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My Love for Karina

We meet at a dance club. I am wearing a short tight skirt with my thin white blouse. Underneath I have on my favorite set of lavender lace panties and bra. Karina can see my bra through my top. She is wearing a tight black leather skirt, black silk top, and black stockings with black leather boots. Everyone can clearly see her red lace bra. I think she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seem.

We order some drinks and while we are waiting some guys come up and ask us to dance. Karina very firmly tells them that, “She belongs to me tonight.” My panties are starting to get damp as I am already falling under her spell.

She takes my hand and pulls me on to the dance floor. We dance together and I marvel at how sensually she dances. After several fast dances they start a slow one and she roughly pulls me into her arms. Her hands caress my back and then move to my ass. She grinds her pussy into mine. Then she pulls my head close to her and kisses me. I feel her lips pressed against mine, then I feel her tongue against my lips. I open my mouth slightly and feel her passionate kiss just sear through me. Her incredibly beautiful, soft lips against mine. This is the most erotic kiss I have ever had. My nipples are so hard that they ache and I can feel my juices soaking through my panties and running down my legs wetting the tops of my stockings. All I can think about now is having her red lips sucking at my breast. My hands move up the side of her soft body and start to caress her breasts as if they have a mind of their own. Everyone around us has stopped dancing and are just watching us. I don’t care what anyone thinks and I just enjoy having her take control of my body. I break my lips from hers and I softly ask “Can we leave now?” Because I now know for sure that for the first time in my life that I want to press my lips to a woman’s pussy and savor her juices!

Karina laughs and says “You are so pretty when you beg.” Then says “Yes, it’s time to go, for it’s time for you to eat your first pussy. Mine!”

She grabs my hand and pulls me from the dance floor to our table. We gather our things and start to leave. Two more guys come up and say that it looks like we need a couple of men right now. She laughs says “That pussy belongs to me from now on and there will never be another dick in it again.”

I almost pass out right then as I have an orgasm standing there. She heads for the door still holding my hand and I stumble after her. My legs are so weak after coming standing up, that I have trouble keeping up but she just keeps going. She leads me to her car and tells me that we are going to her apartment.

At her car she pushes me up against the car and tells me to take off my panties. I start to look around and she softly slaps my face and tells me that I must obey her immediately. I start shaking as I pull my skirt up. I have difficultly doing this with this skirt as it is so tight. Karina sternly says “I mean NOW!” I almost rip it but got my skirt up and started pushing my panties down my legs. They are so wet that the crotch has slipped up into my slit and was sticking to my clit. I work them over my hips and down my legs. They slip to the ground and as I bend over to pick them up, she grabs my head and pulls it to her crotch. Karina says “Take a deep breath and smell my fragrance.” I breathe deeply and my mouth starts to water at the smell of her scent. She releases me and I slowly straighten up. She looks me in the eyes and firmly says “Take off your bra.”

This time I do not hesitate but unbutton my blouse while looking into her eyes. I feel that I could drown in them. I slip my top off and she takes it from my hand. Then I unfasten the front clasp on the bra and let my beasts fall free. My nipples harden even more when they become exposed to the cool night air. My hands unconsciously reach up to cover them and she smacks my hands. I silently hand her my bra and she passes me my blouse. I slip it on and start to button it then she states “Just tie it.” I do as she says and just tie the ends. Karina orders “Get in the car.” We ride together in her car, in silence. Her fingers rest on my thigh as she drive, lightly caressing my trembling flesh.

At the front door she stops before opening it to kiss me lightly, and tells me “You look beautiful with the light of a full moon shining on your face.” I tell her “You are the most beautiful creature I have ever seen.” With that said, she opens the door and leads me inside her apartment. We go into her bedroom and I sit on the bed as she goes into the kitchen to get us something to drink. Karina walks back into the room with two glasses of wine, sets them on the table and sits next to me on the bed.

Karina stares into my eyes as her fingers lightly stroke my knee and thigh. Suddenly out of nowhere she holds up my panties to her nose and sniffs them. She places them under my nose and tells me to smell them. I breathe in the scent of my sex. Karina smiles and states, “I am the reason that they smell so sweet.” She drops the panties and pulls my head to her and again our lips meet. She kisses me hard, her tongue diving through my lips seeking out mine. My hands shake as I slowly reach out and run them excitedly over her body, slip them under her shirt, drifting towards her breasts. Her fingers push my skirt up around my waist and for the first time she makes contact with my pussy. We continue to kiss on the bed, then Karina says “Remove the rest of your clothes.”

