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The House of Beldor


This was the thought that rolled thru her head… deafened her mind to the world around her and any possible escape from the dull, day-to-day existance that she lived.

Everyday was the same… she awoke… she wen’t to her low paying, intolerably boring job… she came home to the solitary confines of her empty apartment … the only relief was her computer, there she was loved… there she was beautiful … there she was wanted … to dream that someday real life could be like her fantasies brought tears to her cheeks and an ache to her sorrowful heart.
Online she was a slave … not just any slave… but the personal slave of a great and powerful King… the ruler of a vast empire… online her life was simple… she obeyed every command… she kept the King happy… she satisfied Him mentally and physically… she was praised often for her ingenuity and boldness… she was very happy and content to be His slave.
But it was just a fantasy… Only good for a few precious hours of respite from the prison of loneliness which was her real life.
As she lay in bed… her hair still damp from her shower… her mind filled with that nights service to her Master…a wistful smile playing over her face… she fell asleep to dream of her life in that fantasy realm… for a while free of this world.
Her eyelids felt heavy, dry, gritty… she was unable to open them. She tried to raise her hands to her face to wipe the sleep from her eyes… her foggy brain took a few moments to realize she could not lift her arms… she tried to sit up… she couldn’t…
She fought back the panic that was slowly creeping into her mind… Something was wrong, but her brain seemed to be moving extremely slow… then the blackness enveloped her again… soothing blackness that took away the panic.
“Wake up”
Her mind was slowly clearing… the words, the voice cutting thru the blackness… she began to shiver with the realization that she didn’t recognize the voice… and that she still could not move… slowly she managed to open her eyes… turning her head to the side, she saw him… the voice…
“Well little one, its about time you awoke and began to live your new life.” He chuckled at her mystified stare… he reached out to stroke her cheek as he gently spoke to her… ” My name is not important, you will address me simply as Sir… I will tell you only what you need to know at this moment… do not speak,just listen.”

Tho she was confused and frightened… she obeyed.
“Your old life no longer exists, so just put it out of your mind… you are a very fortunate girl, you have been found worthy by a very important man. His reasons are his own to divulge or not as he sees fit, you only need know he has chosen you to be trained to serve him… he will be your Master and Owner for as long as you please him… if he ceases to want you, you will either be sold or euphanized… this is because once you have been selected to become a trained slave, you are a slave for life, never to be unowned. I will be the one to train you, and do not doubt for a moment that if you give me anything but your best efforts during your training, I will be merciless in my punishments.”
He smiled at the silent tears of one who has realized her fate… with a gentle thumb, he wiped them away.
“Cry if you must little one, even tho it does you no good… simply accept who and what you are… you know as well as I do that this is what you were born to be… you are asking yourself how you came to be chosen, right?”, with a wide grin he leaned down til his lips grazed her ear and softly whispered “Welcome to the House of Beldor.”
she began to shudder…. a low moan building into a keening wail as his words ripped thru her mind and heart, threatening to shut her down completely… it couldn’t be true…the House of Beldor was only fantasy… it was only an online amusement, a way to escape her real world. As the wail subsided…her mind latched on to a single thought, like a drowning man onto a life preserver… how did he know?
As her mind focused on that thought, other things began to become evident… she was bound to a cot or ledge… she was in a moving vehicle of some sort… the only people in sight were her and Sir. she struggled to test her bonds… only to discover that her bonds were all she wore… without thinking, she spoke to him, “where are you taking me?, who is this man and how do you know about Beldor?”… the stinging slap jerked her head away… she tasted the copper flavor of blood… her tears slid down burning cheeks. she was mortified to realize she had been thinking that she deserved that slap… that slaves do not speak unless first given permission. She turned her face back to him…this time with her eyes cast submissively down.
“See there little one… you know what is proper… you were always a very good girl, and I am sure you will find it easy to accept your life… after all, it is what you dreamed of is it not?”
she felt a small pinch… then the blackness overtook her again… for how long this time, she had no idea.
Painful light…
Her mouth was dry… her head felt like exploding… As she began to surface more and more from the drugged sleep, she noticed small things… her arms were over her head, bound at the wrists… her feet were spread and bound to the floor… she felt nothing at her back, so apparently she was standing… slowly she managed to open her eyes.
There he stood… the voice… the Sir, dressed in leather slacks, a leather vest, gloves… his hair hung at his back, gathered with a silver clip. He sat on a table edge…a table that held many things that her mind was not yet ready to process. He smiled that beautiful smile… but his eyes were cold… he watched her for a moment, then stood and turned from her to face the table, seeming to be pondering a selection.
“Your training begins now, it will consist of many things, for you must learn to crave those things which your Master likes… his preferences will be yours… you will be physically and mentally trained to be a perfect fit for him.” Slowly he turned around… she couldn’t help her gaze falling on what was in his hands, in the left was a paddle, in the right many small pieces of metal, silver she thought but she wasn’t sure.

