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An Angel for Satan

Together we knelt at the altar; the priest’s words filled the small church; the congregation of our friends and family were all there to wish us a wonderful married live together..

I couldn’t take my eyes from my darling Margie’s smiling face; she looked so beautiful; such a lovely, pure and innocent thing, and about to become my wife.

Now we were one together – man and wife.

The fairytale continued – dancing, laughing, kissing and throughout everything a pure, wonderful love for each other.

More laughter and joy and kisses as we drove from the reception amid the wishes of our friends and loved ones.

It was just two months since my marriage and I was disturbed that I had that old feeling coming back. I’d thought that my marriage would put and end to all of that. I hesitated just a moment and then excitedly walked from my car and into the men’s toilet block.

Look at the glory hole in the wall. There’s someone in the next cubicle. Stroke my cock; let him see me. Ah! Here comes his cock through the hole. Mmmmmm, it is so good to suck!

Life was so good. Married just six months, and my wife was so sweet and angelic, so pure and so loving. It seemed strange that I needed to do this other thing. My sex life with Margie was so good and yet I couldn’t help myself. I now had several men whom I met regularly for mutual sucking and fucking. I slipped into the toilet and entered the cubicle. Good! Here was my friend waiting. I quickly slipping into the cubicle with him and in a moment I was down and sucking his cock.

Tony grinned down at me and then bending closer he whispered, “I saw you with your wife the other day. Shit! I’d love to fuck that lovely little slut”.

I was stunned! I was shocked! I was outraged! I threatened and abused him as I pushed my way out of the door.

I got into the car; how could he think to speak of my beautiful innocent wife in such a way.
The day was nearly over. I’d gradually forgotten the disgust I’d felt when Tony had spoken of my wife in that way.

I lay back on the bed. Margie came back into the room and I thrilled at the sight of her in the sexy little baby-doll nightie that she now wore.

Suddenly Tony’s words came back to me – “I’d love to fuck the lovely little slut”.

I was disgusted with myself for remembering. I tried to shut the thoughts out of my mind.

Margie leaned over and kissed me. My hands slipped under her nightie and found her small, firm breasts.

Again the thought of Tony came involuntarily and unwanted into my mind. I was disgusted. The fact that I kept remembering him and what he had said seemed to degrade my lovely, innocent wife in some way. I angrily put the thought from my head.

I eased Marg’s nightie up over her tits and up around her shoulders. She is so beautiful and so pure and lovely I thought to myself. Off with her panties and I was between her naked thighs and locating my hard cock into her wet and slippery cunt.

I suddenly found myself thinking of how Tony had told me that he would love to fuck her in this very way.

I kept consciously putting the thought out of my mind, but just as soon as I did so, the thought would unconsciously come back to me.

I soon found myself quite wantonly thinking of Tony fucking Margie as I was fucking her. I realised that I was finding a perverted excitement in the thought of him fucking my lovely, darling wife.

Tony had been somewhat surprised when, the next time that we met, I had excitedly asked if he’d seen my wife again. The last time I had left him, it was with abuse, and now I was encouraging him to talk degradingly about Margie.

We discussed her in detail, and I described everything that I did to her in the marriage bed.

Things moved rapidly after that. It was only a matter of weeks later that Tony, full of enthusiasm, had suggested showing porno magazines to Marg in an attempt to corrupt her morals; he now handed me several of these for the purpose, and then asked “do you think you’d be able to get any porno photos of the slut, if I loaned you my Polaroid”.

I’d hesitated and hesitated before showing Marg the porno magazines. With her strict Catholic upbringing I was uncertain as to how she would take to them. Finally, urged on by my lust, I took the plunge and told her that I’d brought home some porno that had been doing the rounds at work. She took to them in a fashion that could only be described as lustful. I was thrilled with her response.

Perhaps it was the years of indoctrination by the nuns, which was now misfiring and having a reverse affect on her. What ever it was, the fact remains that Margie was, not only thrilled and excited by them, but was very definitely sexually stimulated into doing a great many of the things that she saw in the lewd and obscene pictures.

“How would you like to suck him”, I ventured one night as she looked through one of the magazines.

Marg giggled and I was encouraged to go further; “how would you like to be in that position with him up you like that”.

More giggles.

“I’d like to see you sucking on someone else while I was fucking you” I told her.

Margie’s response showed me that I’d found the line that marked her limits. She was happy to talk about it but she wouldn’t actually do it.

Well we’d have to work on that and see if we couldn’t move that demarcation line.