Within seconds I am standing there naked in front of her. I force myself not to cover myself with my hands. Karina sits there and looks at me. She tells “Slowly turn around. I want to see your ass.” I blush, but do as she commands. She stands up and orders “Undress me!” My hands tremble as they unbutton her blouse and slip it off her shoulders. My fingers lightly caress her skin as I lower it down her arms. As I reach around to unclasp her bra my breasts rub against hers. The lace of her bra feels rough on my nipples. I slip the bra off her shoulders and expose her gorgeous breasts. I marvel at their beauty. I then kneel down and unzip her leather boots. I smell the combination of sweat and leather. The aroma causes my pussy juices to leak onto the floor. I then reach up and slip my hands under her skirt to pull her stockings down. I caress her soft legs as I remove them. I unzip her skirt and lower it to the floor. I find myself staring at her cunt.

She wasn’t wearing panties. Her smell is filling the room. I look up into her face and she is smiling down at me. Karina tells me “This is where you belong, at my feet, naked.”

I stand up and lean towards her. She kisses me again and then moves from my mouth to my neck and ears and I moan out load. The smell of sex hangs in the air as we passionately kiss and fondle each other, our excitement ever rising.

She kisses her way down my body, stopping at my swollen nipples to bite and tease them. My hands move to her hair and I slowly stroked her head as she makes love to my breasts. She starts to move lower, and I moan my approval when she reaches my pussy. Her eyes are looking up at mine as she parts my lips and lowers her mouth to my wet, swollen cunt. I gasp when her tongue penetrates me and she devours me, trying to consume my every drop. I begin to quake and shudder until I explode in the most powerful orgasm I have ever experienced. I almost fall over, but steady myself.

My body still hypersensitive, she slowly stands up running her hands up my body and I shiver at her touch. She kisses me again, allowing me to taste myself on her lips.

Karina smiles and says, “It’s your turn to worship at my hot wet pussy.” She lies back onto the bed pulling me on top of her. My lips kiss her neck and slowly down to her breasts. I begin to kiss her nipples, biting them lightly causing her to moan softly. I kiss her breasts, learning as I go. My hands roam over her body while I sensually suck and kiss her hard nipples. She lets out a soft moan while her hands move to my head and lovingly caresses my head. I begin to kiss my way down her body, my tongue leaving a wet trail down her tummy. I stop momentarily at her navel before slipping between her legs and slowly kissing my way to her sweet wet sex. Her legs are spread wide and I study the folds before leaning in to kiss the tuft of hair just above it.

My fingers part her lips and I inhale her scent deeply. It is sweet and I love it. I have to taste her. My mouth descends on her pussy and my tongue slips inside.

She is sweet, sour and salty all at once and I lose myself in her wetness. My tongue is everywhere while I try to inhale every drop of her juices. Her hand runs through my hair directing me to her most sensitive places. When my tongue touches her clit she moans her ardent approval. I begin to concentrate on her clit, licking and sucking it into my mouth. My fingers slip inside her pumping furiously while I continue my assault on her clit. Her legs began to shake and shudder while I lick and suck her.

Karina begins to talk to me “Yes that’s it, come on lover make me come.” she commands. Spurred on by her words my free hand moves to her breasts while my mouth devours her cunt and my other hand slides in and out of her soft wet hole. Karina continues “Yes that’s it right there, oh yes, I’m close, oh yes right there.” she yells as her body begins to quiver and shake violently. She yells my name as she explodes in a fabulous release flooding my mouth with her nectar. I continue to lick the folds of her cunt avoiding her hypersensitive clit before I slowly kiss my way up her lovely body.

I press my body against her and kiss her on the lips again, sharing the taste of her delicious juices that I have just enjoyed. “Very good.” she tells me as I nuzzle at her breast.

Karina says “You are just what I have been looking for and that you now belong to me!”

“You are to move in with me immediately. You are no longer to have contact with your old friends and family without my approval first.”

I nod my head as I suck at her breasts. She shakes me and commands, “You will answer me.” I answer, “Yes I will do as you ask.” Karina shakes me again and orders “You have no say in the matter. And I am not asking. I am telling you. You will answer with ‘Yes Mistress.’ and you will never say no.”

I answer her with “Yes Mistress.”

I know that I have found my true self with her and am ready to do what ever she wants.

I fall asleep next to her with my mouth at her breast and feeling her caress me.

My life now has meaning!

The End

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