He turned his head and nodded to someone out of her view… she could hear a whirring, then her arms parted and raised til she was a very taut human X. she couldn’t move except for her head. she felt hands wrap in her hair painfully tight, now she couldn’t even move her head… the hands tilted her head slightly, so that she was looking down at her own naked body… Looking up from under her lashes, she saw him approach… the paddle strung from his wrist on a loop. With a grin, he reached out and captured her left nipple between his thumb and forefinger… he stretched it out til the weight of her breast was suspended from her swelling nipple, then without hesitation or warning, he pierced the nipple with a heavy silver ring, locking the ends together with an audible click. Dropping the breast, he immediately grabbed the other and repeated the procedure… the quickness startled her to the point of not actually feeling the pain, for that she was greatful.
she heard footsteps behind her, coming from both sides… her head was jerked back til she saw nothing but ceiling and her bound arms. she felt hands untying her ankles, her legs were lifted and her knees draped over strong shoulders… strong hands held her ankles as they moved apart… spreading her open wide. she shuddered as she felt the probing fingers, he clasped one smooth, bare labia and pinched it hard… she cried out as she felt the piercing go thru and heard the same click of finality. she felt him grab the other side…pinch…pierce…click… the tears slid more from disbelief than pain, but the disbelief was not for the act itself, but for the fact that she could feel her traitorous body heating up… as if it relished this treatment… as if this were the most wonderful of foreplay.
He stood back, inspecting his handiwork… then pulling a small bottle from his pocket, he poured a bit over each piercing. she began to scream and buck, but the strong hands held her fast as the alcohol sterilized the wounds. He waited til she had exhausted herself… then with a snap of his fingers she was spread wider than before, she felt straps being cinched around her thighs and ankles.
The hands left her flesh and she heard their retreating footsteps. she tried to raise her head to see Him, but felt a hand wrap in her hair and her head jerked back down, all she saw was the leather of his boots and pants, and the paddle in his hands… she shivered… a tiny whimper escaping her.
“Now that you are mostly properly attired we will begin the rest of the preparations for your training” again she heard the leathery snap of his fingers. her legs began to rise… bending at the hip so that she was positioned as if sitting on the floor with her legs spread wide before her… but she wasn’t… she was on her back in mid air… exposed… unable to see what was about to happen… her body tense… her senses sending alarm throughout her being.
she heard the click of his heels on the floor… he seemed to be headed back towards the table. she moaned softly, her imagination getting the best of her…
“Never make a sound without a reason, you never know when it will displease your Master and cause him to give you a reason.” she felt the softness of his gloved fingers stroking her inner thighs… so gentle… her body relaxed.
she sighed without thinking, then bit her lip to keep from screaming as he shoved two fingers of a gloved hand into her vagina. He pulled back and shoved in three fingers… then four, as she tried to twist away from him he added the thumb.
Grabbing her thigh hard with his free hand, he braced her as he twisted and shoved his hand up into her til he hit bottom. her mind screamed out the pain that she dared not voice. her eyes flew open as she felt her jaws being pried apart… before she could resist, a long thick cock was jammed down her throat.

