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Brother-in-law Rapes sister-in-law

This story really happened about 6 months ago. This is a true story that happened between my sister-in-law and me. My name is Bill I am 36 and my sister-in-law Louise is 33. I have always liked Louise and have fantasized about her a lot and have always wanted to know what it would be like to have sex with her. I have never planned to take her by force and the thought of raping her had never occurred to me before. I am really a nice guy that was caught up in a situation that happened by chance and not by any plan. Louise is an attractive woman with a great body who never would consider a sexual relationship outside her marriage. I have on occasion told her how I felt about her and she laughed it off and didn’t think I was serious about my feelings for her.

Louise works for an insurance company and my wife Mary and I purchased a series of polices from my sister-in-law’s company. My wife Mary informed me that Louise was dropping off polices for us to sign and return.

Wednesday morning at 10:00 I heard a knock on the kitchen door and I went to answer it, it was Louise I opened the door and said to her. “Hi my lovely sister-in-law how are you today.” She laughed and came in to the kitchen and said to me.” I have your insurance policies you and Mary need to review and sign and let me know when you have signed them and I will get them back to the company.” I said to her “Do you want a cup of coffee I was just going to get one for myself?” She said, “Yes I have time to sit and have a coffee.” I noticed that she looked very nice today; she had on a short dress that zipped up the back and the pastel blue color made her look hot. “I said to her you look very nice in that dress, the color looks great on you.” Louise smiled and said “Thanks for the compliment I like this color and I just bought this dress yesterday.”

Louise said “Mary told me that she bought new curtains for all the bedrooms to match the carpets that you just put in.” I said to her “We just finished putting them up last night and they really do look nice.” Louise said, “I would love to see them and see how they match everything.” I said “Sure we can go upstairs to the bedrooms and look at them if you want.” She said to me. “Let’s go.” We stood up from the table and Louise started to walk down the hall and upstairs as I followed her. I couldn’t help notice how great she looked and my cock got hard thinking about her. We went into the spare bedroom first and she looked at the curtains on the window and she said they look great they really match the new carpet. I stood in the doorway looking at her and thinking to myself I would love to make love to my pretty sister-in-law who I was really turned on thinking about her, and that someday I would try to make love to her.

We walked out of the spare bedroom and into our bedroom; Louise walked up to the curtains and said. “Wow this color really makes this room look great, the rugs and the bedspread really match.” I don’t know what came over me, but the thought of my pretty sister-in-law and me in our bedroom alone was more than I could take, I knew at this moment I wanted her. I walked up to Louise and as she was looking at the curtains I put my hands on her shoulders and said to her. “I am glad that you like them, Mary will be so happy.” Louise turned her head and my face was close to hers as I said to her. “I just want to say how lovely you look in that dress and I am turned on by how you look today”

Louise said to me. “Thank you for saying that but I think we should go back down stairs as I have to go back to work.” I think she realized that she might be in a compromising situation. I continued to look into her eyes as I slid my arms around her waist and pulled her close to me I knew that she could feel my hard cock against her ass. She tried to pull away from me, I reached up and gripped her hair and pulled her head back and kissed her lips as she struggled against me. I slid my tongue into her mouth as she tried to turn her head but I held her head in place as I kissed her lips. I reached up with my other hand and grasped the zipper on her dress and quickly unzipped her dress. She broke off the kiss and said to me. “Bill!!!!! What are you doing to me?” “Please stop now!!!!!” “Please stop.” “Please don’t do this.”

I pulled her head back harder and gripped one of her arms and held it behind her back and said to her. “Stop struggling with me now, and listen to me, be quiet and do as I tell you.” “I want you to take off your dress now.” Louise struggled some more and said to me. “Please don’t do this to me, I can’t let this happen to me now.” I said to her “Be quiet and stop struggling and do what I say, either remove your dress or I will tear it off of you” “do you understand?”