It wasn’t as easy to get Marg to pose for the photos as it had been to introduce her to the porno magazines, but nevertheless, I eventually got some good ones of her with spread legs and gaping cunt. The photos thrilled Tony. I think it showed him that I was serious in my aim to degrade my wife, and that I really would do what ever it took to set Margie up for him get to fuck her.

The first thing was for the two of them to meet and become friends. We soon had that arranged, and before long, Tony was a regular visitor at our house.

I soon told Marg that it was Tony who supplied the porno to us. The next step, which we soon achieved, was for us to start handing the porno magazines back and forth in Marg’s presence.

Next was to get Marg and Tony to be the ones to handle the porno swapping; this was easily achieved by the simple method of me working on the car and having greasy hands when Tony came for the magazines. I simply called to Marg to get the magazines for Tony, and after a brief hesitation she went and brought them out to him.

“Did you like that lot”, he asked her with a grin.

Margie flushed red with embarrassment but answered with a giggle that she did.

On a few subsequent occasions when Tony came to pick up his magazines, I would ask Marg to get them for him, and soon she started to go and get them for him without any prompting.

We let her get used to this small step before Tony, when receiving the magazines back, started to say to her things such as, “I’ll show you the pic I really like”, and proceed to flip through the magazine to a particularly obscene or explicit picture of a girl with two or three guys fucking her mouth, or cunt, or ass, or perhaps all three. “What must a girl feel like with that happening to her”, Tony would say, and Margie would always blush red.

Our next step was to get the three of us watching porno videos together. We achieved this by Tony coming one night with a video, which he said he had to return straight away. At first Marg didn’t want to watch with us, but with just a little coaxing she joined us for the viewing.

Soon, watching porno videos as a threesome became a common occurrence. It was during these porno-viewing sessions that I began to try to touch up Marg while Tony was there with us. She strenuously resisted until finally I one night got her to slip her hand into my pocket and hold onto my rock hard cock through the pocket lining. I caused her great embarrassment by telling Tony of that fact, after the video was finished.

“I really don’t know how you two can just sit there and watch all of this sexy stuff without being all over each other”, Tony commented.

The next time we sat down to watch porno, Tony set things up nicely by again saying something similar. It seemed to be all that Margie needed because this time she let me touch her tits while she slid her hand down the front of my loosened pants and onto my raging hard cock.

“Why don’t you suck me?” I whispered loudly after the video had progressed a little way.

“Shush”! Marg giggled in embarrassment.

“Are you too embarrassed with me here”, Tony laughed, and he got up and dragged his chair forward and on an angle so that we were behind him and he couldn’t see.

“There you are”, he laughed as he sat down once more, “you can go to town now”.

I unzipped my pants and let my cock out. Margie’s mouth was down over it in a moment.

“Ah, that did the trick Tony”, I laughed.

Tony twisted around to look but Marg was so busy sucking that she didn’t notice, and when she finally did see that he was watching us, she just went on lovingly sucking my cock slowly up and down its length.

“Mmmm, you look so sexy Margie”, Tony said as he got up and sat on the arm of the chair to watch us.

Margie glanced at him a couple of times but went on sucking, seemingly quite happy for him to watch her.

Tony unzipped his pants and in a moment was slowly stroking his huge hard cock. Margie now, rather than just glance at him, was watching him continually as she continued sucking on my cock.

“Oooo, hang on”, I moaned, “I’ll fill your mouth if you keep that up”.

“That’s what you usually do”, Marg giggled as she sat up.

“You can suck Tony for a while if you want to”, I said, feeling my throat going funny with the incredible lusting excitement that I was feeling.

She turned to Tony as if to ask if he wanted that too. Nothing was said as their eyes met, and the next thing Margie was sucking Tony’s fabulous cock right into her mouth.

At last! This was it!

I stripped Marg’s blouse and bra off as she sucked on Tony’s cock. She automatically moved her arms to assist. Now her skirt and panties. Ah! Here was my wife stark naked for us, and so obviously ready for us to use and fuck.

It was only a matter of weeks since that first threesome session with Tony but I could already see that I was no longer the one in control. It was Tony who made all the running now. It was he who told Margie what to do, and it was he who continually introduced Margie to ever more perverse practises.

In just three short weeks he had introduced anal fucking, the use of dildos, bondage, and even pissing.