she heard Sir saying ” you will suck on that cock…if you stop or bite you will be severly punished… no matter what happens, remember my warning slave.”
she fought desperately to breath and not to gag as the cock began to ream her throat… the hand in her vagina began to pump in unison, she was being impaled.
her mind went numb… her body acted on its own accord… as if she had done this before, as if it were a natural thing to her. she fought hard and repressed the hysterical giggles that threatened to drive her mad… she now knew why this seemed familiar… it was a scene she had played out with her online Master… one of his favorites.
she felt the reality of this whole strange drama hit home. at last she knew she wasn’t dreaming… somehow, this was truely the House of Beldor, and she was truely a slave.
now she knew what Sir had meant when he said she was “mostly properly attired”… in Beldor, slaves are, at the very least, attired in slave collar and a brand. piercings and other accoutrements were at the discretion of the slaves Owner.
a calmness began to spread thru her mind, she began to willingly and lustfully suck the proferred cock. her hips began to tremble as her inner muscles stroked and squeezed the fist within her.
“Very good little one, I see you have come to terms with your new life. now things will be much easier for you, the pleasure much greater, and even the pain an acceptable part of your continued service to your Master.” with that said, he bent his fingers just slightly inside of her, this caused the raised seams of the finger tips of the glove to scrap against her inner flesh as he pumped… more to the point, he was stimulating her g-spot as it had never been before. he could feel her heat rising… his elbow length glove becoming slick with her need.
he felt her tensing, he smiled and nodded to the slave who’s cock she so ardently feasted on. she felt strong hands grab the sides of her head and hold it still as the cock began to unload deep in her thoat. at the same time she felt the fist plunge as deep as it could go and fingers grasping her clit, pinching it hard and pulling.

it was too much… her body released…
she reached a climax that seemed to be every orgasm she had ever felt rolled into one massive explosion. she quite literally saw stars…
It took a long time for her body to stop spasming… for her tired mind to focus.
she felt cold steel about her throat. her tired mind smiled and recognized the collar.
she felt like she was floating as strong hands loosed her from her bonds.
she felt the softness of some sort of bedding as she was lowered to it.
she smiled softly as her weary mind recognized the click of a chain being attached to her collar. she slowly gave into the blackness. the caress of a hand on her cheek… the feel of a soft blanket on her skin and his voice whispering to her “good girl” were the last things the blackness took from her mind.
She awoke slowly, her mind totally relaxed, as was every part of her…
totally peaceful, like a satiated cat.
Slowly her eyes opened… for a moment the darkness confused her. then she became aware of the feel of a blindfold covering her eyes. she smiled as she accepted this as if it were nothing unusual.
languidly she stretched, her hands slowly exploring her body. she felt as if every sense, every nerve was heightened somehow.
her hands found her throat…
with a happy sigh she caressed the cool steel band that incircled her neck, then it occured to her how she would have felt about this just two days ago… how she would have screamed and cried…
but now it was like this was the reality and the other way was just a vague notion.
“You have done very well little one.  I have been waiting for you to awaken so that I could see what state of mind you would be in, because your reactions would determine the course of your training.”
she felt the caress of his hand on her cheek, felt it trail down her body… she began to shiver with a mix of anticipation and a growing hunger… a need, a feeling of butterflies dancing over freshly lit coals… fanning the coals with ever flitting wings. she began to purr as the hands caressed and squeezed her mound… then to moan softly as fingers entered the slit to rub from her hole to her clit…
He laughed, pleased to see how easily the heat came to her… how loose and free her body had become… how her mind and body no longer fought each other for control. now they were in unison… both ready to serve… to satisfy… to do what they must to achieve the quenching of her fire.
He reached out and unhooked her leash from the wall, he gave in a slight jerk towards him and waited. he smiled at how quickly she reacted to a silent command. she rolled over onto her belly, then slowly rose to hands and knees…

she waited anxiously for the next tug or the next word.
“I do not believe in damaging knees… stand, feet apart, arms folded behind you, mouth open.” quickly she rose and assumed the position he had ordered, it seemed such a natural position. she felt something being pressed into her mouth horizontally… obediently she bit down and held the thing. she felt a line, like cold metal, running down her belly.
it came to her that the thing was in fact her leash handle, the cold was the chains of the leash. she felt his hand wrap in her hair… at the slight nudge he gave her, she began to walk forward, trying to walk normally even tho she couldn’t see.
Somehow she just knew that he would not let her run into anything, that she was protected and prized. tears began to run out from under the blind fold… no sound, just quiet tears.
“Good girl, you realize now that nothing bad has happened to you, nor will it as long as you are here… this has truley all been for your benefit in a way, yes, it was done at the behest of someone who wishes to own you.
But you are freer now than you were in that old life. free to be exactly what you were meant to be… an obediant, wanton slave… one whose only reason for being is to serve, to fulfill every desire, no matter how difficult it should be, of her Master.”
her bare feet padded on smooth, cool tile as the hand in her hair guided her. after a few minutes she was silently directed to turn left.
she felt the change immediately, from warm dry air to warm moist air…. she stepped on what felt like a metal grate, the hand in her hair telling her to stop with a slight tug.
“raise your arms over your head and grab onto the ring you find there… under no circumstance are you to let go of it until I tell you to.”

