aching and the movement felt stiff and uncomfortable.  He then reached across and released the other arm, placing it in the same position as the left.  He then removed the gag from her mouth, getting the strap tangled in her hair at the back and gently teasing it away from the strap, careful not to pull her hair.

The gag slid from Kari’s mouth and her jaw clamped shut. Her face was aching but she hadn’t realized it until the gag was removed, her mouth hurt and was very dry.  Now was her chance to ask all the questions that had been on her mind for hours now but instead she just lay there and listened to her own breathing and the movement of her Master as he went to her ankles and released them from their bondage too. Peter pushed her legs gently together and then lay down on the bed next to her.  He was fully clothed and not touching her in any deliberate way but his closeness was arousing to Kari, His scent was intoxicating. He stroked her hair and he spoke to her, explaining the necessity of the drugging and abduction, but she wasn’t listening to his words, only his voice.  He could have been reciting the Lord’s Prayer for all she cared; just the sound of his voice was enough.  The reassurance of it saying more to her than the words themselves.  She had never been in any danger, this was her Master and he loved her. He would protect her.

Peter began to slowly peel off the electrodes, which were placed on Kari’s skin, from the ones on her nipples to the ones on either side of her pussy, the ones on her wrists and ankles.  Then he removed the vibrator and the butt plug.  He went over to the drawers at the other side of the room and laid His toys on the top and began to clean them with wet wipes and put them away in the drawer.  From another drawer he took a piece of black leather and came back to the bed.  He took Kari’s hands and pulled her up into a sitting position.  He then sat on the bed next to her and kissed her full on the mouth, a slow and gentle kiss that lasted far too short a time for Kari’s liking.

“My love, you have done well today. I am proud of you. This is what you have earned today.”  In his hands he held the piece of leather, which was actually a black leather collar.  It was about an inch and a half deep and had bars of silver running along the middle of the leather.  He held it out to Kari, who looked up to his eyes for his nod before reaching to touch it. It was softer than she had imagined but the silver made it quite heavy.  Kari noticed there was a pattern on the silver and looked at it more closely.  On one side near the buckle was the word Peter and on the other was Kari.  Here in her hands was the symbol of her submission, she had dwelt on the idea for a long time and knew that Peter was the only man who she would ever truly call Master and she knew that to accept the collar was to signify her complete surrender to the life of a sub.  She knew from long conversations with Peter about D/s that if she agreed to be collared her life would change; in some ways only fractionally but in others beyond compare.  This was a moment she had wanted for a long time but now that it was here….

Holding the collar in her hands tightly Kari closed her eyes and wished for the courage to grasp her destiny as she was grasping the collar.  Peter just sat there waiting, not saying a word of encouragement or persuasion.  The decision was fully hers and she had to make it alone.

Kari looked up from the collar and nodded at her Master.  He smiled widely and swept Kari into his arms and held her tightly for a few long moments. When he pulled back from her, he pushed her hair back from her shoulders and moved to stand behind Kari. He slid the collar around her neck and began to fasten the buckle at the back of her neck. It fitted perfectly, made to measure as it was.  It was tight enough for Kari to feel it as she swallowed and her eyes filled with tears.  These were not tears of fear or of sadness but tears of joy as she felt the comfort of the collar, the sense of belonging, of coming home.

She belonged to her Master.

Kari turned and knelt before her Master, head bowed in submission.  The collar around her neck, tightening as she bent her head forward.  Her soul was content and she felt as if she was home at last.

Peter’s hands rested upon her shoulders then took hold of her and pulled her to her feet.  “Come, my love, the night is not over yet.”  He led her by the hand, to the door and out into the hallway.  Kari looked about her, this was the first time she had seen the house and she was curious about where everything was.  Peter took her into a room further down the hall, it was the bathroom.

The bath was large and sunken; it was already full of steaming bubbles, which smelled of jasmine. Peter urged her into the water.  The temperature was perfect, just hot enough to make her skin tingle. As Kari relaxed into the bath, Peter began to wash her gently with a flannel, soaping her all over, spending a long time washing her bottom and her pussy, the effect was arousing. After what seemed like a very short time her Master urged her out of the bath and wrapped her in a very large fluffy towel.  Once Kari was dry her Master handed her a piece of black leather.  Kari held it in her hands and looked at her Master questions written on her face.

“Put that on.” he said.