I could see that Tony wanted my wife to be a total slut and a harlot, and Margie had so far responded to everything suggested. Even on the night that we took her, looking like a prostitute, and showed her off like a whore, she hadn’t complained. In fact, far from complaining, she had loved doing it. Of course I made no complaint either; I loved what was happening to my wife and my marriage.

At first, Margie treated the whippings as a bit of fun; “I probably won’t be able too take much” she had laughed. But the beatings had rapidly become serious and I’d been amazed at the way Margie had responded by becoming a willing participant.

During the first few whippings, Marg had endured as much as she could, but called for frequent rests before then giving Tony the go-ahead to continue. After those first couple of times, quite rapidly in fact, Marg had dispensed with those short breaks and had just clenched her teeth and taken more and more of the terrible lashings that Tony so eagerly gave her.

I’d felt embarrassed by Margie’s anguished gasps and screams, and embarrassed at letting the whippings go ahead; after all I was supposed to protect and look after my wife; but, on the couple of times that I felt that things were getting out of hand and I’d tried to intervene, it had been Margie herself who had told me to let the whipping continue.

Tony made no secret whatsoever about his love of hurting and degrading Margie; he laughed at her screams and the fiery, red welts that the whip left across her soft, pale flesh thrilled him. “Expect no mercy from me”, he had laughed, “I’ll keep hurting you as long as you can take it”.

Margie hung suspended by the ropes; she had regained consciousness now that the whipping had ceased. Tony’s lust had really taken charge this time but I’d made no attempt to stop him in his frenzied cruelty, and now, as a result, Marg’s body was red and lacerated and bleeding all over.

“Have you got any salt, or chilli powder, or anything that would sting in her wounds”, Tony casually asked. I went to the kitchen and brought both back to him. Marg was soon screaming and howling with this new pain, and we sat back smiling as we watched her writhing on the end of her supporting ropes.

I stood astride Margie’s body as I held her legs high in the air and wide apart. Tony’s clenched fists simultaneously pulled out of Marg’s greasy cunt and ass with loud slurping sounds. Margie groaned softly and smiled up at me.

“I’ve met an interesting guy on the internet”, Tony said as he again forced his fist into Marg’s ass, “he’s a Satanist and is wanting to do the sorts of things that we do with Margie, but to do it as an offering on a Satanic altar”.

“Fuck”! I exclaimed. “Sounds like a bit of a weirdo”.

“I told him all about you and Margie”, Tony continued as he slowly worked his forearm up into my wife’s anal passage. “He says that Margie, being a Catholic and married, would be his ideal, especially if you were involved as her husband”.

I felt a shiver of excitement but was that really taking things too far.

This was bizarre! John had wanted to know every detail about my marriage. He’d been thrilled to hear of Margie’s strict Catholic upbringing, and about her pure innocence that had been well and truly destroyed by Tony and myself.

I had sent him a scanned copy of our marriage certificate. He was thrilled to find out that our marriage had involved a full Nuptial Mass, and he had responded by sending back a certificate of his own making in which he asked me to vow to allow him to “perform the most disgusting, repulsive, and humiliating sex acts on my wife”; to allow her to be “subjected to the sickest, most depraved perversions imaginable”, and to allow her to be “brutalized with the most extreme and evil, Satanic torture”. He called on me to “renounce all vows taken at God’s altar”, and to replace my vows to “love, cherish and honour” with vows to “dishonour, desecrate and defile my wife with the grossest indecencies and abuse”.

I’d felt incredibly excited as I’d read through it. I logged onto my email:, I hesitated for just a moment and then “signed” his document and clicked on the send button. We met John at the airport. I’m not sure what I expected but he certainly didn’t look anything to stand out as having these weird and queer ideas.

His house too, had not looked anything out of the ordinary but one look in the basement! Black walls, black ceiling, black carpet. I was sure that the altar was real marble under the black stain. Look at those crucifixes! He must have got them from churches; but look at how he’d disfigured them for his Satanic Chapel!

I realize that John had held back during those first few weeks, but now the whole scope was apparent. John wasn’t just a lone figure in this; he was a part of a network of men forming a netherworld of weird Satanic practise.

Taken to many of these Satanic Chapels! Fucked! Abused! Tortured! I knew that my darling wife would never again return home with me. The brief span of life remaining to her would alternate between unimaginable lusts and unimaginable agonies. Soon she must surely lose her mind; even then these men will keep using her “vegetable body” until that too gives up the ghost. Maybe even then their perversions will only stop when her body becomes an abomination.

Ah! Margie! I remember how pure and beautiful you were as we knelt at that more pure altar.

The End

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