Without thought she immediately obeyed. the ring was low enough for her to hold on and yet remain flat footed on the grate.
she felt his foot nudge hers apart, she complied til her feet were square with her shoulders.
she heard the water being turned on… she smelled the pleasant scents of soaps and powders… she heard his steps come towards her again… felt his fingers trail gently down her back… she shivered despite the warmth of the room.
she felt his hand go between her thighs from the back… his fingers prying her cheeks apart.
she gasped audibly as something cold and smooth was pushed thru her tiny pucker and deeply into her anal canal.
“Do not let it slip out… no matter what, not until I tell you to release… is this understood?”
Softly she answered “yes Sir”. her cheeks burned with embarrassment, but that was nothing compared to what she felt when the slow gush of warm water began to pour from the nozzle into her belly.
she couldn’t even moan, she was so shocked… so intrigued… so captured by this new sensation.
As she concentrated on her slowly filling bowels, she was sprayed with warm water… a rough sponge scrubbed her from head to toe with a pleasantly flowery soap. her hair was washed in jasmine…
the hands in her hair, rubbing and sliding in the lather, almost made her forget to grip the nozzle… but she felt it move slightly and clenched onto it in time.
He must have been watching and noticed this… she could almost hear the laugh in his voice as he said “very good little one” and patted her bottom…
she was getting extremely full and starting to panic over whether or not she could hold it. all the soap was rinsed from her body and hair, she was told to let go of the ring and squat over the grate where she stood.
she complied slowly… her pucker tightening desperately around the steel nozzle, trying with all that was in her not to let anything out… not to be displeasing… she felt the nozzle being pulled from her bottom as he told her to release.
with a sigh of relief she let it all go. the water that filled her bowels came splashing out and down the drain,

the emptyness she felt made her sad.
she had liked the feeling of being full.
a soft sigh must have escaped her because she felt her chin cupped in his hand, “Don’t be sad slave… we shall soon fill you up with other things, this was simply preparation for the next step in your training.” she was told to stand and grab the ring again… when she did she felt the warm water playing over her legs and between her thighs.
then she felt the soft towel that he dried her with, briskly, drying every nook and crevice… she was told to keep her eyes closed as the blindfold was removed, her hair briskly rubbed dry, and a new blindfold placed over her eyes.
she opened her mouth slightly as he removed her leash handle… she had been careful to try and keep it as dry as possible.
she felt a tug and was lead back into the hallway. as they walked, he told her what was to come…
“This will be a very long and hard day for you little one… you will be bent over a padded beam, your feet chained to the floor, your arms pulled by chains straight out in front of you.
your nipple rings attached by chains to the floor, your pussy rings chained to either end of the beam so that you are open…
you will have a vibrator of sorts implanted in your anus… you will not let it slide…. every hour you will be made to orgasm… then the vibrator will be exchanged for a slightly larger one. this will continue until I feel you are properly prepared for the next step.”
she felt the air open up around them as they stepped back into the large training room…
As he had told her, she was led to a padded beam, it was the height of her hips.
she felt a hand lodge in her hair and bend her forward… her toes came just slightly off the ground as she balanced on her pelvis and hip bones, her thighs spread wide as the cold steel was locked about her ankles, her nipples ached slightly as they were pulled when the chains attached them to the floor… her wrists were cuffed and pulled out before her.
again she found herself in the “X” position. she sighed softly as her labia parted… the warm air of the room playing on her exposed clit. then she felt the slippery fingers exploring her pucker… pumping in and out till she was well greased. with a single push she felt the vibrator lodged in place, slightly more than two fingers wide, it spread her without hurting much. her muscles grasped onto it and held it tight… she shuddered as it was turned on and the tingle began…
Weeks passed in this manner… everyday brought a new focus to her training… every part of her body was taught to feel.
one morning, as she slowly awakened on her soft, warm pallet…
“Good Morning little one… I hope you slept well, today is very important… today you will perform for your Master.
He will judge whether or not you are fit to accept,or if he feels you need further training.
do not get nervous… just allow yourself to be free and enjoy, you will be a wonder for him to behold.”