Kari realized it was a piece of clothing and opened it out.  It was a leather teddy of sorts, made really just of strips of leather that were joined together. Kari looked at it bemusedly then moved it about in her hands trying to work out how it went on.

As Kari fumbled with the leather teddy, Peter walked over to the dressing area and picked up a flat backed hair brush and went back to where Kari was standing, still no closer to getting the thing on.  Kari didn’t see the brush move but she certainly felt it strike, her left buttock seared and then throbbed, and she was so surprised she let out with a yell.

“Put it on, I said” barked Peter.

Kari blushed and fumbled more with the stupid thing.

“Please, Sir, I can’t find how to put it on.” she murmured, head bowed.

Peter sighed and took the teddy from Kari, His fingers moved along the side seam and undid all the hidden poppers so that the teddy was open all along one side.  Once it was open it was easy for Kari to step into it, carefully positioning the straps about her body.  A very thin piece of leather ran between her arse cheeks but became two pieces at the front so that her pussy was exposed and almost held open by the leather.  The straps crisscrossed her torso and back but her arse was complete exposed and the straps lifted her breasts so they looked almost on display, like sitting on a shelf.  Her breasts wobbled as she breathed.

Peter walked around her, looking at her and tugging at the straps until they sat exactly as he wanted, He then used the brush to tidy her hair, brushing it with long hard strokes, tugging at her hair.  He brushed it all over her left shoulder, leaving her neck and back quite exposed.

“Do you remember the “slave positions” I sent you?” Peter asked Kari.

“Yes, Sir.” Kari said although her mind had gone completely blank.  Some of the names of the positions were in her head, Nadu, Bara, Ko’lar, Sula, Display but she had no idea what any of them were and less idea of how to achieve any of them. She knew that Peter did not follow the disciplines of Gor but he had asked her to memorize these positions so he could command her without long explanation of what he wanted.

“Leading position!” he ordered.

Kari just stood there, mind racing. Leading, leading… now what had that meant.  Please remember she coaxed herself.  It came to her; it was in the name really.

Kari went to her Master’s left side and stood a little way behind Him.  Clasping her hands together in the small of her back, she bent at the waist and stepped forward so that her head touched her Master’s hip, he had swept her hair over her left shoulder so that he could have easy access to her collar to lead her.

Peter’s hand fell onto the top of her head, “Good girl, you remembered.”  He stroked her hair and then slipped his finger into the ring on the collar, designed for a leash, and led her from the bathroom.

Kari tried to look up as she was lead along the hallway but her Master held her firmly by the collar and made it impossible to raise her head.  She was walking along bowed at the waist, watching her feet when they stopped in front of a large wooden door.  Peter let go of the collar and slipped his hand under Kari’s chin, gently lifting her into a standing position.  He pulled her face to his and softly kissed her on the lips. Kari was a little surprised by the gesture but smiled despite herself, a knot of apprehension had formed in her belly and she dreaded what was behind the door. This worsened as Peter spoke.

“Now, my love,” he said holding more firmly on to her chin, “This is where you prove yourself worthy to wear that collar I have given you.  I do not believe you will let me down but be warned if you do the consequences will be dire!  I am not talking about punishments; I am talking about taking back that collar you seem so happy to be wearing.  Oh I see I have frightened you. No my precious, I know you will be a good girl for me tonight so there is no need to be worried.”

With another soft kiss to her lips, He pushed her back into leading position and knocked loudly on the door.  The double door swung open.  Kari couldn’t see the room from her bent position but she could see the polished floor and smell the candle wax, the flickering light told her that candles lighted the whole room.  From the corners of her eyes she saw a set of female feet to her left by the door and with a subtle move of her head she saw another pair at the other side.  The feet were bare and the toenails painted.  Peter walked her to the center of the room, into a circle that was marked on the floor.  He stood her in the Centrex of the circle, turned her round to face back toward the doorway and let go of her collar.

She didn’t move, remaining still in the bend leading position, waiting for instruction.  She didn’t wait long.

“Display!”  Was all that was said by Peter in a firm and commanding tone?

Immediately Kari stood erect, she spread her legs slightly wider than her shoulders and linked her fingers behind her head.  This had the effect of flattening her stomach and lifting her breasts, changing their shape, making the nipples seem all the more erect as they had been since she had donned the leather costume.

