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The Lesson

Saturday night. They have been at the munch for awhile. Greeting old friends, sharing the day to day. She is talking to another sub when she notices her Master talking to a man she has never seen there before. He is good looking in a dark, foreboding way. Sexy, but a bit scary. Her Master seems to know this man well.

They keep looking in her direction, her Master laughing playfully, and the other laughing with Him. As the night wears on she see this man glancing at her from time to time.

On the way home she inquires, “Sir, if i may ask, who was that gentleman You were speaking with this evening” “Why?” He asks in a mildly accusing voice. “Did You find him attractive?”

“Not really Sir.” she answers a little too quickly.

“Then don’t worry about it.” He says.

End of discussion.

Sunday they are busy all day. Cleaning the house, laundry. All the things that get neglected during the week. “Let’s quit for now.” He tells her.

It is about dusk. He goes to the kitchen, pours Himself a drink, then pours her a large glass of wine.

“You put in a good days work my little one” He tells her.

“I have some errands to do. While I’m gone why don’t you enjoy a long hot bath?”

A long bath sounds like a lovely idea.

“Thank You Sir, i think i will”.

As she drew her tub she lit some candles, put some oil in the tub and puts on a new CD she wanted to hear. She settles into the tub with a sigh.

As she lies there she marvels in how far she has come since they have been together. How free He makes her feel. The hot soapy water and thinking of her Master are all it takes to make her hot. Damn! She hopes she can persuade Him to do a scene with her tonight.

She must have drifted off for awhile. She feels a cool draft, that of the door being opened, and it wakes her. By the time she opens her eyes the door is closed, the room is dark. She is a bit confused.

“Master, is that You?”. No answer but she is sure she hears breathing. Suddenly, a pair of hands grab her ankles, pinning them together. She starts to gasp when another hand clamps over her mouth and another grabs her wrists. “Don’t make a sound.” comes the order. It is not her Master’s voice!! Oh shit, she thinks. What’s going on here? Her arms are pulled above her head and she hears cuffs being snapped on. At the same time the hands holding her ankles roughly spread her legs apart, draping each one over the tub ledge.

“Master?”, she whimpers softly.

A sharp slap to her cheek rocks her head. “NOT A SOUND!”

Still the new voice. Hands start to play with her large, heavy breasts. They lift them, weigh them. Her skin is wet and soapy and the hands start to gently slap them, each slap getting harder and harder. Fingers pinch her already rock hard nipples and she lets out a moan.

She knows this is not her Master. She knows the feel of his hands. A blindfold is fitted around her eyes. She can sense the light being turned on.

“Very nice”, he says with a low chuckle. She feels his finger begin to probe between her legs. He spreads her cunt lips open with his fingers and starts pinching her clit! Despite herself she is beginning to get wet!! She is praying that the other set of hands belongs to Master. That he is watching and enjoying this.

“There’s not enough working room in here.” he says.”Let’s move her”

She is lifted out of the tub by her arms and legs. The air is cold on her wet skin. God, what will happen next?

As they carry her out of the bathroom, she catches a waft of her Masters after-shave. He is there! Thank God, but now she is even more nervous. He has never let another man touch her before. What does He want from her?

He has not said a word. They carry her down to the dungeon. Her arm and leg cuffs are put on. She is tied standing arms and legs wide. Her still-wet body shivers from the cold air of the basement.

Then she hears her Masters voice close to her ear “You will obey.” He says softly. The other one starts to work on her. First her breasts, just her breasts. He whips them, pinches her nipples again and again, one then the other back and forth until her cunt is on fire.

Then he works his way down. First He softly strokes her lips. Oh my God she is dripping.. “Hold them open for me.” she hears him say.

She feels her Masters fingers spread her pussy lips wide. My God, she is so wet, so on the edge.

The first bit of the lash on her open cunt makes her gasp! Her Master puts His fingers on either side of her clit and pushes down until her most sensitive nub is pushed forward and exposed. The lashing continues. Her clit is on fire. Some of the blows catch her right in her cunt hole, and they only make her open more.

She is not allowed to cum without her Masters word. What if she cums in another’s hands? She begs, pleads “Please, PLEASE!” Still no word from Him. She is trying to be good; trying to hold out, but the stranger keeps at it. Pinching and whipping her clit taunting her nipples. “PLEASE MASTER.” she screams, PLEASE LET ME CUM!!. He keeps silent.

Finally she can hold back no more. In a rush she cums!!! Even as she is cumming she is thinking, shit no, this is not good. The orgasm racks her body and she can hear herself making low animal sounds.

She hears her Master sigh. Oh No. Not a good sign.

“Well.” he says to the other. “You win. I thought she was better trained than this”

She knows she has fucked up. She is ashamed, contrite, and a bit afraid of what her punishment might be.

“Master.” she sobs. “I am sooo sorry.”

“Quiet.” he tells her.

The blind fold is taken off and she sees the stranger from last night’s party.

“Say hello to Master Jon.” He says.

“Hello Master Jon.” she says in a low voice

“Now thank Him for making you cum.”

“Thank You Master Jon, for making this one cum.” her face is red with shame.

“She is a good one.” Master Jon quips. “She needs a bit more training, yes. But what fun would we have if they didn’t give us reason for training?”

And she can hear the amusement in His voice. She is untied. “Kneel.” her Master says.

“You must thank Master Jon properly for His gift to you.” Master Jon opens his zipper.

“Suck.” her Master commands. She is mortified. Her Master does not touch her. He just stands there watching until Master Jon cums in her mouth

“Swallow it all.” He says. “Don’t make me look any worse than you already have.”

“Now.” He says. “Go to the bedroom and wait for me.” Once in the room she thinks she had better be in a very submissive position when he arrives. She gets on the floor in her greeting position, on hands and elbows, ass in the air, and thinks about her mistake. This is a big one. He takes awhile, but finally she hears the front door close. His feet make a heavy sound on the stairs. As He enters he puts something down in the corner.

He sits on the bed over her. “What to do, what to do.” he says.

She feels a rope being pulled through the loop on her leg cuff and tied to the bed.

“Kneel.” He tells her.

Her head is down. “Look at me.” He commands. She can barely meet his eyes.

“You realize of course that you must be punished for this, my pet. Don’t you?”

“Yes Master.”

“All right.” he sighs. “First.” and he points to a bucket in the corner. “You will be tied all night. If you have to pee you will use the bucket.”

“Yes Sir.”

He then throws her a blanket and pillow. She know what this means. She won’t sleep much tonight. The floor is hard and cold. “Now for the real punishment” He says. “Lay on your back, legs spread wide.”

“Wider.” He starts to play with her pussy with his toe, probing at her clit. Pushing it just inside her wiggling it around. “For the next 48 hours.” He says,”No matter what I do to you, you are not allowed to cum. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir.”

He pushes His toe in further, harder, it hurts!! “I said, do you understand”

“Yes Master, i understand.”

“If you do cum.” He says” I will beat you harder than I have ever beaten you. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master. I understand.” “You are a good sub.” He tells her,”but I see we have more to do. More lessons to be learned.” And He turns off the light. She feels so cold and alone there at the foot of the bed. She vows to herself this will NEVER happen again.

The End

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