I let go of her arm and reached up and pulled the dress off of her shoulders. “Just let it drop to the floor, Do it now!!! Let your arms down to you side so that I can pull your dress off of you.” She looked at me and pleaded with me “Please Bill don’t do this to me, it is wrong and you will get into trouble if you don’t stop.” I pulled her head back and said to her. I said” let me take your dress off now and I don’t want tell you again, and I don’t want you to struggle with me again.” Louise lowered her arms and I slid the dress down off her arms and it fell to the floor. I said to her, “Step out of the dress and step out of your shoes do it now.” She took one step backward and stepped out of her shoes and the dress. I turned her around and held an arm behind her back as I said to her. “I want you to kiss me hard without any hesitation.”

I leaned over and kissed her hard and slid my tongue into her mouth as she struggled to resist my kisses. I broke off the kiss and turned her back around and pulled her arms up to her back and said to her. “I want you to walk over to the bed now” I pushed her across the room to the bed. I spun her around so she was facing me and I kissed her hard on the lips, as she fought my hard kiss I pushed her backward on the bed and quickly got on the bed and pinned her arms over her head with my knees, I then reached over into the night stand and opened the drawer and pulled out a pair of handcuffs that I had kept in there for anticipation of bondage games with Mary.

I quickly handcuffed her left wrist to the bed post Louise was struggling and pleading with me to stop.” OH God Bill!!!!!! Please stop don’t do this to me. “Let me go please! I ignored her pleas and took her right wrist and handcuffed it to the bed. She pleaded with me again. “What are you doing to me?” Please let me go! I don’t want this to happen to me it is wrong and we will both be sorry that it happened.” “Bill think about your marriage and how it will be destroyed if you do this to me.” My sister will never forgive you for this.” I got off the bed and went to the closet and pulled out my bag of other bondage equipment I had purchased. I pulled out a ball gag. “Louise saw this and said to me. “Don’t do this please!!!!!!” I went back to the bed and grabbed her hair and pulled her head back and said to her. “It is too late for me to stop, I want this to happen now I have always wanted you and I am so turned on with you I can’t stop, do you understand me, this is going to happen to you now.” “Open you mouth do it now!” She tried to turn her head but I held her head in place and said to her. “I said open you mouth now” as I pulled back on her head.

She opened her mouth and I slipped the ball gag into her mouth.” I said to her “Louise bite down on the ball hard as you can, do it now.” I buckled the ball gag in place as she continued to moan and protest what I was doing.

I got off the bed and took a blindfold out of the bag and slipped it over her eyes and fastened it into place.

I then went into the bag and took out a set of ankle restraints, as I went to put one on her left ankle, Louise started kicking her feet to keep me from tying her ankles. I then held her ankles down on the bed I then lay across her legs holding them in place I secured the loop around her left ankle and tied it to bottom bed post and pulled it tight and then looped the other restraint to her right ankle and tied that to the other bedpost pulling it tight making sure her legs were spread apart.

I then got off the bed and stood looking at my bound sister-in-law spread eagled struggling on the bed, she was twisting and moaning through the ball gag as she protested what I had done to her. I looked at her body only covered by her bra and panties and I knew that I wanted her more than anything else and that I couldn’t or wouldn’t turn back now as my rock hard cock was at full hardness. I stood at the bottom of the bed and said to her. “Louise!!! Louise! Quit struggling and let this happen I want you more than anything.” “I want your lovely naked body to make love too and to touch, kiss, caress”. “Brother-in-laws desire their sister-in-law’s and want to make love to them.” “This happens a lot, many Brother-in-Law’s end up fucking their sister-in-law and this is going happen to you, I have always wanted this to happen to you.”

Louise continued to twist and struggle on the bed, as I continued to look at my lovely sister-in-law bound and gagged and blindfolded, my head was spinning and my throat was dry; my heart was pounding as I knew what was going to happen. I was going to rape Louise and make her submit to me, I knew that she wouldn’t consent freely so I knew that I would take her by force and I was turned on by the thought that my helpless sister-in-law was tied to my bed and that I was going to rape her. I wanted this more that anything else, and my only thought was how good it would feel when I drove my I drove my hard 10″ cock into her cunt and fucked her hard.