As she lifted her head, she quickly looked toward the doorway where the women had been and sure enough there were two slaves, standing one on either side of the doorway, like sentries. They wore similar leather garments to the one she wore, they were collared and other than that were as naked as she was.

“Eyes down!” her Master snapped and struck her with what felt like a slipper, it was a sharp retort on her arse cheek and she cast her eyes down, her face burning with shame.

Peter walked around her slowly.  He seemed pleased with her, tapping his thigh softly with a leather paddle as he went.

There was a loud knock on the door and the women swung the doors open.  Although Kari had her eyes cast down, she could just about see what was happening.  At the door were two men, she didn’t know them but suspected that they were Masters, probably the owners of the slaves at the door. As if to prove this as soon as the doors were closed the slaves dropped to their knees and crawled to the men’s feet.

“Welcome Gentlemen!”  Greeted Peter.  “Please come in.”

“So this is she then?” questioned one of the men.

“Yes, this is my new slave.  Quite the beauty isn’t she?”

“I will give you that, Peter, but does she behave as well as she looks?”

The heart in Kari’s chest pounded in her ears. She was terrified.  Peter had told her of these kinds of “events” but she had never expected one on her first night.  These events were evenings where some of Peter’s friends came to the dungeon with their slaves.  Some nights it was just an evening of talking while the slaves served them and other turned into orgies of a sort.  Kari suspected that this was not going to be a chatting night.

Peter was standing by Kari’s side, “Oh she does, and she behaves very well.”  Peter stroked her cheek as he said this and smiled at Kari.  Then he stepped back from her and ordered her into the leading position, she immediately bent at the waist, hands clenched in the small of her back, her head at her Master’s hip.  Peter ran His hand over her bare shoulders. “Good girl, I promise you will be rewarded if you please me tonight.” He whispered softly so only she could hear him.  He slipped his finger into her collar and turned her slowly and walked over to the far end of the room.

Kari couldn’t see what was ahead of her and walked smoothly along, keeping pace with her Master’s long strides.  Peter stopped suddenly and Kari almost stumbled but her Master steadied her by tightening His grip on her collar. Peter pulled Kari upright and let go of the collar.

In front of Kari was a narrow bench, it was horizontal to her, about waist height, 12 inches across and covered in black leather.  The legs of the bench had straps in place, leather straps with large silver buckles.  Peter placed His hand in the small of Kari’s back and gave her the slightest of nudges.  Kari stepped forward, placing herself directly in front of the bench. Peter must have gestured in some way because the two slave-girls crawled over to Kari and pulled at her ankles until the straps positioned them and she was buckled in.  Her legs were spread apart, not uncomfortably so but wide enough for her to feel the leather straps cut into the sides of her pussy.  The slaves then took hold on her hands and pulled her forward so that she was leaning on the bench, the leather cover was cool against her belly.

“Wait!” said Peter and he reached across and snapped open the poppers of the leather garment Kari was wearing, the garment seemed to completely fall part and Kari was naked but for her collar.  Kari saw Peter nod from the corner of her eyes and the slaves held her hands again, pulling her tightly over the bench. There was a bar about 2.5 feet away from the bench and Kari found her wrists being tethered to it. Naked and fully exposed, Kari was in a world of disbelief, she couldn’t really comprehend that this was happening and yet at the same time she felt surge after surge of energy, she was here at last and she was pleasing her Master.  She felt so invigorated that he would choose to show her off this way on her first night.

Lost in thought for a moment, Kari didn’t see the slaves slide under her prone torso but she certainly felt them as them clamped their mouths to her breasts, which hung down from her chest.  The suckling on her nipples, both at the same time made her groan gently. As the suckling became sweet, sharp nips as the girls pinched her nipples between their teeth, Kari groaned more loudly and moved her hips slightly, trying to rub her clit on the bench.  Moisture was forming on her pussy lips; she could feel it. Part of her felt ashamed at enjoying this but a larger part of her wanted more.

The paddle struck her left cheek, not hard but enough to make her gasp and wonder at the stinging feeling. She was even more surprised when a second paddle connected with her right cheek.  She knew different people had aimed them by the difference in the attacks, she couldn’t have said what the difference was but she could tell anyway.  The slaps to her buttocks took a regular rhythm, still not done forcefully but the repeated strokes becoming intense and hot, the stinging grew and become a gentle throb, as if her arse had a pulse.