she rolled over to her belly, her lips finding his feet and pressing soft kisses upon them. she looked up at him… a sign that she wished to speak… he nodded his permission…..
“Sir… will you be there… will you be the one showing me off?”
He smiled and nodded. the nervous flutter that had begun in her heart subsided, she knew that she would perform well for Sir, no matter who else was watching…
she was lead away to be washed, dried, powdered and perfumed… long dangling earrings were placed in her ears… jeweled nipple shields were attached behind the rings…
each of the labia rings were attached to fine silver chains, then he led her out by them… down the long hallway in a totally new direction… somewhere she had never been.
double doors swung open as he reached them. she followed him into a large room… the Main Hall. there were many people there, she shivered and her eyes dropped as they all turned to stare at her…

A tall, well dressed man came towards them… his eyes devouring her body.
without taking his eyes from her, he addressed Sir…
“So, this must be your latest project,tonights entertainment… she is lovely, and I am sure you have trained her well, as always.”
He reached out and clapped Sir on the shoulder, a wide grin on his face, then turned to address the room…
“Friends, the promised entertainment has arrived! now, as I am certain you have heard, this lovely morsel was trained and prepared for Ambarden, but alas… due to his sudden incarceration he cannot take delivery of his prize… so we will be regaled with watching her perform publicly… then later, after all have had a chance to examine her, she will be auctioned off to the highest bidder at the masque ball…”
she was led to a raised dias bearing only a table. she was positioned so that her head hung over the end and she was forced to watch the crowd as she was put thru her paces…
first she felt fingers caress her clit, causing her pussy to clench and her juices to begin to flow… as she moaned her nipples were seized by the rings and pulled upwards to show off her piercings…
she was told to stand up and made to climb on the table and squat, facing the crowd, her thighs spread open… she felt hands supporting her back as, from behind, she was impaled on a fist.
her back arched and she stiffled a scream as the hand worked its way into her…
she felt fingers pinching and rubbing her clit… her hips began to move on their own as she rode the fist… her breath became ragged as she pumped her pelvis, her inner muscles squeezing the fist as tho it were a cock…
she was pulled backwards til she was on her back, then turned crossways on the table, the fist still deep within her…
her legs were raised and held wide apart, her head was again off the table.
a cock appeared over her face… without thought her mouth opened for it. it was shoved down her throat and she began to suck like a starving animal…
the fist continued to pump her… her legs were drawn back til her knees hit her chest. then she felt a cock being shoved into her anus… she wiggled and squirmed… her body not knowing which way to go… wanting to pump against the cock and the fist… wanting to suck harder and faster… wanting to scream and beg …
she felt the lips against her ear… the soft kiss on her cheek. then she heard the most beautiful words she could hear,
“release slave, release now”…
with a groan so loud the cock in her throat could not stiffle it, she began to cum… heavily… bucking and squirming… the cock in her mouth began to shoot, as did the one in her bottom, greedily she sucked as she came…
she felt her legs being spread wide. she felt empty without the cocks and the fist… she was told to lie still… she obeyed…
one by one the guests filed past her, some stroking her skin, some dipping their fingers into her pussy to taste her nectar, some sticking their fingers into her bottom to see her squirm…
when all were thru with her, she was taken to the center of the main hall and chained to a pillar, tightly so her weak knees wouldn’t have to support her.
then the guests all filed out of the room,laughing and talking to one another… she was left in silence… completely alone… she slept…

she awoke to the sounds of laughter and music… the guests filed back into the room, all bedecked in costumed finery, all wearing masks.
they gathered around the chained slave…
the tall man stepped forward and removed his mask,
“release her chains”
two male slaves came forward and unchained her, she dropped to her knees.
“now little slave… sweet little slut that you are, it is time to meet your new owner, and I must say you fetched quite a handsome price.”
His hand wrapped in her hair as he guided her forward… the crowd parted as she crawled along, her eyes on the ground… her heart beat hard and fast.
she was stopped before feet clad in black leather boots. she felt her collar being unlocked and removed.
another collar was thrust before her eyes… she read the words on it…
“Property of Master J.B. Evans”….
then she was grabbed by her arms and hoisted to her feet… before her stood a man in a wolf mask… the collar in his hand…
he reached out and placed it around her neck… she heard the lock snap shut… slowly he removed the mask… he smiled… the same smile she had come to know and yearn for… “now you are mine little one”……

The End

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