I said to her. “Louise I am going to do this to you, you can either consent to do this and let me make love to you or I can rape you into submission.” “It is up to you which way it happens.” “Do you understand me.”? “I am going to ask you now, are you going to let this happen and make love to me.” Louise struggled and twisted on the bed as she shook her head no and moaned in the ball gag “NO! NO! NO!”

I said to her “lay here and think about it.” “I am going to take a shower and then comeback and you can decide then my sweet sister-in-law.”

I picked up my bathrobe and went into the bathroom and started taking a shower. I was so turned on knowing that I had my lovely pretty sister-in-law tied to my bed and I was going to fuck her like she had never been fucked before. The hot water sprayed on my body as I looked down at my rock hard cock and knew that I would soon be fucking my sister-in-law. I thought about all the things that had transpired I had forced her to remove her dress and I had tied her to the bed, and I knew that I was going to rape Louise; the thought of this turned me on knowing that I was finally going to get my wife’s sister and have her completely. I thought if I do this once I will want to do it again and again. I would have to rape Louise several more times, this thought turned me on, as my cock got harder.

I turned off the water and dried myself and my 10″ hard cock was still rigid as I thought about what was going to happen soon. I put on my bathrobe and walked back into my bedroom. Louise was still struggling and moaning in the gag. I walked up to the bed and crawled up between her spread eagled legs and I touched her bra covered breasts. I said to her. “Louise my lovely sister-in-law, you need to decide what is going to happen to you, let me ask you again will you do it with me willingly and make love to your hot brother-in-law.” I looked down at her as she was struggling and shook her head no several times, and moaned in the ball gag “no! No! No!” I was rubbing her breasts through her bra. I knew now that I was going to rape Louise and I wanted to do this.

I reached into the bag and took out a pair of scissors and slid them under the front of her bra and cut the tab of the bra between her breasts and then I cut each strap on her shoulder, I then pulled the bra in pieces off of her and tossed it on the floor. I looked down at her and said. “I can’t help myself Louise I want you and I am going to take you.” “You are going to be raped by me again and again” I cupped her breasts and rubbed her nipples trying to get them hard, She shook her head no and moaned into the ball gag, I then placed the scissors on the side of her panties and cut up the top and pulled her panties from her.

Louise started to twist and turn on the bed fighting the tightness of the restraints knowing I was going to take her, as she knew now that she was naked and that I was going to take her and she was going to be raped, I was extremely turned on by the sight of my naked and bound sister-in-law struggling on my bed with the restraints holding her on the bed, waiting for me to take her. I let my bathrobe slide off my body and I tossed it on the floor.

I reached down and touched her nipples and rubbed them to hardness and leaned over and kissed and sucked them as I felt her struggle I was completely turned on now and I couldn’t ever turn back I had to have Louise and take her body as mine, I didn’t care about the consequences of rape only the thought that I am taking my lovely sister-in-law. I slid my hand down to her cunt and rubbed her cunt with my hand I slid two fingers into her cunt as I started to finger fuck her as I licked and nibbled her nipples. I rubbed her cunt and found her clit, which I rubbed to hardness as she twisted and moaned on the bed.

I continued to finger fuck her as I kissed down her body to her navel, I wanted this more that anything else as I kissed and licked her navel. I kissed down the outside of her left leg to her toes, moving slowly down her leg kissing and licking her leg, I licked and sucked her toes and began to kiss up the inside of her left leg making sure that I didn’t kiss her cunt yet. Louise twisted and bucked all over the bed pulling on the restraints trying to get away. I then licked and sucked her navel and started kissing down the outside of her right leg all the way to her toes, taking my time I kissed and licked up the inside of her leg stopping to lick and kiss her lovely leg as I continued all the way up to her navel. Louise fought what I was doing to her as she screamed into the ball gag for me to let her go. I pulled my fingers out of her cunt and I slid down so that I was facing her cunt. I wanted to eat her out and taste the hot cunt juices in my mouth. I said to her “My pretty sister-in-law you are going to be eaten out by your hot brother-in-law.” I heard her plead into the gag “Please don’t I can’t let this happen to me.” “Please stop! Please stop!”