A shadow fell across Kari’s face and she glanced up, Peter stood in front of her, he held her face in his hand, smiling down at her, he mouthed the word “good” to her and she nodded, not knowing if he meant she was being good or asking if it felt good but the nod must have pleased Peter because he bent and kissed her mouth, licking her lips and slipping his tongue into her mouth.  The kissing felt strange as the alternating slaps took her arse.  Her arse was really starting to burn now, the gentle throb becoming an ache. Kari began to feel dizzy. She felt her head sag and the spanking stopped. Peter must have made them stop seeing she had had enough for now.  The slaves were still playing with her nipples and they were getting very sensitive.  The moisture on her pussy felt like it was flowing freely now and she felt some fingers dip into her and then felt them slide over her arse.  The sensation was almost unbearable but the hand moved slowly and softly, caressing her.  Heat rose from her reddened cheeks and the hand felt cool against her skin, another joined the hand, which had also visited her wet pussy before beginning its caresses.

The hand under Kari’s chin lifted her face again, Kari’s eyes were closed and she didn’t see her Master’s cock but she felt it was he touched it to her lips.  He was hard and the tip of the cock was wet and shiny.  Opening her mouth wide, Kari looked up into her Master’s face as took the cock deep into her mouth.  Peter took hold of both sides of Kari’s face and began to fuck her, slowly at first, with firm, long strokes.  Sliding all the way to the back of her throat and causing her to gag then pulling all the way back so that he almost left her mouth and then plunging right back into her.  Kari began to suck, running her tongue along the underside of the cock as it slid in and out of her mouth.  Sucking harder and really tasting her Master Kari’s mind drifted again but she was brought back when she felt something touching her pussy. Groaning loudly as she felt one of the other men take hold of her hips and then slam his cock deeply into her.  The cock began to pump into her, speeding up quickly, she wondered if he could feel the heat off her arse on his stomach as he fucked her.  Her body was a torrent of sensation. From the slaves on her tits, the man fucking her and best of all her Master spraying his cum into her mouth.  Kari sucked harder, swallowing as fast as she could not wanting to lose a drop of the jizz.

Her Master stepped back and let his cock fall from Kari’s mouth, only seconds later to be replaced by another cock.  Kari took up the task with vigor, as if she was trying to swallow this new cock, her mouth was still filled with her Master’s taste and her pussy was twitching in delight at the cock pumping in and out of her.  Orgasm wasn’t far away and it felt like it was going to split her apart when it came.  The cock in her mouth was forcing its way in and out of her mouth, the balls attached to it hitting off her chin which was getting wet with saliva. Deep guttural moans came from Kari’s throat as the cock in her mouth erupted and filled her mouth with hot seed. Spasms took control of her pussy as she came, her vision blurred and her thighs shook.  Deep inside her muscles clamped themselves to the cock thrusting in and out of her and then she felt the cock leave her and a spray of cum splattered across her back. Exhausted, Kari slumped forward over the bench and rested her head on her arms.

When she became aware of her surroundings again, she found herself still bound to the bench but the room was silent.  Many of the candles must have gone out because it was darker now.  Peter was standing by her side, his hand resting on her back.  Looking up at Him, Kari caught the smile on His lips.

“You are awake then.” he said.

Kari nodded.  Peter moved around the bench and undid the buckles that confined her, and then helped her to stand up.  Her body was stiff and aching.  The skin covering her arse was tight and tingly.  Peter took her hand and led her back through the hallway, back to the bathroom.  He started the water in the shower and took off his clothes, throwing them to the floor. He was naked he held out his hand to Kari and pulled her into the shower stall with Him.

The warm water was like heaven on Kari’s body, Peter began to soap her and caress her body as he washed her. Kissing her face and neck as he washed, telling her over and over how pleased he was with her and how proud he made her.  After the shower Peter walked Kari back to the room she had woken up in earlier. The bed linen had been changed and it looked most inviting to her weary body.  Peter turned back the covers and invited Kari to get into the bed.  When she was lying there he got in beside her and took her into his arms. Sleep came quickly to Kari and just as it overtook her, she heard her Master say, “Yes, my love, you did well tonight.  However, there is something we must see to tomorrow.” He kissed her sleeping brow. ” Oh yes, I am going to enjoy teaching you not to cum unless I say you can!”

– The End –



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