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Kidnapping Heidi

For most of my adult life I have had the fantasy of kidnapping a young girl/woman and making her my sex slave. Until recently it was only a fantasy. I won the lottery 7 months ago and knew my fantasy would become reality because I now had the money to buy a house that was fairly secluded and had a basement that I could use part of to make a Bondage/Rape Room. I found the perfect house. It sits on 5 acres and has numerous trees that do a good job of hiding the house and both the front and back yards from the road that runs in front. The basement is full size and has 4 rooms that the previous owner used for extra bedrooms, a laundry room, a full-size bathroom, and 15 foot by 15 foot room that was used for storage. The storage room is perfect for a bondage/rape room now that I have made it sound proof and added a bed, and hooks in the walls and ceiling.

I spent a lot of money gathering the needed bondage materials. I had to buy a cabinet to store all the rope, duct tape, gags, blindfolds, butt plugs, vibraters, dildos, handcuffs, lubricant. All I had to do was find a victim. I cruised the local high schools, colleges, shopping malls looking for the Chosen One. I wanted someone who was between the ages of 16 and 30, was pretty, and had a nice figure. It took me 3 weeks of almost daily and nightly searching but I finally found her.

Her name is Heidi, she is 18, and beautiful. Her tits are perfect and her ass makes me almost cum just thinking about it. I found Heidi on a dark and dreary Wednesday night as she was trying to thumb a ride back into town. It had just started to rain fairly heavily when I came upon her. I could see from my car’s headlights that she was cute and I thought maybe my search was over. I carried a “kidnap kit” consisting of a knife, 2 pairs of handcuffs, 2 ballgags, 2 blindfolds, 2 large bandanas, and a roll of silver duct tape. I had 2 of each item just in case I had 2 victims to deal with at the same time. I always kept the knife within reach under the driver’s seat.

I pulled up to Heidi and rolled down the passenger-side window and asked if she wanted a ride. She gladly accepted and got in. I asked her where she was headed and she told me an area that was located on the far side of town. I told her I was going right by there. When we were about 10 minutes from reaching the area Heidi wanted to get to I pulled the car into the deserted parking lot of a large shopping mall. She asked if something was wrong and I said “No, not as long as you do as you are told”. And I stuck the knife under her throat. She froze in place and I told her to lean forward and put her hands behind her back. She whimpered a little and asked me to please not hurt her. I let the sharp edge of the knife touch her throat and told her that I didn’t like having to repeat orders. She leaned forward, put her hands behind her back and I handcuffed them. She started to cry and I told her to sit up and face forward. As soon as she was sitting up straight I put one of the blindfolds over her eyes and told her to open her mouth. I shoved one of the bandanas in her mouth, completely filling it and tore off a strip of duct tape to seal her lips. I cupped her breasts, which to my delight were of ample size, and told her she was going to be my sex slave. She started crying harder and I told her if she kept it up she might choke on the gag. I drove out of the parking lot and headed home. I told Heidi she would be raped in all three of her holes, kept blindfolded, bound, and gagged at all times. The only time she wouldn’t be gagged was when she was eating or when I was fucking her mouth. I asked if she was a virgin and she nodded her head yes. I told her I would take care of that in no time.

I drove home very carefully. All I needed was to either get in an accident or get stopped by the cops. How would I explain the beautiful bound, gagged, and blindfolded girl sitting in my front seat? We finally arrived at my house and I pulled into the garage and used my automatic garage door closer to close the door before I got Heidi out of my car. I told Heidi that we were home and she struggled trying to get loose and tried screaming, but she was cuffed and gagged too good to have any effect. Heidi struggled some when I took her out of the car but I just laughed and told her to struggle and scream all she wanted, no one could help her now.

I took Heidi downstairs to the bondage/rape room and told her this was going to be her home for a long time. I undid the handcuffs and told her to strip. She hesitated and I said either she did it or I would and she would regret having me strip her. She stripped naked and I was very pleased to see she has the body of a goddess. I cuffed her hands in front of her and then to a hook in the wall next to the bed and told her to kneel on the bed. When she got into position I pulled her legs apart and tied her ankles to opposite ends of the bed and told her I was going to fuck her in the ass first. She screamed and struggled which made me even harder than I already was. I dropped my pants, lubed up her anal opening and shoved my cock into her ass as far as I could. Heidi bucked like a bucking bronc and screamed trying to get away, but I was impaled in her ass. I fucked her for about 15 minutes then I came in her ass. After I recovered from the best ass fucking I had given a girl in a long time, I inserted a medium sized butt plug into her tight, but sore ass and taped it in place. I placed Heidi in a strict hog-tie position and left her for the night, telling her that was just the beginning. She was sobbing so hard I don’t think she heard me.

I have had Heidi as my sex slave for 2 months now. I have raped her in all 3 holes so many times I lost count. It’s a good thing I am fixed or she would be pregnant by now. I broke her will after about a week, and now she just lies there while I rape her. Her parents and the police have no idea if she was kidnapped, ran away or what happened. I’m thinking of mailing her parents some of the pictures I have taken of me raping her, just for kicks.

… to be continued

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