I started to I lick the lips of her cunt as she twisted on the bed trying to keep me from tongue fucking her. It was too late I held her legs down on the bed as I slid my tongue into my sister-in-law’s cunt as her body struggled on the bed. I knew now that I was raping my lovely hot sister-in-law as my head spun thinking how turned on I was doing this to her. My heart was pounding as I started to slide my tongue in and out of her cunt as I sucked her cunt as I was beside myself with desire for her and couldn’t stop if I wanted too.

My tongue found her clit, I sucked it to hardness and it grew in size from my tongue action I was giving it, She was struggling and pulling on the restraints trying to get loose. I heard Louise moan as I felt her start to relax her body. I knew that the tongue fucking I was giving her was having an effect on her. I wanted her to surrender to me, I would eat her out until I made her cum I knew that I would, because when I had eaten out Mary’s cunt she came several times and loved being eaten out. I wanted her sister to want it too from me. I continued the tongue assault on Louise’s clit and I felt her start to pump her hips up to my mouth. I felt her body shake as she came hard into my mouth I sucked her cunt juices as fast as I could as I continued to eat her cunt she came again and again. Each time I sucked her cunt dry trying to consume every bit of her cunt juices, I thought to myself; god how I want this. I knew that Louise was hot now and was ready for me to take her.

I then rose up and started kissing up her body I licked her navel and moved to her breasts which I had neglected for awhile and now I wanted to suck them for hours, but my cock was rock hard and I wanted to fuck my sister-in-law more than anything else. I reached up and undid the ball gag and kissed her lips she turned her head and said to me. “How could you do this to me, I am your wife’s sister and It is wrong for you to do this to your wife’s sister.” I said to her “Louise I have always wanted you and sooner or later this would have happened, most brother-in-law’s end up having a hot sexual relationship with their sister-in-law’s. Many brother-in-law’s end up raping their sister-in-law’s and this is what is happening to you., “Bill!!!!!! Please stop and let me go.” “I promise I will never tell anyone what happened between us.” I said to her “Louise I want you and I can’t stop now I want this hot body and now I am going to fuck you hard and fast.” “I am so turned on I can’t and won’t stop, you need to be raped and I am going to continue to rape you.”

I leaned forward and grabbed her hair and pulled it back and said to her. “I want to here you say that you want to be raped by your hot brother-in-Law, say it to me now.” “Say it!!! Say it” Louise struggled and moaned and said, “Please no!” “Don’t make me say or do it.” I pulled her head back and said to her. “I told you to say it to me!!!!! And I want to hear it from you now.””

I twisted her head back as I pinched her nipples. Louise swallowed hard and said to me in a whispering voice. “I want to be raped by my hot –brother-in-law:” “Say it loud to me again and again Louise. Louise swallowed hard again and moaned as she said to me “I want to be raped by my hot brother-in-law” “I want to be raped by my hot brother-in-law” “I want to be raped by my hot brother-in-law” “I want to be raped by my hot brother-in-law”. I said to her “That’s right baby you do want me rape you and now I am going to take your blindfold off so that you can see me fucking you.”

I removed her blindfold and said to her “I want you to look at my hard 10” cock as I slide it into your cunt. She stared at my huge cock and said to me “Please Bill don’t put that huge cock in me I won’t be able to take it in me.” I said to her “I want to here you beg me to fuck you hard and fast.” “Say it to me now over and over again as I slide my hot hard cock into you.” I placed my cock into the entrance of her cunt as I kissed her. Louise resigned herself to the fact that she knew she had to say the things I told her to say.

“Please fuck me now.” I slid my cock into her cunt as she pleaded with me.” Please fuck me with your cock I want you to fuck me hard and fast, “fuck me” “fuck me” “fuck me”

I started to fuck my sister-in-law hard and fast now the rape of my sister-in-law was complete, I would have her totally and completely. I drove my cock in and out of her hot cunt I wanted her to feel my huge cock in her fucking her like she had never been fucked before. She knew she couldn’t stop what was happening as she thrust her hips up to me trying to get more of my cock into her, I continued to drive my cock into this hot cunt. I licked and kissed her nipples as she moaned deeply.

“You like the fact that your brother-in-law is fucking you deep and you love my hot cock in you”, “you want me to rape you again and again don’t you my hot sister-in-law.” Louise knew that I wasn’t going to stop fucking her and that she was forced to say things to me that she knew I wanted to hear.

“OH god Bill!!!!!”” “Your hot cock feels so good in me I never had a cock like this in me before, but it is wrong for us to do this” “This is going to destroy our marriages” As Louise thrust her hips up to meet my penetration of my cock into her she said to me.

“I want to be raped again and again by you.” “Please take me by force and fuck me hard with your big cock” I knew she loved having a big cock in her cunt, I slid my hands under her ass and lifted her off the bed so that I could fuck her deeper. I felt the heat building up in my cock and I knew that I was going to cum deep in Louise’s cunt. I felt the cum racing to the tip of my cock as I shot a load of my hot cum deep into Louise’s cunt. I said to her “feel your hot brother-in-law’s cum filling your hot cunt my hot sister-in-law. I will do this a lot from now on.” I continued to fuck her hard as I came again and again in her cunt, as I drove my rock hard piston into her as she twisted on the bed, pulling on the restraints that held her on the bed.

I shot more cum deep into her. I wanted my hot sister-in-law to feel my hot cum going deep in her body as I continued to drive my rock hard cock into this hot cunt. I now knew that the rape of my sister-in-law was complete and that I was completely turned on by what I had done to her, and I knew that deep down that I wanted to rape her for a long time and now I had done it. I knew I would rape her again as I wanted to do other things to my hot sister-in-law, someday she would surrender completely to me and give herself to me willingly.

I collapsed on the bed as my hot cock slid out of her slick cunt, Louise just laid there with her eyes closed and her head turned away from me. I said to her “I wanted you, I am sorry that I took you this way but I knew you wouldn’t consent to do it with me.” I reached over and removed the handcuffs from her wrists and undid the restraints on her ankles. She rolled over and looked at me and said to me. “I can’t believe that you raped me and made me say all of those things I said.” “We have both destroyed our marriages by what has happened” “How am I going to face Mary knowing that her husband has fucked her sister”

I leaned over to Louise and said to her “Many brother-in-law’s fuck their sister-in-law’s and do it very discretely I wanted you and I want to do it with you in the future. I took her hair and pulled it back and kissed her hard as I thrust my tongue into her mouth and said to her. “My hot sister-in-law I wanted you and I took you, I going to have you again, you can either give yourself to me willingly or I going to rape you again. I don’t care about our marriage vows or anything else except fucking you as much as I want.”

“Do you understand me, I am going to have you again and don’t try to make me feel guilty and if you say anything I will tell Mary that you agreed to do it and came here with the idea of fucking her husband, who do you think she will believe.”

“Do you understand what I am telling you?” Louise swallowed hard as she looked into my eyes as she meekly said to me. “Yes I understand what you want from me.”

“Please!!! Don’t do it to me again. “We are going to get caught sooner or later.” I kissed her lips hard again as I pinched and rubbed her nipples and said to her. “We are going to do this again and again, no one will ever find out about it.” “You are mine now and I want you again.” “I want you to get up take a shower get dressed and go home and think about how good my 10″ cock felt in you fucking you deep and how good it will feel in the future.” I knew that Louise liked my stiff hard cock in her by the way she responded to me as I fucked her, I knew that she would someday want me to fuck her again and again.

to be continued

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